Venus Governs the Beautiful and Financially Oriented Constellation Of Taurus

Luxurious and elegant
I have the memory of an elephant
Loving all of life”s finer pleasures
Gifted am I at acquiring more coffers and treasures
I am TAURUS, child of Venus.

Characteristics For Taurus

taurus star sign

The month of May is governed by the planet Venus and by the reliable sign of Taurus. Others perceive you as beautiful, somehow stubborn, and practical. You are the moneymaker sign of the Zodiac and you have stability and true love to offer to others. You need to control your jealousy, insecurity, and your authoritarian attitudes (atheist Ron Reagan) and avoid eating when upset.

You are a gifted artist and strive for the organization. You are also attracted to the professions of banking, real estate, the arts, computers, radio, television, technology, aeronautics food, real estate, and investigation, to name a few. Many “Bulls” will reach fame and fortune and enjoy the security of a beautiful and big house. Strong and dominant, you have inherited a solid mind, tremendous common sense, and a powerful will.

Venus rules love and possession; you must avoid destructive thoughts pertaining to jealousy, stubbornness, and insecurity. Learn to channel Venus’ constructive powers toward creativity, diplomacy, and love. If you behave in an insecure stubborn sarcastic, destructive unattractive manner you will lose it all in the end. Your down-to-earth approach to life must not interfere with your spiritual growth.

Part of your lesson in this lifetime is to keep an open mind to the world of the spirit and investigate metaphysical information to ensure financial growth. Remember “Millionaires do not use astrology, billionaires do! – J.P. Morgan!

Your desire for practicality and riches is legendary but you will always regenerate with New Age and metaphysical matters. You will courageously handle the difficulties of life with a solid attitude, and you inherited a beautiful nobility of purpose.

Girls born in May are beautiful, classic, intellectual, magnetic, and sensitive, and will always combine Venus” beauty and sensual magnetism to attain their goals. You are meticulous and critical about your mate and it is important for you to marry someone well-groomed and well-respected.

With you, love must last forever. Food is often on your mind again; do not eat when you are upset. Remember to respect the Universal Law (see Moon Power), as your awareness and moon planning will become a major contribution towards reaching many of your dreams. The location of your natal Dragons Head or Tail will seriously alter the strengths or weakness of Venus and your spiritual nature.

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