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DSC106[1]“The universe is under no obligation to make any SPIRITUAL sense to anyone.” Dr. Turi

“The universe is a BRIGHT LIVING spiritual entity; I’m offering its secrets before I die.” Dr. Turi

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Dr. Turi, live with Mr. Grey at Experiencer Interviews

Dear reader,

Today, Sep 30, 2022, I did a radio show with Mr. Grey, while many of you already heard about my UFOs experiences Draco’s channeling was quite intense and revealing!

This show has something special at its core, I am sure you will enjoy it fully, especially some very specific predictions for the world towards the end. I strongly recommend all my readers to listen to this radio show when it becomes available sometime tomorrow because a real Prophet is a rarity nowadays.  

“Man is superior to the stars if he lives in the power of superior wisdom. Such a person being the master over heaven and earth by means of his will is a magus and magic is not sorcery but Supreme wisdom.” Paracelsus 

September SOS windows memo! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! Did you pay attention?

Before being fired from Coast to Coast am on October 2019, I made real predictions about fires in Australia, and years earlier, I predicted the deadly Katrina hurricane.  “ To the newcomers, I might as well add Dr. Turi’s Famous 9-11 Prediction and…

FBI visited Dr. Turi again, following Paris Terrorists Attack!

I am not on the program anymore because George and Tom still refuse to face the facts about my accurate predictions about former president Trump and Covid. Read the sad facts of what transpired and share them with the CTC audience!

Instead “prophet wanna be” reptilius infected, negative Hogue is spilling his Bible religious beliefs upon an oblivious audience letting his wild imagination petrify George’s listeners… Endorsing the reptilius agenda or stimulating the super-conscious negatively does not show much intelligence or true spiritual wisdom since…

“The future is nothing else than the reincarnation of the thought!” Dr. Turi

Dr. Turi;

John Hogue appeared on Coast tonight. He thinks Russia will use Hypersonic missiles to nuke the United States from the South Pole and made clear his admiration for Vladimir Putin! He predicted that the USA is going down based on our astrology chart and the world will have a Great Depression.  First, he was an expert on Nostradamus, now he is a great Astrologer.
How does Coast have this obvious Fraud on the show?

Yet I once again and undeniably gave the exact date of Ian’s “Touchdown” with this newsletter published on the cosmic code private website for our VIPs on August 31st!  

While NASA is wasting millions with DART “WASTEFUL” mission, the NWS and NOOA can only follow and report the deadly hurricane path.

Meantime, on August 31, 2022, BEFORE IAN FORMED in the Atlantic Ocean, using my SOS to the world deadly window and the power of the moon, as intended by God himself, I gave the date of September 28, and warned my international reading audience through my quatrain of all the current anticipated deadly news! And NO ONE can deny my UFO’s predictive legacy!

Window of Sep28

September 2022, SOS to the world deadly windows / Posted by Dr. Turi on August 31, 2022, at 7:08 pm


Window of Sept 28

9/24/22 – 6.1 magnitude earthquake near Ancud, Los Lagos, Chile
9/24/22 – 6.2 magnitude earthquake near Meulaboh, Aceh, Indonesia

Window of Sept 19

9/21/22 – 6.0 magnitude earthquake near Kamtsjatka, Russia
9/19/22 7.6 magnitude earthquake near Michoacán, Mexico
9/18/22 – 6.9 magnitude earthquake near Taitung City, Taiwan, Taiwan
9/17/22 – 6.5 magnitude earthquake near Taitung City, Taiwan, Taiwan

Window of Sept 14


9/14/22 – 7.0 magnitude earthquake near Isangel, Tafea, Vanuatu
09/10/22 – ‘Baby’ island appears in Pacific Ocean after underwater volcano erupts
9/10/22 – 7.6 in KainantuEastern HighlandsPapua New Guinea
9 13/22 – 4.4 Santa Rose CA Earthquake Causes Minor Damage



Russian President Vladimir Putin speaks during a meeting on the military-industrial complex at the Kremlin, September 20, 2022, in Moscow, Russia. Russian President Putin on Tuesday blasted what he described as U.S. efforts to preserve its global domination, saying they are doomed to fail.

Russia and Putin’s fate – 2023 Russia is DEAD and born again!

MEMO Feb 18, 2022, The upcoming Scorpius Dragon SOS to the world deadly window of February 21/22/23 will speak of the reptilius agenda for fear, discord, death, and drama upon the world! Since the current Scorpius dragon is right on top of Russia and the reptilius own Putin’s body, mind, and soul I do not see an end to this conflict before May or November 2022/2023! Pay attention to the critical news about Russia and Putin on those dates and let’s hope for sanity, intelligence, diplomacy, and peace! Be prepared for a Dance of Evil!

Posted Feb 24, 2022 

Military suicides undermine Army’s ability to solve readiness crisis Death news
City ends annual reading of murder victim names after DEATHS list gets too long

Raw power challenges police deadly villains
DEATH TO THE DICTATOR’: Deadly protests in Iran continue for a 9th day Death news
27 dead and 20 others injured after Covid quarantine bus overturns in China Death news

Video shows train plow into police car with suspect inside Police news
Police in major US city make biggest fentanyl seizure in its history Police news
Hells Angels funeral for Sonny Barger expected to draw thousands police warns of possible violence

Telly Blair's bother holding a photo of him in their mother's home in North Minneapolis, MN.

A depleted police force with low morale. Areas that people describe as lawless. Some residents have even taken matters into their own hands.

Only those who heard me on Coast to Coast back in October 2020 heard my endless warnings on my YouTube channel or read my endless newsletters and my 2021/2022 Nostradamus Dragon predictions will attest to the accuracy of my predictions involving the police!  Read also what will happen to you personally for FREE when you join the cosmic code, Email 



Memo – “Avoid large gatherings especially at night during any of my 2022 deadly Plutonic windows!”   The reptilius are after the police, government officials, (Havana Syndrome) and children/teens! Policing will be so dangerous that many brave servants will quit and the number of cops getting killed or killing citizens will explode in the months to come. Infected criminals will get bolder and wilder committing crimes against the police and the public never experienced before!”


At least 24 children among 36 dead in a child care center in a massacre in northeastern Thailand that is believed to be the country’s deadliest incident of its kind. The reptilius effect is scary and very real and more school shootings and teens suicide is on the way. 

Memo: From Coast to Coast website: 10/16/2019Turi also made predictions for this year and the next based on his study of astrology, saying that for the rest of 2019, political events and relationships will “go downhill,” and that there will be a “full restructure” of many groups  *Antifa?  and institutions in 2020. *POLICE? He also said that he is expecting “a lot of fire” and “a lot of wildlife to disappear.” He also said that he is expecting “a lot of fire” and “a lot of wildlife to disappear.”

 Memo from prediction page 1:  April 6, 2013 – 4. A new internal secret financial police will “merge” internationally. Expect a full restructure of the police force and a serious increase in civil servant deaths or suicides. Secrets disturbing endeavors from the CIA and the FBI in Russia will come to the light.


9/24/22 – The storm has made landfall, leaving hundreds of thousands without power
DeSantis declares state of emergency for 24 Florida counties
Hundreds of whales stranded in Australia! Why would God do so?

9/24/22 – NASA delays next Artemis launch attempt due to storm

NASA’s rational “educated idiots” were forced AGAIN (for the 3rd time!) to postpone the launching of the Artemis mission! They should not launch during those dangerous cosmic winds, they already killed 7 astronauts doing so! 

Dr. Turi´s Plea to NASA and the world
Mercury retrograde – “People and affairs of the past will come back!”

NASA TV Coverage


Dear Readers:

Today 7/27/05 I was watching NASA TV Coverage on the Discovery shuttle and I realized that I would never be able to reach those accountable and pass on my message without your help. In the past, regardless of my many attempts to stop them from launching the shuttle in a “Supernova window/Mercury retrograde” I am still miles away from plausible results, and in the process, many courageous astronauts have and will lose their precious lives.

NASA´s reluctance to open up to a new form of investigation is not a valuable excuse to waste valued lives and our treasured resources. It is important to realize also that I am coming from the archetypal realm of consciousness while NASA scientists can only deal with logic and a rational logical approach to their problem.

Realize also that thousands of people working for NASA (including the big boys) depend on your tax dollars to make a living and the last thing NASA needs is a loss of more astronauts. Once more they have launched the Discovery shuttle within a ” Supernova Window” and only a miracle will save the astronaut’s lives during RE-entry scheduled a few days from now.

I need your help to stop wasting lives and our precious tax dollars because of NASA´s ignorance of unyielding universal laws. But if you decide to join me in my efforts to raise those scientists to a higher level of awareness, be ready to deal with a serious and thick wall of skepticism and expect them to resiliently express doubts about anything spiritual or outside of their rigid scientific minds.

Realize also that those “educated” scientists may not be able to enter the archetypal realm of consciousness due to their own natal limited UCI. However, my newsletter reaches hundreds of thousands of people worldwide and with your help, I may succeed in reaching some of them.

Please take the time to send an email to Wayne Hale (Shuttle Deputy Program Manager) at “”
PLEASE do a search on your browser and simply type NASA or the names of Wayne Hale NASA Deputy Program Manager or Bill Marsons the new Program Manager for NASA and HELP ME!

Without your help, more astronauts will lose their lives and something MUST be done once and for all.

It is time to make NASA responsible for their unwise, uneducated decisions and YOU my readers will be the link to EDUCATE them to respect the Universal laws or God’s cosmic design!

Simply copy and paste this link and PASS IT ON to everything, every site, and media outlet that have the word NASA.

I strongly suggest ANYONE remotely connected with NASA READ and acknowledge the Universal rules so once and for all lives can be saved.

I have over the years tried so hard to reach these people but my emails never get to them with all of you we can make the difference and once and for all make those people aware of a new approach that will mean success for NASA without any loss of lives.When will NASA scientists realize that they DO NOT KNOW IT ALL?
When will NASA scientists realize that there is a BIG difference between education and intelligence?
When will NASA scientists realize that it´s time to STOP killing innocent astronauts?
When will NASA scientists realize that they CAN´T survive without our tax dollars?
When will NASA scientists realize they cannot afford another mistake?
When will NASA scientists realize that they MUST listen to US the people?
When will NASA scientists realize that only donkey doesn´t change their minds?
When will NASA scientists realize it’s time for them to put their egos aside and learn from US?
When will NASA scientists realize that our prayers only and God has not and will not save astronauts?
When will NASA scientists realize that WE the people had enough of their ignorance?
“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”
-Albert Einstein

Many times, in the past I have predicted the death of astronauts because of NASA´s ignorance, do we need more death news from NASA?

PLEASE HELP ME to pass on my message, take a few minutes and do it for NASA, do it for the astronauts, do it for mankind´s future, and do it for the safe exploration of our solar system.

Let´s pray and hope I am wrong and for the safe return of our courageous astronauts because NASA is very far to assure you of their safety.

Blessings to all

Dr. Turi

The Magical Power of Talismans – Super Deal!

Attorney General indict Trump – What’s coming next?

“My brain is only a receiver, in the Universe, there is a core from which we obtain knowledge, strength and inspiration. I have not penetrated into the secrets of this core, but I know that it exists.” – Nikola Tesla


Dear reader,

Mercury retrograde means the past comeback alive yet there is always a problem with communication/sound/conspiracies etc… Read this article then once you are done, check Astrologer Dr. Turi – 6 Dark Days Ahead  

My last SOS to the world deadly window of September 28, 2022, WILL bring death and drama!
Note the dates were offered in my last two radio shows, my newsletters, and in this YouTube video!  And as always, I will be there to refresh the memory of all the skeptics or those immature young souls! 

Knowing that Mercury (communication/transportation) is now retrograde, I am expecting anything related to the past to come back to haunt us. Your plans will be disturbed and anything that moves, or every moving part will stop! Our flat top electric stove broke and a new one is on the way!

My pool pump got dirty stopping the normal flow of water and I had to fix it!  Anything can happen to anything you own, including your car from mechanical failure, flat tire, speeding ticket, etc.  Here is an example and more information is offered in the video above!

People and affairs of the past will come back

There is so much to teach you about the working of celestial mechanics and if you need to learn more simply click on the provided link at the bottom of this article…

NASA’s rational “educated idiots” were forced to postpone the launching of the Artemis mission and God’s cosmic will is cursing the planets with various natural disasters, large earthquakes, and devasting floodings never experienced before! 

Mercury retrograde also means affairs and people of the past will come back and even Hurricane Marie, 5 years ago, never brought such disasters to those exotic islands. It seems my SOS deadly windows cannot be ignored nor ridiculed anymore if you paid attention to my quatrain and keywords. “September SOS windows! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! Did you pay attention?”
Millions of British people are paying their respect to their dear departed Queen (RIP) yet the bad ETs love large gatherings and are doing their best to induce terrorist acts! Crazy reptilius-infected people, stimulated by the 2022 Scorpius dragon are everywhere and could flip at any moment!
Respect for life or the Queen’s funeral or the public does not exist with any suicidal lost soul! English people, like 99,9 of the world’s residents, including ALL our political leaders, are not cosmic conscious and could pay the heavy price of following traditional religions instead of mastering God’s cosmic design (Astrology.)
The British are completely “indoctrinated” by the Royals’ endless publicized personal lives and legacy (Princess Diana, Prince Harry, and Meghan Markle, royals’ babies, etc.) The British have been conditioned for centuries to accept the Royals as their Masters and they became an intrinsic part of their own uneventful lives. 
NASA uses the same devious techniques to hook you by discovering new planets every day or endlessly entertaining you with amazing pictures from the universe! Yet nothing you can use to warn you or make your daily life better The Mars Cult Society A Deadly Deceptive Proposition
Today the moon in Cancer (home/family/security) makes people extremely emotional and sensitive and those perfect cosmic winds are making the Britons cry remembering their departed Granma the “Mother Queen.”
Note also, that the “Illuminati/Vatican/corporations/ the politically oriented church of England” are benefitting from the formidable publicity involving her passing knowing that; religions were created by their supremely wealthy Masters to make sure their destitute subjects do not kill them!
Yet my vision for the Royals will in time come to pass as the burgeoning futuristic Age of Aquarius (humanitarianism/equality/freedom for all) is taking over the deceptive Age of Pisces as the kingdom of God becomes ONE!  “Charles the III the Last British King and the UK Fate.”
The level of poverty in England is staggering. The UK’s poverty rate overall in 2014 was the 12th highest amongst all European nations at 16.8%,  6.5% of the United Kindom’s population was classified as being in persistent poverty; an estimated 14.3 million people are in poverty in the UK or 22% of the Royals subjects. 
Imagine how the billions of dollars wasted on a single burial or the endless supremely expansive Royals trips and entertainments could be used to help Briton’s destitute families. 
British are so miserable and depressed that the government makes sure to close all bars at 10 PM to avoid uncontrollable public drunkenness! Legal and illegal drugs, including suicides, are cursing the British hopeless young generation.  I spend 12 years in the UK, I speak the truth you may challenge not knowing better! Read more in my book “Beyond The Secret.”

27 people dead and 20 others injured after Covid quarantine bus overturns in China, local authorities say

Have you ever wondered why some people have it all then, they win the lottery twice and you never will? Have you ever wondered why some people are blessed and never seem to struggle? Have you ever wondered why no matter what you do love, wealth, health and joy are out of reach? Have you ever wondered how and what you could do to bring about all your wishes in life?

Get all the answers in “Paranormal Extraction Zoe Ztarr” and Associates” Don’t miss this critical radio show join today! The show is now available on YouTube

It’s the end for a while for her, do you agree?
Rich, famous but cosmic unconscious. She was under one of her 2022 negative cosmic biorhythms and paid the price 

If you are one of those rare spiritual human beings in the ocean of life looking for my uplifting spiritual hook, and interested in learning more about the Cosmic Code, God’s cosmic divinity, Astro forensics, or Astro psychology, just ring the bell! We will open the door of a new world above for you to join our VIPs in our Cyber Cosmic Code University! All the answers to what it means to be human and so much more are awaiting you!

Dr. Turi

There are NO accidents! Knowledge is power, ignorance is evil!

Order your 2022 Personal & Universal Cosmic Biorhythms Dates

“Let who ignore my warnings be cursed by the eternal rites of the cosmic code universal ceremonies for a cosmic God does not speak to fools.” Dr. Turi 


Sharing emails;

An excellent video and article on Putin Dr. Turi. Soon all the other so-called ASTROLOGERS on Coast to Coast am radio will steal your work as they always do. In the past few weeks, all the astrologers are suddenly talking about the danger the Supreme Court justices are in. Of course, you are the one who first predicted that. But they keep stealing your work and pretending they thought of it. How sad! Pete 

Dr, Turi

Thank you so much for such an incredible, mind-blowing, insightful, one of a kind experience. Your knowledge & wisdom is something I’ve never experienced and it was an honor to learn from you. I appreciate you and all you do. Thank you for sharing your gifts with the world. I am really looking forward to listening to our session. I ordered your book and will be receiving Beyond The Secret today. I also joined the VIP Cosmic Codes. So grateful to be connected.

Many blessings,

Dr. Turi

Your prediction about the Supreme Court justices is starting to come true. Check out what a Harvard professor told students.

Alejandra Caraballo @Esqueer_
The 6 justices who overturned Roe should never know peace again. It is our civic duty to accost them every time they are in public. They are pariahs. Since women don’t have their rights, these justices should never have a peaceful moment in public again.
Review from a special client, regarding my husband; Dr. Louis Turi’s work:
“Dr. Turi, a thousand thank you for doing my progressive reading follow-up as well as my husband’s reading, with the tarot reading at the end of the session…
A thousand thank you will never be enough to express how ONCE AGAIN I’m grateful beyond words for the precious guidance you continue to give us…
It’s the very first time my husband had a reading with you… I have shared with him all the books you published, he watched with me your movies on Amazon, and some of your Youtube videos, including the incredible documentary “Superconscious: the Power within” which he enjoyed, but he still has some thoughts of his own(he’s a Virgo/Scorpio rising )…
I recommend greatly everyone to watch this wonderful documentary…My husband never had a reading before and doesn’t have much knowledge of Astrology…
During his reading, he did listen to you very attentively describing what was going on in his actual twelve houses…He was flabbergasted by the information you provided to him (past/present/future), and the vital recommendation you offered him…
The tarot lecture we had at the end was just amazing…Some predictions were given to us for the future, treasurable guidance that is wonderful to be aware of…
All that I can say is that after having a reading with you, it’s impossible to not have your spirit boosted! Your physical & mental energy are contagious…
I believe in an approaching New Golden Age where peace can reside; “we are all here to evolve and grow to the highest possible frequency we can reach and together we can build a network of awareness about world peace around the globe” and that is why your real predictions and teaching are seriously worth being looked at …
Cosmic consciousness is necessary now more than ever and there are not out there soul teachers like you, humble, genuine, dedicated, and passionate about reintroducing this “lost/hidden teaching of the richer depths of Astrology that the very Ancients held” once…
We have so much evidence at all levels in front of us every minute that goes by, to continue to ignore for some, Jesus’ Cosmic Ministry and God’s Cosmic design as you mention so often…
I’m very honored and blessed to have been guided in knowing you for many years, for your incredible work, your newsletters that is time-consuming and full of valuable information, your teaching, and the sharing of your experiences without forgetting your revealing predictions making us aware of our surroundings…
There is so much Divine Power in your quote: “the Future is nothing else than the reincarnation of our thoughts” …





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