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FEBRUARY 24, 2011

Back by popular demand will be Dr. Louis Turi, the world famous astrologer who’s been on Coast-to-Coast AM and a host of other television and radio shows.  We’ll be talking about the new zodiacs, world events, religion, the Cosmic Code, Jesus Ministry and, of course, will take your calls.


”Great spirits have always encountered opposition from mediocre minds. The mediocre mind is incapable of understanding the man who refuses to bow blindly to conventional prejudices and chooses instead to express his opinions courageously and honestly.”
– Albert Einstein


Pastor Lindsey Williams broke into the Alex Jones Show today to put the events in the Middle East into a global perspective. He then said he received information over the weekend that “shook him to the core”. He will reveal all on Tuesdays show 2-22-2011. Tune and tell your friends. The Alex Jones Show airs live 11am to 3pm central.

It amazes me when people refer to the terrible “things” that are to come in this world not knowing they are themselves the very promoters of evil’s dark energy. I also wonder where a pastor can “receive” any type of information and from what sources?   When the divulged information is coming from a priest, a minister, a pastor or anyone representing God on earth, I am already very skeptical because they ALL endorse the “end of the world“coming from the Middle East anyway.

Landing on one of those relentless inconsiderate schizophrenics lost souls scaring children with their destructive sermons on TV did it for me reader…I also wonder how ignorant and careless the parents also are to bring their own kids to such regular dirt feeding is simply unimaginable, and you wonder why this country breed so many sex offenders?

But how many “talking heads” and their religious guests knows about the destructive power coming from the Supraconscious in time and space and their “subconscious” participation in feeding evil the endless plate of dirt? Little do they know that; with time this horrible evil energy will ultimately become humanity’s future,  I wish people could really understand the depth of my warnings when I write “The future is nothing else than the reincarnation of the thought” and stop feeding evil right away.

Secondly the predictions made by pastor Lindsey Williams and its numerous compatriots “working for God” are the same one as generated by the fearful spirit of my friend David Icke, Rush Limbaugh, Glen Beck and so many others through their troubled UCI *Unique Celestial Identity loaded with a fear of losing control usually produced by the location of Saturn (fear) in Scorpio (power) or in Capricorn (the government.)  Yes if you were born with Saturn (fear) in Aquarius (aeronautics) and you would not give a dam about politics or the government and your fears would be about boarding a plane and flying… Do you get me? With 12 specific Saturn “fear” placement by sign and house imagine the tremendous amount of legitimate Astropsychological information your “educated” psychologist is missing. Remember reader…

“Where Cosmic Consciousness is lacking; science, conspiracy and religious imagination generates the wrong answers. There are no accidents just consequences the five logical human senses cannot yet perceive.”

Dr. Turi

What is taking place right now with oil and the Middle East is nothing else than a prediction I made back in 1995 on the Art Bell national radio show – Please acknowledge it first if you are a new comer to my work…

This prediction of a “religious war” was made MANY YEARS AGO and WELL before Pastor Lindsey Williams and David Icke, Glen Beck etc. careers dedicated to feed people with more fears became what it is today. While conspiracies are a reality on this physical plane the inner but real karmic reasons are left for people born with an advanced UCI to comprehend and translate accurately. It is so easy for anyone to let fears and imagination rule first his/her psyche then propagate into others’ reality.

But the problem is with time their accumulated fears somehow incorporate with forces unknown to their rigid logical mind and will be experienced “globally” on a later date. All that has ever transpired in the human history since the dawn of time is karmic in nature and pre-set by the creator himself. In this case what I saw back in 1995 or the tremendous changes taking place in the Middle East since then. But for anyone to appreciate the fact of a legitimate predictive gift one has to be either present from the first days of these predictions on national radio or be a faithful reader of my yearly Moon Power “Universal Guidance and Predictions.”  And the sad fact is people are a bit too fast to assume anything and very slow in doing the mental gymnastics needed to investigate my past and appreciate my unarguable gift.

To those who know me well I also predicted ALL major news that followed since Art Bell and George Noory Coast To Coast radio show had me as a guest. And we are talking giving a series of exact dates for large earthquakes, 911 N.Y Terrorist Attack – Iraq War – SARS – Asia Tsunami – Mexico Oil Spill – Icelandic Volcano Eruption – Haiti Deadliest Quake Ever, Deadly Hurricanes, Shocking News, Nukes, California Fires, Deadliest Tornadoes In The US History, ALL major calamities worldwide including the full restructure of the FBI/CIA, the US economy, Mumbai India UK terrorist Attacks etc.  In fact, ALL Major Earthquakes above 6.0 were FULLY and UNARGUABLY predicted in my book Moon Power and on my radio and television shows.  But unless you listened to these shows or read my books you have the right to be skeptical about all the claims I am making.

A Libyan military aircraft crashed today southwest of Benghazi after the crew refused to follow orders to bomb the city

The fact is one must be able to offer solid proof of his “predictions” and make it available to the public BEFORE he/she could be trusted for more, it’s that simple!  Where are Pastor Lindsey previous, dated posted predictions on FB or MySpace?  I am still looking for so called famous psychics and astrologers alike posted predictions on all major websites the way I do… But what is a bit more complicated to assimilate is the “change of guards” or the Age of Pisces (religions/deception/oil) and indeed the impact produced on Middle East being a Pisces country.

Indeed this region, where ALL major religions were born is being FORCED into the Age of Aquarius. This “New Age” rules technology, the future of mankind, humanitarianism, freedom, explosions and no Age went away without serious war and lots of victims.  People like Pastor Lindsey Williams, David Icke, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh and so many others dirt speakers and conspiracy promoters are only peons of their own unperceptive UCI and verbally act out their fears. And the worse is, THEY DO NOT KNOW ZILT about it!

But that is nothing new in my book because every human being is; for good or for worse, “computerized” to subconsciously act out or react their natal stars… While man shoots satellites above and our infantile science discovers new planets and constellations daily, this world is so spiritually depraved…


New evidence on galaxy births

This image from the Hubble Space Telescope indicates that a ring of dark matter likely exists around the center of CL0024+17, a cluster of galaxies



The True $$$$$$$$$$$$$pirit of NASA

Published Feb 19th 2011 2:39pm

Thus, much of the “Talking Heads” especially the religious ones, are dealing with lower vibrations and not the archetypal realm of consciousness where true wisdom and the eternal “Cosmic Gears” and God divinity can be perceived in action and explained to the mortals. Regardless of their accomplishment on this hard physical plane, God’s highest spirit and celestial secrets are is only available to a minority of Cosmic Conscious advanced spirits and not available to the regular “educated/achieved Talking Heads” period.

Thus all the media elites, including Pastor Lindsey Williams can do is to deal with the present current affairs plaguing this world and subconsciously allow a mixture of religious poisoning and fears to dominate their psyche.  The insanity is that; the very people that supposedly represent God on earth have absolutely NO clue of God himself… Thus without Cosmic Consciousness all these people can do is feed evil and let their fear rule their lives.

I will speak to you, you won’t hear me- I will present myself to you, you won’t see me…


The sad reality is that regardless of my endless warnings for years on Coast To Coast to STOP feeding evil, much of the radio and television media programs are nothing else than a river of malignant cancer cells being served to humanity on a regular base and no one seems to understand the gravity of my warnings. All the “Talking Heads” wants is RATINGS and attention where ego and greed rules, all at the expanse of humanity’s future.

I have been involved in metaphysics since forever and I was “picked” by extraterrestrials to take over and deliver Jesus’ altered celestial message but the forces of evil against me are getting stronger by the day. Evil spirits stole your donations for my proposed reality show and others envious souls managed to remove me from Wikipedia and Yahoo where I wrote for years.

I have lost a few battles against evil but not the war and this is why the emergency to get to the media with my message before it’s too late for humanity is so crucial. Until my birthday (Feb 26th) I have asked for a $10 donation, this is a supreme discount to join my VIP Cosmic Code subscribers list. But I must warn the reader again and again, without much interest or drive to help me all I can do is to write this type of newsletter to make you aware of the serious consequences awaiting humanity.

Updated – Indeed God is listening or the people of America are finally waking up! Glenn Beck’s fear-mongering is no longer on NYC radio – Let’s keep it that way – How many more are on the way? Remember my predictions about a “full restructure of communication?


DON’T FEED EVIL! Stop the nightmare!

Glenn Beck’s radio show is now off the air in New York City — but two New York radio stations are thinking about picking it up, despite Beck’s continued fear-mongering and hateful rhetoric. Can you join us in telling station executives not to add Beck to their line-up? And after you do can you ask your friends and family to do the same and instead promote positivity and my work for a change?  Thank you reader.

I will battle evil with or without your help because this is what God “crucified” me to do and I can only push forward hoping for your help… As unreal as it may appear to the reader, producing this reality show may be the only way to bring back sanity and save this world from its own spiritual collapse. But again, how can I appear non egocentric or mentally sane when I profess to be the only one who can prevent such a terrible future?

And this may be a bit too much to the envious or those who are depraved of Cosmic Consciousness or never witnessed/investigated my predictive gift. If I was right each time and unarguably “predicted” all major catastrophic news it may be a good idea to trust my “vision” of the future. And this is why the force of evil are working overtime to erase any trace of my wisdom and I to reach you before it is too late….Thousands of my newsletters (and obvious, dated, printed predictions) were removed from the Internet, years of writing evaporated from yahoo and FB is not allowing more friends to join my page…this should make you think reader. But thinking is not what I truly need, now is the time to act and help me to help you and your children…Yes reintroducing the face and the tools of God is exactly what EVIL cannot afford because it is the only real spiritual and physical salvation available to humanity…

Please join us, get your 2011 monthly personal horoscopes, transits and so much more spiritual guidance and predictions for $10 donation before the price goes back to $99.00 on my birthday or Feb 26th.

Since I predicted the restructure of the US economy back in December 2007 things took a serious nasty turn for America and all of us…As a matter of fact many lost their home, jobs and life as they knew it has gone. Now while this dated, printed “prediction” came obviously to pass forcing karma to reach the financial and political abusers in high places WE the people suffer much more. Do you know that some elected officials YOU PAID to help you have a better life get over $600.000 in their retirement plan?

Do you know that the American aristocracy currently in power is sucking whatever is left of America to the point where no hopes is left in the hearts of the general population? Crimes have exploded, gangs and drug lords have no fears anymore and pirates kill innocent people knowing the US Navy is sailing the same waters near them. What’s going on here people? What’s going on is that; people don’t seem to care about their welfares as much as they should do and people do not seem to care about the own survival of the sprit itself.

Religions have killed so many innocent people and are still abusing the ignorant God fearing mass. Yes those greedy “well intended” help the children EVIL ORG.anisations and thousands of others are only financially motivated! These self concerned greedy Illuminati based corporations are still operational and sucking more from YOU.  But as much as revolutions, wars and its victims seem to be the only way to change things, the current Status Quo is totally misleading and extraordinary abusive.  The overworked over abused soul is trapped but has done NOTHING to get rid of the fleas, the hyenas or the force of evil in charge of their lives. I recall a prediction made that many people remember about a INTERNAL REVOLUTION, in the US and is the Middle East burgeoning religious war the starting point?

May God Bless Their Lost  Christian Souls

A round-the-world boating adventure ended tragically today for four Americans, whom pirates shot to death after hijacking their yacht in the Indian Ocean last week, U.S. officials said

When  the mighty above refuses to protect those traveling the world passing on “the good words of the Lord” something quite obvious is taking place as far as omens are concerned reader. The question remain, can you read the signs or omens as good as I do?  The very Bible they so enthusiastically gave away to the easy ignorant targets serves only the Illuminati purposes and  in some deadly  ways God is interfering.

I wonder what these dedicated; God fearing “young souls” were doing in those dangerous Neptunian waters selling Christianity to Somalis knowing the majority are Sunni Muslims? Finding the pile of Bibles  in the boat fired hatred (the obvious result of any and all religions)  and yet another “religious  local war” took place in the boat and like many of their predecessors they met with an early death that could have easily been prevented had these souls read my warnings in my book 2011 Moon Power.  Acknowledge  the obvious reader…

Memo from my book Pluto is back with us; Be VERY careful of what you say, where you go and what you do! Unaware police officers and/or criminals will meet with their death. Many other unprepared souls will pay the ultimate price by losing their precious lives and this could be you too. Please DO take my heed VERY seriously! Plutonic windows dates depict EXTREME criminal activity and police VULNERABILITY. No one is safe when EVIL reign on earth!

Furthermore acknowledgment making Dr. Turi  the real thing…

Travel and Communication: Be smart and patient on the road we are under a dangerous “Super Nova Window”. Avoid the sarcastic remarks of others, and be aware of Pluto’s desire for drama. Some people may call you for advice or share their secrets.  Better keep it a secret for now, as Pluto does not like to talk.  Pluto may decide to take many human lives in dramatic accidents or terrorists act. The full year of Plutonic, Uranic and Moonic window dates are available to my VIP”s Cosmic Code subscribers only. Is your life worth this VIP subscription? Call us anytime for information at (602) 265-7667 Join us ASAP. Sign up NOW!


Thus reader, let’s use logic and intelligence here for a change, is there anywhere in the wasteful biblical “Illuminati” produced religious junk any REAL – SOLID advise that could have been used for those specific “Plutonic” days at sea?

Did any of those lost souls knew about the waning moon and the “Plutonic window” OBVIOUSLY printed and dated in my 2011 Moon Power publication?  NOand this is where the problem is with the world today,  religious people from all walks of life would rather be deceived and pay for it than to wake up and rise to the real God and his Universal will I offer my readers on a daily base. None of the “sacred books” ,mentioned under will EVER come close to the simplicity and accuracy of my work. Tell me, even with the English exact translation if in any of those “sacred” books would have warned them about what I explicitly noted above for the days death took them all away?

For the sake of humanity this pile of old Junk must be discarded – Time to get a lap top and read Dr. Turi’s facts about God’s true manifestation

The Analects

Bhagavad Gita

Five Classics


New Testament

Old Testament






While very spiritual, comforting, wise and soothing this Neptunian material is  for the spirit, it does NOT offer tangible answers or obvious proofs of God”s Universal manifestation or “translate” any of the signs in a practical way that can be used in this dense physical world PERIOD! My book does  translate God”s divinity in a splendid and unarguable way, unless the reader is RETARDED! Excuse my French my natal problem with stupidity tends to haunt me at most appropriate moment reader…

Yes the Age of Pisces with its deceiving religious teachings, illusion and ignorance is on its way OUT and YES the Age of Aquarius, intelligence, brotherhood, humanitarianism and God’s Universal Laws is birthing. Do you see it the way I do reader?

I have been asking for your help knowing I can make these badly needed changes by offering a higher level of information and educating the mass on how to use the Supraconscious in time and space without much return from you but God is testing both of us in that one reader…
By exposing the true in such an obvious, direct way through my work,  the Illuminati currently in power must work  harder to keep God”s celestial wisdom a secret. They dim your spirit regularly with a myriad of well planned detrimental reality show that STOPS you thinking  and asking questions about surrealism, the spirit, Jesus’ true Ministry and the Cosmic Code secrets.
It seems with this burgeoning Middle East Universal religious war the spirit of humanity will finally be rescued by God’s higher order as we approach the year 2012.
And I will be here to lead all wise souls into this new light and continue translating God Universal will for all the people of the world reading my work. Please join us and build a solid Cosmic Consciousness because this is what God has enslaved every one of his children to do so we can at the end enjoy a safer, happier and more productive life.

Blessings to all

Dr. Turi

Dr. Turi’s FREE Global Teleclass

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All about the Moon, emotions, domesticity, depressions, suicides and how the moon rule women. I will also talk about Ophiuchus constellation and the 13th sign of the Zodiac. The moon is much more than a dead rock hanging above your head for the sake of beauty…Her shadow upon the earth is mysterious, powerful and regulates the sins and virtues of all human beings.

During my next teleclass I will elaborate on the dynamics of Astropsychology, explain more on the so called new zodiac, the 13th sign dilemma then elaborate in great details on how the moon affect the 12 signs of the zodiac and affect all living things particularly the sensitive human psyche. I will also explain the purpose of the moon in the belt of the Zodiac and how those 12 houses making up the 12 specific areas of the human experience works. Thus get your pen and paper and be ready to raise your Cosmic Consciousness further as to handle your natal moon position properly.


We thank you again Louis for putting it on your newsletter.

Tom / Cathy

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