Teacher grabs student by neck, IS THIS A JOKE? A Must Read If You Are A Teacher!


If every 8 year old in the world is taught Astropsychology and meditation, we will eliminate ignorance and violence from the world within one generation.”  Watch the future!

Teacher grabs student by neck

Surveillance footage shows a teacher grabbing a student by the neck and pushing him against a wall in Ohio.

Dear Readers:

That is a big NO-NO! mistreating a child is totally unacceptable, but I can not imagine how the world would react if those cameras were on and available in 1961 catching the many bastards who really abused me. I wish I was treated by my teachers the same way this woman treated this child while growing up, because her actions are gentle caresses to what happened to me…

This is an unedited chapter of my book “Beyond the Secret” where I refer to my childhood at school in France. Be sure readers, there are no exaggeration, this is real, this is how I was treated as a child then,  making the above mentioned story a pure joke!


My Upbringing

Much of my time was spent with my schoolmate Claude. We both were barely 12-years-old. For some unknown reason, and for weeks at a time, we would pretend to speak English. On our way to school and everywhere we happened to be, we were making all sorts of crazy sounds and speaking loud to impress who ever would happen to catch the “English” noise.

I am sure many of you pretended to speak a foreign language, but there is no doubt in my mind now that; my subconscious knew all about my unusual fate and my unique mission in life. Little did I know that ten years later I would be embarking on the most incredible adventures, first in the UK and then the US, that would change my life forever.  Those memories are so old but so fresh and painful at the same time.

Why such an impact and such a clarity of reminiscences in this particular time in my childhood? I am not speculating anymore, accepting the incredible chain of events that lead me to where and who I am today. It is obvious the “ Law of Attraction” and the subconscious plays a very important part of a child ‘s fate. Indeed “the future is the reincarnation of the thought!”

I strongly recommend you to watch your children at play and catch the hidden message of their unique fate. Incidentally, my friend Claude is still in France, in the same village and never ever thought of changing his uneventful life. There are of course other significant laws that molded my destiny that Claude did not have to deal with. Blame it all on his U.C.I. or  (Unique Celestial Identity). Indeed the three years age difference between us changed the stars’ pattern  and one’s fate with it.

Life was tough for me then, food was scarce and I had to do anything to survive. I was wild and undisciplined. Finally the school Principal expelled me from the institution at the age of thirteen. It is amazing how uneducated adults and teachers alike are able to negatively carve the delicate psyche of vulnerable children.

Born with a tremendous energy (moon in Gemini) my attention span was very limited and my nervous system extremely high. By today’s standards, I would be classified as suffering a serious affliction of “Attention Deficit Disorder” or worse ADHD (Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder).

Luckily for me, the school system in those days did not harbor traditionally educated psychologists prescribing deadly drugs to the children turning them into zombies. Thus once again, my psyche was spared and my celestial gifts left undamaged.

Contrary to what mundane psychology professes; Astro-Psychology sees these ADD / ADHD / bullies and gays “disorders” more as a potent gift that seems to affect particular souls positively such as Einstein, President Clinton, and myself.

The new medical term ADHD was created by the scientific community and designed to enrich the mighty drug industry. New drugs are constantly being created and following a trained doctor’s diagnosis many gifted children are deprived of their natural physical and spiritual “speedy” aptitudes and turned into zombies. In the long run, the drug will negatively affect their natal attitude and life accomplishments.


Update: The pharmaceutical corporations are CRIMINALS! They are forced during any of their endless advertisements on FOX and CNN to mention ALL the side effects of their products. Usually followed by attorneys asking you to call them if you suffered nasty side effects or if someone in your family died after ingesting the prescription drug.  

Incidentally EVERY YEARS the pharmaceutical corporations are paying MILLIONS in damage but who cares when they make BILLIONS! This is a fact and this mean you and your children are just collateral damage they can afford to live with! But after listening to all the warnings, the gullible trusting patients STILL place orders and this tells you the type of moronic God fearing world we are living in and why the smart ones” are a minority in this world.  


Not only was I born with a nervous Moon in Gemini, but also a powerful Dragon’s Head in Aries. The moon denounces my emotional response to life and Gemini is an air sign ruled by Mercury (The Lord of communication). Thus I love (need) to talk and express myself and own a gift in writing, even if I never took an English class in my life!

My inborn turbo charged, physical and spiritual personality was imposed at birth by my U.C.I. (Unique Celestial Identity), and I had to talk at all the time. Combined with my fiery natal Dragon’s Head in Aries (ruled by Mars The Lord of War) and the air element of Gemini, which fueled the fire of Mars, I was simply incapable of controlling my overflowing nervous physical and spiritual energy. That is the full and ONLY real explanation of what it means to be born ADD or ADHD  (or gay/transgender/swinger etc.!) but our infantile “accredited” science still wrongly assumes Astropsychology is non practical and should be ridicule.

Updated – Cosmic consciousness is a must for any teacher to really relate to a child’s spiritual cosmic conception. But even my own “good friend” also a school principal in my own city in Phoenix, AZ ridicule my work! And those people are in charge of your children mental welfare? When I proposed her to read my book for free she refused and said it was against her religion. This could have help her understand some unruly kids and avoid teachers losing control (and their jobs!)

OMG! have Mercy on your lost children, I can only hope more people join my Cyber Cosmic University  and learn the facts of what it means to be human outside of today’ science limited  accepted psychological disciplines..

I had to find any possible way to vent out the intense energy out of my mind and my body. Doing so, I was disturbing the class at all time. Trying to control my hyper active nature, my ignorant teacher relocated me as far as possible from him, right up against the wall at the bottom of the class.

Suffering then a serious ear infection (chronic otitis) I could not hear a thing of what he was teaching. He could never understand my bursts of energy and to punish me; he violently smacked my face numerous times, busting my nose, and also made me kneel on a steel ruler for long periods of time.

I really think this bastard was sadistically enjoying inflicting pain to children and he tried very hard to break my young spirit into submission. Nothing he did to hurt me daily worked as planned as I still had to get rid of my turbocharged nervous physical and mental energy.

He also tried to confine me under his desk and sat there with his bony knees right in front my bloody nose for hours. That was terrible because after a while in this uncomfortable position, I had to move to let the blood circulate through my painful kneecaps and tortured back and legs.

Many times, this vicious teacher would violently and suddenly kick me back to stillness. This may sound unbelievable by today’s standards, but this is how things were in the 1960’s in all French schools. This was probably his own effective deplorable method to get rid of some of the frustration he was probably suffering at home and in his dull life.

This is the way things were during those days and I became numb to this daily dose of pain and never complained to my parents or siblings. When the level of Mercurial energy reached the roof, usually during a Full Moon period, my entire nervous system was going literally out of control and I felt like I was about to explode inside.

No matter how, I had to find a way to expel of some of this boiling cosmic steam. I wish my teachers knew more about my U.C.I. and Astro-Psychology methodology then. And instead of beating me to submission he could have simply helped me to release some of it by making me running around the school a couple of times. Armed with true knowledge, they certainly could have adopted a less deplorable attitude towards me and other kids.

Instead, this ignorant teacher ordered me to go outside of the warm class and stand motionless between two huge trees in the playground. There, in the middle of the winter and the snow with no jacket against the piercing cold “mistral” wind, I had to withstand arctic temperatures, trying to stay motionless for hours under his watchful eyes…

This rough treatment did not help me much to fight the poring infectious organism tormenting my contaminated ears; especially when most of the time I was left outside freezing to death with an empty stomach and no antibiotics.

The pain I experienced from my otitis (in both my ears) was intolerable and Q-tips were not available then. I could only use toilet paper collected from the school bathroom and half burnt dirty matches found in the street.

I used these “tools” to dry up the constant flow of infectious discharge, hoping to be able to hear the teacher calling me back to the warm classroom. Then, to make things worse, the abusive School Master saw me standing there and used a truly devastating method of punishment against me.

In the privacy of his office with all windows and thick brown curtains tightly closed, he struck me on the face over and over again until I simply passed out. To me it was more relief than pain, because finally I was left senseless to all the mental and physical abuse I was experiencing daily. I used to wake up wondering where I was and why I was there.

I am still resentful for such a treatment of many children in the 60’s; I was far from being alone. Every one of those cowards enjoyed inflicting pain to many kids. Another teacher’s favorite abuse was to lift a child from the ground by his own cheeks.

Once I saw him treating my now departed younger brother Vincent this way, and the depth of the anger I experienced was just incredible. Like a vicious predator he took such a pleasure inflicting pain to a defenseless 9 year-old child.

I promised myself to make him pay for this awful act by taking my revenge on his car. I used a huge nail to mess up the paint and none of his tires were left intact. When my teacher had enough of me, he sent me to another brutal beast teaching the class next-door.

This individual took inhumane pleasure in hitting me on the top of my head with his five feet long thick wooden ruler. I saw many stars well before I could learn anything about them! This evil person also enjoyed smashing the tips of my fingers with a steel ruler until the blood gashed out of my nails.

Those two fiends joyfully exchanged their methods of punishments to one another. As always I never complained, as pain, suffering, and hardship was a normal part of my juvenile life.

Sadly enough for many other young victims and myself; no one really knew our rights or what was going on inside the private walls of the school, or could even afford an illicit legal investigation. Thus nobody could help me to press charges against these appalling perpetrators.

Over the years, I sadly learned that most of these disgraceful treatments got even worse, with many raped orphans stuck in various “helpful and dedicated” French educational religious institutions. It all came to light when my wondering stepfather saw my hands and asked me about my bleeding fingers.

He was furious and drove me to the teacher’s home to confront him. As expected with any abusers, the coward hid away to avoid a nasty altercation with my big and angry stepfather. Nowadays such a treatment is totally inconceivable but it all happened as such.

More dramatic disgusting experiences took place but cannot be divulged in this book  and you would not believe it anyway… These facts would make you ill and I’d rather let those terrible memories fade away and pretend it never happened to me.

Sometimes I wonder if today legally protected U.S. children and their parents could remotely conceive the pain and suffering I endured as a child in an institution designed to teach love, guidance, and respect to the children.

Finally I exhausted the will and patience of one of my abusive teachers and fed up with my uncontrollable nervous energy (Moon in Gemini/Dragon in Aries); he fired me indefinitely from his class and sent me to the only English teacher in the small school.

I was ordered to copy the entire French dictionary and strongly advised to keep quiet or suffer the consequences. I will never forget when I first entered his grouping and when he asked me to stand in front of the class.

Facing all the kids. He said, “You see class, Louis is a good example of someone who will never speak English or land a good career in life. He was born to lose and will be a total waste to society.” He viciously degraded me in front of all the teens.

Luckily for me, even at this tender age my self-esteem was always high and will always remain unquestionable. Fearless of the consequences, I was already making unwise gestures behind his head and the stupefied class couldn’t do anything else other than to laugh.

Luckily for me the teacher did not see anything and my audacity paid off. I was quite lucky to get away with it, considering the penalties. Unlike physical abuse, words for me are easier to deal with — thus there were no lasting negative legacy left on my young powerful psyche.

Incidentally, nearly thirty years later in one of my trips back home to France from the United States; I was doing some shopping with my mother. I instantly recognized the old English teacher; he was walking around looking for some produce. I could not help myself and approached him and began a conversation. I spoke to him in fluent English.

“Hi Mr. Clap how are you doing? Long time no see. Do you remember me? I am Louis, the kid that would never speak English, that’s what you said, remember?” He was perplexed and surprised. To my amazement he never understood a single word that I said.

Then amazed, he asked in my native French tongue. “I’m sorry young man, but I don’t know you, who are you?” “Don’t worry Mr. Clap, it’s a long story.” I said. The years carved deep lines on his face and I realized how impossible it would be for the old man to recall such a long gone period.

As a child I promised myself to punish those teachers and beat them up when I grew up. The revenge and resentment I carried with me for so long dissipated almost immediately while looking at the old man’s face. I asked him to wait for me. My mom, who knew the old teacher well, kept taking to him.

I went right back to my mom’s car where I kept some of my books to give away to my friends. I came-back and offered him a copy of my yearly Moon Power book and said, “Here, Mr. Clap, this might refresh your memory, and it will help you to not forget your English.” I added sarcastically. He looked at me wondering and politely said to me.

“Young man, I do not know who you are, but I hope my memory will come back when I read your book. Good evening Madame Turi and thank you for the book.” he added.

Like a bad dream in one of the many dramatic chapters of my life, the old man slowly walked away and disappeared into the mist of my peculiar life. Walking back to the car, my curious mother asked “What was all this about Louis?” “Nothing Mom, I just met one of my old teachers and he just brought back sad memories.” I said.

She felt the depth of my feelings and said with her usual high spirit “I know you went through a lot Louis, perhaps growing up this way has prepared you for special work you are doing in America, son. Don’t you worry my boy, that’s all in your past now, life must go on!” She gave me a hug and we drove back to the warmth of the house to enjoy her great cooking.


Indeed if you think today’s children are abused, they are not compared at what true physical and spiritual abuses are… But who’s to blame knowing in the eternal battle between logic and emotions, emotions always win and you always lose?

The moral and purpose of this story it to make YOU, the parents, the teachers, the school masters reading my work that; in the case mentioned above, BOTH the teacher and the child are VICTIMS of the religious and scientific monopolization of education breeding monsters like Adam Lanza. Under the right/wrong cosmic auspices an cursed by a deadly Plutonic UCI, an innocent child can and will become a monster!

How can I talk about cancer and understand its victims, if I never suffered the disease personally or only read about it? HOW CAN I TALK ABOUT EDUCATION if; as a child,  I did not suffer the consequences of the adults cosmic ignorance?  Indeed the day I see my first Astropsychology school operational it will rekindle my faith for humanity and your children future on earth…

If every 8 year old in the world is taught Astropsychology and meditation, we will eliminate ignorance and violence from the world within one generation.”  Watch the future!

Dali Lama Dr. Turi

Look at the artwork, and let your intuition talk to you about the incredible content of this book! You will not be able to put it down… Once the world catches up to me , it may be, only after my demise for this book to become a best seller…

Deeply moving account of a difficult life in France as a post war baby; more successful in England & the USA.

March 29, 2013
This review is from: Beyond the Secret (Paperback) Amazon

A moving account of the hardships endured during post W.W. II, which helped the author develop a steel spine combined with compassion, while growing up in France. England, too, was a challenge, yet rewarding via humble employment and his graduation from the Royal School of Music. His success in America speaks for itself as he continues his goal of enlightening his readers with astrological information and the reasons behind the data.

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