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Dear Readers:

I really love when my wonderful wife Terania gets to channel her own spirits because the depth of her spiritual message reflects our crying Mother Earth in her agonizing days.

While Terania’s message should be heeded by all, her hours of research are condensed in what the lazy mind of so many young souls; living on her back, will never be able to appreciate.

I let you now read and enjoy my soul mate’s spiritual work, dedicated to the planet.

I will also specifically ask you to click on “The Story of Terania Creek” right at the bottom of her article.


From Terania Turi

Our creation has a very individual motive just as every condition we live among, fluctuates repeatedly.

Undesirable events are the outcome of judgment’ s which can already be seen and exposed; as our universe eternal intentions are spoken clearly within the symbols of the all-present.

The only problem is that our supreme’s cosmic order is feared and ignored.

Much of this mistrust (doubt) is caused once more, not at their own fault.

But not to forget that the date of the equinox, was reversed to fit the most widely accepted civil calendar; causing the masses to forget the Julian calendar “Natural” era.

These occurrences and what I channel, is nothing but pure proof; that every “celestial” body is not just in their physical but also in the spiritual form.

This has never been a “theory” because we are all made of stars.

Theory is just what the scientists call it because they are either unconscious or paid not to expose the real, as the “Illuminat-I” keeps everything under their thumb anyways.

(i is commonly used to designate electric current = “fire” in these regimens.)

A”FALSEHOOD” title given ending in letter *I and used for the wrong application of the Draconian energy which comes from the farthest constellation of Draco – Latin for dragon” and when combining the math and symbols for the total set – preparation.

As the Great Mother says:  “ask and you shall receive.” But also “as you sow, so shall you reap.”

Unfortunately most people like to “spit fire” for no reason at all and this is where the complication lays by choice for resolution…Remember (i is commonly used to designate electric current in these regimens.)

People of any class, demanding to be be strangely enlightened, with regard to a “special” subject like ours.

Don’t think for a second you fool me because you really don’t.

I am the kind that takes a long hard look.

If  we are going to continue needing any type of support; that blessing is coming from the real partners of the USA, which is the “Secret Hand.

The help or better known as; often doubtful help… The valid Illuminat*E (calculated as the sum of the infinite series – Other Component to the Formula).

The ability isn’t only within us alone, but with the Illuminat*E; whose best participants as far up in power as we can affirm.

We all light up like the dragon and any luminary in between regardless; whereas we do need to use the power for self – defense when needed.

There is a time and place for everything.

While we have many of our decision makers in the background, who set our administration guidelines; trying to secure themselves from the general eye and who have the drive to create a subservient society, only within their ancestry…Sufficient-ally; lot of typical – everyday people do the same through their  pre-made “Unique Celestial Identity” and this becomes affected by others influence in time and space; otherwise known as the “supra-conscious.”

First you have the natural reaction and then, somewhere along those lines; you get an offset of that action, from another and so on.

Once more, please note what my husband said:

 DT: The lower physical frequency logic, rationale controls our body and is what we consider conscious but there is more to it!

Human only experience the lower frequencies except in altered states like meditation, or when a lower frequency thought is promoted to the highest frequency stimulated by the Supra-conscious and finally becomes what we were thinking all along.

In fact all that you are, all you own including your fears and ailments are the results of your conscious or unconscious ability to reach it. 

Still there is much communication out there that knows how to maneuver those unknowing masses; who can easily direct someone on a course that they want them to go.

But all blood is the same, and while everyone is open in certain areas – some are more so than others.

This is why “both sides” of light / dark need to be arguable in order to be kept in control.

To a degree, that one isn’t actually kept under another command unfairly.

Concerning this here, we have many of our mass who can’t go beyond their 5 rational senses once again…They only go by what they are used to.

Call it the ability of “Neptune.”

We live on it…Call it “Planet X.”

In other words, better known as the “Cross; “Holy Trinity (3) – Course Path.”

There is only one thin hair between pure imagination and divine information – DT

Appreciating that the development of entity, came with the first of “spring” Vernal Equinox – “Holy Arian (Aries) Water” (March – “Pisces”) March 20th;  onto the autumnal equinox; while staying secure with the flow of the tarot.

(tar – Egyptian meaning “royal” and ro – meaning “road,” such as the waterway in the arctic of “Italy” or the “French Tarot de Marseilles,” wherewith our significance switches continuously.)


Or just call it an illuminated transit for that matter.

They happen every day 24/7 acting in accordance with the tangible & uncovering the “IE” of it all, better known as “The Way It Is Law.”

Let’s just say the asserted true colors of the person setting the test are brought out; to what is perplexing to them.

Well, I am sure you have heard me say many times that we are the “Material Dragon, (made in the reflection of the universe).

At the same time, there are those like a wolf dressed in bunny, sheep or pig clothing; who will try to pull the wool over your eyes.

We’re all Moon Bunnies / Dragons and Such…

But don’t let this happen…

“IE” (The Way It is) :

Venus (goddess of spring associated with the arrival of spring) conjuncts sex-tile / Mars -Its Trine Square Opposition (with regard to the Vernal Equinox and fertility)…

As in Venus’ location within the female identity,  depicts the type of love a woman is able to offer a man.

While, Mars dictates the type of man she is *subconsciously attracted and will respond to.

Where ever your Venus (love) is located in your chart as a man this is the type of love God has in store for you and how “your soul mate” will express her true love for you.

Where ever Mars (masculinity) is located in your chart as a man, you will exert and show your masculinity.

Man and Woman also made of the same components, but it is all about placement. (I am you – You are me)

Remember the planet “Neptune” making up 2.5% of the Earth’s water being that of freshwater, and 98.8% of that water is in ice and groundwater.

For when they say; “Jesus walked on water,” then an “UNHOLY WATER” it has been; as the mass deformed what was written and that has impaired human’s ability to perceive the facts of existence.

So many are “cold and calculating -” devious, ruthless, cunning and cunningly ruthless.

For this reason, the “Big, blue Planet X – Pisces and energy of the fish” was subconsciously chosen by the Christians; to present the image of their restricted opinion.

Neptune rules imagination, deception, drugs, alcohol, all places of confinement i.e. churches, synagogues, temples, hospital, jails; making for the hell on earth.

Not to mention, that for much of it; the Middle East which also happens to be the beginning of the inexperienced and fatal communion of all.

But this is not an unambiguous strike to the Middle East or the Muslim belief only since the same Neptunian tricky influence dominates all of these countries, made up of Israel and innumerable additional ethnic groups and their specific credibility order.

In this manner, the rural areas themselves are “as a matter of usual practice,” collapsing inward and causing self – destruction as any compulsive, confused Neptunian psyche would act in the stretch of time.

At the same time, Neptune’s powerful omnipotent / misleading encounter is also understandable within the US and throughout the entire world.

Ones essential nature, having a substantial Neptune’s installation in their innate/karmic “UCI;” will behave towards their own devout subjective adversities (EX: Christian/Mormon), likewise that of a Muslims, a Buddhist or a Jew.

Once again, it’s all composed by the distinct orb* – Neptune, arranged by the all present; to cause a helpful or devastating power to create in one’s mind.

However, the sorry fact of existence; is that 99.09% of our human race is still unconscious of this “orthodox” reality and they continue to follow the current.

Luckily, DT and I have Jupiter (Lord of Luck and Wealth) in the futuristic sign of Aquarius (New Age / UFO / High Tech).

Right now, we are in the Scorpio dragon, thus in the “north node” position…One of the most powerful signs of the zodiac.

Our knowledge has it that the sun’s alignment with earth changes every 1-2 years anyway, putting forth a new type of action; affecting us all for better or worse according to the awareness about the shift.

This is the time all secrets come to light, so why not give you all something to talk about?

Note that there are “3” types of Scorpio power.

One, being the stinger Scorpion itself; the other is the lizard being in between or just as bad and then the Eagle being the most positive.

So, Scorpio rules a form of death and re-birth.

You could say we are all in some way dying (not all physically of course) but re-birthing in some way.

Like the royal “phoenix” bird, acquires new life by raising from the remains of its predecessor…The Phoenician Prince / Princesses faces its prominent opposite, Taurus the bull.

After all, the phoenix points to a potential origin of the phoenix in Ancient Egypt.

Just like DOG in SCRABBLE is “GOD.”

As they say, every word counts.

Now think of the Egyptian supreme beings who have been taken for granted, for their diverse characters; within the miscellaneous of our framework.

To being identified with the mummification and guardianship of those extinct, for their passage into the eternity.

From the capitol of everything in creation, past/present of which is moving towards the future – there have been many “gods” (whatever your beliefs may be and/or by any name); over time and as of the moment. Yet we are all earth gods “dogs” / goddesses “doges –s” in training so to speak and the cause of all affairs; when it comes to the structure, of all of our provisions for survival.

(tar – Egyptian meaning “royal” and ro – meaning “road,” such as the waterway in the arctic of “Italy” or the “French Tarot de Marseilles,” wherewith our significance switches continuously.)

Associated with the color “purple” and belonging to all the palaces surrounded and bounded by the highest Purple Forbidden Enclosures, of his/her purplish blue compass.

As its Cat’s Eye Nebula; pointing to the Eastern, Southern, Western, Northern habits; referring to our intuitive “Black Guardians, from its center sanctuary view.

Expressing their earth/air/water/fire essential features; composed upon the particular, of every seasonal – metaphysical and visible feature of the secret language system.

Yet conjoined throughout the categorization of existing and former living quarters; also extending away from the level of the galaxy and into the bareness of speed, while leading on to the way of added, coupled and diversified stellar systems.


It is from this great distance towards the top pole of the earth; that our sun goddess “Draco” (Latin for “Dragon”) and its bronze mark Alpha Draconic, aka Thuban (“Arabic for Snake” & as a name like any other, for land’s inhabitants; serving aim).

This Bayer Designation; given by uranographer, Johann Bayer (1572 – March 7, 1625); who is legendary for combining all of the trimmings of astronomy and the division of mapping the stars, galaxies, and other large – scale phenomenon on the enduring globe…As well as; kept his reason firm on this selection as the beginning, even though it may have effect on the senses; that there are larger star creatures within aka Gamma Draconian energy beings… Or we – the immortal beasts (as “Ophiucus”), aside from the planet host label.

Overall, our physique is a Compound of Everything…Supernatural, Classical Elements (Carnal / Sublunary).

It has forever been there.

The spiritual hidden dragon’s polarity representing man and the snake lost wisdom we are holding and teaching the world.

Planet X’s own X – ray image of “Draco’s Constellation;” which shows the Red animation of the brightest star spirit and its headlight, staring through the clouds; in our likeness.

Nevertheless, contrary to that of Neptune’s  (Pisces) spirit and vigor is that of Virgo.

Virgo’s symbol — the Virgin — is unique and not just one of the circle of animals, but a person.

Virgo is shown as a harvest maiden, holding an array of grain in her hand.

Virgo’s character is earthbound, attentive to beasts large and tiny from the start of life’s “waterway.”

This sign is gifted with a devious examining reflective means.

And this is where the wrong application can be applied.

Virgo is mutable with nature, thus very “green;” therefore as this vitality controls us all somewhere in our personality.

So, you don’t want to miss the forest for the trees.

That is to say, it is important not to get so focused on the details or intricacies of something that you miss the big picture or the main point.

You have to consider the details (the trees) but focus on the big picture (the forest).

Though in reverse; the age of Pisces is dying, and we are fast moving into the “New Age of Aquarius.”

Nevertheless, Pisces which rules the feet; will always remain the “sole basis” of what our planet was made upon.

We all have this illusive, but artistic stamina stemming somewhere from our “3” origins of cause and each born essential element will abide by its ability.

The bottom line is that we choose to swim upstream or downstream.

To be deceived or not; but the human spirit is the place, where its nature can’t be re-arranged by the hands of anyone.

As you know, the big picture has it that my husband and I do have direct contact with  ETs and we know that they don’t want us to make the same mistakes they might have made, when they were once on this plane.

But DT and I don’t lack much perception and/or curiosity.

While at the same time, the majority of the rest of our world is steadily unconscious of these facts; we can’t be held responsible nor take account for their actions and each must become independent (Aquarius) enough to not rely on we as the teacher or source of all information.


7. Behold, oh Lanoo! The radiant Child of the two, the unparalleled refulgent Glory, Bright Space, Son of Dark Space, who emerges from the depths of the great Dark Waters. . . . He shines forth as the Sun. He is the blazing Divine Dragon of Wisdom. . . . Behold him lifting the Veil, and unfurling it from East to West. He shuts out the above and leaves the below to be seen as the great Illusion. He marks the places for the shining ones (stars) and turns the upper (space) into a shore less Sea of Fire, and the One manifested (element) into the Great Waters.


Now, we do believe that the aliens are TOP researchers developed by many gone individual creations; absent within time and space and have no alternative really but to take the part of – maybe changing certain human DNA to make their journey from one planet to another, through intervals with no limit.

And so they chose us to deliver various messages until the Galactic federation of light orders us to stop.

They like the plurality of our world are still chasing their mental state – their own ESP or some missing part of their personal choice to gain the needed valuable knowledge in the process.

Thus, they too become like a robot.

Kept under thumb by their mental superior; to act as dictated by the universally designed “matrix.”

This is similar to today where the Illuminati are in charge of much of the population (their puppets) and they go along pulling the strings as they want.

We agree that some are going down a road of much more mechanical amazement but still allowing themselves to miss much of the soul.

They are very reasonable to the MAX.

Their essence is very realistic, though cool as a cucumber.

Many are computed  like a dimensional gearbox and only scientifically familiarized to much degree.

This is where it gets troubling.

All in the name of science, religion, conspiracy (though a lot of it is true to a certain extent)… Where there is no differentiation between the genuine authentic spirit – hidden in the cosmic code, man-made religion and your rational science is captured within the scraps.

We do have a special “UCI or Unique Celestial Identity”  to purposely “download” the tangible proof of our immediate nature or the cosmic code;  which does allow us to help humanity to a certain extent so as to avoid their “scientific” predetermined course and may be offer them some luck to turn back from the suffering they are in.

But face it, no one just joins this “DUAL” Illuminati*I (I is commonly used to designate electric current in these regimens.)

Though many still are attracted to misleading groups and the EGO becomes out of control.

Call it Hell on Earth.

It is what it is.

You are born into it and have to have the right stars – Illuminat*E (calculated as the sum of the infinite series). That is, again; the “IE” law meaning “that is” the way it is.

In other words, to genuinely under*stand the aim of purpose, along with improving the mind towards controlling its differences and being in tolerance of others.

To be truly enlightened, one has to illuminate themselves with the undeniable sophistication SUN (SON).

Who is speaking for the trees?

Who is speaking for all that is earthbound?

All is that and that is all.

An honest genie, will combine all elements; with the 12 “already made easy” liveliness in order for the real magic to happen – Fire/ water/ air/ spirit

On good terms.

You can’t have one without the other…Man/woman, front/back, up/downblack/white, yin/yang, positive/negative, the ultimate law of opposition.

That is the FOREST of it all.



Without cosmic consciousness or the complete understanding of the “signs” by their houses and signs, precisely revealing the “Power of the Dragon;” will forever be just an unreasonable job.

Thus the contemporary form of astrology approach or Oriental folklore by itself will never offer you the correct interpretation.

At the same time, connecting in the mind  and for the most part using the exceptional; yet celestial Astrology  + Astronomy + Psychology (Astropsychology), with the regimen  already advanced in age; the translation  should always relieve your doubt for the absolute explanation.


Prediction # 9 – A year of endless HUGE fires and record high temperatures  where many fire fighters will pay the ultimate price during my ”SOS To The World Windows.”  Expect a full restructure of the International Association of Fire Fighters as the ministry of environment will impose many new rules affecting National Parks.  The Same “dragon” produced  the highest air temperature on Earth” — 134 degrees on July 10, 1913, in Death Valley’s Greenland Ranch. Become a VIP there are many more for you to acknowledge.

18 firefighters die in blaze

Speaking of the FOREST, I can’t forget when my husband Dr. Turi consulted the heavens and did compatibility chart; which resulted in a winning number of many positives over any negatives.

He has never had a partner’s chart equal up to that before and I know I haven’t.

We are alike in every aspect and true soul mates.

The only resulting remark is that, there is no ending with the two of us.

My dragon’s Head in Leo sits on top of his 7th house of marriage and partnerships.

Who would want to argue with that?

I mean my dragon head is dignified in Leo who rules France and Italy.

There is no accident to be back together he said many times!

If you think that is something, the Astro-Carto-Graphy Map (Don’t Relocate Without It!) – points out, that my Venus line (love) good life, friends and hopes is right above Phoenix, AZ, where we currently reside.

In France right above the city in Provence where Nostradamus and Louis were born and get this, where my middle name “Loray” is actually a commune; within the Doubs department in the Franche – Comte region in eastern France.

Lastly, in New Caledonia, right above the city of Noumea, an exotic island; not far from Australia, where his sister is settled.

There is no accident he said again.


Terania St in New South Wales

THE SEA AND THE WORLD AROUND US…(God save the Queen / God save the fish jpg)

The most fascinating piece of the whole puzzle is that my name Terania, which my mom dreamed up, is the Terania Creek Australian Rain forest, in which I came about 1 year after the strive for its freedom was occurring.

Not only that but my middle name” Loray,” happens to be the ancient African “Mystical Thunder of the Gods” Voodoo Tribal group  of the forest; that played out on the drums all the sounds which was reflecting the cry of the people, striving for liberty during those very tragic times.

I am Terania Loray Turi and I can surely say that my inner “Tierra Nueva” has met with my water bearer for the elixir of life and together we continue to give all worldly creatures a chance…Giving off original rays of all unique rising suns.

“Go to the town and find the man with the WATER PITCHER, the sign of Aquarius to follow the sign of Pisces”…

Please click for the story of Terania Creek…



Terania Turi

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