Texas gunman was INFECTED and angry with relatives!


“For those who know me, my UFO’s predictive legacy and the cosmic code jurisdictions, no explanation is necessary;  For those who do not, none will ever suffice… If every 8 year old in the world is taught Astropsychology and meditation, we will eliminate ignorance and violence from the world within one generation.”  Watch the future!  Dr. Turi

Dear readers;

First and foremost may God bless the souls of all the victims touched by, yet another horrific tragedy taking place in one of my 2017 SOS to the world deadly window. 

As expected,  mentioning anything negative against the infected religious matrix is not acceptable to the American people! Yet, I can guarantee you that religion is the denominator one that stimulated Devin Kelley to kill many god fearing people. 

Update:  It seems  I was right!  “The Texas church shooter who shot dead 26 people and injured 24 others was an ‘outcast’ whopreached his atheism’ online.”

Gun violence: More complicated than a ‘mental health problem’

The undiluted truth is often  too difficult to deal with or accept, and this is why only honest and fearless people like me offer the undiluted truth as it is forcing you to think “outside of the box!”  But before elaborating on the facts that religion is the MAIN reason to why  Kelley killed 26 people, lets investigate my predictive cosmic work closer! 

The quatrain and keywords below speak of a cosmic wisdom the  FBI and the entire world should learn and heed as to anticipate (and prevent) such dementic regular happenings…  

Note to the skeptics, those SOS to the world deadly windows dates were generated and published before the tragedies experienced in Las Vegas, Ohio and now Texas. Each time warnings are offered to an indoctrinated religious or atheist public which is unable and unwilling to relate to  my simplistic methodology! 

Posted by Dr. Turi on November 2, 2017 at 2:25am in Cosmic Coders Only

November 7 / * / December * / * (48 hrs centering the dates)

Nature Men To Strike Hard
New Horizons Following Tragedy
Much to Fall Nothing Made To Last
Tears Pain Death A new Life For Many


America / Beginning / Ending of War / Real Estate / Families tragedy / Beginning / Ending of Important Portion of Life / Forced Relocation / Forced Actions/ Destructive Actions/ Weather / A new Planned and / or Unplanned life For Many.

As mentioned before it is not if but when another infected soul will commit  the next deadly shooting somewhere in the USA!  While I explained  Stephen Paddock’s UCI  “why I did it!” I also keep repeating that; the reptilius uses the many religions they created to induce fears, chaos and wars (ISIS) to kill humans.
This does not mean God does not exist or take away the reality of God readers but not as you have been indoctrinated and forced to believe. As a child of the Universe, you have a karmic purpose  to fulfill  through the signs and the constellations he created! And you have been “enslaved” to uncover  the truth of the spirit cosmic Divinity!
Meantime, my teachings about a new perception of God and the reality of UFO’s are much too far fetched to be accepted as facts by the majority! 
But the reality is; the scientific community still does not know why Stephen Paddock killed 53 people in Las Vegas and in the wake of the latest tragedy, the authorities blame  the killers’ relatives for his actions! 
What they do not know is that; the killer, while battling the current SOS to the world deadly window  mentioned/explained above, he was also under one of his 2017 personal negative cosmic biorhythms! Something the  FBI would never investigate  and the scientific community ridicule and would never dare to explore! 
In French we say “il a pété les plombs”  or “He lost it”  to describe an act science or 99.9% of people can not understand. Yet I am offering the real answers to the “Federal Bureau of Idiots”  who visited me TWICE for the wrong reasons!  New York terrorist attack rampage, FBI failure to anticipate and stop terrorism.

Can the FBI anticipate such tragedies and stop terrorists? Yes and no are the right answers! Currently no, because outside of conventional, accepted disciplines, the FBI has absolutely no real references available to them to anticipate killers or stop terrorist activity. Much like like USGS inability to predict or anticipate large earthquakes! Something I do regularly and accurately!

Furthermore all “experts” agree, most of the time, they have no idea to how, why or when a person  “loses it” or becomes radicalized or more precisely psychically “infected” by the reptilius.

The answers I provide are not only accurate but much too controversial for all traditionally educated idiots to assimilate or accept!  Note –  While Facebook  should help share my warnings, instead  they stopped me posting in groups! This is why I now can only rely on my supporters to do so! But it doesn’t seem that the public be able  to accept  or are willing to bypass their fear of the ridicule. 

So now, let’s talk about the real reasons to why  another lost  infected soul  killed twenty six people in TX.
  • First  be sure, while talking to his family members, he blamed them all for going to church to repent  and talking about their sins. Yet do nothing to make his home and personal situation  with them all better! 
  • He saw the  victims as double faced “good Christians,” accepted, loved and respected by all when he felt they were not.
  • He knew they would regularly meet at the church were they were respected and loved and to his infected mind, this would be the best place to “punish” them all for hurting him.  

Thus, for the authorities to assume religion had nothing to do with his deadly act is not only false but the MAIN reason to the killings!  America is a very  gullible, “puritanical” country run by the religious politically correct infected matrix!  And in no way will the establishment talk bad about religion, period! 

My cosmic teachings and honesty  has costed me in the process, as all the infected religious and atheist souls  joined forces over the years to remove me and my articles from many networking websites. Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Satan’s Minions and Dr. Turi  – And this apply to the UFO’s community too! 

Furthermore, Kelley was born with a Dragon’s Tail Negative in the sign of cancer! This sign rules home, family, security, the grand mother and food. Born with such a curse, Kelley could never ever enjoy a normal relationship with his family, unless guided and taught by a cosmic conscious “soul doctor” explaining the hereabout of the Moon’s fluctuations (ruler of cancer) to try and control  his destructive emotions, depressions and deep resentment for his family! 
Note Adam Lanza was  also born with the same Cancer dragon’s Tail…  In Memory of The Sandy Hook Elementary Shooting Victims.”
Read more about Cancer! 
Read more about the Dragon Head and Tail

Key words for a negative Cancer Dragon’s Tail:

  • You are smothering to all
  • You are in trouble with your family
  • You feel over anxious and get ulcer
  • You are too needy
  • You’re often depressed
  • You are afraid of a career and responsibility
  • You’re over emotional

Such deep information are priceless to the FBI conducting various investigations but again the Federal Bureau of Idiots could never honor the world “investigations”  and dig deeper into Astroforensics  and Astropsychology! In their fear of the ridicule and reluctance to do something different , many people perished and many more will.

The reptilius are cosmic conscious, this mean everything our students and I know  about the cosmic code rules  and the signs of the Zodiac, they also do! Thus knowing Kelley’s  cursed UCI and his  challenging Dragon’s Tail (above) in Cancer (home) all they had to do is; to wait for  the appropriate negative cosmic winds to come in place for an easy infestation. 

Here is the process  used by the reptilius so many traditionally “educated idiots” could never accept nor comprehend because, unlike our students, they  never took the time to investigate  or study the subject! 

*The reptilius used the current negative cosmic winds or  my  SOS to the world deadly windows.

*The reptilius used Kelley’s  negative natal Dragons Tail.

* The reptilius used Kelley’s personal negative cosmic biorhythms .

*Lastly they hijacked the body, mind and soul of Kelley and lead him to the church to kill!

I understand how difficult it is  for anyone who has been raised traditionally / religiously to accept my claims but this is why many killers in the past mentioned that “The devil made me do it” or when answering the FBI questions, they still do not know why they acted out a powerful drive to murder  others.

I am also convinced that; to fight depressions, Kelley was  also ingesting legal or illegal drugs or drank alcohol in excess.  This add to the reptilius subtle ways to hijack  the body, mind and soul of their victims and “remote” control a human being  to  commit horrific crimes.

There is NOTHING else science can and will come up with to explain the rapid universal infestation taking place upon the  US and the world at large, yet no many people are helping us with our warnings… 

A years ago I was  on radio with George Noory and lecturing a few speaking engagements and  today all our “well known friends” and conferences promoters removed us from the public.  Just because I expose people and say the truth!?

Paranormal TV Jerks! 

The reptilius are fully aware of the fight against those  infected who battle us and refuse to share my warnings.  I can’t emphasize how  important it is to share our cosmic work while you can! 

For if you don’t, you have been warned!  The reptilius agenda will explode  and get out of humans’ ability to stop the carnage. When you start witnessing more mass killings or mass suicide via legal or illegal drugs it will be too late!

Trump Declares Opioid Crisis a ‘Health Emergency’ 

Do NOT endorse any man made religions anymore a true reptilius infected soul will always speak his madness on radio or on national television!   And they are everywhere! 


  ‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Phil Robertson and ISIS Alarming Ideology! God Have Mercy!

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Guiding your children on the divine is important but the parents, teachers and media are all to blame!Then again, with over 875 different religions and counting, the Neptunian nature will continue to be the “sole basis…” Especially when humans have lost the will to help themselves. And this is partly why the “reptilius” cut off my options to reach you and them.

Prophecy & the Cosmic Code with Dr. Louis Turi 
The purpose is in the stars!

We can only await the next tragedy that will indeed take place duringnext SOS to the world deadly window! 

If you are wise and can handle the undiluted truth we represent join us! 

Image result for dr.turiL’oeil du droit a la force d’Airain

“Let who ignore my warnings about the reptilius be cursed by the eternal rites of the cosmic code universal ceremonies for a cosmic God does not speak nor engage the fools…” Dr. Turi.

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Astrology: Dragons throughout the Ages – 
Dragons Importance in Astrology.

Chinese Astrologers refer to the Moon’s Nodes as the Dragon’s Head and Tail and give it tremendous attention as to the placement in the natal chart.   Sadly, practical modern astrologers tend to ignore its very existence and in the process, lose a wealth of valuable information.  To my knowledge, the Dragon, in itself, holds as much, if not more, facts and power than the entire complexity of a whole astrological chart!  This article give you the knowledge to understand the Dragon in your personal horoscope. 
We can look at your Astrology Cahrt and see your North & South Node placements for you.  Astrological  Services

Astrology: Dragons throughout the Ages – 
Dragons Importance in Astrology.

Sir Isaac Newton wrote “for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction”. We are what we think, having become what we thought. This statement emphasizes that for every thought or action, there will be an effect. This is what I call the “Universal Law”, the cause and effect of the yin and yang recognized and accepted as the LAW OF KARMA.  Modern Astrology classifies the Dragon’s Head and Tail as the South and North Nodes of the Moon. To my knowledge, the Moon is, just by herself, quite responsible for the daily fate of the world and directly affects the weather and nature’s forces at work.

Obviously, the waxing and waning periods of our closest satellite will produce the daily process of the tides. The lunar cycle is 28 and half days, which is the same as a woman’s cycle. Thus, women will have a physical and spiritual response as we all will be responding subconsciously to the word, “LUNATIC”. The scientific community is only aware of tremendous activity in the time of a Full Moon, but they still have no clue as to the tremendous information behind it.

The police force and the hospital emergency rooms are also unusually busy at these times. The Moon’s subtle power is not yet understood by the scientific community but is wisely used by the aware farmer. However, many years of tedious observation have shown me that she is undeniably affecting the human psyche and our response to life. Without opposing forces at work (positive/negative), there would be no reaction, thus, no life possible on both the spiritual and physical planes. Our so-called “dead” satellite is very much alive, and vigilantly observing her whereabouts will make man grow steadfastly into a genius in predictive astrology.

The Dragon’s Head

The North Node of the Moon is a positive energy, a form of “wheel of fortune”, pushing the soul toward a new self-realization and sure happiness. Chinese astrologers refer to the Moon’s Nodes as the Dragon’s Head and Tail and give it tremendous attention as to the placement in the natal chart. Sadly, practical modern astrologers tend to ignore its very existence and in the process, lose a wealth of valuable information. To my knowledge, the Dragon, in itself, holds as much, if not more, facts and power than the entire complexity of a whole astrological chart!

I found the essence of the Dragon’s secrets to be a major contribution for success or failure in one’s life. Many famous people and the ones that have made history, for good or for worse, have an obvious relationship with it.

The Dragon’s Tail

The South Node of the Moon is a negative energy that is a form of “karmic residue”, dragging the soul toward his past accomplishments, inner fears, and weaknesses. This build-up of previous incarnations must be eliminated, and a chance is given to you by the “Great Designer” to experience something other than fear and dogmatic views. As a rule, we are all naturally attracted by the Dragon’s Tail. This is similar to a child wanting to stay home instead of going to his new school, facing the cold weather, others and refusing to progress with the rest of his class. There, at home, (Tail), the soul feels secure and confident with what he knows best. In my research, I have noticed that following the Dragon’s Tail’s commands can only lead its owner toward failure, pain, drama, and indeed, may lead to death. In some extreme cases, the Dragon’s Tail causes the soul to lead other people into its own dark past life residue, (David Koresh), thereby hurting the innocent, trusting souls who follow them. Sometimes, for specific karmic reasons, the Dragon’s Tail can be used positively, thus having produced gifted musicians such as Bach and Schubert, born with the Dragon’s Tail in Libra.

Here, the soul’s past life musical work comes to fruition for others to enjoy or learn from. God has allowed these “geniuses” to use their previous life’s work for the benefit of mankind, and they were able to accomplish wonders at an early age. The location of the Dragon’s Tail is where all of your weaknesses will be coming from. You have been there. You have done that. You have learned those lessons. God will not help you there and if not aware of the Dragon’s Head which is promising opportunities, you will end up striving either for financial or emotional security.

Sometimes, unexpected experiences such as an accident or the use of chemicals (drugs/alcohol/medication) will cause the soul to be drawn back into his past life residue. The occurrence is somehow shocking, vivid and very believable. Thus, the soul mistakenly “receives messages from a higher level” based on his past life residues and firmly believes it. The purification and progress of the soul can only be found on the “next” experiences promised by the location of his Dragon’s Head by house and sign of the zodiac. Armed with such a powerful knowledge, one is able to detect fiction from reality and make a difference between divine information and pure imagination.

The awareness of someone’s Dragon’s Head and Tail is a real contribution to detect the plain truth about the dynamics involving the working of the psyche. This work was not done to diminish anyone’s integrity but to clarify their astral relationship with God and the Universe. We all are children of this magnificent galaxy, and there is a reason for every one of us to be.

Dragons Through the Ages

There have been many depictions of dragons in all kinds of folklore, mythology, and fiction. They have been depicted with wings or without, with scales or leathery skin, with legs and without. Sometimes they seem to be a horrible evil that must be wiped from the face of the earth, at other times they are mankind’s protector and savior and, even more bizarre, they have been portrayed as whimsical, bumbling cartoon characters. But no matter what the situation is with dragons, they are suffused with power. This may be why we are alternately drawn to and repelled by them. Man is well known for trying to destroy all that he fears and does not understand; dragons certainly fall squarely into this category. That may be why the famed label “Here Be Dragons” was marked in the territories not yet explored on old maps. But on the other hand, we don’t want anybody to go anywhere we haven’t yet had the courage to go lest they may claim for their own a land better than ours.

As I suffused myself with the study of The Dragon, I began to understand this mythical creature’s lure and charm as well as the untold power that he holds over our lives.

The Dragon appears twice in the heavens: once brightly as the constellation of Draco, which is in the northern part of the sky and curves between the Big and Little Dippers, ending in the Dragon’s Head, which consists of four stars — the star a Draconis is a stunningly bright double star. The other place he appears is known almost entirely to Astrologers! Ancient Astrology called the North Node of the Moon “Caput Draconis” or the “Head of the Dragon,” and the South Node of the Moon “Cauda Draconis” or the “Tail of the Dragon.” The word “Node” actually means “knot” or “complication,” which is really very apt when applying them to your life.Wherever your particular Dragon appears is a complication or puzzle that you must solve in order to learn your life’s lesson and achieve true happiness, that elusive little thing hidden deep inside containing all of life’s mysteries. Throughout the coming chapter I will endeavor to teach you what Dragon protects you and how you can harness his or her energy to lift you to the pinnacle of success no matter what path you have chosen to walk!!

The two different categories of Dragon are winged and wingless or male and female. The wingless Dragon is yang dragon with Martian energy or more male energy. These Dragons will give you great courage and will protect you mightily from all dangerous activity. They are the true pioneers of spirit, unafraid of anything physical, gifted with tremendous energy. However, there is always a down side to the up and we must look at both. These Dragons tend to be the “Fire-Breathing” type, full of aggression and impatience. Ready to charge into battle without all the facts leaving scars on their victims as they bluster by with barely an apology. Since such a leadership quality exists, so does a “me-first” attitude. Sharing and compromise must be learned. A leavening needs to take place in these lives so that they may reach their higher purpose.

Don’t dream, if you were gifted with all this extra power that you don’t have a big work to do while you enjoy the fruits of the earth! When you train your Dragon, the understanding and rewards of Love will be yours.

The winged Dragon is a yin dragon with Venusian energy or more female energy. These Dragons will give you ability at diplomatic relations as well as with the arts themselves and protect you fiercely from spiritual pain. Business acumen and intuition belong to you. Style, design, luxury and comfort are ingrained in your DNA. Your physical energy may not be great, but your endurance is. Serenity is your hallmark. Once again, there is a dark side to every bright, so let’s take a look. These Dragons tend to be lax and lazy in their approach to life; they are quite talented, but do not appreciate their gifts. There are always power and control problems with these dragons who may train a beautiful eye upon you; their ability to wheedle is extreme, so that many times they get others to do their work for them, using beauty or sex as a trade-off. There is too much leavening here and that needs to be brought back down to earth. No daydreaming, just hard work and facing reality if you really want to reap the rewards. If you want the dragon of depression off your back, you had better get up off the couch and start using the talent that you were given, or that load that you carry will just keep getting heavier. I know that it seems as if you have the harder lessons, but you also have the greater rewards!! When you train your Dragon, the understanding and attainment of security will be yours.

For this next part you must refer to the charts of the Dragon using your birth date to find out which particular Dragon’s power you can harness as well as their metals and colors.
 Dragon’s Head location by the year

1900 to 1949

January 1, 1900 to December 28, 1900 = Sagittarius

December 29, 1900 to July 17, 1902 = Scorpio

July 18, 1902 to February 4, 1904 = Libra

February 5, 1904 to August 23, 1905 = Virgo

August 24, 1905 to March 13, 1907 = Leo

March 14, 1907 to September 29, 1908 = Cancer

September 30, 1908 to April 18, 1910 = Gemini

April 19, 1910 to November 7, 1911 = Taurus

November 8, 1911 to May 26, 1913 = Aries

May 27, 1913 to December 13, 1914 = Pisces

December 14, 1914 to July 2, 1916 = Aquarius

July 3, 1916 to January 19, 1918


January 20, 1918 to August 9, 1919 Sagittarius

August 10, 1919 to February 26, 1921 Scorpio

February 27, 1921 to September 15, 1922 Libra

September 16, 1922 to April 4, 1924 Virgo

April 5, 1924 to October 22, 1925 Leo

October 23, 1925 to May 12, 1927 Cancer

May 13, 1927 to November 28, 1928 Gemini

November 29, 1928 to June 18, 1930 Taurus

June 19, 1930 to January 6, 1932 Aries

January 7, 1932 to July 25, 1933 Pisces

July 26, 1933 to February 12, 1935 Aquarius

February 13, 1935 to September 1, 1936 Capricorn

September 2, 1936 to March 21, 1938 Sagittarius

March 22, 1938 to October 9, 1939 Scorpio

October 10, 1939 to April 27, 1941 Libra

April 28, 1941 to November 15, 1942 Virgo

November 16, 1942 to June 3, 1944 Leo

June 4, 1944 to December 23, 1945 Cancer

December 24, 1945 to July 11, 1947 Gemini

July 12, 1947 to January 28, 1949 Taurus

January 29, 1949 to December 31, 1949 Aries

 1950 to 1999

January 1, 1950 to August 17, 1950 Aries

August 18, 1950 to March 7, 1952 Pisces

March 8, 1952 to October 2, 1953 Aquarius

October 3, 1953 to April 12, 1955 Capricorn

April 13, 1955 to November 4, 1956 Sagittarius

November 5, 1956 to May 21, 1958 Scorpio

May 22, 1958 to December 8, 1959 Libra

December 9, 1959 to July 3, 1961 Virgo

July 4, 1961 to January 13, 1963 Leo

January 14, 1963 to August 5, 1964 Cancer

August 6, 1964 to February 21, 1966 Gemini

February 22, 1966 to September 10, 1967 Taurus

September 11, 1967 to April 3, 1969 Aries

April 4, 1969 to October 15, 1970 Pisces

October 16, 1970 to May 5, 1972 Aquarius

May 6, 1972 to November 22, 1973 Capricorn

November 23, 1973 to June 12, 1975 Sagittarius

June 13, 1975 to December 29, 1976 Scorpio

December 30, 1976 to July 19, 1978 Libra

July 20, 1978 to February 5, 1980 Virgo

February 6, 1980 to August 25, 1981 Leo

August 26, 1981 to March 14, 1983 Cancer

March 15, 1983 to October 1, 1984 Gemini

October 2, 1984 to April 20, 1986 Taurus

April 21, 1986 to November 8, 1987 Aries

November 9, 1987 to May 28, 1989 Pisces

May 29, 1989 to December 15, 1990 Aquarius

December 16, 1990 to July 4, 1992 Capricorn

July 5, 1992 to January 21, 1994 Sagittarius

January 22, 1994 to August 11, 1995 Scorpio

August 12, 1995 to February 27, 1997 Libra

February 28, 1997 to September 17, 1998 Virgo

September 18, 1998 to December 31, 1999 Leo

 The Dragon’s Head in Aries:

You are dealing with a wingless Dragon that is very protective of your body, especially of your head region. Yes, you may hurt it all right, but the accidents and injuries that would cause death to most seem to bounce off you. Your Dragon’s color is Red. Courage rides at your side; you need only to raise your voice and the world will listen. Your metal is Steel, and you must learn to be like this metal, letting petty annoyances slide off while building an inner strength that will not be broken. The more you take chances in life the luckier you will become. Do not allow groups or partners to sway your thoughts; stick to your lonely path and then you will have harnessed all the power of your dynamic Dragon.

The Dragon’s Head in Taurus:

You are dealing with a winged Dragon that is very protective of your monetary security. This does not mean that you will never see poverty; as a matter of fact, many of you will be born into it. But you must pull yourself away from this thought process. Your Dragon’s color is Electric Blue. Discerning things of a deep and hidden nature is your forte. Your metal is copper and very healing in nature. You must learn to be like your Dragon’s metal, beautiful and healing, while keeping a silent tongue when vitriolic sarcasm wishes to spring forth. You must build things up, not tear them down. Stay away from things that seem in any way criminal — even though it may seem exciting for a moment, you will exact a high karmic price for your action. You will have harnessed your Dragon when you learn truly that Love conquers all.

Dragon’s Head in Gemini:

You have a wingless Dragon who is capable of flight. He is very protective of your powers of thought and communication, as well as your arms and lungs. This does not mean that you might not encounter difficulties when learning; as a matter of fact, your amazingly fast thought processes may fool people into thinking that you are not quite normal. This is not true; it is part of your gift of speed. Your Dragon’s color is Silver-Blue; that is the color that coats your tongue and gives you the great gift of gab. Hence the term “silver-tongued devil.” Your Dragon’s metal is Mercury and you must learn to be like this metal, unmatchable, ever-changing, challenging all common thought to see what lies beyond the edges. You will have harnessed your Dragon when you learn that your own original thoughts are worth more to the world than all the books you could cram into a lifetime.

Dragon’s Head in Cancer:

You have a winged Dragon who is ferociously protective of your actual home and security; she will also protect your stomach and, for a woman, the womb and breasts. This does not mean you will never suffer in these areas; in order to learn real security you must first experience insecurities. Do not allow these insecurities to rule your life or you will inhibit the warmth that should flow through you. People will find you cold and distant. Your Dragon’s color in Silver-White that twinkles like a fairy’s own dust and draws people in need to you. Your Dragon’s metal is silver and you must be like this metal: pure and true, in all your dealings quite sterling. You will have harnessed your Dragon when you learn that nurturing is priceless in value and nobility.

Dragon’s Head in Leo:

You have a Dragon who is wingless and extraordinarily protective of your inner child as well the heart. He embodies leadership and generously gives his gifts to you. This does not mean that you will always feel the glow of pride upon your face; this is something that you must build so that you know its true value. Your Dragon’s color is Gold, giving you talents precious that the world will behold. Your Dragon’s metal is also gold — you must learn to be like this metal, shining and powerful while still containing within all the flexibility of a great leader. These colors and metals are the things of kings and when you learn to lead without ego and pride, you will have indeed harnessed your Dragon’s power.

Dragon’s Head in Virgo:

You have a winged Dragon who sticks close by the earth. She is extremely protective of your health and especially your intestines. This does not mean you will never be sick; as a matter of fact, in order for you to prize the productivity you delight in, you must suffer a bit. Worries are your enemy and work your friend. Your Dragon’s color is Green, and she bestows gifts with all plant things as well as giving you the knowledge of herbal remedies. Your Dragon’s metal is Aluminum and you must learn its qualities: usefulness as well as beauty. This metal is flexible and can cover any situation from extreme heat to extreme cold. While seemingly fragile, it will wound the unwary. You will have harnessed your Dragon’s power when you learn that logic and reason give more power than dreaming.

Dragon’s Head in Libra:

You have a wingless Dragon who fiercely protects your relationships as well as the kidneys and low back. This does not mean you will never suffer in partnerships; as a matter of fact, you will have to see a few wrong ones before you know how to tell the two apart. Though your better half may not come along until later, you will have then learned the art of compromise. Your Dragon’s color is Royal Blue, and he bestows the gifts of understanding law and great insight into man’s motivations. Your Dragon’s metal is Brass, and you must learn to be like this metal: malleable and shapeable in the artist’s hands. You must assume a pleasing shape and tone at all times, for you are diplomacy on demand. You will have truly harnessed your Dragon’s power when you learn that two heads are always better than one.

Dragon’s Head in Scorpio:

You have a winged Dragon who is uncompromisingly protective of your things held in common with others; she also protects the sexual organs in both a man and woman. This does not mean you will never suffer loss in life, you may be touched by uncommon strife, but only to understand the value of things not of man. Your Dragon’s color is Shiny Black and Red, a warning to all that poison lurks for those who have criminal quirks. She will give great gifts of power and insight so that you may see your way clear even on a moonless night. Your Dragon’s metal is Plutonium, and you must learn to be like this explosive compound, ready to move toward every goal in an uncompromising matter. There is only black and white in this world, no place for naiveté, so you must reach for your goals with confidence. You will have harnessed your Dragon’s power when you learn truly that money cannot buy the most precious things in life.

Dragon’s Head in Sagittarius:

You have a wingless Dragon of untold mirth, who protects you fiercely from all negativity as well as your low back and thighs. This does not mean you will never be unhappy in these areas, for in order for you to understand how to laugh at life, it must first deal you some double whammies. Your Dragon’s color is a Bright Glowing Orange, the color of honesty and truth, and to these ends you must always endure. Your Dragon’s metal is Tin, and you must learn to be like this metal: expanding your mind into all the places the world says are impossible. You must teach us all the meaning of life. You will have truly harnessed your Dragon’s power when you rise above the prevailing trends to become a true individual.

Dragon’s Head in Capricorn:

You have a winged Dragon who savagely protects your career as well as your knees and all bones in the skeleton. This does not mean that high honor will come easily to you, lest you not truly aspire and discipline yourself to achieve. Your success will come later but will be much greater than those of your colleagues. Your Dragon’s color is Deep Brown, bestowing the gift of integrity and sturdiness. This is a sensible color to give you the right lift and look in the crowds where you must travel. Your Dragon’s metal is Iron, and you must learn to be like this metal: strong, unbending, bearing all the weight of the structures it supports. You will have truly harnessed your Dragon’s power when you learn to go out into the cold, cruel work world without dependence on family or friends. You are the leader of the future; take up your banner and fight.

Dragon’s Head in Aquarius:

You have a wingless Dragon who is capable of flight. He will fiercely protect your wishes as well as your nervous system. This does not mean you will receive every wish without forethought, for you must nurture these ethereal things until they become a reality, and thought is the very birth of a wish. Your Dragon’s color is Purple, bestowing the gifts of genius and powers of persuasion over large groups. You must learn the ways of the entire world before you can find a remedy to its maladies. Your Dragon’s metal is Uranium and you must learn to be like this explosive compound: infusing all those you meet with the electricity of your spirit, so that we may all come together without judgment or fear, creating a world all the better for its differences. You will have truly harnessed your Dragon’s power when you learn that “united we stand, divided we fall” is truly the theme of your life.

Dragon’s Head in Pisces:

You have a winged Dragon capable of untold flights of fancy, yet fiercely protective of your subconscious and creative flow, also the feet. This does not mean you will never suffer in these areas; before you can understand how to deal with creativity, you must first feel the pain of the untalented. Your Dragon’s color is Aqua, the color of the seas, sparkling in celestial beauty daring all people to plumb the depths of this hidden world. Your Dragon’s metal is Platinum and you must endeavor to be like this most precious of metals, for your talents are rare and unique. People of your artistic stature are a gift to this world, which lift us out of the mundane, into your imagination and place of such immense beauty that makes mere mortals cry. You will have truly harnessed your Dragon’s incredible power when you learn to levitate yourself above the small details so you can have a greater picture of where we all live and work.

These are your Dragons.  May you always find yourself at their heads, for the tail is not a place to ride?  If you are finding life a very hard toil with no hope of moving into the space of your dreams, then you are riding backward, it seems.  A Dragon is no easy thing to tame, which is why we have a lifetime to learn how.  Use your time wisely lest you have to do it again!

*****************************************************Key words for a positive Aries Dragon’s Head

You are a genius, an inventor, a leader and you spent time in the military

You have plenty of desire and you were born with an adventurous spirit.

You have a lot of vitality, a good self -esteem and you are lucky.

You are true to yourself and with others.

You are intelligent and competitive

You take chances on anything.

You are magnetic and exciting

 Key words for a negative Aries Dragon’s Tail:

You are self centered with no valuable ideas involving others and a low self-esteem

You are afraid of new people, you are insecure and accident prone on the head

You are too impatient and demanding, you should forget the word me

You will take a chance only if there is something to gain for yourself

You run out of energy of stamina

You are jealous and unsafe

You are dictatorial

 Key words for a positive Taurus Dragon’s Head:

You have faith in your abilities to make million of dollars or launch any business

You are a genius with yours and other people’s money

You are willing to work harder than anyone to get there.

You have plenty of great ideas to give away

You give with love and respect

You are creative and beautiful

You are financially secure

 Key words for a negative Taurus Dragon’s Tail:

You have a bad attitude with money; you would do anything against the law to get it

You loose all you possessions and credit cards a few times

You are financially insecure and won’t do a thing about it

You do not want to work and expect others to provide

You want to marry an older wealthy person only

You can’t stop shopping no matter what

You will use sex for money

 Key words for a positive Gemini Dragon’s Head:

You know you are a “Messenger of the Gods” are a mental genius and a proficient writer

You have plenty of mental and physical energy to spare looking for the truth

You are joyful and you possess a gift of youth

You tell the truth and jokes at all the time

You like photography and music

You’re versatile and curious

You speak French

 Key words for a negative Gemini Dragon’s Tail:

You lie, you are continually confused and you don’t trust anyone

You avoid any and all direct and honest communication

You talk too much and don’t listen to others

You have no opinion of your own

You are a lost “Jack of all trades”

You steal all from anyone

You are indecisive

 Key words for a positive Cancer Dragon’s Head:

You are a great cook, caring, loving with a great family life

You are a genius in the real estate

You own a beautiful home

You spend time with family

Children love you

You are a mystic

You are sensual

 Key words for a negative Cancer Dragon’s Tail:

You are smothering to all

You are in trouble with your family

You feel over anxious and get ulcer

You are too needy

You’re often depressed

You are afraid of a career and responsibility

You’re over emotional

 Key words for a positive Leo Dragon’s Head:

You have tons of physical and spiritual energy

You want to be world famous or a leader

You are honorable and true to yourself

You have an incredible self-esteem

You’ll travel far to get opportunities

You are gifted and competitive

You’re shining and magnetic

 Key words for a negative Leo Dragon’s Tail:

You’ll not travel anywhere to get opportunities

You have dependency problems

You are lazy asking for heart trouble

You have a self destructive attitude

You refuse all responsibilities

You love shocking people

You are an egocentric

 Key words for a positive Virgo Dragon’s Head:

You are a genius with organization, a researcher

You are a real master in communication

You regenerate with plants and nature

You are a very valuable Public Relation person

You are health conscious

You are very spiritual

You are an artist

 Key words for a negative Virgo Dragon’s Tail:

You disclaim the values of the metaphysical

You are a traditionally educated mental snob

You know better than everyone around you

You are a fussy and picky perfectionist

You are extremely critical of others

Your working life is a mess

You are fanatical about diet

 Key words for a positive Libra Dragon’s Head:

You have “Savoir Faire” and are at ease with others

You attract an honorable and wealthy crowd

You are loving and refined and magnetic

You are a true diplomat

You have a positive self image

You are lucky with the law

You are good with words

 Key words for a negative Libra Dragon’s Tail:

You feel you have no real strengths with groups

You provide too much aid to the wrong partner

You allow yourself to be manipulated

You attract ineffectual people

You have been married a few times

You can’t say no without guilt

You have no regard for the law

 Key words for a positive Scorpio Dragon’s Head:

You work for the law or medicine and achieve a high position

You are deep, mystical, refined and magnetic

You have a wealth of residual inner power

You have a will of steel and artistic ability

You know you are the eagle of the Zodiac

You are lucky with corporate endeavors

You are an incredible investigator

 Key words for a negative Scorpio Dragon’s Tail:

You are often jealous, resentful and dangerous

You are a masochist with a lust for death and drama

You use your metaphysical power the wrong way

You can’t let go of people and you are secretive

You enjoy night and attract the wrong crowd

You hate the cops and you have gone to jail

You reject life

 Key words for a positive Sagittarius Dragon’s Head:

You are a great teacher and you travel the globe around

Your great works are published

You are lucky in gambling and with foreigners

You are a philosopher with a great love of animals

You use your inner knowledge of Indian philosophy

You know you are a real “Truth Seeker”
You are independent and courageous 

Key words for a negative Sagittarius Dragon’s 
Tail Your philosophy, religion or your guru is the only right one
You won’t change your mind, your views or your beliefs
You believe that animals are better than humans
You won’t challenge what has been written
You are afraid of pursuing real education
You have been religiously poisoned
You think you are above the law

Key words for a positive Capricorn Dragon’s Head 

You run your own business or you are a great architect
You are practical, honest, down to earth and spiritually elevated
You have a position of power and respect in your career
You are wise, organized and your attract responsibilities 
You have been working for Uncle Sam. all your life
You are gifted with politics in all its facets
You make time for your home life

Key words for a negative Capricorn Dragon’s Tail 
You are a snob, cold and calculated
You have trouble with government 
Your knees and stomach hurt
You use and abuse others
You’re often depressed
Your career is a mess
You’re self-serving

Key words for a positive Aquarius Dragon’s Head
You are an inventor, a computer genius
You work for television, radio promoting the new age 
You have a great interest in UFO as well as science and investigation
You are born an astrologer
You service the world with an important mission in your heart
You are a gifted communicator, speaker and you write unusual books
You travel the world with a considerable message

Key words for a negative Aquarius Dragon’s Tail

You are afraid of flying and enclosed places
You only dream about your wishes
You can’t make a commitment with love
You attract wrong friends and weird people
You are too independent or pursue too many lost causes.
You are afraid of success and responsibilities

Key words for a positive Pisces Dragon’s Head
You are a successful actor or artist
You are gifted in astral projection (like Nostradamus) 
You understand mankind’s experiences and their differences
You are compassionate, spiritual and active in charity work You are a great care taker of the world (Edgar Cayce)
You are involved to protect the environment
You find yourself in your psychic power
Key words for a negative Pisces Dragon’s Tail

You are addicted to chemicals including Dr. Prescriptions
You read too much negative material and fear the “end times” are near
You can’t stop complaining and you are afraid of everything
You are a religious fanatic or deceived by a “guru”
You spend life in your own dream world
You use sickness to avoid responsibility
You waste your precious talents and gifts

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