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“It is a miracle for curiosity  to survive education…”  ~Einstein

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It seem this idiot never read “ Police shame and disgrace – 2015/2016 SOS POLICE WINDOWS“ posted December 12, 2014, or a full month prior to the predicted 01/07/2015 Paris terrorist attack!  And those are the moronic atheists people I am trying so hard to help? God have Mercy on those lost souls…

Jan 18, 2015, Paranormal Central Jan 18, 2015, Dr Turi on the air talking about UFO, terrorism and more predictions for the FBI 

SOS TO THE WORLD MAKE NOTES – Next dates are January 20/21/22 (earthquake above 6.0)  February 1/2/3/ (earthquake above 6.0)  and February 10/11/12 Terrorist/police news) 


Will you die today or win the lottery? 

Dear readers;

All I can do from today is to post old newsletters, offer short bulletins or some sections of my public website many of you may have missed…  It is such a HUGE website, I would not be surprised at all if you never read the following.

Meantime I do offer the public and our VIP’s regular deals, and if you do not pass the title or perceive my work as spam only, you once again missed the boat…  Thus keep reading until you find the super deal in this article!

Check the compilation  of mortal events and all the people who, miraculously escaped their death. They are called the luckiest people on the planet not knowing that on that day; all were protected by one of their positive cosmic biorhythms. 

Are you wondering why we all have good days and bad days, or wake up some mornings feeling uneasy or depressed? Then your entire day goes from bad to worse starting with the mail or the telephone bringing you only bad news…

Have you wondered why some days you will find yourself at the wrong time at the wrong place and get into a situation you think, you could never have escaped?  Oops! you got into a finder binder, a flat tire, your child got into trouble, you just saw the last person on the world you wanted to see, gee impossible to find a parking place, and the list goes on and on.

Those days, regardless how hard you try, you won’t  be able to make any form of progress!  You can not help wondering if bad karma or God is after you… But no one told you, those “act of god” you thought were inevitable and part of life can be anticipated and even avoided!

But what you do not know is, if all the negative cosmic element are in place, you may get into much more troubles and pain, even die! And there is no way of denying everyday people die… It is another fact that; in an automobile, boat or airplane accidents the majority will die but some will escape with their lives…

This is where your curiosity will pay off by offering you and those you care, the possibility to get full control over the stars and your destiny!

“God created the stars and the heaven for more than the sake of beauty; He gave them to us for interpretation so that we may live a safer more productive life.  Man is superior to the stars if he lives in the power of superior wisdom. Such a person being the master over heaven and earth, by means of his will, is a magus, and magic is not sorcery but supreme wisdom.

~ Paracelsus

If all the Universal and personal “celestial winds” are against you, your chances of escaping death are very limited and in some case impossible to avoid. The worse thing that can happen to you can take place during those cosmic events, especially during one of my SOS to the World windows.

While Astronomers  and astrophysicists amuse you exploring the cosmos, to them the “Soul of the Cosmos” and the planets affecting human life is just the product of the imagination of an Astrologer!  To them Astrology is only a wasteful pseudoscience well below their educated mind.

But it is not so, that is of course if you followed all the development involving the police and the FBI predictions condensed now in “Neil DisGrace Tyson, The moon is a planet!

So what is your course of action to avoid being at the wrong time in the wrong place? Get a taped consultation with me so I can explore your cosmic identity and your cosmic biorhythms, then pass on your wisdom to your children.

The question is; is your life worth this service?  How much money would you put on your or your loved ones lives if  it was threatened?   And this is what people do not think about because they have been conditioned to think that; my work is not to be trusted because it is not scientific… Guess what reader, my work is entirely scientific but as rule,  those who ridicule astrology the most never studied it!

Neil DisGrace, I am a non cosmic conscious educated agnostic  Libra idiot

Neil DisGrace Tyson, The moon is a planet!

Instead of waiting and planning in accordance to your positive Cosmic Biorhythms, you keep trying and still get nowhere! and If you have a loved one in the Army or the Navy or in the police force, give them the present of life, because your trust in our work and this gesture is simply priceless.

All they have to do is to pay much more attention during their Personal SOS windows, because the chances for any of them to be killed on the job and return in a body bag is very real and you should provide them with anything and everything you feel is right…  If you think Neil DeGrasse or anyone like so and their educated and rational perception of the cosmos does better than me, so be it!  But I can assure you, at 65 I had plenty time to recognize the values and reality of the soul of the cosmos!

During your personal negative window dates, you are prone to  suffer lose your keys or your cellphone, fight with someone even catch a cold! But consider yourself lucky because there are thousands ways to die and you escape them all by what you call luck or God Mercy!

My work becomes crucial to those involved in dangerous professions, especially the police wich I have tried to help at not avail! Police Requiem – Sad enough they know nothing of the dark planet Pluto “The Lord of Hades” regulating both the police and the criminals element affairs… And everyday, more public servants will be accidentally or purposely killed by evil and the stars…

‘Shot and killed with no warning’

 Man shoots, kills officer

Police officer shot, killed in Florida


All police officers could have been warned using my software and escape with their lives! They were not different than you are, apart from engaging DEATH and criminals on a daily base! But like them, you are also on the road everyday and unknowing facing dangerous situations and in some case, criminals. For years, I have been watching both the Cosmic Code and the endless chain of fatalities not only from the police but with people from all all walks of life.

Had all the deceased been tutored on Astroforensics and checked their natal cosmic biorhythms before starting their daily routine, many would be alive today! Instead families are endlessly destroyed and billions of dollars are wasted in legal battles that should go towards cosmic education. Tears and prayers will never work!

The sad reality is; millions of people did and WILL meet with an early demise and will not survive Their Personal UNLucky Dragon Dates.”

Lucky Unlucky Cosmic Biorhythms



BE CURIOUSDO NOT ASSUME WITHOUT DOING YOUR OWN INVESTIGATIONS, honor the word science and behave like a real smart detective!  I discovered and created an incredible, unarguable new Astrological service with “Cosmic Biorhythms”  or  your ” Personal Lucky Dragon Dates” and I wanted to offer all my readers the option to acknowledge and use this remarkable secret at your advantage!

I have been practicing Nostradamus Divine Astrology professionally since 1991 and at 65 years of age, I came up with a modified Halloran software I used in my Astropsychology practice. Pinpointing those windows in the heavens is a sure ticket to know if you will have a good or a bad day!

But unless you give it a try, there is no way for you to find out! Let hope you give yourself a chance before landing on one of your deadly cosmic wind, because by then, it will be too late for you to do something about it and you will join the dead in paradise, or in the underworld ruled by Pluto.

I reckon my latest Astropsychological discovery matches and even surpasses Jim Lewis “Astro-Carto-Graphy explanations” because my methodology, can be investigated and experienced  on a personal level right away. All you need is to be informed of those “windows” for the next 12 months and start paying attention to them.

Jim Lewis Astro-carto-graphy  demands you to wait years to find out if you are living under a good or a bad line after relocating.   My Cosmic Biorhythms can be experienced in ONE single month! There is a huge difference between us,  Jim Lewis uses modern astrology disciplines while I use Nostradamus 16th century Divine Astrology methodology where intuition is not overridden by mathematics.

Like AstroCartoGraphy,  my positive/negative  Cosmic Biorhythms dated are also based upon an evolving technique that took me years to perfect. Jim Lewis built up his knowledge with real examples from feedback received from the charts of prominent individuals of the day. His observations were acute, radical and persuasive and so are mine if you take the time to read the public endorsements. What Does The World Say About Dr. Turi?

While the entire astrological community would benefit dramatically from my Astrological methodology and discoveries, including  the natal and hidden Dragons, the egocentric competitiveness encountered in the astrological community is as not helping the general public! But to this date, none of those organizations invited me to speak to their events about my cosmic work.

 Thus if you are part of a modern astrology group and willing to explore new astrological avenues and master the Cosmic Code email or call Terania REE 602-265-7667 because at 65, there is much you can learn from me and our  live Astropsychology course.

“When a true genius appears in this world you may know him by this sign that the dunces are all in confederacy against him” –Swift

But those who would truly make the most out of my expertise are the NSA, the police, the Homeland security, the FBI and all groups fighting terrorism. This include traditionally educated psychologists, parapsychologists, neuroscientists and psychiatrists alike.

While critical scientific and repetitive investigations becomes a priority they must also stop assuming  or lumping me with psychics and deceptive Neptunians. Sad enough instead of digging into the proposed study, FBI agents on my list are far from behaving like real police detectives…

Regardless of what the scientific community and skeptics alike are saying, the facts will become yours once you check your own Cosmic Biorhythms, and with it the possibility to make your own decision about my work.

Once you order your Cosmic Biorhythms there won’t be no questions about its veracity and accuracy believe me… Note this astounding service is on its “launching” period and available for the ridiculous price of $125 – But as of today 1/17/2015, and for 24 hours only, you have it for half price, all you have to do is to email with your DOB information. The question now is how much would you be willing to pay for your life and those you care?

Do not assume anything, years of experience and countless testings proved me, Personal Cosmic Biorhythms  are very real and MUST be heeded. This is a very serious, reliable service and I was astonished to find out one of my closest friends Larry died during one of his unlucky Dragon dates, especially when I “predicted” to him he would die twice… Yes, as incredible as it may sound, Larry died twice!

Thus the price for my crucial latest discovery on the Dragon dates will rise to a $1000 when it is finally accepted as a real and solid astrological discipline. Because of its incredible potential and undeniable values,  I would encourage everyone of you to order this service while you can afford it…

“Man is superior to the stars if he lives in the power of superior wisdom. Such a person being the master over heaven and earth by means of his will is a magus and magic is not sorcery but supreme wisdom”

Personal Lucky Dragon Windows Dates


Indeed the utmost accurate timing offered by Dr. Turi’s latest Astrological discovery. Be at the right time at the right place to meet the right people and be amazed on the accuracy of this service. There are NO accidents, only cosmic circumstances yet unknown to science and humanity.

I will generate 6 dates for each of the next 12 months ahead of you. Rest assured those dates will be very obvious to what will happen to you then. It surely will not be a normal day at the office but an incredible timing set for you to undergo incredible experiences. This service is the Astrology state of the art offered only by Dr. Turi ,  the only living Astrophile practicing Nostradamus rare 16th century Divine Astrology methodology. Ride your Dragon’s Head, get your best dates for the next twelve months. Be at the right time at the right place with the right people. Use them to travel, invest and promote your life.  Read more on this service.

This unique priceless service is offered for a very cheap price, make the most while you can, the price will go up in time. 

Price: $125 (internet service only)


Neil DisGrace Tyson, The moon is a planet!
FBI visited Dr. Turi again, following Paris Terrorists Attack Prediction
FBI, CIA, NSA POLICE WHAT THE HECK? Time for your wake up call! VIDEO
FBI, CIA, NSA, US and French Secret Services, Are You Listening?

Here are a few emails you may find interesting readers:

Following my latest newsletter President Obama’s assassination a FBI agent answered me… Incidentally only a few intuitive regular cops emailed me their problems and this one was  the first one to do so. Many of his comrades chose to exit my list instead of doing real police work and investigate my claims. This FBI agent has balls and enunciate his cautious curiosity, he also with who ever is left in my special list reading all my newsletters. I made a request for him to offer his DOB and give him the full proof of my ability…But he didn’t. Will he take another step towards the light and do so or will he retract into the darkness of his accepted rational education?

I was about to post his private email and ask for your help VIP’s but he is a FBI agent and this forces me to respect his privacy. Mike Broomhead is like me and George Noory (also part of my list) a famous radio host and there is no need to be private in exposing the truth to the world. Mike is a Scorpio dragon’s Tail thus very cautious and infatuated with the police if you listen to his shows.

Like Arty Bell and George Noory, Mike is also a Gemini (A messenger of the Gods) and very smart too. Thus after many emails explaining a few things to him we developed a “secret” Internet relationship. But do you think Mike will have me on his show to discuss the truth and the Cosmic Code with his audience? I can not impose myself with George Noory or Mike Broomhead or any of the hosts who invited me on past or in upcoming booked radio shows… Human have a conscience and know very well between right and wrong the question is now will(Mike, the messenger of the Gods) help me in my mission an down some good karma? I hope Mike George and anyone else knows about karma, because I do!

Time will tell…

FBI-Phoenix-  tome

The U.S. Secret Service has jurisdiction over the protection on the President, Vice President.

Et al.

Phone 602-640-5580
My answer…

On Sat, Nov 3, 2012 at 9:31 AM, Louis Turi<>wrote:

With all the respect I owe you my friend, all human beings are under the jurisdictions of the stars but being unaware of this fact makes you part of the 99.09% of unconscious people who are victimized everyday by those stars because they are much more than dead rocks. Reading the title only and assuming wont help you be a good detective. Give me you DOB and let me prove it to you by pointing out some dates when it won’t be a normal day at work…




When you say unusual & interesting what do you mean?

Respectfully, Mike


Not a normal day’s at work Mike…I see the people and affairs of your past coming back, some issues with your plans, car and KFYI problem with technology…Nothing you do not know I am just making you aware of it for those dates. These are called “Lucky/Unlucky window dates” based upon my software your DOB and my latest Astrological discovery. Be aware and be cautious on those dates that’s all.



Result – So today the President of Clear Channel Phoenix (Jeff England) was let go. He was partly responsible for giving me my shot on the air. Was this a part of your”unusual day at work”? LOL Mike


Its a start lolol keep watching my dates Mike I am real my friend and I hope for your support to bring sense to a world gone crazy…



Note: on the 31st as I was driving around I heard Mike proudly announcing on his radio show that he was invited on the Glenn Beck TV show something totally unusual that never happened to him before. As soon as I got home I emailed him the following…and got his confirmation.FYI Mike – Being such a busy Gemini you may have forgottenthe dates…

Did you get the invite Oct 31st or today? Close enough lolol Memo -the 6 dates I gave you will be quite significant and won’t be normal days work!It seem you are on your UP dates November 12/13/14 will be your down dates, be prepared… I was listening to your show on my way to the post office earlier and may not be able to point out my observations in the future. I trust you will…




31. I thought of you immediately.Respectfully, Mike

At this point all I can do is wait and, with time, tell you more on this story…
Dr. Turi

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Dr. Turi

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