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Hello readers, this is Terania Turi and I have some thoughts to share with you too! As you know we receive lots of emails each day from people all over the world. Earlier today I received a write up from our fellow student and VIP client Britt in regards to a certain film and his outlook on the stories basis…Particularly the character and his unexpected undertaking. 

But as always and while the written discourse was well done from his perspective, I added my piece for more understanding and to finalize the circumstances at hand as a client may be interested in having a reading to get introduced to their solar wheel using the Nostradamus 16th century methodology or taking the ‘At Home Astropsychology Course’ as he did and hopefully be able to grasp the technique. 


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What do you think my cosmic work? Your feedback would be appreciating it. Thank you.

Heaven is for Real: A Little Boy’s Astounding Story of His Trip to Heaven and Back is a 2010 New York Times best-selling Christian book written by Todd Burpo and Lynn Vincent. It was published by Thomas Nelson Publishers. The book documents the report of a near-death experience by Burpo’s then-four-year-old son, Colton. The book recounts how Colton began saying he had visited heaven.

The film was released on April 16, 2014.

Last weekend, my girlfriend Carla and I rented a movie called “The Heaven is for Real”, based on a true story that tells the story of a 4-year-old boy’s near-death experience who visited heaven and back to Life. Carla loves this movie; especially she also had a brief quick near-death experience as a child.

She can relate to Colton’s NDE. The reason why I wrote this up because it got me to question go further and found his full DOB. I will be happy to share my explanation about how it happened in right time and right place and I had a cosmic solution with Colton’s stars and fate in his natal chart.

He was born on May 19, 1999- Colton was born with Dragon Head in Leo (fame/love/light) and Dragon Tail (karma) in Aquarius that brought him shocking news about near death experience and saw Jesus  in person. He’s now famous for near death experience in this new Christian movie and famous published book for New York Times best-selling Christian book.

This is no accident. Leo rules fame, love, light, and children. That’s wonderful for him, his family and anyone who wondered about heaven.  Of course, Christian families found it inspiring. Nothing wrong with that but….my question is how do you know if you have not chosen by God to have NDE?  Let’s me explain first….

Understanding, Near-Death Experience is not EVERY DAY subject. Many do not know about this. The story of NDE in media news and movies is rare. Near-death experience is very rare for people to come back to Life from near-death incidents; he got downloaded of spiritual knowledge within from Heaven. This is God’s chosen to give some celestial sampling to share with the world.

  ”There shall be signs in the sun, the moon, and the stars.” – Jesus Christ, Luke 21:25

Scorpio rules rebirth, death and NDE

Colton was born on May 19th. He’s Taurus (Bull) is the opposite direct to NDE or near death experience sign which is in Scorpio. Scorpio rules rebirth, death, depth, and drama. He’s facing the world/heaven as a Scorpio; fly as high as the Scorpio eagle witnessing the vision of the spiritual world.

Christ in Majesty is surrounded by the animal emblems representing the four evangelists in a German manuscript. According to astrological tradition, the Lion is Leo, a fire sign; the Bull or calf is Taurus, an earth sign; the Man is Aquarius, an air sign; and the Eagle is Scorpio, a water sign. These signs also represent the classical four elements.

Note, this manuscript is a true document written in Germany. Germany rules Aries as a country and controlled under the month of April. The “The Heaven is for Real” film was released on April 16, 2014. Now you understand why you see in him as Eagle as a Scorpio in manuscript, but there is more to tell you about him about how to relate to metaphysical rules, cosmic code and God’s cosmic divinity. Colton was born with Dragon Head in Leo (fame/love/light) and Dragon Tail (karma) in Aquarius that brought him shocking news to the world about near death experience and saw Jesus in person.

The World (Tarot card) – Wikipedia

Astrologically speaking, the human head represent Aquarius, the lion represents Leo, the Ox represents Taurus and the Eagle represents Scorpio. (These four signs are the fixed signs in terms of astrology – which can allude to the four corners of the earth, the four elements, etc.) The four figures in the corners of the card are also referenced in the Book of Revelation, 4:7, where the throne of God is described: “And the first beast was like a lion, and the second beast like a calf, and the third beast had a face as a man, and the fourth beast was like a flying eagle.”

This is wheel for fortune for Colton’s NDE and got download from the heaven. He was born on May 19, 1999- Colton was born with Dragon Head (lucky) in Leo (fame/love/light) and Dragon Tail (karma) in Aquarius that brought him shocking news to the world about near death experience and saw Jesus in person.

The World represents an ending to a cycle of life, a pause in life before the next big cycle beginning with the fool. The figure is at once male and female, above and below, suspended between the heavens and the earth. It is completeness.

March 5th 2003- Colton was undergoing his first surgery, an appendectomy. He had both ruptured appendix & an abscess. This image above of a tarot card is perfect representing a Near-Death Experience as ending a cycle of life. This is a new cycle of his cosmic journey that affected his family and Christian community to change the views. Taurus (Bull) is the opposite direction to NDE or near death experience sign in Scorpio. Scorpio rules rebirth and death.

Astrologically, during March 5th 2003- Transiting part of the mutable air/fire happening in the universe, Dragon Head Tail Gemini/Sagittarius axis is right on his 12th house of unconscious, sleep, spirituality, secret…As the opposite of the 6th house of work, health and service. He’s Taurus (Bull) is the opposite direct to NDE or near death experience sign which is in Scorpio. Scorpio rules rebirth, death

Again, the World represents an ending to a cycle of life is the end of the age of Pisces (Disinformation/Religious). We now enter New Age of Aquarius (Freedom/Truth/Astrology). Jesus replied: “Behold, when ye are entered into the city, there shall a man meet you bearing a pitcher of water… follow him into the house where he entered in.”

This scripture is by far one of the most revealing of all the astrological references. The man bearing a pitcher of water is Aquarius, the water-bearer, who is always pictured as a man pouring out a pitcher of water. He represents the age after Pisces, and when the Sun (God’s Sun) leaves the Age of Pisces (Jesus), it will go into the House of Aquarius, as Aquarius follows Pisces in the precession of the equinoxes.

Also Jesus is saying is that after the Age of Pisces will come the Age of Aquarius which its meaning that everyone will learn more about the metaphors for God’s cosmic divinity. That metaphors we use the the stars as signs to speak about God and Astrology. Aquarius rules Astrology and Future.



Hi Britt… 

Well, you are quite like me when it comes to writing and expressing your thought process…Good job.

However, I will add my input in regards to what is really going on here behind ‘Colton Burpo’s’ experience as well as the rest behind the scenes; because it is my job as a leader, to put it forward as one of my concerns.

As well as pause in my own mental preparedness  so that one become more independent towards doing more of their own homework, on that which is limitless and geared for improved comprehension later on…Without having to solely rely on we, the educator and crafts person.

Again, every action has an equal reaction… The actors, the set up and the financial backgrounds used to create certain shows on our regular television programming channels and big screen are so very large and can only be developed by very rich – independent business organizations or religious institutions.

These are nothing other than religious shows as well as those which are just plainly immoral. All put out to distract one from what is really going on of course. Everyone systematized, promoted and presented by the multitude of religious institutions and our worldwide corporations.

Yes, while bits and pieces of various doctrines are true and are established upon common sense, there is so much more; where the remainder has been altered.

It’s all about secret corruption as they have crept up on the bureaucracy making a pact with our organizations while most educational, the academic fields…For the most part, the world in general and will persist in the poisoning of people’s innermost self; with very old beliefs leading to the many religious opposing views and ultimately; what we have been repetitively witnessing, throughout the years of religious armed conflict.

Well, as you know, Neptune rules all motion picture business and the power to create in one’s mind. It is also the misleading principle or the very center of all religions or ordinarily secondhand to the standard for what acting is involved with.

Thus, the poor exterior of  Neptune’s world or (Poseidon in Greek mythology) is to cloud, fill with contamination, to mislead, basically erase all logic for belief,  activate the dream state based upon a story – many fiction and overall the most abominable; is just to poison everyone it can while under its authority because as this sign is in each of our identities it can be very difficult to fix a problem of such, when it comes to the fragile psyche.

Even the actor who is depicting the real individual, Colton Burpo;  for what apparently had  happened to him and while he probably did encounter some or all of the occurrences – judging from his solar wheel…This is where his family where his dad who is a pastor etc. etc. is like 99% of the rest of the world… Ignorant towards that of Colton’s inclination to think or do things in the way he has or experienced.

With regard to the actor who is portraying Colton Burpo… Connor Corum is most likely unaware of his natural or acquired power and predetermined course; commanded by that of Neptune as well.

So, it doesn’t even surprise us anymore really, whereas the powers of any planet; including Neptune’s deceitful powers are recklessly standing in and upon the fate and acts of Connor Corrum as  well as all of the people watching this movie or anything similar.

The complication lay in that; because of the worshiped being involved and the place where the almighty is said to live…It has been made as a Christian movie and is being viewed as a Christian movie.

But living in the power of supreme wisdom is where this heaven or wonderful feeling really exists in, by the means of applying one’s will in accordance to the nature of nature personified .

In such manner, the unfortunate facts of existence whereas this particular film is concerned and those like so; is far from that of some holy vision but very absolute and a blood bath for many people in many regions of the globe; where what we wish could be the last fight over anything  moral / immoral.

Everything preceding this age and in the forthright affecting one’s ability to perceive and with it,  their disregard. Crusades of light and darkness because while the forces of nature are at work, it is the splitting of the two; which has kept the violent battle going, as it has for ages.

Where money and power is, the message will always be perceived as such and will dictate the rest…And as America is very rich and extremely scrupulous with what goes out and what does not, the fight is taking place in so many directions; whether it is a crazed pilot of some sort or the one at the center of the stage, having their strings pulled  from behind the large – real world  secret hand.

Ultimately we can see the dance of disaster, manipulation, resources, belief systems, ignorance and death ruining the soul’s possibility for achievement in the metaphysical world but with good intentions; and strength of will, outside of the deceiving grasp of Neptune’s tricky powers; there may be potential.

In the reality behind the making of this film’s case, where the actors, the real individual Colton Burpo or anyone like him, facing similar developments…It is universally beyond the bounds of possibility; for anyone to to address or to try to make something clear and known through the senses such as seeing ghosts, having an out-of-body experience, or a near-death-experience, and even certain visions when they don’t have any cosmic apparatus from the beginning with their identity make up; or just  to independently have had been involved with any contact as such.

Remember this: Remote Viewing Flight 370 cockpit, the real story!

You have read this many times…That heaven and the stars were indeed created for more than the sake of beauty.

So, as it may be for Colton; he has been given a chance to uncover the laws of the spirit and be a master of the heavens; while in this present incarnation, granted the freedom of personal choice by Mother Nature…That’s part of everyone’s lesson here on earth but not everyone will get it in this life.

Thus, whatever has been instructed and generally agreed upon by the plurality; does not necessarily mean it’s valid or even ever happened. That’s why it’s all part of the greatest story ever told because each story over time has been so alike.

And this is where it all begins and ends as a tale because that is Neptune’s task.

In the intervening time,  the planet is just not prepared or willing to fully receive or handle the truth because the world needs to evolve and that what Uranus has been working on, where its obligation to amazingly stress the situation has been in its accelerated advancement upon the mind / body / soul of humanity.

Colton indeed has the four elements hinting to the corners of his world as we all do but again, the hidden dragon and its aspects are most important. Especially in our methodology which has it that life is eternal and just because you don’t see it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

Every sign follows the seasons order and as expected, all time is universal; whereas its factors act in accordance with the fluctuation of earth’s satellite and its celestial bodies orbiting those stars; govern a different area of our lives since forever…Particularly that of what is buried in one’s subconscious for that they may be more preoccupied with.

And for Colton, he is a hidden Capricorn (Tail in the 10th which is traditionally ruled by that of Capricorn -structure of organized religion) Promoting a specific religion and deity or religious war is what he has been doing unconsciously but would be better off in his realization of the real cosmic God and speaking through the stars and teachings, had he become cosmically conscious.

But instead, he has been raised on the old-fashioned teachings of man which could lead him down a contradictory path as he grows up. 

 He does happen to have Jupiter in Aquarius in his 12th house of the subconscious as well,  which is the cause for him to have likely undergone any tremendous / extraordinary experiences; making the rest of those around him think.

Then again, while some of his desires may be to meet the world of Aquarius, all he knows about the God of the sky; is what the last 2,000 years has brought him up on.

A man named Jesus who would have been a man like any of the rest of  man today and has risen over and over again because we are all sun Gods and moon Goddess but the power of those gods has been lost. If he even was a man is even beside the point still…

Yet for Jesus to have even been born of a virgin; is only what the Christian theologies translated it to when they came around after that of the Bronze age and classical times – new appreciation for the arts of classical antiquity (of spirit and nature or god and man) anyways.

And this is why the ET’s have chosen certain ones like us with the gift to translate the superiors true divine order and avoid scientific consequences but they are trapped in space too, just because they had once kept away from the spirit and now they are in search of something more to their helpful cause.

Moving along, especially for Colton’s sign aspect to be located right next to his dragon tail in Aquarius, this is where Uranus is supposed to bring about the great futuristic – s of art, but it seems already he is going about it the wrong way because while the soul may be liable to drawing attention to marvelous experiences, there is also the likelihood for any very surprising bad confrontations as well; be it that these determinants have been following him from the past.

Nevertheless, between one’s sensibility and what one creates in their mind, lies a huge sphere of forbidden mass and that is what it is…A battle between the ice giant and which can be described as Saturn; which is not entirely a gaseous planet but is also an aspect, for someone learning to grasp one’s own fears; opposite the other gas giants; slowly but surely executing the soul.

On the other hand, his Neptune position is in Aquarius as well too. And while this central theme may rule the future of high-tech and new age endeavors this location can bring into being that of a leader in a clan and perhaps even lead to some serious mental disorders if not careful or cautious when it comes to the laws – both spiritual and physical.

For Colton to be a Leo at home, it’s obvious he has been receiving and getting a lot of training in the areas where the light is concerned in reference to now holding the stage for what happened to him via some of  his personal dragon tail elements I explained above.

 But where is the love really; as Leo head are to be true and honorable to oneself and instead it shows that he is so much more into his tail, further leading him into his past life accomplishments – accompanied by that of fears and weakness to even take an adventure in advancing within the spiritual matrix. Unable to rise his awareness past all that is tangible.

Because as there are 7 days, there are with those days the 5 earthly elements;  that are standing for the one in the middle (‘aether’) and which follows the 12 signs that make for the 12 hrs of the day, each divisible by ‘4…’The original sign master since there are only two days each year when the sun rises directly to the east – This in regard to the vernal equinox aka Julius Ceasar minus the entire math.

Freedom in staying detached from the small potatoes of course…This makes for the 3rd eye awakening towards its duplicity or the 6 traditional signs followed by the other six. Each one standing in their face along with the remainder of its vital components,  within the all – present of the all – powerful.

With regard to staying secure with the ‘flow’ of the ‘tarot’ (tar-Egyptian meaning royal and ‘ro’ meaning road) such as the waterways in the arctic of Italy or the ‘French Tarot De Marseilles, wherewith our significance switches continually. 

In reference to “Jesus saying that after the Age of Pisces will come the Age of Aquarius which its meaning that everyone will hopefully learn more about the metaphors for God’s cosmic divinity” may I insert another biblical version that lead you to my husband Dr. Turi and to bring forth your own cosmic consciousness?

Jesus says “go to the town and find the man with the WATER PITCHER, the sign of Aquarius to follow the sign of Pisces“… And, Dr. Turi was born February 26, 1950 in the constellation of Aquarius with his Sun sign in Pisces…

It’s as easy as that and very much true faith when it comes to standing above… Just imagine the good that can happen. I mean miracles happen all the time but even I still look to the sun / moon and pray anyway.

ә*ʇɐu!ɯnႨႨ! ɐ!uɐɹәʇ

ә*ʇɐu!ɯnႨႨ! ɐ!uɐɹәʇ

“IE” (The Way It is) – Venus (goddess of spring associated with the arrival of spring) conjuncts sex-tile / Mars -Its Trine Square Opposition (with regard to the Vernal Equinox and fertility)…

(i is commonly used to designate electric current = “fire” in these regimens. A”FALSEHOOD” title given ending in letter *I used for the wrong application of the Draconian energy which comes from the farthest constellation of Draco – Latin for dragon”- When combining the math and symbols for the total set – preparation.)

(e stands for the sum of all series)…We’re all born into this i.e. matrix and Illuminat*E but it’s really about how one uses the information (*I) …I chose rightfully.

Last battle on the same grounds of New Age where our predecessors once fought. (Ben – Ben stone – exterior / Gaud or Gôd – pure and ornate interior / Son – Sun of the holy)

Most know they are rolling stones but it pays to keep your mouth shut sometimes doesn’t it?…

See, though Colton faces the world as a Scorpio where this sign rules re-birth and that of death, his chance to free himself of the physical matrix (lizard) and fly high like the eagle of the spiritual matrix are being killed daily by his Plutonic Sagittarius (half man / horse) taking over his 8th house of regeneration; which is traditionally ruled by that of Scorpio.

And the thing is that we have already entered the 8th step path of enlightenment since Neptune is the 8th planet from the sun and mankind is facing a huge wake-up call; considering we have just recently exited the Scorpio / Taurus axis on March 22nd, 2014 and have entered into the Arian Draconian energy, where the baby of the zodiac will now be in orbit of the ‘crossing’ during the exodus phase, where the baby of the zodiac will be in full bloom towards seeking justice and harmony in light or not; because there is no end of the world but rather the dying of one age and on to another.

The question is will we make it through? Because the authentic, sacred spring will always be born again or bloom again; by any means.

I at least have done my part and know I have got it down.

However, those in charge of this new order are like knights of the old order and still in charge… There are many lost principles within the so called promises being made… So, what lies in the contract?

It is up to each individual to do their homework.

Here is where the bad consumption with beliefs and desires including religion, development of knowledge, persons from other country even aliens and the physical and spiritual principles of behavior are all taking over.

This is where life and death rearranges itself into the religious and reflective worlds of ideology, which have been keyed up over time. And none of what is mirrored seems to be actually seen…“Because they are seeing, they see not; and hearing, they hear not; neither do they understand the voice of heaven.” – Matthew 13.13


*Mrs. T*

EMELI SANDE-Heaven(Freemasons Remix) from vjgary1 on Vimeo.


My ebook will be soon published, be ready for much more metaphysical deep truths!

Love and light

Mrs. Turi

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