The Anti-Aging Miracle Pill, real or false?


The Anti-Aging Pill

“Facing a long wait for evidence, a longevity researcher takes an unusual path to market. An anti-aging pill with an ivory-tower pedigree could prove profitable. The $30 billion supplements market is growing at about 7 percent a year overall, Alminana says, and at twice that rate for online sales. 

Elysium’s approach to the anti-aging market represents a change of strategy for Guarente. He was previously involved with Sirtris Pharmaceuticals, a high-profile biotechnology startup that studied resveratrol, an anti-aging compound found in red wine that it hoped would help patients with diabetes. That company was bought by drug giant GlaxoSmithKline, but early trials failed to pan out.

This time, Guarente says, the idea is to market anti-aging molecules as a dietary supplement and follow up with clients over time with surveys and post-marketing studies. Guarente is founding the company along with Eric Marcotulli, a former venture capitalist and technology executive who will be CEO, and Dan Alminana, chief operating officer.”

Dear readers;

Any venture capitalist and technology executive working for the scientific matrix will never hesitate to invest in an anti aging pill venture. The millions of dollars  invested on those researches, with or without any valuable results guarantee to bring billions to the investors.  Call it capitalism at his best  where a gullible, fearful society will do all to void getting sick or old!

And you can blame them? Using fears (or hopes)  to stimulate  the natural human instinct of conservation has worked its magic with all the religious matrixes promising death and hell (or salvation and life for eternity) to all lost souls who will give it all to be “saved!”

One thing we say in French is “a glass of red wine a day will keep the doctor away,” this mean nature as a fact, has it own ways of keeping us young and healthy. But once thing is also sure French are at the top of the list with Jeanne Calmen who was born February 21st, 1875 and died 122 years later on August 4th, 2016!


This makes me happy because like her, I was also born in February (26th, 1950) and, looking at me, no one around me ever thinks I am 66! In fact, when asking people to guess my age some said I may be in my 40’s or early 50’s!  And as incredible as it may sound to some,  I even get carded a few times.

And while this makes me happy because I have a young wife, rare are the ones asking me how it is possible for me to look so young when I am this age!

Incidentally my grand also parents lived a very long life and so are their children, I lost my auntie at the age of 93 years old and my mother is will be 88 years old next November. Thus to the cerebral, genes will play an important part!

I always said, “its all in your head” but there is much more of course and those incredible secrets can be share with those who are interested.  There are a few “tricks” to keep in consideration and one is to keep the mind active…  Much like the brain, use it or lose it!

The human brain is like the motor of a car, if you do not change the oil it won’t run for long! The oil i.e. “Who is Ivanka Trump?” or my cosmic work  is food for thoughts and stimulate the mind. And Helga, one of my VIP is the perfect example, millions of people should follow to stay alert mentally and physically active.

 Helga Rossner

Thank you Dr.Turi, I cant wait to read more, I am also sad that not more VIP’s are interested in a discussion, one can learn so much from them. But then not everyone is a curious as I am. Looking for more answers and wanting to learn more every day,  even so I am turning 80 in August, and no I am not bored, I have so much to do every day, still taking totally care of our household as I have for 60 years. So I do appreciate your help DT to keep my brains and spirit going. By the way, just renewed my membership by mail  for another year, I am confident I will be around for awhile LOL

Police shoot dead gunman who took hostages in German cinema

Well DT predicted an SOS window for today! Right on time the latest news out of Germany, and may I add that in Germany nobody can have a gun except hunters, so blaming owning guns in this country for terror attacks is in my opinion ridiculous, especially the  sit-in in the house last night. DT is right, people just  don’t get it. Lets send our very good thoughts to Germany, they will need it.


While keeping mentally and physically active is definitely a plus  to keep your marbles in order to avoid Alzheimer disease or any type of dementia, a peaceful cosmic conscious mind can also offer the crucial answers to avoid all sorts of fears and understand your particular purpose in life.  Fame and fortune is already written in your cosmic make up and most of the people who reached immortality did it by “accident,” i.e. Prince, Michael Jackson, Mohammad Ali etc.

And while famous people usually run their lives in overdrive, nowadays celebrities will never live a long life.  Many will suffer a premature death due to the use or abuse of legal and illegal drugs or die “accidentally” because they never heard nor heeded their “personal cosmic biorhythms.”

To compare a person to a car is insane but in some ways, it allows me to pass on critical information a non cosmic conscious person could easily miss.

Like a sport car who is supposed to reach 100.000 miles, without “changing the oil” the motor (the human brain) does not regenerate and the over active mechanical components (the human mind/body and soul) get’s hot and fail!

This is the easiest way for me to put this  to you but anyone can understand those mechanics, while the mechanics of the Universal mind are much more complex and unknown to the 99.9% of people reading my work today!

More than men, women are much more sensitive and concerned to their looks and without a steady regenerating cosmic fluid, a faster and steady degeneration takes place and who can deny the obvious results?… “Women Suicide Epidemic World Prediction.”

If you truly think all venture capitalist and technology executive working for the pharmaceutical corporation know better than a gifted soul doctor then so be it, soon you’ll be able to purchase another unnatural product that may give you more wrinkles that youth!  I am not saying to never use certain natural supplements or beauty creams but use some critical thinking readers,  Jeanne Calmen lived 122 years and NEVER used anything produced by those traditionally “educated idiots” aiming for your wallets.

Should I divulge all my secrets to stay healthy, young, active and reap an old age or are you interested enough to read the rest of this educational article and learn more by becoming a VIP?

We have a list of what to do and not to do for you as well as a list of what to eat and not to eat for you. We also have a list on what to think and not to think for you and priceless, simple Nostradamus’ natural healing tips that do work REAL miracles for your body, mind and soul.

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