The Explicable Universe Solved Mysteries Cosmic Code Reality Show

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Neil deGrasse Tyson “Cosmos” Versus Dr. Turi Cosmic Code Reality Show


The Explicable Universe Solved Mysteries


Dr Turi on William Shatner’s “Weird of What” TV show




Discovery Channel – Dr. Turi’s Predictions

 Thank you for giving me the opportunity to present you with this show idea. I would like to introduce myself to you but first and foremost, please do not lump me with Mrs. Cleo or any “psychic” endeavor.

My name is Dr. Turi and I am a Clinical Hypnotherapist a practicing Astroforensic counseling a worldwide clientele and all our brave police officers. I am also mostly an Astropsychologist, an author and have been the personal counselor of many celebrities such as Ivana Trump, Peter Fonda, Gary Busey, John Gray, Dennis Haysbert and many others well-known personalities I must respect privacy.

 What makes me different from others in this “psychic” field is that; as incredible as it may sound, I was downloaded the secrets of the Cosmic Code back in August 2001 in one of my four solid UFO contacts and while this may sound far reached to many down to earth people, I am speaking the true.

 If you decide to investigate me further, you may also ask for my bio explaining my incredible experiences found in my best seller  book  “Beyond The Secret.”

 While many people investigate read and and talk about UFO, the spiritual legacy imparted by my own UFO experiences  is quite impressive and this “gift/curse” is indeed repetitive and can easily be confirmed scientifically.

You may also take the time to investigate my well documented, dated, published predictions.

It is time for the world to acknowledge the Soul of the Cosmos, the reality of extraterrestrials and make a good use of my spiritual cosmic “legacy” outside of conventional accepted astronomy disciplines. 

Countless astronomy shows have been produced over the years but none involves the Soul of the Cosmos and God cosmic Divinity. Note also, the word or the old science of astrology has never been mentioned mostly because it is erroneously sought and publicized as a wasteful pseudoscience only! The elite have co-opted the use of astrology for control.

I have been dedicated to bring back this rare wisdom and its undeniable integrity to a seriously misinformed society. The endless battle between the religious and scientific matrix-es to own “educational” supremacy is a real conspiracy detrimental to humanity psychical welfare endorsed by a growing  atheist movement combined with other silly belief systems. 

Because the vast majority of people do not know anything or refuse to accept Divine Astrology, the Mother of all Sciences, the reality of UFO or God’s Cosmic Divinity does not mean it is false or ridicule!  While critical thinking and conventional education is respectable curiosity it is a natural gift many well read people do not possess…

“It is a miracle for curiosity to survive education” – A Einstein.  

I use a powerful software I designed similar to the one used by NASA to send the shuttle in the stratosphere. My prognostications and my dated, printed, radio and television broadcasted “predictions” reaches 98% of accuracy and are totally unarguable if you take the time needed to verify my claims.

While I was looking for an opportunity to land on an intuitive producer, I am not economically able and also hope for those endorsing the mission to help financially. Millions are easily raised daily for too many wasteful causes benefiting the non profit” organization only!

My purpose and dedication is legitimate and will benefit all the children of the future…   I can only hope for your donations, but this depend on your own good heart and the realization of a crucial cosmic message the world will soon be ready for.  

By joining my “Cyber Cosmic Code University,” you and your donation become the vital participant of a global karmic cause designed  to acknowledge and understand God new Cosmic Divinity.

What I can do in “The Explicable Universe Solved Mysteries” Cosmic Code show is different and quite a lot, so please read the full article as I would hope for your support.

I am indeed able to “read” anyone, anytime anywhere at will in a very short time and tell you all about past lives as well as health condition and so much more. The endorsements received daily speak of the true values and veracity of my work.

What does the world say about Dr. Turi 

Incredible experiences breed incredible people that have incredible wisdom to offer others. Before exposing my expertise to the public you are certainly welcome to take a “test drive“as to judge for yourself my talents.  Please call us anytime at 602-265-7667.  All I will ask you is your DOB and for you to do the listening…

I am 65 years old, and gathering and translating the “Cosmic Code” jurisdictions (God’ signs) outside of conventional science or religion is a serious task that took my entire existence. Indeed deciphering the Universal hieroglyphs is a demanding task involving mental speed, true cosmic wisdom, a solid gift and a strong commitment to help others. 

The Explicable Universe Solved Mysteries

I strongly feel this unconventional, unique and educational real world presentation venture cannot fail, and my expertise is to “read” the future…The stars do not pick favorites and like anything else in the universal scheme of things, they simply do their jobs and there is no accident for you to read about my  show idea. 

As imposed by the Creator in its sublime celestial design, the Cosmic Code divine purpose is to affect us physically and spiritually and imposes grow often through pain and suffering and reflect an impeccable timing for  “things” to happen!

We are living incredible times where the human spirit needs real spiritual regeneration  a God fearing and a fast growing atheist society will gain drastically in the process. Indeed the  general public is ready to investigate the spiritual side of the Cosmos and build more cosmic consciousness. 

The time is now!

The stars are much more than dead rocks hanging above  just for the sake of beauty! There is a Divine order, a Cosmic Code the vast majority of people (including science) has been cursed to uncover!

Today’s wonderful technological accomplishments is offering humanity the option to get  so close to the physical wonders of the cosmos, but its spiritual mechanics are still unobserved, unheeded, omitted and often ridicule.

All at the expenses of humanity’s declining psychical welfare… What about bringing life to this rare cosmic wisdom practiced by all the wise men of antiquity and all disappeared civilizations while offering the option to build cosmic consciousness to the viewers?

All Is That And That Is All

A physician without a knowledge of Astrology has no right to call himself a physician – Hippocrates (ca. 400 BC).

What about a real show that is real and educational in nature? Offering the mass with the option to appreciate entertainment and benefit from a higher spiritual cosmic education?

My lifetime work on the Cosmic Code jurisdictions will change people’s perception of our local solar system spiritual conception outside of the scientific accepted disciplines performed on national television by famous astrophysicists like well read but cosmic unconscious Neil deGrasse Tyson  and astronomers alike!

This show will not make the audience think seriously but educate and offer the wieners with the golden keys of what it means to be human. Yes I can explain what makes people gays, why there is such a thing as bullies or dangerous criminals and offer endless answers involving the soul of the Cosmos, Astrology, the supra-conscious and make unarguable dated predictions that will astonish everyone.

Is the gift of prediction real? You bet it is… 

Breaking News: Macaulay Culkin Found Dead at Age 34 HOAX!

There is ALWAYS a “vision” involving any hoaxer’ imaginative story… I did not waste a prediction for sure, the future will speak for me about the famous future victims of Hollywood matrix.

I WILL USE ASTROFORENSICS IN THE STARS AND FATE OF “the famous future victims of Hollywood matrix!” VIP’S ONLY! Here is a sample on Michael Jackson. 

  • Memo Prediction #3 Hollywood and the movie industry will experience the “titanic” in real life. Expect a full restructure of the movie industry with new 3D technology. More people will get more depressed, many will spend time and money watching new and old  movies. Celebrities of all ages and genders are the target of this dragon where human will realize the glamorous life of the rich and famous is as fake as Neptune taking them away in endless suicides  and drug abuse in record numbers. Many new movies will never be finished.


 *STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. — It was difficult enough for parishioners at four borough churches to absorb the news, communicated at Sunday masses Nov. 2, that their historic houses of worship will effectively close by next summer.  From 2015 Nostradamus Neptunius Religious Draconis Universal Predictions  – Prediction# 5 Neptune rules religions and this Dragon is aiming for the Church, President Obama and Pope Francis. Like his predecessor John Paul, he may pay the ultimate price with a mysterious death or assassination.  11/7/14 – Join the cosmic code!


Jesus Will Look Different in Highly Anticipated TV Series!  From 2015 Nostradamus Neptunius Draconis Universal Predictions… From 2015 Nostradamus Neptunius Religious Draconis Universal Predictions  – Prediction# 18 Religions of all nominations will explode with billions of new God fearing lost souls joining this universal Neptunius deception. I see a proliferation of cults and more dirty secrets to come to light with Mormonism and other denominations. The church will suffer a lack of interest due to the atheist growing movement. New controlling laws will be issued against the New Agers and psychics and more religious movies will “advertise” religions and Christianity. 11/7/14 – Join the cosmic code!

I can explain so much more on the spiritual conception of the universe than what our infantile science can perceive or accept just yet, as much as I can point out born terrorists and anyone’s blessings or shortcomings.

I can walk the street or visit any public places and shock people by cautiously, respectfully and intelligently “read” their fate with an incredible accuracy.

I have many ideas and attracting divine tools designed for a live audience but unless you talk to me personally or see me in action you may not truly appreciate my expertise and the shocking impact I create on people. But at this point, you, may erroneously lump me with Mrs. Cleo and miss a great opportunity to present the public with an incredible highly rewarding show!

I will amaze the audience with performances that will make Dr. Phil and Dr. Laura seriously wonder about the values of their traditional education. 

 The world is ready for something much more spiritual than the so many archaic religious programs such “Jesus Will Look Different in Highly Anticipated TV Series — and Here’s Why” where God’s Divinity can be explored  and exposed differently in a cosmic reality show safely and wisely.

The general public, including Christians and the growing atheist groups will demand more of this type of advanced cosmic programming as their new perception of God changes to a more practical, recognizable and undeniable celestial entity. 

 Life is a constant process of changes and so is the perception of younger, more curious liberal producers willing to take a chance on far fetched, challenging shows like mine and their new gifted performers.

I can take any couple and bring them on stage and respectfully, tactfully moderately “expose” their inner strengths, weaknesses and offer serious guidance to avoid future problematic marital situations. Indeed my cosmic reality show idea is Astroforensics of the future at work today… 

The possibility of achieving the best entertainments while advancing cosmic spiritual education, peace of mind, faith, and love is a certified chance I am offering your organization because I believe you are the perfect platform for me to operate on. 

Over the years, the spiritual essence of my work helped millions to prepare and control the outcome of their destiny both physically and mentally and my success speaks for itself.

I trust you to “test drive” my claims personally to better realize how we  structure this  show that has the solid potential to become number one beating all networks.

My talent, cosmic wisdom are real and unique and this is why this show will become a total success with time. While many US companies are using the ancient art via “CA psychic/horoscope/900 numbers etc.” using less than honorable marketing techniques on television, the real rare and gifted expert like I offering legitimate forecasting, guidance and counseling nowadays is on its way to give justice to Divine Astrology, the mother of all science.

The use and abuse of this ancient art became an incredible profitable business that tends to concentrate solely on its financial reward does not own any form of integrity.

Why not take a chance on me and astonish your very satisfied trusting viewers with my expertise? Imagine me giving a correct set of date for large earthquakes  or a natural disaster and as always it does happen? 

Imagine me talking about anyone’s celestial identity and know better about this person than his/her own mother would?  There are so many varieties for me to express my talent and the show makers imagination will be never run out of ideas once they see me taking part of a presentation.

Providing you could take some of your precious time to investigate my claims through my websites, my previous radio or television programs or my Cosmic Code website you would soon realize that I do possess a genuine gift that; would make this show one of the best, spiritually advanced, original and educational shows altogether.

As incredible as it may sound to you all major natural disasters have been fully predicted, as well as the current US restructure of the economy, the deplorable attacks on the Twin towers in NY, the devastating Asia Tsunami, the exact prediction of all hurricanes *Katrina on national radio “Coast To Coast AM” with George Noory who endorses me regularly.

Not to forget the “religious war” well before Osama Bin Laden came America enemy public #1 – I also predicted back in 1995 on Art Bell national radio show the implosion of the Middle East and the upcoming  universal religious war. 

 Thousands of people heard my warnings set for April 20th on TWO television shows days before the worst oil spill took place in the Gulf of Mexico following an explosion. Millions of other people have read and witnesses my accuracy in my books, my regular posts on all major websites and my “Cosmic Code” newsletter is loaded with incredible endorsements from all over the world.

The list of my “predictions” is much too long to elaborate with since I started my practice back in 1991 but all my work is well documented and this is why makes me stand apart from other “psychics.”

 All I am aiming for is to offer you (or the world) with a legitimate educational material explaining how the God’s Cosmic Divinity operates via the “signs.”

Mixing the spiritual wisdom of all disappeared civilizations (the Mayans, Sumerians, Incas, Atlantis etc.) the technological effects involving the production of this show would add tremendous visuals needed to assimilate my messages.

This show is the beginning of the extraordinary perception of a new God cosmic consciousness humanity has been waiting for for centuries…

 A chance to prove my gift and my claims to you and service the viewers accordingly would bring both great entertainments and Cosmic Consciousness to the audience breaching the door to the understanding of how God speaks to his children through his celestial creation. 

Waiting in anticipation

Sincerely and respectfully,

 Dr. Turi


Suggestion 1 – Dr. Turi’s  show idea is an informative and entertaining culmination and explanation of the working of our solar system  outside of traditional Astronomy. A full demonstration using celestial artwork and modern technology (my software) will be used to acknowledge how the “Universal Mind” is an intrinsic part of man’s psyche and how it interacts with humankind personal and universal fate.

Suggestion 2 – Dr. Turi’s Show is a shocking, informative and entertaining culmination where celebrity guests and guests from all walks of life exchange stories that will inspire YOU to do better understand the Universal Code and how you can apply this rare wisdom in your own life.  Speed, talent and assimilation are the key for such a television series success.  There are many famous people who are far less knowledgeable like .i.e. Patti Stanger Millionaires Club and use words, adaptability and intuition to deal with the complexity of the human psyche where the true educational values  are missing.

Learn God’s Divine Celestial Language

“God created the stars and the heaven for more than the sake of beauty; He gave them to us for interpretation so that we may live a more productive life.  Man is superior to the stars if he lives in the power of superior wisdom. Such a person being the master over heaven and earth, by means of his will, is a magus, and magic is not sorcery but supreme wisdom.
~ Paracelsus


Like The Great Prophet Nostradamus, Dr. Turi Was Born And Raised In Provence France and Spend Thirty-Five Years Rekindling The Seer’s Divine Wisdom.

“When suffering is on all sides and man hungers for the unmanifested mystery in all phenomena: He seeks the reflection of the divine.  God’s higher truths are cloaked in his creation and the message is in the stars.”
~ Nostradamus

Experience Dr. Turi’s fascinating expertise to raise your Cosmic Consciousness and rebuild your body mind and spirit using Nostradamus’ natural healing disciplines.


Title – The Cosmic Code With Dr. Turi


Do You Need Unarguable Proof of Dr. Turi dated, printed predictions?


Working title:

The Cosmic Code with Dr. Turi

Using powerful software designed by Dr. Turi vital information on the “Power Of The Dragon” will be divulged to the audience. The UCI (Unique Celestial Identity) of the guest can be seen enlarged by all viewers.

You can hear and experience the real words of our famous and infamous.

“The Cosmic Code With Dr. Turi” is a new universal breed of television series that comes with a warning label to all viewers:

“You’ve seen certain televsion shows before…but this is truly the real thing, a show that will bring forth your own Cosmic Consciousness and comes with Nostradamus’ rare 16th century metaphysical methodology. Dr. Turi is accomplished clinical Hypnotherapist and a gifted Astropsychologist he will guide you the viewer, using both Celestial Artwork and God’s Universal Rules to reach your soul’s purpose and establish emotional, financial and spiritual stability.”

About the show

The cosmic code with Dr. Turi is a powerful and fascinating journey into the workings of the Universe outside of the conventional science of  Astronomy. Dr. Turi is able to read anyone almost immediately and uncover all about a person, along with past lives information including predictions for a situation with uncanny accuracy. Dr. Turi’s genius perceives a highly complex Universal Code; and will translate the Cosmic Clock for callers who are in need of direction and assistance. Each week, Dr. Turi will offer his current forecast and unique perspective on events happening in the world, as he is unquestionably the foremost accurate prognosticator of international events living today.

Dr. Turi faithful worldwide following and clientele involves celebrities, politicians, including NASA students, doctors, investors, the FBI, the police and researchers from all walks of life. Furthermore Dr. Turi is also a Clinical Hypnotherapist and the only Astropsychologist using the inner but very real “Power Of The Dragon” in all his consultations. 

At the beginning of this millennium and approaching the year 2012, man’s cosmic consciousness is undergoing a major spiritual transformation as imposed by God through the eternal motion of the Universal Clock.  Using tools such as homeopathic medicine, physics, astronomy, astrology, psychology, hypnotherapy, philosophy, chiromancy and numerology, the Cosmic Code radio/TV show will search for the meeting of science and metaphysics by digging into ancient mystic roots of the Mayans, Incan, Chinese, Greek, and Egyptian cultures. By using Nostradamus rare Divine Astrology methodology Dr. Turi will unarguably prove our direct relationship to the Universal Mind, increasing our wisdom and preparing humankind for the new millennium. The Cosmic Code show with doctor Turi is the golden key to what it means to be human and a challenging inspiration to uncover how God speaks to humanity via the signs. 

Lucky for America and our International audience they have the incredibly gifted and talented Dr. Louis Turi to help guide them through these famous and not-so-famous back stories to understand what we can do as a society to truly understand God’s will through the Cosmic Code secrets and better realize ourselves.


To help the children of tomorrow is the imparted message while understanding your destiny, your strengths, your weaknesses, and your karma as written in the stars.

Dr. Turi is an incredible motivational lecturer and speaker and “Who Is Who in America”. He will host a television show that will bring you the viewer, the Golden Key to what it means to be human and many answers that God has enslaved every one of us to search for!  Dr. Turi has taught and entertained audiences on the power of the subconscious all over the world and now will enter your homes giving you legitimate Universal wisdom and the same empowerment over your own lives.

The printing process in his books, his television and radio appearances make the proof of his predictions totally unarguable.



This form of entertainment is highly spiritual; mind boggling and totally UNIQUE where people will want more of this man’s phenomenal gifts.



Meet Dr. Turi:

Like the great prophet, Nostradamus, Dr. Turi was born and raised in Provence, France. He was influenced by Nostradamus’ methods of Divine Astrology and spent many years reviving the Seer’s rare method. He grew up speaking the same now disappearing dialect. In 1976, he received the highest distinction Musicianship Award Cup and graduated from the Royal School of Music in London. He moved to the US in 1984 and has since established himself as a successful astrologer, author, and lecturer. In 1993 he received a metaphysical Doctorate from the Progressive Universal Life Church based in Sacramento, California. His notoriety skyrocketed after rekindling, practicing and teaching Nostradamus’ rare Divine Astrology method, which he calls Astropsychology. He has also appeared on numerous radio and television programs worldwide. Dr. Turi is known for the hundreds of accurate predictions he makes. He writes a yearly periodical with all these predictions, called Moon Power Starguide.”

Dr. Turi was recognized in the 2003 Marquis Who’s Who in America as an accomplished leading Hypnotherapist, Astropsychologist and incredible motivational lecturer and speaker. He has taught and entertained audiences on the power of the subconscious all over the world. He grew up in Provence France, Nostradamus’ birthplace, and spent last 30 years re-kindling the great Seer’s rare disciplines and its incredible spiritual therapeutic values. It is crucial to immediately make a distinction between Dr. Turi’s work and that of other leading “magicians”.

Dr. Turi’s perceptive and predictive powers are unmatched and well documented in his books and television appearances. Dr. Turi speaks at Borders and Barnes & Noble bookstores nationwide, and has performed at numerous well-known facilities worldwide including Las Ventana, a top resort in Mexico. Dr. Turi also leads healing tours to Thailand and France with Destination Tropics Inc. Dr. Turi’s predictions and articles are regularly featured in India and European top magazines, StarTeller.

His articles are also featured in Australia’s magazine, New Dawn Magazine, UFO Encounter Magazine. They have appeared in various other newspapers and publications such as Fate Magazine and Magazine 2000 in the Us and Europe. Recently Free Spirit Journal and Mystic Pop Magazine and UFO Enigma have picked up his articles on the Dragon and daily forecasts. He has been featured on many national television programs such as NBC’s “Ancient Mysteries” series, and TLC and the Discovery Channel “Journal of the Unknown-More Than Human” to name a few.





Raising The World’s Cosmic Consciousness!

   The Pitch:


For those of you who think that Astrology and any form of it is merely passing on messages from beyond the stars deriving from a past long gone, think again. Your eyes are about to be opened, as this show will cover predictions, meditation, hypnotism, psychology, our space program, guides and angels, healing, astrology, UFOs and more; the emphasis being on the innate ability in each and every one of us to develop awareness of our Dragon will be taught and explained. It is this ability that can help heal humanity and become oneness with all.

Dr Turi lectures on numerous incredible topics but his forte is “The Power of the Subconscious” used to uncover UCI (Unique Celestial Identity) to motivate people to be at their best using their natal gifts. Dr. Turi also lecture on the medical aspects of Astropsychology, Hypnotherapy and a multitude of rare Cabalistic Healing Therapies. You may choose any of the presentations or request a topic that would benefit or entertain your audience from the list of topics at

Our celebrity guest panel and guest from all walks of life will be introduced from a “studio setting with cosmic décor.”

Dr. Turi will be able to deliver “Amazing stories for the average person in America and around the world” as the show will delve into the “behind-the-scenes” of these real-life souls working in all types of fields.  Many topics can go from enlightenment to the teachings where statistics show that most people have experienced some type of occurrence or at least know of someone who has experienced some type of UFO, Karmic, psychic or unexplained activity during their lifetime. Many people travel great distances and pay a great deal of money to be read by someone as talented and honest as Dr. Turi .

To encourage viewers to participate, we will solicit all of America (TV, Radio, Internet and Print) to send in DVD’S of their own encounters. Considering a vast majority of the population either believes in the vast field of spirituality, UFO’s and the paranormal or were witnessed to an incredible change, we expect an overload of DVD submissions from around the world.

Why will our viewers want to tune-in and how will we be able to gain an audience? 

(1) There is a following in place (Dr. Louis Turi has an amazing record of predictions using astrology and other means. In interviews, he discusses these other means for his accuracy, and much of it involves ET contact beginning in his youth in France. During the interview, Dr. Turi discusses certain key dates that can change history this year, beginning with August 19 and 20 and ending on December 20th 2005. He fears for our astronauts safety and future terror attacks, plus he has some surprising thoughts about the world ending in 2012 ) to help us build our audience quickly; and (2) viewers selected by the Producers for their DVD submissions can join the studio audience and get up on stage to share their incredible tale or from their place of residence/business –  will convey “live,” their story in a video interview (b-roll) segment their own account so they’re talking to America – our viewers will say, hey “I can do that too and help others” and send in their DVD. All he needs is their birth date and year.

The Pilot Episode:

At the forefront, our main goal is to create a pilot episode that will be uplifting, educational, spiritually entertaining and different in mixing some episodes with all kinds of guests. It can be frightening at times because of the truth being revealed, hip and intriguing because of Dr. Turi and his special gifts. The viewers selected to participate, will allow us the flexibility to properly develop this series into a creative mix of providing viewers information through entertainment educating them on being better people.  It would be the only one of its kind in the many over played categories of Talk Shows. Its tone will be soothing and peaceful yet upbeat and funny at times. Other times maybe be disheartening but filled with a positive message for all to hear.

It may be as simple as skillfully blending the old and new to the viewers; especially considering this would be a perfect metaphor of how Dr. Turi agrees with certain philosophies from the past mixing with what he has developed and is currently teaching.

The show opens with a dramatic and intense music mix as Dr. Turi introduces from a studio setting our one hour show. He will announce sponsor information, upcoming information and get everyone excited about the show and its guests for that day. With his French accent no-one can resist his charm and energy that will surly fill the room within seconds.

Each show will be supported by Dr. Turi’s own experiences and past work, be it audio recordings, photos, testimony of witnesses, book references or if produced as a film or television production, radio, clips from the show would all be incorporated to produce a consistent format for every episode.

From famous people, from our current lives, and our past history, to those who have miraculous stories that will change your life forever, will be an exciting challenge. At the end of the show, a discussion group can be held and readings at random done for our audiences through picking some lucky winners.

Finally, Dr. Turi can personally assure his audience of a professional show delivered on time and of the highest quality and trust this is the start of many future projects to help heal humanity and help the children of tomorrow. Dr. Turi is highly respected and is an experienced professional who can be totally relied on and uplifting.  He is a real Cosmic Earth Angel.



Dear Oprah;
I am writing to let you know about an astonishing person, you may have heard of him.  His name is Dr. Louis Turi.  He is a regular guest of Coast To Coast AM, where I and countless thousands (if not millions) have witnessed the truth of his work and his incredible knowledge.  In a word, Dr. Turi is phenomenal!  The accuracy of his predictions are astounding.  However, it is not his abilities to predict that are so amazing, but it his soul rooted love and devotion to educate the world, to prevent disasters, and to help others to avoid needless and unnecessary harm that makes him truly one of a kind!

Dr. Turi is not some guru who has mindless followers.  On the contrary!  Dr.Turi is someone who INSISTS that you educate your Self,  and more importantly think for your self. Dr. Turi is LOVE  incarnate.  You can find Dr. Turi at Please, do the world a huge favor and have him on as a guest! Sincerely,


Dear Dr. Turi,
I read your plea for support and was moved to respond to that plea with a “message to Oprah”.  I have enclosed my message below.  I hope that mine and other voices will be heard and the result is your ability to “release to the world” your message and insight.  If this comes to fruition, I know that you will not let me down.  Please don’t give up on “giving the message” it’s too important at this time of our existence.  Here’s what I sent Oprah:

Dear Oprah,
I wanted to bring to your attention the prophetic work and drive of  Dr. Turi (website to bring to the world stage his aptitude in predictive astrology.  Using his 35 years experience in working on the secrets of the “Cosmic Code” and what can only be described as his “God Given” insight; he has a message, which needs to be allowed the opportunity of a national stage.  Your show could be the venue of that exposure and could help the world through these tough times of financial, emotional and moral bankruptcy.  I have listened to his guest appearances on late/over night radio and have been moved by his insights and fore sights.  The exposure of such avenues is limited at best; but a guest appearance on your show could put you and your production team in the fore front leading the way to a much needed lighted path to conscientiousness in these darkest days that our country has ever seen.  Time is of the essence as we face the perilous dangers and snares of our future of Biblical Proportions.  Someone needs to explore having such an insightful person as Dr. Turi on one or several shows or an exposure format similar to that of  Dr. Oz in your show formats.  The important message that Dr. Turi has within him needs your platform of exposure to the benefit of the world community.

DT – Thank you so much Daniel…


Dear Dr Turi: FINALLY I have been able to edit my Oprah Letter down to 2000 (or less) characters. I had to chop….and chop. It has taken hours. However – a good exercise for me in being brief – like revisiting Journalism 101!

Again, I hope I have done you justice.

Best Wishes!

Dear Oprah:
Thank you for years of devotion bringing love, education and support to “the people”. Please consider the Astropsychologist, Dr Luis Turi, as a guest. For 35 years, often overcoming great odds in his personal life, Dr Turi diligently developed his fine science, making accurate predictions on earth, weather, political & government events. Dr Turi’s information offers specific dates, alerting the population PRIOR to danger arising.

While he has been mis-interpreted as focusing on the negative, he is fully aware that our thoughts, beliefs and the energy we hold  can affect the severity of events or alter outcomes. With your talent and skills, Oprah, you can elicit ‘gold nuggets’ from Dr Turi. This man is a credible, deeply caring humanitarian, who bears a great gift. Much like Susan Boyle’s recent triumph, it is HIS time. Currently Dr Turi’s focus is the protection of children, and events requiring Police emergency response/support. He wishes to alert the Police, have them listen – protect us AND defend themselves from harm.  Please use Dr Turi’s wisdom and predictions to prepare the public to focus on and generate the positive in every regard. It really IS up to us, the Whole of Humanity, to bring forth the best. One great Rishi said, “Never be afraid to expect the best. …This is your heritage….It is not too much to demand.” (Maharishi Mahesh Yogi) Please contact Dr Luis Turi to help bring the best possibilities for earth and humankind. Write Sincere gratitude for your time & energy!

God Bless,

DT – Thank you so much Robin…

Dear Dr Turi:
Recently you read my request, as one who suffers from chronic illness and now utter financial demise (it would seem   yet I believe in miracles…). You answered promptly   was I surprised – by offering me a subscription to your valued VIP Newsletter. I accepted this graciously with tears in my eyes. Now I offer you the following support. I hope I have done you justice.
Heartfelt and God Bless,

Dr. Turi,
I recently heard you on coast to coast for the first time. I wrote down the dates you gave and signed up for the newsletter. I’m still in the process of reading over your site, but so far I am amazed at how accurate you’ve been. Like everyone else right now with the economy being what it is, I too face an unknown future. I work for one of the largest companies in the US, but even they claim to be feeling the pinch, so my hours have been cut to 15 hours a week, sometimes less. Jobs are scarce, but I feel blessed to have a job at all right now. I’m trying to stay positive. At the present I can’t afford to become a vip, but in today’s newsletter and I believe the one before you were asking people to write to Oprah. That takes time which I have right now. So I wrote and sent her an email about you. See copy below. I hope it helps. I hope to catch you again on coast to coast, as shortly the radio may be the only thing left, depending on the job situation. Email to Oprah:

Dear Oprah,
I recently heard of Dr. Turi on coast-to-coast am with George Noory. On the show he gave specific timelines that certain events would take place. I wrote down the dates to see how accurate he was. The first date has passed and the news was filled with events that fell in line with what he said would happen. I also have been checking out his web site to see what was there from the past. The man truly seems to know what he’s doing. You always seem to know the right people to get on your show that can help people gain knowledge in areas that reaches people worldwide. With everything that’s going on right now that is effecting so many people (jobs, health, families ) and so many tragic deaths of families and officers lately, I ask you to please go to Dr. Turi’s site, read for yourself, check him out, and have him as a guest on your show. If his predictions can reach and save lives, one, hundreds or possibly thousands from future events to come, then I think it would be worth your time to give him heartfelt consideration. I implore you to talk to him, check him out, test him, whatever you feel like you need to do, to see if he’s as real and accurate as I and many others find him to be.

 Love, Light and Blessings,

Hi Dr. Turi,
Just proof of my message to Oprah, but it is on delay for a couple of days for some weird reason. Maybe she is being flooded with emails!    Incidentally, my ex-husband has 5 brothers, 3 of whom are cops so I sent your information to him to send to them.    Believe it or not I never heard back from him about it so I don’t Even know if they received the information, but I suspect they did.  They are basically nice guys, but perhaps don’t have the wisdom to take it seriously – I don’t know for sure as I haven’t seen them for a long time.  But I did in fact give it to 2 other police departments.  I know from my own experience in dealing with police departments that they tend to take information at face value and not at the deeper levels of meaning, so that could be part of the problem.

Don’t get down about what you are doing.  As you full know God’s timing is His timing, not ours!
Love and Light

Hi Dr. Turi,
I sent an email to Oprah, it is attached.  I want to register for your next class whether it is in Hawaii or Arizona.  Please have someone send the information.  I also want to sign up for your VIP news.  You are very important to me and I believe your information should be disseminated worldwide.  Young readers certainly should view it, the teens in some of the desolate high schools in Chicago could use your advice because it would be a message of hope.  Teens today need direction.

Thanks again for all you do,

Dear Oprah,
I am writing to you today to endorse the appearance of Dr. Louis Turi on your show.  I have known Dr. Turi for twenty years now, and I can tell you first and foremost, that he is a man of great character who has dedicated his life to educating others about cosmic consciousness. His ability to analyze what is happening in the cosmos in relation to groups, individuals, natural forces, and predictable patterns of behavior has made him a leading prognosticator of future happenings. Dr. Turi is not here to entertain, but rather to enlighten us all about the possibilities as well as the pitfalls, which may be coming our way. Ultimately, Dr. Turi envisions a world for our children that are characterized by peace, enlightenment, and free thinking.   Oprah, I would highly encourage you to have Dr. Turi on your show so that others may begin to open themselves up to the truth of the cosmos, and take into account the factors i.e. the stars, the universe, and our own unique Cosmic identity. Dr. Turi is here to help us usher in a new era of enlightenment, cosmic consciousness, and openness that is part of the promise of the New Age of Aquarius. I’m sure you will find Dr. Turi fascinating, charming, sincere, and informative and that he will quickly become embraced as a welcomed new member of the Oprah family. I look forward to seeing Dr. Turi on your show in the near future, as well as continued success to you in all your endeavors.

Seattle, WA

Dr. Turi,
I am considered a gentle soul and do not normally take offense by the ramblings of those who may be irritated, angry and confrontational…however, your recent email upset and disrespected me. I do not believe that a man of your stature, a public figure and possibly a chosen messenger of God, should be calling his readers “selfish swine” just because you are not getting the response that you had hoped for. Badgering your public, insulting them and hurting the very people you say you are trying to save is NOT the correct way of going about it. I believe that you owe all of us an apology. I purchased your “Dragon Days” at a hefty price in the past, in order to protect myself. I appreciated the help at that time. I do not have the funds to pay for it this year. I do not have the money to become a VIP reader either. And after reading your email today, I have decided that I will not be giving money to a man who treats his readership in this manner. You cannot expect positive results when you attack with negativity. An attitude adjustment on your part is definitely needed here. P.S.  Even though you did insult me, I do find value in your Godly gift and sent an email to Oprah.

Shame on you.

DT – Sorry for being honest and using Jesus’ very words Holli…. You are much too sensitive and so am I lol

You are now a VIP.. enjoy

Hi Dr Turi,
Back in Oct. 2006, you were a guest on Laurie Kendrick’s Supernatural Saturday show in Houston, Texas. I was the assistant producer who contacted you and we spoke and I personally was amazed at your predictions. I want to say, that from that time, even till now, people are still talking to me about how accurate your foresight truly is…. It is amazing how you could know these things and yes, it is truly in the stars, but I am glad we have someone to make sense of it and someone who can truly help. Thank you again for being a guest and thank you for helping us all!

Paul  – Houston Texas

Dr. Turi;
Hello Oprah, Dr Turi is very intuitive and his predictions are very accurate.

Dear Oprah: just wanted to let you know that I have been following Dr. Turi and his moon power book for over 10yrs. now and I have done nothing but better my and my family’s lives. Not only financially ( we were broke and following his daily predictions and learning the laws of the universe from his teachings) I know when to do a good business transaction or not. I have tested his teachings and this Man has been right every TIME!!! But the most important thing is that I have been able to safe my children’s lives many times with Dr. Turi’s moon power book . My whole family has much respect for his teachings. His predictions of 911, Katrina , etc.. have all been right on. He also predicted the stock market crashes and I was able to inform some of my clients before and they safe their money in the stock market by either pulling it out or putting it on the side.  These are real things that have happened in our life and if the whole world could know about this teaching it could really help us in these days of so many crisis. What we have learned is that if we know something is coming our way we don’t have to be afraid but can prepare for it and handle it much better.  Please take time to have Dr. Turi on it would be a GREAT gift to the world.  Thank you so much for your time and all the great things you have done for this world.

Hello Dr.Turi,
I went to her website and used their from to ask them to have you on their show. I said you could explain best how you find the dates that Police Officers should watch out for. I said this knowledge should help the Officers but also their families and hope no officer would be killed again. This information is so important it should be taught at the academies.  I am a VIP renewal Subscriber, your technique and your predictions is why I came back, the knowledge you have never cease to amaze me.
Thank You
April 18, 2009

Dear Oprah or, To Those On Behalf of Oprah:
It is with profound respect that I offer my sincere and deep thanks to you, Oprah, for many years of elegant devotion in bringing love, education and support to “the people”. ***Please allow me to encourage you to give serious consideration in featuring the amazingly precise, credible Astropsychologist, Dr Luis Turi, during your upcoming season. *** For 35 years, overcoming great odds in his personal life, Dr Turi has diligently worked to develop his craft to a fine science enabling him to make incredibly accurate predictions regarding earth events, weather events, political and government events, and more. Dr Turi presents predictive information, often cryptic in nature, offering specific dates or windows of time, in effort to alert the population PRIOR to danger arising. *** My personal belief is that he is often interpreted as being “too negative” – yet he is fully aware that through our thought processes, our beliefs and the energy we hold, we as humans are fully capable of affecting the potential severity of events, and/or altering event outcomes entirely, through the power of our awareness.*** My only hesitation in recommending Dr Turi as a featured guest on Oprah, is that his flamboyant creativity and compassionate intensity coupled with the perceived focus on “negativity” may be misinterpreted. Yet I am certain that with your natural talents and skills, Oprah, you can elicit ‘gold nuggets’ from Dr Turi. This man is a credible, deeply caring humanitarian, who bears a great gift. And much like Susan Boyle’s recent triumph, it is HIS time. *** Of late, Dr Turi’s profound focus is on the greatly necessary protection of children, and events requiring emergency response and the support of the Police. His great wish is to alert the Police and get them listening – to protect us as well as defend themselves from harm. Of particular concern is Dr Turi’s foresight that our endeared President Obama’s life will be in grave danger in 2011. I’m asking that we – as a whole people – get word out to pray for the safety and protection of President Obama and his family. Please take Dr Turi’s wisdom, knowledge and predictions and prepare your public, Oprah, to unceasingly focus upon and generate, the positive in every regard. It really IS up to us, the Whole of Humanity, to bring forth the best. ***

As one great Rishi said, “Never be afraid to expect the best. …this is your heritage….It is not too much to demand.” (Maharishi Mahesh Yogi) *** Please listen for Dr Turi on George Noory’s ‘Coast to Coast AM’ radio show. Please do the research and contact Dr Louis Turi to help the world engender the most positive outcomes for human kind and our earth. You may initiate contact with Dr Turi at *** My sincere gratitude and thanks for your time and energy! May you live long and well, Oprah. God Bless,

Dear Oprah,
It is a great pleasure as well as a great privilege  to write you regarding the mission of one Doctor that is very important to my  friends and I as well as countless others.  I implore of you Oprah to ask  yourself, if you could help save the lives of police officers and children and  help end all of this unnecessary violence, would you? If you could help people  learn the way to live their lives more safely, productively, and happily, would  you? I would. Oprah, you can help do all of the above by inviting the Doctor  on your show and help share his knowledge with the world, his mission, his  reason for being. His name is Dr. Turi. His life is devoted to helping others  and spreading the word on his accurate and well-published predictions. He has  spent countless, endless hours, spreading his knowledge to everyone he can. This knowledge has saved lives. I know you, Oprah, will agree that the Stars were  created by God and our guide to our future. His techniques and ability to predict future events is unquestionable as he has mastered reading this “road map” and  has an innate ability to translate it to those of us who do not have this same  ability. He has honed skills to a degree that allowed him to predict the  terrorist attack on the WTC. He works feverishly to provide the police with  information to protect them He provides parents invaluable information on how to  protect their children as well as themselves. This has been his mission for 35  years and although he has been on numerous radio shows and cable TV, he needs  someone with your great following to allow him to speak freely on his  predictions and how these can better serve the world. If only others would learn  of his predictions, his knowledge and education, they too can avoid danger and  learn how to live their lives safely and flourish. I appreciate your time and anticipated cooperation in his mission. Learn more about Dr Turi at: _http://www.drturi.com_ You may also reach by  email:

Dear Oprah,
I’d really like you to have Dr. Turi on your show.  He is amazing with his forecasts and I am constantly amazed at how accurate his astrology is. I have bought his books and enjoy them very much, plus get a lot of knowledge from them.  He is like no other astrologer in the world and uses a procedure that is more accurate than any other I have known. Please, have him on your show.  I promise he will amaze you too! His web site is here………
Thank You,

Dear Dr. Turi,
I write to express my upmost respect and hope that you will continue to do what you can for humanity, without charge and without ill feelings. Now, more than ever, people need something to cling to…and someone that they can have to lead them.  There are many, many people out there offering readings of the future, for a price.  I think you are better than that.  I think you have a mission and it doesn’t involve money, but the saving of mankind. Yes, there are selfish people out there.  But there are also others who are barely holding on, with such high bills, they can hardly make ends meet.  I beg you to not allow these planet changes to affect your impressions and your good judgment, as the world needs you more than ever at this time. I am sorry to not have written you to tell you how I appreciate your being there and being so kind to send your letters of knowledge and wisdom to me.   I have made the mistake of taking you are granted, and I apologize for that.  I had intended to write and tell you how much I like your new look, as it makes you look much more handsome.  Your new hairdo is wonderful and you were wise to change it from your previous style.

Dear Oprah,
I understand you will be featuring Dr Turi on your show.  How lucky you  to meet him in person:  I have heard him on the radio several Times on coast to coast a.m. with George Noory.  Dr. Turi is a rare individual you will feel and sense the depth of his understanding of things in our world.  He is one of the few people today I would  really like to meet sometime.  Although you might say I know well of  him from his work on the radio.  I believe you will find him delightful and sincere as a person.  He will be a great guest. Best wishes to you and Dr. Turi!
Thanks and much obliged

Dear Oprah,
Your show comes on when I’m driving to work so it’s been a long time since I’ve watched you. I started the lesson that you supported by Tolken, but had to stop when it appeared to me his teaching was against God. If one cannot believe in a higher power then life is not worth living or dieing for. I totally understand your interpretation from the Pastor in your church. He was a human giving his own interpretation of an angry, judgmental, and unloving God. Organized religion can be using Gods messages to control people for their own greed. They are not all that way, but in the last couple of decades they have been selling the name it and claim it, (if you give enough money to them) We need our own relationship with God, that is loving, and inspiring. I can write a book on the miracles I have experienced from God.

This leads me to Dr. Turi who I have listened to, and read his predictions over the last 3-4 years. Though he’s is a little tuff on the mainstream Religions, probably due to some hurt he encountered, he appears to be a very spiritual person who God has blessed to bring messages to us. While being a little eccentric he has a deep passion to bring us the news of what will happen and is happening so that we can be prepared for the extreme changes in our world that will be taking place in the next three years. We have to get back in relationship with our creator to be able to handle what is coming at us. It’s not like the end of the world but it will be nothing like the world today. The earth is moving into a new cycle and our lives will be forever changed. I intend to watch a listen to what Dr. Turi has to say. I keep my mind open and listen to others also that appear valid, but Dr. Turi seems to hit it right on. Regards to you and all the caring things that you do for the people.
God Bless,

Dear Oprah,
Hello I wrote to you yesterday, about Dr. Turi.  I hope you hear our requests, this is only my second one.   Enclosed are two videos which  I would have never seen, but thanks to my friend Dr. Turi I have  learned something.  Let’s take Ray Charles, Helen Keller, and our young friend, Ben Underwood in the video.  I think if you look at  these people you will find a great deal of love in there lives, which  was shared by their primary teachers and parents.  When Dr. Turi gets  to meet you he could explain different types of love.  Perhaps just  simply, a true love which we do not contemplate enough about today. I sent the video of our young friend Ben Underwood, here and his  Mom to my brother and he says very interesting especially the Mom.   How did I miss that it was that I was so compelled with Ben I missed something very important the love of our parent(s).  Unless we are  born with the fortitude of the Saints, or special graces of and from  God we all pretty much learn about love firstly from our parents’ and  first teachers’.

Susan Boyle’s story’s although not a full analogy of  Ben Underwood’s,  demonstrates a truly loving person, bright successful, humble and  grateful of her parent’s.  My brother’s observation is interesting.   Even if you don’t read my letter please view these beauties of living and enjoying a true love in life.

Best wishes to you Oprah.  looking forward to seeing  Dr. Turi and you  enjoying discussing the better parts of life.

Thank You and much obliged

Dear Oprah,
I understand you will be featuring Dr Turi on your show.  How lucky you to meet him in person:  I have heard him on the radio several Times on coast-to-coast a.m. with George Noory.  Dr. Turi is a rare individual you will feel and sense the depth of his understanding of things in our world.  He is one of the few people today I would really like to meet sometime.  Although you might say I know well of him from his work on the radio.  I believe you will find him delightful and sincere as a person.  He will be a great guest. Best wishes to you and Dr. Turi
Thanks and much obliged

Dear Oprah,
Your show comes on when I’m driving to work so it’s been a long time since I’ve watched you. I started the lesson that you supported by Tolken, but had to stop when it appeared to me his teaching was against God. If one cannot believe in a higher power then life is not worth living or dying for. I totally understand your interpretation from the Pastor in your church. He was a human giving his own interpretation of an angry, judgmental, and unloving God. Organized religion can be using Gods messages to control people for their own greed. They are not all that way, but in the last couple of decades they have been selling the name it and claim it, (if you give enough money to them) We need our own relationship with God, that is loving, and inspiring. I can write a book on the miracles I have experienced from God.

This leads me to Dr. Turi who I have listened to, and read his predictions over the last 3-4 years. Though he’s is a little tuff on the mainstream Religions, probably due to some hurt he encountered, he appears to be a very spiritual person who God has blessed to bring messages to us. While being a little eccentric he has a deep passion to bring us the news of what will happen and is happening so that we can be prepared for the extreme changes in our world that will be taking place in the next three years. We have to get back in relationship with our creator to be able to handle what is coming at us. It’s not like the end of the world but it will be nothing like the world today. The earth is moving into a new cycle and our lives will be forever changed. I intend to watch a listen to what Dr. Turi has to say. I keep my mind open and listen to others also that appear valid, but Dr. Turi seems to hit it right on. Regards to you and all the caring things that you do for the people.
God Bless,

Dear Oprah …. I’m sure you receive thousands of email each day “telling” you who you should have as guests on your show, or who needs financial help, or who needs you to do something that would benefit the sender of the email/letter.  But, this is a request that you truly do consider one phenomenal man who appears to have one main purpose on this earth … to help OTHERS before himself. I am talking about Dr. Louis Turi (  I could write a full novel on the writings of this man. He travels more miles per year than imaginable just trying to educate the public.  He is not a “psychic”, he doesn’t read Tarot cards, he doesn’t look into a crystal ball … but he does make accurate predictions on items that affect all of us. Dr Turi’s information offers specific dates, alerting the public to upcoming dangers sometimes as much as 2 years prior to the unfortunate situation. Just read through his website and see for yourself.

About Dr. Turi

Dr. Turi is a proficient author and a captivating speaker, his profound Universal Wisdom astonishes everyone. He was recognized in the 2003 Marquis "Who's Who in America." Dr. Turi is the personal counselor of many celebrities, Ivana Trump, Peter Fonda, Gary Busey, Denis Haysbert, John Gray and many others. Dr. Turi is a favorite guest of George Noory on Coast-To-Coast AM radio and the BBC in London and appeared in numerous television programs worldwide.He speaks of the cosmic face and celestial tools of the creator and warn the world with undeniable well documented undeniable predictions. Clinical Hypnotherapist - Astropsychologist focused on providing individual and couples counseling services. Specializing in public speaking, teaching, metaphysics, natural healing, stress management, women’ issues and family mediation services. Interested in speaking engagements, radio, television, events and media outlets, academic work, advising corporations, the police force, colleges, universities and general public on mental health issues and spirituality outside of conventional beliefs and accepted disciplines.