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Dear readers;

So far, regardless of my previous warnings to stop writing for the public, all my yearly resolutions have failed miserably!  But 2018 will be  VERY DIFFERENT!…  The only way for you to read anything from me will be if you join the cosmic code (FOR FREE) and get all my notifications directly in your email box.  Thus when I disappear from your eyes and mind, if you miss me, maybe you will join us HERE!

It is hard to accept, that the scientific community and an indoctrinated “religiously poisoned” and “traditionally educated” society will never realize  the true messages, involving the moons passage through the belt of the Zodiac; by sign and house…  Not only at a universal level but  most importantly, at a personal one! 

If you take the time to  investigate  the latest August 21, 2017 Solar Eclipse Predictions, you can only realize the divine and real purposes of the Sun and moon, outside of  what the conventional, controlling science  want you to know! 

I can assure you that God didn’t create the stars, sun and  moon for a bunch of “traditionally” educated idiots to look and ponder at. There is a bit more behind any solar or lunar manifesto.

Of course society has been brainwashed and consumed by its own ignorance, in knowing that powerful corporations control all information via national television programs, etc. and keep you and your children “down to earth!” 

Indeed  the majority of humans are stuck on this dense physical world and totally oblivious of a cosmic God’s divine purposes! And to follow people like Rev Jones, David Koresh or  signing up for NASA’s Mars suicidal mission, instead of learning about the “signs,” speaks of a gargantuan amount of stupidity cursing those gullible people!  

Those infected, wealthy corporations created notorious front men like Neil Disgrace, who have  access to all medias! While the purpose is to mold and manipulate billions of minds, to recognize science, as the only way to the truth and create more atheists… Thousands of reptilius infected atheists gather in DC.

Those so called scientists,  have lost cosmic consciousness and ridicule divine astrology, the mother of all art and science! Little do they know that all disappeared civilizations’ monuments legacies like  the pyramids of Egypt,   ALWAYS involve a star pattern.  Those scientists are fast to  mention “ancient astronomers” when, in reality; their trade is  the byproduct of astrology.

Incidentally, if you Google “how old is astronomy,”  you’ll see that the word astrology is omitted by the scientific matrix!

“The first evidence of recognition, that astronomical phenomena are periodic and of the application of mathematics to their prediction is Babylonian. Tablets dating back to the Old Babylonian period, document the application of mathematics to the variation in the length of daylight over a solar year. Centuries of Babylonian” 

The fact is; Babylonians and ALL others disappeared civilizations, were societies made primarily of ASTROLOGERS! And so were the “three wise men,” following the stars to the Christ birth biblical story…  Mostly because telescopes  and the rational way to deal with our solar system, through mathematical observations (NASA), were not yet ruling the world. 

It is when the first “astronomers” challenged God, by stealing the Babylonians’ astrological clay tablets, to predict an eclipse mathematically; that astronomy was born! So, the scientific community will do all in its power to denying, ignore and bury astrology!

“This old, geocentric view of the cosmos was overturned by the Polish *astronomer,* Copernicus, in the sixteenth century.” 

Fact! Copernicus and Astrology… Copernicus studied the Alfonsine Tables, read the works of Peurbach and Regiomontanus, who, inspired by  *ancient astronomy* sought to reform theoretical *astronomy, fully aware that improvement in  *astronomy would lead to improvement in its / HIS practice, astrology.

Both the religious and scientific matrixes have nothing to gain (or control) by mentioning  astrology. In fact, just the opposite!  And this is what brought the old art and science of astrology  to what it became  today… Something everyone should ignore and ridicule.

“The universe is under no obligation to make any SPIRITUAL sense to  anyone!“Reasoning with a donkey is easier than to change a religious, an atheist or an educated idiot mind!” Dr. Turi

But not all human beings were born that dumb and a portion of our society, at least at a subconscious level, realize there is more in the stars, the sun and the moon; than  what those infected corporations (Vatican/NASA) want  you to believe! 

Christians and religions alike, do you that there is seventy five miles of the Vatican’ secret library, loaded with rare  Astrological  books and relics, confiscated from those they sent to burn on the stake by the inquisition?

Do you know how many  native Indian people the Templar or the Conquistadors killed, in the name of a man made god or the church, all over the world? Or how much astrological work and  relics was confiscated, stolen from  them? 

Will you ever see or touch such artifacts in your lifetime?

Never in a million years. Much like NASA  hides the truth about flying saucers and kept the bodies of unfortunate reptilius, shot down by the Draconis in the New Mexico sky desert! Russian Science -The Moon and the Pyramids Were Created by Extraterrestrials.

Unless, like our students, you take the time to build cosmic consciousness, you will never know what those celestial manifestos have in store for humanity or for yourself in the weeks and months to come! 

MEMO FROM  2017 Universal Predictions  published June 8, 2013

******God No where To Stop Fire******

California fires, over 200.000 people forced to relocate! Real predictions from a real modern prophet the world should pay attention to and support! Visions impossible to deny!

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Update – 12/5/2017 California wildfires growing quickly, forcing thousands to evacuate Forced Relocation?

Memo from  November / December 2017 SOS deadly window dates…

December 5 / * / * (48 hrs centering the dates)
Nature Men To Strike Hard
New Horizons Following Tragedy
Much to Fall Nothing Made To Last
Tears Pain Death A new Life For Many
America / New Beginning / Ending of life / Real Estate / *Families Tragedies / Beginning / Ending of Important Portion of Life / *Forced Relocation / Forced Actions/ Destructive Actions/ Weather / Fires / Natural Disaster / A new Planned and / or Unplanned life For Many.
London (CNN)The UK and the European Union reached a significant milestone in their pursuit of a Brexit deal on Friday, breaking a deadlock that allows talks to move on to a crucial second phase. New Beginning?
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Update – 12/5/2017 – President Donald Trump will recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel on Wednesday and direct the State Department to begin the process to move the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, senior administration officials said. – New Beginning?
Continued:  All I can divulge to you is that; this “Supermoon” will touch President Trump’s life directly, as well as the world at large! 
Update:  12/6/2017 – Note also the French singer Hallyday  was like our President, born in June and the Super moon matured in this sign! This is why I offered my warnings mentioning Trump’s name! 
 All the details, dates, predictions etc. belong to our VIP’s only… That is if you are curious enough to find out more from the Cosmic Code website! 

I gave the public a hint in the article below but as usual, when it is all said and done, only a ridiculous amount of potential super-humans will be able to connect the dots and join us!  The rest of  today’ society is so indoctrinated by religion, science or their Neptunian belief system, that their  “psychical salvation” is just impossible! 

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SOS to the world predictions    

Once more readers, for what its worth and for your spiritual sake, please use critical thinking! Remember you are a child of the universe, made of the same stars and dust as the universe. Thus, try to bypass the limitations and control, imposed by a religiously and scientifically poisoned society and be more curious…

Feed the religious or scientific matrixes or free your spirit with Dr. Turi

Stand curious in your own and free your spirit from egocentric, traditionally educated ignorance, promulgated upon your early education… There is much more in the stars than what you could ever imagine!

Blasting all major news-media with a scientific rational “explanation,” to what a Supermoon is all about  has never offered anything  you can use for your safety! Only  educational entertainment!  And because you are cosmically unconscious, does not give you the right to mess with the cosmic code jurisdictions or a cosmic God speaking its will through the signs I translate daily for our VIP’s! 

Mess up men’s laws or any cosmic rule for that matter and pay the heavy penalty!  It’s as simple as that!  Millions of people already  made plans for the upcoming holidays and will travel the world to end up stuck in airports or on the roads!

Many will perish because of  “unforeseen” natural disasters, bad weather or chain reaction accidents!  And be sure, it is coming during my last 2017 SOS to the world deadly windows… I will refresh your memory as usual in time, just note the date of today ( 12/4/17) for your own references.

Chances are, a man made god and the reptilius, will join in a mad dance to snap many cosmic unconscious, universal laws infringing  human beings!  And too many souls will never see 2018! 

I know, you’d rather ridicule or ignore my warnings and that’s fine with me! Until you become part of the statistics or suffer a terrible costly, messed up Holiday! Then maybe you’ll pay more attention to my work and invest in your own life and security by following the moon rules! 

“God created the stars and the heaven for more than the sake of beauty; He gave them to us for interpretation so that we may live a safer more productive life.  Man is superior to the stars if he lives in the power of superior wisdom. Such a person being the master over heaven and earth, by means of his will, is a magus, and magic is not sorcery but supreme wisdom. ~ Paracelsus

If you wonder why the world became such a terrible, unsafe, dangerous  and mad place,  let me tell you why!

It is simply because, over the centuries infected humans, in the name of greed, control wealth and power, while challenging a cosmic God!  Unfortunately with time, all God’s children got lost  into  religions, science, skepticism, confusion, chaos and fear!  

All the while, supporting the reptilius’ agenda in need of humanity’ vices to survive! 

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 Canada could make billions from legal pot!

Were you born a Neptunian?

You will never ever be able to reach a true, Neptunian born soul! All the  medical excuses  (right or wrong) will be used to make sure the “nirvanic/reptilius” effect  never end. 

I am not judging you if you ingest legal or illegal drugs… That is not the message I am trying to convey to you. In fact, some of our friends smoke pot and this does not mean we do not love them. I know their heart and the soul, including the karmic load they inherited!  And that is their karmic lesson to experience, not mine! 

I am able to detach myself from such negative judgement, because I am cosmic conscious and know about their natal UCI! 

As far as I am concerned,  I don’t vibrate at that level. My first experience left me sick like a dog for days and I am allergic to the stuff. While I was offered all sorts of reptilius attending the Royal School of Music in London, (*video) I willingly never touched any of it or pretended doing so, just to be part of the “pack!” 

All I know is; as predicted,  the reptilius universal infestation is unstoppable and not  many people are taking my warnings seriously or helping to battle the subtle enemy widely.  Justin Bieber, famous people, children and the reptilius

Blessings to all
Dr. Turi

My SOS deadly window dates for November and December 2017  are ready.

Posted by Dr. Turi on November 2, 2017 at 2:25am in Cosmic Coders Only

“I extended the SOS to the world deadly windows all the way to the last day of 2017 because millions of people will be travelling for Xmas  and New Year. Thus, make sure to check on those dates first. Then, avoid large gatherings and be cautious especially during your personal 2017 cosmic biorhythms! You do not need to end up at the wrong time at the wrong place, especially after the full moon!

The reptilius will be very active during the holiday season so be very careful! Also Mercury will turn retrograde on December 1st 2017 for the entire month! More critical information for you to read in the cosmic code website! “

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Well, this is all  the public will get from me today. But it is not the same on foreign grounds who realize how ignorant and oblivious (not to use the word, “idiots”) the mass truly are! 
My cosmic work is  designed to help America first but too many are unable to handle the truth!  sight… And this is why I must stop also feeding foreign powers with such a rare and legitimate cosmic wisdom…
May a Cosmic God Have Mercy on  His  Unconscious Children….
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Learn  about the medical Aspect of Nostradamus divine strology

Blessings with Chief Sonne Reyna

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Blessings from the Turi’s

The future is already here!

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