SOS to the world, deadly window July  27 – You have been warned!


“He is happy who having learned the scheme of his nativity and knowing his guardian angel, becomes liberated from Fate.” – Porphyry

In my latest video (if you watched it at 28 mn.46s) I mentioned: July 19/20 “be ready for the beginning or ending of important phases of life and thousands of people being forced to relocate because of natural disasters and earthquakes! Indeed there is no denying my UFO’s predictive legacy! 

Today: 6.1 magnitude earthquake near Hihifo, Niuas, Tonga
Yesterday: 6.1 magnitude earthquake near Port Blair, Andaman and Nicobar Islands, India
Yesterday: 7.0 magnitude earthquake near Popondetta, Northern Province, Papua New Guinea

Dear readers;

In my constant drive to educate and save lives, let me warn you for the next July 27, 2020, SOS to the world, deadly windows! Realize the reptilius are all cosmic conscious and will use, manipulate those cosmic winds to drive society insane, and lead many lost souls, to commit horrible acts of crimes!   

Please take the time to read all about the last deadly windows and the type of dramatic news you can expect will be plaguing the world!

Most of all, please share my cosmic work, help us save lives…

Posted by Dr. Turi on July 6, 2020, at 2:48 pm in VIP universal – daily forecasts…

July  27 —  (Starting on the given date, will last all the way to the next window)

Hidden secrets, sex, money come to light
Raw power challenges police deadly villains
Ugly face of death drama horror surface
Nature man’s religion bloody folly reign


Russia / Famous Death / Dramatic News / Police news / Police brutality / FBI / CIA / Secret services / Secrets to light / Mob / Scandals /  Terrorism / Cyber attacks / Abduction / Finances / IRS / Super wealth / Sex / Porn / Prostitution / Life and death / Serial Killers / Morbid News / Undiluted truth / Nature and Man-Made Wake up Call.  

07/23/20: 6.1 magnitude earthquake near Sand Point, Alaska, United States
07/23/20: 7.8 magnitude earthquake near Sand Point, Alaska, United States


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This is absolutely wonderful and well above all my wildest expectations, thank you so much for your incredible support and wonderful words, my friends.

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The negative droppings and the few one-star rates left from envious skeptics are a sure contribution to the huge success of this UFO movie. But they are not smart enough to figure this one out and I am expecting more help from them all! Check my educational rebuttals!

If you are into psychology or curious about the human mind miraculous working, another documentary based upon mastering the miraculous forces of the Super-conscious” is on its way!

This documentary will be produced live, with students asking all sorts of pertinent questions about Astrology, the cosmic code, God, religions, science, natural healing, and their own cosmic legacy! 

“He is wise who understands that the stars are luminaries, created as signs. He who conquers the stars will hold the golden keys to God’s mysterious universe!” —- Nostradamus

The following, is a video, Terania made a while back…As an example of the project, we had planned:

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Kids cosmic education project – Your help is needed!

This is a dream coming true for me, knowing I will be able to challenge religion and science indoctrinating young students, from all walks of life!

The impact I will produce on the psyche of all those teens, will be life-changing and an experience that will last a lifetime! 

This is a perfect way for me, to bypass the US Department of Education’s control of information and challenge the codification of thoughts imposed upon all students and their parents. 

The producer J. Horton and director Jeremy Norrie are planning to do this new documentary in a CA or AZ “accredited” college and/or university once COVID19 is over! 

If you think ALIEN CONTACTEE”  was educational and captivating, wait for this next project to be completed!  Be a vital participant, you may email Jeremy directly with your feedback or suggestions to what you would like us to discuss in this new project!  Thank you all  – DT

 | You think you know Dr. Turi? I had wondered about Louis Turi. I was originally skeptical but still curious about him. His forecasts are surprisingly accurate – well not so surprising once you begin to understand how things work.

Alien Contactee is like that friend that opens up about their past and trusts you with their story. When you make a new friend you get to know them based upon the now. As the friendship grows you begin to wonder about their past. If you’re fortunate enough to be a good friend you’ll begin to learn more about your friend as their past becomes familiar to you.

Over time, Louis Turi has become to feel like a friend to me and this documentary has helped me have a deeper understanding of him. It’s taken me from being critically skeptical to remaining curious & from wondering to exploring wonder. For anyone that’s feeling like there’s still a lot left to learn about themselves, the world, and the cosmos but feeling like they shouldn’t really explore beyond their comfort zone then this documentary may be for you. There is a whole realm to explore and Dr. Turi can be that friend that helps encourage you to explore it. For those not already familiar with Louis, this documentary is a good introduction. For those of us that already know him this only deepens your understanding of him.

I am still driving for FedEx and anything, everything can and will happen on the road!

Thus, I have some tips for you in the video above, that can make our job much easier!

Suicide by truck – Man intentionally drove his vehicle into a semi
Truckers under fire on the highway in 3 states this week
What happens when you try to bully your way into a truck’s lane, in his blindspot


Coming straight for me!



Since the “predicted” resurgence of COVID19 is still cursing us all, there is not much I can do but to deal with it and work, to help those in need.

Since having a good time with our new toys in the “Arid Zone”  is not a possibility just yet, I may as well work and save money!

This plague has ruined many lives and killed millions of careers and countless jobs but there are no accidents!

There are purposes I will explain in the video, knowing the future is nothing else than the reincarnation of the positive/negative thoughts, both the physical and spiritual walls have been constructed by malignant evil forces unknown to science and humanity at large!

By electing Trump we gave power to his stars, to create a deadly “hidden enemy” and now the world must pay the price of such humongous ignorance! When you elect a President you MUST and WILL suffer his /her stars (his fate/his idiosyncrasies his sins, and virtues!)

If you deal or marry a Neptunian loser or a great loving smart person, you will have to suffer or enjoy his stars! What is so difficult to comprehend? The same applies to the most powerful man running the most powerful country in the world! 

But without Cosmic Consciousness, humans you and the rest of the world are “robotically” responding to these outside stimuli the majority of you know nothing about or worse, unable or unwilling to investigate!

Corona virus is the result of millions of oblivious people’s fearful thoughts endorsed and promoted, by Trump’s stars.

Do not blame anyone for making your country or your life misery, blame his or your stars, which are manipulated by nefarious entities. 

I am not sure how many of my readers will be able to assimilate such a deep mystical message I can only try! 

The World’s Cosmic Consciousness Is Changing Fast!

The most powerful man on the planet has cursed the most powerful country in the world because of his karmic UCI and like 99.9% of the rest of the world, President Trump and all other world’s leaders are oblivious of their celestial loads!

Donald Trump’s niece Mary Trump says she heard the president use racist and anti-Semitic slurs including the N-word in the past. In an explosive interview Thursday night on MSNBC’s The Rachel Maddow Show, Mary Trump was asked repeatedly if she had heard the president use racist language and slurs. “Yeah, of course, I did,” she told host Rachel Maddow, adding, “And I don’t think that should surprise anybody, given how virulently racist he is today.”

Facebook drops Trump ads over Nazi symbol


Memo published 6/22/2015 in “Donald Trump President? “

“You have been warned. Trump will bring troubles and wars to this country because his stars do not bring luck with religions, foreigners, foreign powers, religions pets, wildlife, general education, the law, and  karmically supports all America’s enemies.”  

Remember, my work has NOTHING to do with politics, it is solely spiritually oriented, yet the “young souls” will never, ever be able to delegate the intuitional domain of my work and benefit from my cosmic teachings! If you support or dislike our President it is your prerogative, your right, your choice.

All I am doing is like I do with any of my clients, expose his fate his UCI, or *Unique Celestial Identity! 

Not every human beings are able or willing to enter the archetypal realm of supra-cosmic consciousness and can only judge various human affairs through their five, limited rational human senses, all based upon educational indoctrination stimulated by religion or science.

Only the  “Super-humans” or those born with an advanced, spiritually inclined UCI will “vibrate” at my cosmic speed and decipher the truth I represent.

The rational negative “subhuman/young soul” is in his early stage of reincarnation and seriously prone to suffer a reptilius infestation. Those are the envious traditionally “educated idiots” who suffer an inferiority complex, the insecure hardcore atheists who deny God, the  Divine, the spirit, ridicule Astrology, and the reality of UFO’s! Meet a few of them!

Black people are progressive, artistic, gifted souls enjoy the move!

All that is going on today was fully predicted on November 20, 2016, a day after President Trump was elected and my visions are becoming more obvious each passing day! But if you just jumped in my life, you have the right in the world to be skeptical, meantime all you have to do is to INVESTIGATE! 

The prediction of a full re-structure of “Black Lives Matter” and the police force was made on George Noory indicated radio show in October 2019

The negative tail of the Dragon is currently in the sign of Sagittarius, this sign rules pets, horses, wild life, elephants or the prediction made last October 2019 on Coast to Coast George Noory show! 

Nostradamus 2020 Universal and personal predictions for all signs – Published August 2019!

Get your copy right away read what’s ahead of you! Enjoy this small sample of predictions

Prediction #12: New regulations imposed by the FAA and a lack of scared travelers will force the entire aeronautics industry to undergo a costly restructure and many airlines and cruise ships will not survive. 4/25/20 – Boeing terminates $4.2 billion deal with Embraer

Prediction #9:  An explosion wave of racism will curse humanity further away from the realization that America is a country built upon slavery and abused foreigners. This dragon is aiming for all foreigners from all walks of life and many will be live in fear and “sacrificed” in the process. George Floyd? Americans are also taking serious risks traveling on foreign grounds and I strongly recommend those who must travel or reside in foreign countries, to invest in their  2020 Personal Cosmic Biorhythms. 

Religious people and students from all parts of the world are also targeted by this “anti-religion, anti foreigners anti-educational dragon…

In the process, because of fires the wildlife (and our pets) will also suffer drastically and perish. Those dramatic news stories reflect the endless battles taking place between the nefarious and benevolent groups of ETs fighting each other from far away galaxies cursing all humans’ affairs.

From Coast to Coast website: 10/16/19 – Turi also made predictions for this year and the next based on his study of astrology, saying that for the rest of 2019, political events and relationships will “go downhill,” and that there will be a “full restructure” of many groups *Antifa? and institutions in 2020. *POLICE? He also said that he is expecting “a lot of fire” and “a lot of wildlife to disappear.” He also said that he is expecting “a lot of fire” and “a lot of wildlife to disappear.”

The Reptilius uses technology to addict the human spirit into entertainments, sexual debauchery, porn, politics, sports, atheism while nurturing hate, confusion, fears, chaos, discords, fights, suicides stealing your attention though science and religions altering your psychical awareness to stop your interaction against them!

I am not only worried about a full restructure of the police force but also about Russia, Iran, North Korea, China, which will become the target of the reptilius.

Those nasty entities will stimulate the MOB to become much more active, more aggressive, and deadly! Much more will come your way once I find the time to write 2021 The Reptilius Dance of Evil in my upcoming 2021 Nostradamus Personal and Universal Predictions for all Signs. 

Because of the imposed “social distancing” many infected souls will aim for women and “infect” them through sex. This “sexual/racist”  plague is about to unleash hell upon the world and curse us all and this includes more suicides from all walks of life! 

Suicide by truck – Man intentionally drove his vehicle into a semi

Women accused a California Highway Patrol officer of propositioning them for sex or dates while he was on duty.

Women are being killed in Mexico at record rates, but the president says most emergency calls are ‘false’
CHP officer sought sex from women who needed his help …

“God created the stars and heaven for more than the sake of beauty; He gave them to us for interpretation so that we may live a more productive life.  Man is superior to the stars if he lives in the power of superior wisdom. Such a person being the master over heaven and earth, by means of his will, is a magus, and magic is not sorcery but supreme wisdom. ~ Paracelsus

Meantime this horrific upcoming Scorpius Dragon can also be used at your advantage if you know where, when, and how it will affect your life! Knowledge is power, ignorance is evil and works well for the reptilius! 

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Instead of judging me negatively because of your political choice and belief, why not trying to bypass the limitations of this dense physical world and investigate your President’s stars and fate? Learning to speak God’s cosmic language and “read the signs” is something all my readers can do if they decide to give it a try and cast aside fear.

Like all of us, our president, is under the jurisdictions of God’s cosmic design… Yet religious and/or scientific indoctrination is also a curse and stops many God-fearing immature souls to explore! 

Become a VIP or a Patreon supporter show your support to help us teach the children of the future pls. 

Image result for animated ufos

I will present my UFO’s slide show, offer proof to the public that Draco’s psychical legacy is real, and hopefully do a workshop where I will teach Nostradamus’ 16th-century natural medicine.


Thus if you want to avoid or if you suffer any serious ailment (cancer) or anything else, you will be taught how to use the super-conscious, your hands, and feet to heal yourself and others. 

But most importantly I will also teach you how to ERASE years from your face, turn back the clock and look years younger than your age.

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Young at heart, for 70!

All the expensive skin products you have and will invest in to look younger will not always work…Thus, I am a real solid example you can learn from!

Cosmic Gypsy : Dr. TuriYou are glowing with Light and look even more youthful! Love and Blessings to you and your wonderful wife.

Indeed unique homeopathic teaching only Dr. Turi can offer, thanks to solar Draco, leading my life to improve yours physically and spiritually! As always I will also offer taped private consultations and can also perform the Astro-Tarot, in your cabin. 

If you are interested in those absolutely incredible “youth” teachings and want to join us in this upcoming cruise, please let me know right away by emailing


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Yes, my vision of a worldwide Universal infection and my prediction of the Coronavirus did not start in August 2019 when I made it official and published it in “2019/2020 Nostradamus Forecast for all signs!”  my friend.

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