SOS to the world deadly window October 25 – You Have Been Warned!


DSC106[1]Man is superior to the stars if he lives in the power of superior wisdom. Such a person being the master over heaven and earth by means of his will is a magus and magic is not sorcery but Supreme wisdom. Paracelsus

“The universe is a BRIGHT LIVING spiritual entity; I’m offering its secrets before I die.” Dr. Turi


Dear reader;

Please share this critical newsletter with all your family members and your friends, and post it on your groups, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. Help me pass on the light and my warnings to the world!  You are not exactly aware or conscious of the gravity of our situation as a whole just yet and you MUST help me while you can! 

In SOS to the world deadly window Sept. 28 You Have Been Warned! a full month before Ian formed in the Atlantic ocean I gave the exact date of September 28 or the day the hurricane touched down killing 100 people and counting!
People may call you crazy for reading my work but if you know me well and investigated it, you know it to be real and trustworthy! Be part of the solution, do it for the sake of humanity, and gain good karma in the process!
Those departed taxpayers (RIP) trusted the NWS, NOOA, or USGS to warn them ahead of time and relocate, yet none of those powerful governmental corporations performed as expected!
Are you now ready for the next SOS to the world deadly window and will you pay attention and share my warnings since once again I was right and foresaw the dramatic news? You know the facts, I did predict Katrina (and some) on national radio and gave the exact date too!
It is a shame for the scientific and religious communities to ignore and refuse to investigate God’s cosmic design while truth seekers are endlessly investing and supporting those infected supremely wealthy, well-organized corporations. Time to wake up friends, cast your fears and skepticism aside, and help me instead, all for the sake of humanity!
We will experience TWO SOS deadly windows before 10/25/22 and the dates are already posted for our VIPs on the cosmic code private website. 
We live in a very dangerous time and unsafe world loaded with reptilius-infected fearful maniacs in power ready to kill millions and, unconsciously serve the reptilius agenda! 
While I am convinced the Draconis will never give in to those nasty ETs, if you do not know about them, watch this video and join the force! Your voice and your spirit count to fight evil on earth! Become a soldier of light and fight with Terania and me for what you feel and know is right!
With respect to our VIPs who have invested in the future, I will, once my visions unfold, post the appropriate dated quatrain and keywords with the dramatic, deadly news ahead of us on top of this article, right here!  This is why you must make notes and come back often.

When and what will transpire becomes a reality I will offer it to the general public since my VIPs are warned and have those dates already! Now if you do not want to wait and plan your life and traveling become a VIP today and read it all!  

‘I predicted major world events after aliens abducted me and downloaded cosmic code’ – YouTube

We are not doomed, as mentioned in my video above, “God did not put us on earth the suffer a suffocating end” but with countless cosmic unconscious psychics, astrologers, and prophets wanna be spilling their religious fear on national radio how can we avoid “God’s wrath” on earth?

My words of wisdom and warnings MUST be shared and taken very seriously to avoid the worse in the future! Pay attention to your thoughts my friend and play your part in creating a safer life for ourselves and the children of the future!

The future is nothing else than the reincarnation of thought… Knowledge is power, ignorance is evil! Dr. Turi


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Again, if you are a newcomer, you may go back months and read previous SOS to the world deadly windows; to check what happened to me. 

If you have a FB page, you may join me thereas I keep thousands of my supporters (and my family) informed of all my experiences in the US!  

Keep in mind to watch my new movie on the “Secrets of the Superconscious” where I explained in great detail the reasons why I do not look my age at all. You can go to to watch it! 

The Scorpius dragon is now upon Russia and curses Putin (and Will Smith’s second house of money and self-esteem.) Thus, if you watched the news both men born in October are in serious trouble!

Memo! “This dragon is aiming for all souls born in November and May or those who inherited a moon, a rising a natal or hidden dragon in both Scorpio and Taurus... The latest deadliest mass shooting was induced by the reptilius who hijacked the body, mind, and soul of Salvador Ramosand he was born inMAY!Thus you have another proof of my legitimate cosmic wisdom!

Sad enough, fortunes that could be used to promote cosmic consciousness and stop school shootings and untimely deaths; are wasted by the infected religious and scientific matrixes who have lost total connection with the Divine…

I sent warnings with the exact date of Putin’s invasion of Ukraine to dozens of government websites including the National security, FBI, President Biden, the NAVY/ARMY, and many well-known radios and TV hosts! 

All for nothing, none of them ever answered me! (If you are new to the cosmic code – Putin’s brain is reptilius infected and the answer is in my video! ) Another example:  Bruce Willis is battling aphasia. Dr. Sanjay Gupta can’t explain what that means!

Talk about giving“pearls to swine!”

And this is why I am changing my career; it’s unavoidable, because of the Divine forces and UFOs guiding me, and also, since 1991 when I started offering my warnings, no one in a position of power and wealth has invested in the human race’s spiritual welfare…

The will to continue, “wasting my time” for a moronic religious or atheist – traditionally “educated” society; is getting harder, each passing day… 

This does not mean I will quit servicing those ready for my cosmic wisdom just yet but helping the world will not be my priority anymore!

Terania and many of our top students will carry the torch when I pass.

I want to spend the rest of my years having fun and living life around the water (during the season); since those who can help, won’t!  

Yet nothing will change for our smart and curious, spiritual VIPs, Terania and I will never quit serving you; for many more years to come!

Keep watching my YouTube channel to catch up on anything important I may decide to publish to the world and share my cosmic wisdom with your loved ones.  

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As always, the warnings generated on all my videos are clear, be careful of what you say or do ESPECIALLY during any Plutonic SOS windows for everything you say or do (good or bad) will follow you for the rest of your life! 

To those of you who read my previous full articles or watched my YouTube videos, I clearly stated that; electing a President mean also suffering and experiencing his natal stars and fate!

And knowing Biden was born under the dramatic deadly sign of Scorpiothis “Dance of Evil” is just the beginning! Sad enough, my visions are unfolding regularly!


In the absence of Cosmic Consciousness; science, conspiracy, and religious imagination have the wrong answers. There are no accidents just stellar consequences the five logical human senses cannot yet perceive.” ~ Dr. Turi. 

America is dying and rebirthing in so many ways andthis country will lose a lot of children… Physically, emotionally, financially, and spiritually and your current judgment and political perception; will change with the new Scorpionic deadly/rebirthing dragon will also impose its karmic nature, upon the US and the world at large! 



God created the stars and the heavens for more than the sake of beauty, he gave them to us for interpretation so that you may live a safe more productive life! 

Make sure, to share only my public newsletters, while anything else we generate on the private Cosmic Code website right here – Is not for the public but for our VIPs only!

Unfortunately, we had to fire a few repetitive offenders’ VIPs over the years for sharing our forecasts on various public forums and popular networking websites like Facebook, etc.  DO NOT DO SO! 

Please respect those who are paying us to get our critical guidance and daily forecasts or risk the same fate!  

The quatrains and keywords depicting the current month’s deadly cosmic winds and explanations are at the bottom of this page.  

My warnings through my various SOS to the world Plutonic windows, speak of the cosmic code jurisdictions and what to do, in order to avoid pain and suffering and even untimely death.

 Paying attention to all our guidance and forecasts, particularly all universal SOS to the world’s deadly windows, can only prepare you for all that dramatic news and be much more cautious during those disturbing cosmic winds. 

My Divine Astrology documentary; is still doing quite well and has been translated into French, Spanish, and Japanese and this can only bring more awareness of this phenomenon, to millions of the people of planet earth. 

Regardless of many of my most dedicated supporters’ many requests, my movie “Alien Contactee”  is still missing on Amazon Prime…

Do not quit, even if you already asked; please do it again…

It is only with your perseverance that this UFOs movie will be back online! 


Meantime our webmaster, Tom; is making great progress on producing a much better version by adding the missing original pictures.

For now, I see this situation more as a blessing in disguise than anything else, and when the new video comes out, we will let you know.  

Amazon Prime new documentary: Nostradamus’ Divine Astrology


“ALIEN CONTACTEE” was removed from Amazon 

Thank you so very much readers, for your great 5 stars ratings and wonderful supporting comments on Amazon Prime that surpassed my expectations! Please do not hesitate to rate again and post your reviews to IMDb too!   

Coast to Coast AM | Talk 980 AM

From Coast to Coast website:10/16/2019 – Turi also made predictions for this year and the next based on his study of astrology, saying that for the rest of 2019,political events and relationships will “go downhill,”and that there will be a “full restructure” of many groups *Antifa/ *QAnonand institutions in 2021.*POLICE? *Supreme Court of the United States? He also said that he is expecting“a lot of fire” and “a lot of wildlife to disappear.”

“If you are not happy, it is because you do not live your destiny!” ~Nostradamus

How many of you recall the following warning? “Yet, I am very worried about many Scorpius countries, especially Russia, “China – China’s military rise poses the greatest foreign policy challenge to the next US President and Iran knowing Trump removed thousands of soldiers from Germany. This could stimulate Putin to invade more European countries…

No one can or will escape the 2022 Scorpius Draconis axis and in time, when it is all said and done, we will all benefit and grow with those imposed cosmic changes… Once more thing, please make sure to mention our cosmic work to all your friends and your loved ones too, helping you build more cosmic consciousness is a serious contribution to your safety and benefit from our accurate daily guidance and predictions.

There are always super deals for our curious cosmic coders. Please e-mail: for more information and remember to be patient Terania is always doing her best, to fulfill all orders…

And while we have been totally correct with all the SOS to the world deadly windows so far, not many people seem to realize the importance and true values of divine astrology! The idea is to be prepared with any of the 2022 SOS to the world’s deadly windows because life does not stop!

Just be more aware and more cautious during those destructive cosmic winds! Do not take chances, be aware of what you do, and talk about the people you meet during those nasty cosmic winds. Nothing wrong should happen to you if you are cautious but if any of the SOS to the world deadly windows happen after a full moon (during a waning moon period), especially under a Plutonic window and in tandem, with your own 2022 negative cosmic biorhythms, now you are taking a very serious chance.

But we cannot force anyone to invest in this service or if you move check your  Astrocartography on Zoom with me and realize its critical values… All I can suggest our VIPs to do is to educate themselves about my latest Astrological discovery!

You can be either at the right time at the right place or at the wrong time at the wrong place and there are NO accidents1 email if you need help with any of our services.

Remember my words in many of my previous videos Covid is far from over and “WILL GET MUCH WORSE” with children the police! But it will go away by May 2022! I also predicted a new “sexual virus” and I was, once again, right with the “Monkeypox | Poxvirus!

Applied knowledge is power, ignorance is evil, and if there is EVIL energy you must recognize and control it is indeed the nasty reptilius that operates from Pluto, the Dark planet.
Now, do not fall for a bunch of moronic educated astronomers who,

I would suggest the reader gather real information on Astrology via Astronomy! Read (Google) Neil DeGrasse Astronomy VS Dr. Turi’s Astrology 

Once you acknowledge the planet Pluto’s inner dark life (where the reptilius resides) and its karmic influence upon humankind you will be ready to assimilate the DO and DON’T – Be particularly cautious with any and all my“ 2022 SOS to the world deadly windows.”

This long list of advice below can make the difference between life and death or/and a very costly dramatic experience you and your loved ones certainly do not need.  Many people led by Pluto during the Capitol’s attack did not read my warnings and had no clue of the deadly effect of this dark planet that turned normal people into vicious emotional killers!

During those dangerous cosmic winds, countless oblivious infected minds can only act out their destructive UCI manipulated by the reptilius! More information is available in my UFO documentary and astrology documentary where I announced to the world back in September 2020 that Trump would lose the election and be ready for a “dance of evil!” 

That comic unconscious radicalized Trump’s supporters are the victims of those nefarious entities and they are the ones who need my cosmic teachings the most so their pitiful, depressive, unhealthy lonely lives can change for the best.

Investigate Trump’s UCI and fate! 

To those of you who followed my predictions on my YouTube channel since the January 6 invasion of the US Capitol, I predicted that “All the people, directly or indirectly involved with the “coup and lies” will not be able to escape the 2022 Scorpius Dragon and their karma!” This includes all the people who worked hard to stop the truth I represent like my good old “friends “George and Tom who fired me from Coast to Coast am!     

“Crazy infected people will become active, the police to be killed or kill innocent people”   

Memo:  The reptilius is after the police, government officials, and children/teens!Policing will be so dangerous that many brave servants will quit and the number of cops getting killed or killing citizens will explode in the months to come. Infected criminals will get bolder and wilder committing crimes against the police and the public never experienced before!” 

“Be very careful if you are a cop! Memo: The reptilius are aiming for the police, government officials (Havana Syndrome,) teens, and children” because they are the most vulnerable members of our society and will stimulate some of them to engage in dangerous or criminal acts never experienced before!  It doesn’t seem that the police administration pays attention; to my SOS to the world’s deadly windows. Read Police Requiem 

Memo from my 2022 Nostradamus Forecast for all signs. Souls born in May, November, or with a Moon, rising, dragon head, or tail in those signs are a target of this dragon! Schwarzenegger was born with a Dragon’s tail in Scorpio! PAY ATTENTION, knowledge is power, ignorance is evil! 

READ THE DO’S AND DONT’S above during a DEADLY Plutonic window!
The DO’s:
Time for you to dig into deep secrets, Pluto loves bringing back dirt so you will meet the people or get the information you need. 

Time for you to dwell with magic and do some Cabalistic ritual to cleanse your home and spirit from low entities… My husband’s Cabalistic Cleansing ritual is a good start…Do not ask for it unless you are a VIP.  

Time for you to dig into your bank account and see any fraudulent activity.

Time for you to get rid of your current credit card and ask for another one ·
Stay clear from doing or saying anything wrong to the police, remember the Rodney King dilemma? ·
Stay clear from Sunday psychics, psychic accidents are very real. ·
Stay clear of haunted houses; bad entities could succeed in stealing your mind, body, and spirit. 
Stay clear from prostitutes, STDs or AIDS is lurking around. ·
Time for you to visit your departed ones and ask them for guidance and protection. ·
Time for you to take serious notice of all your dreams or learn all about prophetic or imaginative dreams.
Time for you to dig into my long list of newsletters to find what you really need or the answer to a question you may have. ·
Time for you to think about your own mortality and write your will. ·
Time for you to investigate any form of legal or corporate endeavor. ·
Time for you to regenerate your spirit and learn more about witchcraft. ·
Time for you to look for the ghost’s manifestation. ·
Time for you to enjoy a horror movie or sex movie, yes nothing wrong with porn if you are French or if
you are normal… God had sex feel good, so we do it often. ·
Time for you to tell the truth to anyone but be cautious in doing so. ·
Time for you to deal with the police if the moon is waxing. ·
Time for you to join the Law Enforcement Agency if your UCI endorses such a dangerous job. ·
Time for you to clarify your situation in court if a cop did you wrong. ·
Time for you to visit or deal with an attorney to sue anyone who deserves karma. ·
Time for you to look where your spirit is in your life. ·
Time for you to wake up to religious poisoning. · Time for you to listen to your intuition about certain people.

 Time for you to realize your strengths and your weaknesses or be reminded soon. ·

Time for you to do what you are the most scared of and win. ·
Time for you to realize you are in hell and fighting for survival. ·
Time for you to tap on the Plutonic forces to stop smoking or drinking. ·
Time for you to apply your will to do the impossible. ·
Time for you to listen to your intuition. ·
Time for you to learn the hard way why you went to jail and learn from your errors. ·

Time for you to cry your eyes out and feel sorry for yourself. ·
Time for you to realize you cannot hide any longer from the undiluted truth. ·
Time for you to die and be reborn into a much better, wiser person.
The DON’T: especially if the moon is waning or if you are under any of your personal negative cosmic biorhythms Dragon dates
Stay clear from large public gatherings, many religious lunatics died in stampedes. ·
Stay clear of suspicious people, your intuition won’t let you down. ·
Stay clear of an offer that sounds too good to be true. 
Stay clear of fast money-making schemes, jail is next. ·
Stay clear from the low life, you could get hurt or killed for a dollar. ·
Stay clear from the gang’s activity or recruitment, your death is near. ·
Stay clear from doing or saying anything wrong to the police, remember the Rodney King dilemma? ·
Stay clear from Sunday psychics, psychic accidents are very real. 

Stay clear of haunted houses; bad entities could succeed in stealing your mind, body, and spirit. ·
Stay clear of dark alleys and empty streets, chances are you have been followed and you are watched. ·
Stay clear from gambling with loud people Vegas or not, your sense of security is very wrong. ·
Stay clear from far away bathrooms and be very cautious of long dark corridors including elevators. ·
Stay clear from practicing witchcraft with uneducated people. ·
Stay clear of signing anything without a witness. ·
Stay clear of anything that is dark. ·
Stay clear of all animals, Pluto will turn them into killers. ·
Stay clear from trusting anyone asking for money. ·
Stay clear from using your heart it could cost your life. ·
Stay clear from the Full Moonlight wherever you are. ·
Stay clear from ingesting anything you do not trust ·
Stay clear from accepting a stranger’s drink, Pluto is inside. ·
Stay clear of wild lonely places. · Stay clear from trusting anyone during any Plutonic windows. ·

Stay clear from fighting with your loved ones.
Do not let your kids out without supervision. During one of my previous TV shows, in Tucson, I
mentioned the death of a kid by drowning trying to save his friend that fell into a canal in Phoenix.
Had the mother read my SOS to the world of deadly windows available to all our VIP’s and Patreon supporters’ Cosmic Code newsletter forecasts, perhaps she would have been aware of Pluto and been more vigilant.
Like millions of preventable deaths, she did not know enough and for the rest of her life, she will cry about her loss and never be the same mother ever again.
Do not be left behind, knowledge is power, and ignorance is evil… A real spiritual Master is a rare thing to join the world.

Upgrade Humanity Psychical Welfare raise Cosmic Consciousness;

Let us talk more about next month’s VIP and thank you again for your trust in our cosmic work!


 DT and Terania 


Only unevolved cosmic unconscious envious souls will deny my critical warnings and the reality of my well-documented, dated, and published visions…This is just the beginning of the predicted“dance of evil” imposed by the reptilius that will kill many more oblivious infected human beings who are already slaving for those entities… 

For those who know me and the Cosmic Code jurisdictions, no explanation is necessary; For those who do not, none will ever suffice… Dr. Turi

Applied knowledge is power, ignorance is evil!

Russia will “die and rebirth” from the inside out and it started with the thousands of young Russians challenging his very dangerous, deadly authoritarian regime! “Children of Russian elites are taking a stand against war in Ukraine.
Towards the end of 2023, Russia will slowly become a free democratic country! Putin played Russian roulette with the world and his countrymen and miscalculated!
He is a very desperate, reptilius-infected man who has nothing to lose and is ready to kill innocent people and destroy cities to satisfy his HUGE ego, and make history! Putin’s stars are cursed, he was born to destroy life, peace, love, and security, and to destroy children from all walks of life.
He is a coward and scared to die alone. The use of nukes is only a deceptive maneuver against NATO, the EU, and the US; he will never use them! He has much more to lose than you and me and all the kids he sent to die in his personal war to rebirth the USSR! Yet like Hitler, he won’t succeed against the world!

 Terania and I will keep up and post the news under each specific window so you can build more cosmic consciousness watching and reading the news… Participate VIPs. You may also add your own news in the comment box below and Terania and I will check, to help others build more moon awareness…    

Free your spirit with a live Zoom consultation with Dr. Turi? 

Read all the details!

You will not get real predictions, real warnings, or real cosmic teachings on UFOs on CTC am, Gaia, Contact in the Desert, or Ancient Aliens! I have also decided to keep track of my predictions for the children of the future who may be interested in earthquake predictions outside of conventional science.



Calm Deception to Strike

Window of May 22, 2022

 5/26/22 M 6.2 – 38 km NE of Lospalos, Timor Leste
5/26/22  M 7.2 earthquake near Azángaro, Puno, Peru
5/23/22 – M 6.0 magnitude earthquake near Katsuura, Chiba, Japan
5/22/22 – M 6.3 – south of the Fiji Islands
5/21/22 – M6.1 near Bungahan, Calabarzon, Philippines
5/19/22 – M 6.9 – mag earthquake Macquarie Island region

Window of March 22, 2022

3/24/22: 6.0 magnitude earthquake near Port-Olry, Sanma, Vanuatu
3/22/22: 6.7 magnitude earthquake near Hualian, Taiwan, Taiwan

Window of January 16, 2022

1/16/22: 6.1 magnitude earthquake near Panguna, Bougainville, Papua New Guinea
 1/15/22: 6.6 magnitude earthquake near Labuan, Banten, Indonesia

Window of January 12, 2022

1/12/2022:6.6 magnitude earthquake near Unalaska, Alaska, United States
1/11/2022: 6.8 magnitude earthquake near Unalaska, Alaska, United States

Window of November 2021

11/14/21:6.3 magnitude earthquake near Bandar ‘Abbās, Hormozgan, Iran
11/14/21:6.0 magnitude earthquake near Bandar ‘Abbās, Hormozgan, Iran
11/11/21:6.0 magnitude earthquake near Nabire, Papua, Indonesia
11/11/21: 6.6 magnitude earthquake near Hirara, Okinawa, Japan
6.2 magnitude earthquake near Masachapa, Managua, Nicaragua

Window of September 11th, 2021!

9/8/21: 7.0 in GuerreroMexico
9/7/21: 6.0  Pangai, Ha‘apai, Tonga

Window of August 28th!


Window of August 13th!

 *8/15/21: 6.9 in the South Sandwich Islands
*8/14/21: 7.2 magnitude earthquake near Aquin, Sud, Haiti
*8/14/21: 6.9 magnitude earthquake, Alaska, United States
 *8/13/21: 8.1 magnitude earthquake in the South Sandwich Islands 
*8/13/21: 6.3 magnitude, South Sandwich Islands
*8/11/21: 7.1 magnitude earthquake Philippines 

The fact is; my July 13, SOS to the world deadly window produced a bunch of earthquakes well above 6.0, not a single Geologist could ever anticipate or predict! And my August 12, 2021, YouTube video and my newsletter can only confirm my predictions! Read the facts! 

Window of July 30th!

8/3/ 21: 6.1 magnitude earthquake near Port Blair, India Earthquakes?
7/30/21: 6.2 magnitude earthquake near Sullana, Piura, Peru
7/29/21: 6.1 magnitude earthquake near Sand Point, Alaska, United States
7/29/21:8.2 magnitude earthquake near Sand Point, Alaska, United States

Window of July 23rd!

 7/26/21: 6.2 magnitude earthquake near Luwuk, Central Sulawesi, Indonesia
7/23/21: 6.7 magnitude earthquake near Hukay, Calabarzon, Philippines
7/22/21: 6.7 magnitude earthquake near Punta de Burica, Chiriquí, Panama
7/21/21: 6.0 magnitude earthquake near Lorengau, Manus, Papua New Guinea

Once again –

Terania and I will keep up and post the news, under each specific window so you can build more cosmic consciousness watching and reading the news…  

Life does not stop during those deadly cosmic winds, my friend… Just be aware of those deadly windows and either plan outside or simply triple precautions and do not take chances…

Be safe and may God (and the benevolent Draconis) watch over you and those you care about. 

Thank you again for your great support and patronage.




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