Teens set bodies ablaze on video – Hitler/Arian Draconis at work!


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German/Vikings Skin Alike
Black and White Red Blood 
Fire War Violence  Passions Rule
God No where To Stop Fires

  Hitler’s Evil spirit reborn

Teens set bodies ablaze on video  

New social media dare shows teens setting selves ablaze


Dear readers;

The “animal human” at work! And who’s to blame those teens for such a gigantic stupidity, the kids you may say! No! you are wrong, kids are kids and will always be kids doing the stupidest dangerous thing possible…

Those to blame are the non cosmic conscious parents, the teachers, the US Department of Education and 99.999% of the mass of religious and atheists adults making up this world!

Would the parents be “cosmically” educated, they would know that Hitler was born in April, under the constellation of Aries with his SUN sign in Taurus. He loved fire and ordered the burning of 8 millions Jews in Auswitch Germany!

Remember a magnet will not attract a piece of wood and souls that “vibrate” at Hitler’s cosmic speed will be attracted to him and behave like he did!  Tila Tequila Hitler and Dr. Turi’s 2013 Arian Draconis predictions (VIP’s only!) Join Dr. Turi’s Cyber Cosmic University to read thousands of educational articles.

Would the teachers of your kids be cosmically educated, they would know that Aries rules Germany and the red planet Mars, “The Lord of War” rules this country, including the color red (blood) fires, aggressiveness and danger! 

Would all the elites of the US Department of Education be cosmically educated, and while the Illuminati have co-opted the use of astrology for control, had they would allow they would allow Astropsychology in all schools and Universities and accept it as another solid discipline crucial for your children mental welfare. 

Indeed those kids are extremely vulnerable before, during or just after puberty and in the name of all the adults’ ignorance, religious fears or pure idiocy, their children neurotically, robotically and subconsciously act out their  UCI/stars responding to the current 2014 Arian Draconis Universal Dragon above!  BY SETTING THEMSELVES ON FIRE!

How more obvious this can be and still the young skeptic souls won’t be able to see nor conceive the obvious!

Its just a matter of time before one of those kids land on one of his “Negative Personal Cosmic Biorhythms” and die! I am surprised it did not happen yet, and when it does tears, and pain and costly legal suits will, as usual follow! 

Have you noticed yet the intensity of what seems an endless chain of fires that killed 19 firefighters in Arizona last year? Do you know that I made that prediction exactly 19 days before those 19 brave men meet with their death?

What if ALL fire departments in the US were reading my warnings would those lost souls be with us today?

   Is this a serious omen that you should pay attention to my “visions?’

Watch this video

May God Bless Your Courageous Souls

Prediction # 9 – A year of endless HUGE fires and record high temperatures where many fire fighters will pay the ultimate price during my “SOS To The World Windows.”  Expect a full restructure of the International Association of Fire Fighters as the ministry of environment will impose many new rules affecting National Parks.  The Same “dragon” produced  the highest air temperature on Earth” — 134 degrees on July 10, 1913, in Death Valley’s Greenland Ranch. Become a VIP there are many more for you to acknowledge.

 I have yet to add those two new fires to the long list of my well documented predictions, just in case the Christians and the atheists decided to wake up to the reality of a cosmic God speaking his will to me regularly through the signs…

ALTURAS, Calif. — Thousands of federal, state and local firefighters on Saturday were feverishly attacking at leastsix major wildfires in central and far northern California  that prompted evacuations, while blazes in the Pacific Northwest destroyed a handful of homes.

New, quickly moving fire near Twisp forces evacuations

But the system is set for those abusive, deceptive matrixes to make tons of money on the “collateral damage” or the death of all the children of the past and those of the future readers.

There are tons of new drugs to prescribe, many more mental institutions, jails, prisons and churches to build to accommodate all those children, and this mean your donations, your taxes and billions changing the same abusive hands…

Forewarning the masses with my undeniable cosmic work or the legacy left by the ET’s never worked before, why would this change today? Only a fraction of my readers are spiritually advanced enough to make a good use of my work because this physical rational, scientific and religious oriented world is ill fitted mentally to deal with anything real, such as God cosmic divinity and the “Soul of the Cosmos.” 

Cosmos is so much more appealing and fit the mind of all the conditioned blind people involved with NASA or Mars One deception! 

All I can do is to think the same way humanity will think and reason 50 years from today if we do not obliterate ourselves with nukes before then… 

Again readers, how is it possible for any normal (intelligent) human beings to deny the veracity of my predictive work and worse, to try to mute me by ganging not only against me but God himself?

“When a true genius appears in this world you may know him by this sign that the dunces are all in confederacy against him” — Swift

The fact is you are living in a world run by a mass of “educated/religious” morons who own the utmost powerful positions in all branches of the government and the top positions in our society! God Have Mercy! 

Watch this video

Lifestyles of the rich and religious

They’re the top leaders in the church, but do they practice what they preach? See why some call these homes “scandalous.”


In a world where political leaders assign themselves to religious archaic convictions and trust its infantile scientific community only extreme stupidity can plague the rest of humanity.

Dr. Turi

Those souls got where they are at because they were conditioned, fabricated, promoted by those matrixes you and I are taxed to death to maintain. Their rich lifestyle is well above ours in all aspects of what we consider as “a normal life” where hard work, care and dedication does not exist.

Yes they are the privileged select born to rule a physical world at your expenses without knowledge of God’s cosmic divinity! 

They finally got together last night to show the tax payers how dutiful they really are when. on the way to their August vacation,  (you over paid for,) they were called back from the airport to deal with the urgent emigration situation cursing our borders…

Fox News – “The House late Friday revived and approved a Republican-authored border crisis bill after GOP leaders hurriedly resolved an internal battle that scuttled the vote a day earlier.”  

I clearly mentioned that this Dragon was aiming for the children ( and Obama) and would impose new emigration laws and I am glad, ALL my words are well documented in George Noory Gaiam’s TV show!

Well as always, all I can do is to keep forging forward for your children and hope for your help so Terania and I can help you even more!


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The internet is a great thing many online crooks abuses by stealing the intellectual properties of others… 

They also know legal pursuits are time consuming and very costly… My E books get also “duplicated” and sent electronically to thousands of people who would never consider rewarding the author.

Producing Moon Power and Nostradamus Personal Dragon Forecast For All Sign is extremely hard and demand me to work endlessly so I can still offer my “cosmic” articles for free to the public. 

While many wonderful people submit my work, the vast majority would never post any of my articles but will share my eBooks with all their friends and family members privately.  Then why would any of them behave decently and reward my hard work by becoming VIP’s? 

Thus I am asking my readers to think of us and how unselfish we are in our total dedication to teach you all about the “Soul of the Cosmos” and help you deal with life.  While I encourage all my readers to share my eBooks and articles, please ask your friends to also consider joining my Cyber Cosmic University and read the monthly forecasts from there with all other VIP’s. In fact you should share this note next time you submit something I produced. 

People like to get things for free but karma is not free and can only work when you start giving your best like we do. People are struggling, this is a fact but “sucking” life out of others or abuse them in any way, shape or form will never stop the negative flux plaguing your life because you are misusing and trained  your conscious for years to give back to you as little as possible.

All my life I suffered the evil of selfishness and lost thousands of dollars in the process…  I attracted the biggest con man and woman on the planet with bad deals. All because I trusted those tainted selfish souls to behave like me, with honor, with love, with respect and with their hearts!

But the heart, the dignity, the morale was missing and like a bunch of stinky hyenas, they all dispersed in the night with a piece of me… Those “HUMAN/ANIMALS” loud laughs  can only last so long, because event at night and at a safe distance from the Lion, it is just a matter of time before karma, in time and space catch up to them.

Personal talismans tailored under YOUR specific cosmic auspices can also help you clean the “evil” from you and protect you from negative low entities cruising the astral plane…

This mean each time you do something bad to someone, do not think for a second you are safe and free to hurt another human being… Powerful negative thoughts are timeless and ALWAYS reach the intended target under the form of a multitude of painful experiences you brought to yourself…

Be nice to you and to others, share and reward because if you are a young soul, you have yet to learn that Karma is simply inescapable… This is why, regardless of all the nasty deeds I endured, God has and will always takes care of us, those I love including my real friends… Because these are my deepest thoughts for them… 

For God to save me from cancer and give me another chance at life is priceless, especially when I found my soul mate Terania’s true love! We both work so very hard for you and all we do is to serve you even better with our prospective radio show…

God is always watching you, and good karma is not only about making and accumulating  money but by having good health, a good job, great friends opening the golden doors to give and receive even more! Terania is working endlessly to finish her first e-book and its accompanying You Tube video, she can only work in peace during the night when her duties with you all are over.

Remember to share, remember to create, remember to reward those who makes you feel alive and remember karma is very real!

Sharing email from BIN

UberNuts – Check your facts. Approx 6 million killed during the alleged holocaust.

More salacious new-age poop from Dr. Turi…

Nut head; The “animal human” at work!  Alleged? OMG! and these are some of the people I am trying to educate on God cosmic divinity? 6 million? Were you there to fight or check those numbers after the war? The only weapon you will ever use is your pen and the only war theater you will experience is right here for you moron, all because of the sacrifice of the millions of brave souls who fought evil.

You are unspeakable… Indeed the “The “animal human” at work! term fits you better than a moron! “Do not give what is holy to dogs, and do not throw your pearls before swine, or they will trample them under their feet, and turn and tear you to pieces.”

Blessings to all

Dr. Turi

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