God’s Creation of Children Monsters


”For those who know me and the Cosmic Code jurisdictions, no explanation is necessary;  For those who do not, none will ever suffice… If every 8 year old in the world is taught Astropsychology and meditation, we will eliminate ignorance and violence from the world within one generation.”  Watch the future!

Dear Readers:

Yesterday in “Meet Christian Cosmic Unconscious God Fearing Singles” I warned of a society run by your cosmic unconscious political, religious and educational elites, endlessly breeding MONSTERS that are all stuck in “The Physical / Spiritual Universal Controlling matrix (or the reptilius).

Memo: “You must help me reaching the children of tomorrow with the same passion and dedication I show you everyday knowing you are reading and enjoying my work! In my last TV show with George Noory I mentioned  that we have only 50 years left before the non return zone. None of your political, religious, educational elites in power will help us and you know it! The fear of the ridicule, religious poisoning override their will to act in favour of your children psychical welfare and the results are already in motion and DREADFUL!”



TEEN ATTACK IN CITY HALL? Can you see the obvious omen “teen/city hall maybe your the local or federal elites should pay attention to the kids depleting psyches when its captivated on the government ground?  Can you connection/omen with Adam Lanza killing his mother first, then the school master, then the psychologist before killing other innocent kids?

 I offered you the option to watch the dramatic video above and today I am doing it again with the endless rites of cosmic ceremonies… Will you ever get my message and will you ever help me by showing your gratitude  for learning all the secrets of the cosmic code /matrixes and what was never been accessible to you before?

School bus driver watches brutal beating of teen

 Is this a normal behavior for a kid?

NYPD: Officer fatally shoots teen who fired gun at fleeing person

But what sadden me is the Police administration keep ignoring my warnings and worse  is the tremendous  interest I command through my articles posted on BIN with 17541 readers so far, and counting, including 16681 more a week ago and still only 17 people have recommended my work!

This does not include the many more thousands readers from other leading social networks who impatiently wait for more of my FREE pearls for wisdom and my FREE books. What will it take for me to make those readers rewarding my endless intellectual efforts to become VIP’s and show me their support? This does not mean I do not get a steady flow of great endorsements but it is usually once a client, student or patient get to really connect with me and my services.

I understand the large majority of those readers are envious brainless skeptical pin heads kids but this can not be the same with the rest of smarter curious older wiser souls making up such a large number of readers all over the world!

 “Do not give what is holy to dogs, and do not throw your pearls before swine, or they will trample them under their feet, and turn and tear you to pieces.


What is it my readers do not get when my warnings are taking place almost daily knowing there is also a strong possibility for Dr. Turi to disappear from your life? How do you think I feel knowing that in the millions of people reading my premonitions and warnings only 17 have publicly endorsed me on BIN?

While my Internet enemies or the force of evil are rejoicing in their hopes to mute me, ask yourself what if Satan’s children were to succeed? What would happen to your daily cosmic regenerative fluid if I decided to stop writing, but you do not know yet because you are still drinking it!   You and your children would sink deeper  into “Physical / Spiritual Universal information controlling matrix. I may not offer you any warning, just stop wasting my energy for the undeserving ungrateful souls…

The 2012/2014 Scorpius Draconis‘ killer instinct is part of the Universal Matrix or the Cosmic Code jurisdictions imposing its passionate utmost destructive nature and killer instinct to manifest through the children. Do you read the news? do you actually click on the provided videos links and realize that my vision of a world run by cosmic unconscious MONSTERS is shaping up? These are your children, those innocent loving, caring kids of yours forced, moulded into monsters by the current educationalPhysical / Spiritual Universal information controlling matrix.

 Let me try to wake you up again concerned parents and realize why it is so important for you to HELP ME building my Astropsychology schools. Doing so will allow me bring back the creator universal purpose and stop the breeding of those monsters! Do not invest on your next trip to Mars, do not make donations to this controlling “matrix any more or watch the total depletion of the human spirit into the abyss  of HELL!  

My Astropsychology, run by and with the spiritual  blessings of my students supreme spiritual cosmic wisdom your children will acknowledge their “cosmic” relationship with their creator, their UCI, their Personal Matrix AND WHAT SEPARATES them from the rest of the crowd!  Knowing about their own cosmic vibrations and Universal Identity will clarify where they are at in the eternal reincarnation principle and their karmic program will allow them to regenerate their spirit and get the spiritual answers they need to survive in a world ruled by evil they can not understand!

Instead of acting out robotically, psychically their natal, hidden dragons through  their burgeoning passionate destructive “hormones/UCI” they will all be educated of the pull of the stars afflicting their young psyches and learn to apply their will at the crucial time of puberty.

 If every 8 year old in the world is taught Astropsychology and meditation, we will eliminate ignorance and violence from the world within one generation.”  Watch the future!

 Dr. Turi  – Dali Lama

But how can you help your children if you, the parents, the teachers and all your educational elites know nothing of your personal corner of the Universe and how yourself you relate, react, behave in this world and other human beings WITHIN the cosmic code or the Physical / Spiritual Universal matrix?

This humongous ignorance is killing your children’ spirits and building a society of agnostics, atheists, skeptics and “educated” accredited cosmic unconscious scientists! 

HERE IS A GOOD EXAMPLE OF THE  “Physical / Spiritual Universal information controlling matrix.” I am here to offer you a more Universal Type of Cosmic Study and its FREE! (for now!)

In one of my newsletter I wrote that” Snowen had the potential to destroy America” and harassed the NSA and numerous US FBI offices  directly with my warnings. Millions more read “Warning & Predictions To All US Government Officials” but are they listening?

Switzerland Warning Against Obama Regime Stuns Russia

Back November 15, 2011, I warned them all including the general public of losing total privacy but who is listening to Dr. Turi “pseudo-science” work?

Your TV might be watching you

Prediction # 12. Anything and everything dealing with death, secrets, decomposition, reincarnation, sex, metaphysics  the police and re-birthing the spirit will be the focus of humanity’s attention. I also see an explosion of new security services using advanced technology to stop any forms of terrorism.  

ALL induced by the Universal Matrix,  the Scorpius Draconis or the Cosmic Code jurisdictions…

God And The Magic That is Us – The Declaration of Divine Cosmic Consciousness



Blessings to all my  world wide reading audience. Dr. Turi



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