The End of God and all religions?


The gravitational forces that move all galaxies is a scientific fact;   But the greatness of the spiritual cosmic manifesto is yet a mystery to science and humanity at large. God’s enslaved all his children to uncover his cosmic  Divinity and with it,  a life filled with health, love, safety, warnings,  respect, peace and harmony for all. — Dr. Turi


Dear Readers;

This is your Sunday Free Cosmic Code newsletter sample where I am offering the reader the undeniable proofs of my forecasts with the collection of CNN anticipated news. I will also offer explanations of the methodology and software I use to do so.

But a few words of caution before! It is important for me, now and then to re-evaluate my position with a gullible misinformed public. I am getting all sorts of emails from people complaining about the negative content of my articles and some even had the audacity to ask me to stop!

Again  all I can do is to ask those over sensitive people not to “shoot the messenger” and blame me for the world’ ignorance and ugliness. Instead may I suggest you to click on this link  as to understand why all human on the planet feel, think and behave differently?

Some people are not smart enough to realize its not a good idea to take their personal problem handling the truth as a generality, because I also get this type of email from more curious, tougher readers…

Hi Louis Turi I find this strange that this AirAsia plane that has gone missing with 160 passengers has not been mentioned on any news TV channels, and I haven’t seen you write anything about it either, do you think it’s gone into the sea or another hi jack of the plane itself?”

Louis Turi Amazing I deal directly with the FBI and the world at large and no one ever mentioned any of my predictions in any US newspapers lol… Google “Airasia dr. turi” or go to the article directly for your answer pls.  

My forte is to expose the truth and the cosmic identity of people that makes the news. Using Astropsychology / Astroforensics, I also desiccate events and make predictions by plotting the stars. In the process I help the reader to build more cosmic consciousness and acknowledge God cosmic Divinity.

But the readers’ inherited UCI become the only reason to why a dry atheist, a pious soul or an “educated” scientist spiritual pride interfere in the perception and values of my cosmic work. All  because of induced religious fears, lack of curiosity, skepticism or plain idiocy!

This also explain why the Kardashians, sports, religions and the current atheist movement are so extremely popular… Because you do not need to be intelligent to watch, endorse and participate in anything that demand no deep thinking. And my “egocentric” attitude vexe so many sensitive people who feel targeted and their intelligence questioned!   Like if I have time to write for them personally or care about their insecurity/inferiority complexes! 

In fact yesterday one of my closest friends told me “Louis you should stop being so direct and so egotistical with people, you can not attract bees with vinegar and you’ll make more money!”

But I asked him if he could ever stop saying jokes or change his Gemini happy self for anyone and told him I am all about the undiluted truth! Note also there is enough smart people on the planet to keep my business very profitable for me until I suffer Alzheimer disease and can’t write any longer…

Do you think anyone could change Neil Disgrace unconscious mind and “educated” convictions? Thus do not ask me to change to fit your truth because, regardless you will naturally look for Joel Osteen if you were born religious or Darwin if you own the same dry atheist UCI mind…

Google Neil DeGrasse Dr. Turi

“The universe is a DARK PLACE I’m trying to make it brighter before I die.” Neil DeGrasse  “The universe is a BRIGHT LIVING spiritual entity, I’m offering all its secrets before I die.” Dr.Turi

When you make people think *Joel Osteen, Neil DeGrasse, Darwin etc. people will love you dearly, but when you REALLY make people THINK HARDER and challenge their education *Dr. Turi, the same exact people will hate you passionately! Indeed its easy to laugh at the picture above than to invest a lifetime studying the cosmic code and make unarguable predictions like I do!

 Cosmos, Dr. Turi Cosmic Code Universal Predictions on Google – Shared publicly  –  Apr 3, 2015 

POLICE/FBI/CIA/NSA WARNING BE PREPARED FOR TERRORISM! MEMO posted 3/1/2015 in the *cosmic code website and to the world 3/31/2015

April 5/6/7 – //////////

Hidden secrets sex, money come to light
Raw power challenges police deadly villains
Ugly face of death drama horror surface
Nature man’s religion bloody folly reign

Russia / Famous Death / Dramatic News / Police / FBI / CIA / Secrets / Scandals / Terrorism / Abduction / Finances / Super wealth / Sex / Serial Killers / wake up Call.

It is important for the newcomer to realize the above was published March 3rd, 2015 well before all the news in the article titled  “Killing Jesus “Les Prophecies.”

Thus all the dated, printed and published articles serves as undeniable claims if you take the time to read and investigate them of course! Something dry atheists and hard core religious souls will never do…   

Unlike Nostradamus did 500 years ago, I do not have to hide my predictions in complex writings or worry about the Inquisition thus, even a 10 year old can assimilate my simplified quatrains which are also reinforced by obvious keywords.

Yet  this “Mumbo Jumbo” can be very difficult to decipher for some, thus I also write my “visions” in plain English to ease the task!

Cosmos with Dr Turi Louis Shared publicly  –  Yesterday 9:45 AM

“Do not go public this week end, avoid crowded places…”    

While I already demonstrated the warning usefulness yesterday with  the Massive 400-Person Gang Brawl Breaks Out In NY Casino At Opening Of New Daiquiri Bar today 04/05/2015 is the first day, so lets get into the details of a DEADLY cosmic wind producing the news on CNN!

I will post the current news then use the quatrain and keywords to help some readers to assimilate my work and future SOS to the World windows. Meantime realize those predictions were also published June 12, 2013 in ‘Germany “Heil Hitler” 2014 Arian Draconis World Predictions” reflecting the atrocities of ISIS, stimulated by the spirit of the German dictator.

The skeptic will say “there are so many news on CNN how can you be wrong lolo” I agree with this however, not all news are the same… There are FOUR specific cosmic energy (winds) producing a specific type of news. To represent one of them I use certain keywords and if you look at CNN news today, you will be able to depict how my quatrain and keywords takes the color of the news and the deadliest planet Pluto impact upon some subhumans. 

While I can not teach Divine Astrology, Astroforensics or Astropsychology in any of my articles, the purpose is to stimulate the smart curious readers to take on the study properly, read the signs,  become as good as I am doing predictions and guiding the young souls to God cosmic Divinity.

 If you feel you missed your call in this lifetime or can not find a suitable career, its because God intended you to do so and serve the world spiritually. Chances are you were born with a very intuitive, creative UCI and a powerful Neptune in your celestial make up (spiritual DNA.)

But if you were born a positive Neptunian, like a fish (Pisces) you can only swim upstream towards a happy, busy life fulfilment and great accomplishments .i.e Einstein, Michael Angelo, George Washington, Dr. Turi.  

 You may also be born a negative Neptunian endlessly swimming with the accepted easy   downstream current towards one of the 785 deceptive religions, become a non cosmic conscious CA psychic, and procrastinate finding all the excuses in the world to complain about your life, your financial situation, blaming others or a rough world for your failures…   

Not everyone was born with a very rational UCI or a sun sign designed to become an engineer, a traditional doctor an astronomer where only traditional education can land you on a successful career dedicated to further this dense physical world! 

But as a Soul Doctor, I swim into the Soul of the Cosmos everyday and can only educate a very rare crowd of the most intelligent and accomplished people on the planet! 

God gave you gifts and talents you may not even know exists and you should trust me to point them to you because it is your birthright and a fate written in the light of the stars.  

Look at me, I was thrown out of school when I was 14 year old because I was an ADHD (a gift), told by my moronic “teachers” I would never speak nor write English! Look at me today and the incredibly intelligent curious people learning from me!  

Unlike the young religious and atheist lost souls, they all realize there is a big difference between education and intelligence…  While I may sound redundant to my regular readers, many more are landing on my work and like you did, they will click on the provided links to learn more about our mission. Those newcomers must realize, like you did,  they also made a wish and reached the magnificent super conscious  “THE FORCE” leading them to me!

You are a child of the Universe and God created you in his divine cosmic essence! You own the same creative power because you are a God in training in this dense physical world assigned a mission that may take years to uncover. This is why its important to never quit reaching your goals regardless of your age. 

Kids have no business reading my educational articles, they are texting all day long, using a technology that many of older folks did not have… But earth age do not matter, some of those kids are curious “Older Souls” in need of understanding the world they are in, their connection with the divine and their cosmic identity.  Thanks to the US Department of Education, religious and atheist parents, many of them will turn into killers or commit suicide!

The lucky ones will land on our regenerative spiritual work, lead by the hands of  a Cosmic God or their spiritually inclined parents.  All those kids and all human beings have gifts, even if they do not know about it and those who can not find their path in life, live a life of misery.

Yes those sensitive souls removed themselves from my teachings because my work is so NEGATIVE and those lost souls missed the boat and even turned the ugly TEL off. But throwing the baby with the bathwater is an avoidable error in which something good or Dr. Turi is eliminated…

The fact of serving, educating, leading, helping others and feeling good about it is a sure ticket to spiritual REGENERATION, and with it, financial security and mental and physical health.

So if you are one of those sensitive persons, do not blame me if humanity did not yet reach cosmic consciousness and spend their lives agree to disagree  and end up killing each others. I understand this world stinks but YOU chose it, you also chose your country, your parents and now you need to fulfill your own mission on earth!

When war start at home because you and your parents can not see eye to eye, fighting and eliminating them  brings only pain and guilt.  Add alcohol, legal or illegal drugs, dry atheism, archaic puritanical religious convictions and your own home will reflect the world you live in…

Attention, financial support, endorsements, promotions, and endless advertisements on CNN are going in the wrong directions, to the wrong institutions, the wrong causes producing endless chaos, more discordance, more wars and more stupidity! And you are SET to do so!

It seems impossible for the children of religiously poisoned or atheist “educated” parents hope for a better future when all your political, religious and scientific well read elites can not agree between  themselves and deny God cosmic Divinity.

God have Mercy on your unconscious children and give me the strength to carry on battling the evil of fear and ignorance for I can not see much of the future of humanity.

“In a world where political leaders assign themselves to religious archaic convictions and trust its infantile scientific community only extreme stupidity can plague the rest of humanity.” Dr. Turi

You probably think I spoiled your Easter Sunday when I am trying to make this religious holiday a possibility for your children to enjoy before ISIS caliphate establish itself all over the world or an envious nation use nukes against the US.

But why would ISIS succeed in their world religious dominance you may think… My answer is a logical and as real as can be! Because the world world is LOADED with non cosmic conscious PURITANICAL unconscious morons ready to kill each others because they do not understand you “Gay couple: Doctor wouldn’t treat our baby” and reject your chosen god.

The same type of mental conditioning established by the scientific  and religious matrixes in the US lead you to become an atheist or a religious person! This political power angry masquerade has been operational in the Middle East for ages and can only stop with total extermination of the opposition.

And it is going to get much worse as the Neptunius Draconis wind is gathering more strength to curse and purge the world if its universal idiocy! 

Today the moon is in Scorpio, this mean more than usual, you will be able to accept the facts of life because tons of dramatic atrocious  news are poring on CNN and impossible for you to avoid where pain and suffering is very real for all. Vets: Dog alive 4 days after being hit by a car, buried.

While religions are on their way out, people still will follow their belief system but must be replaced by a Universal understanding of a new cosmic God. A God that will punish no one, a God free of fear, a God that unify all his children under the stars and does not stimulate separatism, greed, power and wars.  A Celestial practical, tangible, realistic God that speaks to me through my healing work and my dramatic predictions…

There can not be, nor has even been unity with man made religious folly!


dr. turi

A God that humanity has lost since Jesus’ ministry and the cosmic teachings of the wise men (ET’s) were tainted, edited and replaced to fit the burgeoning religious corporate matrix (the Vatican) and thousands of his deceiving branches (Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, and Christianity Mormonism/Witness of Jehovah, New Age Scientology cults etc.)

Ley Lines, Vortex, Magnetic Current:Lost Civilizations & Forgotten History's photo.

Thus I am using today harsh “cosmic wind” to reach you, and offer you a “wake up call” by suggesting you, now that you are more receptive spiritually to watch and share this short video and help me teach and salvage your children psyche before they become the victims of the religious (ISIS) or scientific matrixes and join the herd of morons in the pit of no returnNo peace for Iraqi Christians this Easter

Feed the earthy matrix or free your spirit with Dr. Turi

Prophecy & the Cosmic Code with Dr. Louis Turi
Introducing the world to God New Cosmic Consciousness


This is day one, two more to go, please come back and share this article with those looking for the truth the Illuminati and those above the Illuminati will never divulge. With my guidance you will acknowledge the Divine in action and the new face of a God humanity must reason with, use or perish! 

Ugly face of death drama horror surface (Death news?)

In the wake of the devastating terror attack in Garissa, Kenyan police put the bodies of the alleged gunmen on a gruesome parade through the town.


3rd woman in two days held on terror charges

1 dead after explosion hits bridge in Egypt

Famous death/Ghosts?

Ex-Lynyrd Skynyrd drummer dies in car crash 

Sarah Brady, gun control advocate, dies at 73

Ex-ambassador to U.S. killed in helicopter crash

Matriarch of Wallenda circus performing family dies

Dad’s ghostly image gives Internet chills

Hidden secrets sex, money come to light

Lawsuit: Johns Hopkins did secret STD tests

Ferguson’s ugly, racist emails released

Super Wealth?

‘Furious 7’ has huge debut at the box office

Wake Up Call? sex?

First job, age 12: Sold by her mother to be raped

‘Revenge porn’ boss gets 18 years

Will Tsarnaev pay with his life?

KKK-linked prison guards charged in murder plot

Daughter dead; Chinese father begs U.S. for help

Rape story author expected to issue apology


Chris Rock posts selfies of police stops

Massachusetts police make arrest after human remains found in duffel bag



POLICE/FBI/CIA/NSA WARNING BE PREPARED FOR TERRORISM! MEMO posted 3/1/2015 in the *cosmic code website and to the world 3/31/2015

April 5/6/7 – //////////

Hidden secrets sex, money come to light
Raw power challenges police deadly villains
Ugly face of death drama horror surface
Nature man’s religion bloody folly reign

Russia / Famous Death / Dramatic News / Police / FBI / CIA / Secrets / Scandals / Terrorism / Abduction / Finances / Super wealth / Sex / Serial Killers / wake up Call.



Kenya strikes Al-Shabaab bases

French special forces rescue hostage in Mali detained since 2011

Turkish prosecutor seeks to block social media over terror group photos


No one fired at Rolling Stone? Really?

Ayotte staffer resigns after sex charge

 Famous Death

Horror actor dies

Death News

Mass graves may hold 1,700

36 dead, dozens hurt as tropical storms clobber Bangladesh

2 children dead in SUV crash on Florida turnpike

7 family members drown in attempt to rescue girl

Police: 2 women, 3 children shot in Indianapolis home

A killing in the heartland

2 face death by firing squad after legal setback

Secrets to light

John Oliver interviews Snowden


April 5/6/7 – //////////

Hidden secrets sex, money come to light
Raw power challenges police deadly villains
Ugly face of death drama horror surface
Nature man’s religion bloody folly reign

Russia / Famous Death / Dramatic News / Police / FBI / CIA / Secrets / Scandals / Terrorism / Abduction / Finances / Super wealth / Sex / Serial Killers / wake up Call.

Video shows cop shoot unarmed man in the back

15 police officers killed in Mexican ambush  Raw power challenges police deadly villains? 

4/7/2015 – “The FBI, Secret Service and U.S. intelligence agencies are all involved in investigating the breach, which they consider among the most sophisticated attacks ever launched against U.S.”

 When will the police listen to real wisdom and learn all about Astroforensics? NO readers, the following death and dramatic news do not happen everyday! 8 in family found dead after dad misses work  Are you trusting those human robots with your life and should you and them all read my work?  Pilots brawl in cockpit – Did those unconscious idiots read my warnings or is my work just pseudoscience?

Is Forced to marry your rapist  good enough for sex news or Snowden: U.S. has your nude pics (secrets divulged) enough for you to realize the dramatic colors of the news I translate beforehand for you?

Is 8 Iranian border guards killed good enough for death news? And did you read the word scandal in my key words? NBC’s Williams ‘shell-shocked’ by scandal, report says?

May be the moronic atheists did not read “famous Death” in my keywords above?  ‘Dukes of Hazzard’ actor dies – Crash kills heavy metal band members – Is there any good reasons for me to carry on and educate you on the cosmic code? Join us for more

 Blessings to all

Dr. Turi

About Dr. Turi

Dr. Turi is a proficient author and a captivating speaker, his profound Universal Wisdom astonishes everyone. He was recognized in the 2003 Marquis "Who's Who in America." Dr. Turi is the personal counselor of many celebrities, Ivana Trump, Peter Fonda, Gary Busey, Denis Haysbert, John Gray and many others. Dr. Turi is a favorite guest of George Noory on Coast-To-Coast AM radio and the BBC in London and appeared in numerous television programs worldwide.He speaks of the cosmic face and celestial tools of the creator and warn the world with undeniable well documented undeniable predictions. Clinical Hypnotherapist - Astropsychologist focused on providing individual and couples counseling services. Specializing in public speaking, teaching, metaphysics, natural healing, stress management, women’ issues and family mediation services. Interested in speaking engagements, radio, television, events and media outlets, academic work, advising corporations, the police force, colleges, universities and general public on mental health issues and spirituality outside of conventional beliefs and accepted disciplines.