The Magical Power of Talismans!

May 23, 2014

To assure order reception by customers, we will also provide insurance and also include receipts and custom numbers for tracking purposes.

Dear readers; 

As of today, 9/27/22; we have decided to offer our VIPs, clients, and patrons a new, and More powerful talismans design.

The front silver talismans will come with your personal Zodiacal sign (see samples below) and the full belt of the Zodiac is on the backside. 

You are advised to purchase a silver chain (only after the new moon) if you decide to use it as a necklace. 

Size, on Terania’s hand


Make good use of the new deal!


Universal talismans cost $1000 with a Zoom live consultation but you can get it for $400.00 if you become a VIP for 12 months minimum first…

(Update: 10/31/22 – The universal talismans are half price or $525, for all cosmic code subscribers; as this deal has now expired.)

Please contact Terania, for more information; at:

The reasons for the changes are:

Time: You will not have to wait weeks or months to receive your order, only a few days and no more than two weeks.

Too many people have been waiting for too long for something they invested in months ago.

Listening to the benevolent solar – Draco’s channeling; I came up with the answer, I needed.

Power: Instead of waiting for months, for the right cosmic auspices which could, in some cases even take years… I now use the location of your natal Dragon’s Head and charge your sign talisman during sunny days, on the waxing moon, and most importantly during one of your personal positive cosmic biorhythms days.

I will also locate the weakest area of your UCI (or Saturn the great malefic) to compensate with the revitalizing power of the talisman made for you.

Doing so not only saves lots of time but accentuates the power needed to make your talisman work its magic, almost immediately for you. 

Options: The new talisman is designed to affect all areas of your life; It can be worn around your neck, left in your bag, or in your pocket. It will protect you when you drive or fly! Unlike the old design, anyone can appreciate and even touch it. There is no cleaning, cleansing, or recharging involved ever.

Purposes: The new version depicts the full Zodiac wheel; making it Universal and perpetual since it carries in itself all the blessings and strengths of all the signs of the Zodiac. 

You do not need to send precious metals such as gold or silver or any precious stones anymore…

This new design. owns the power of:

Venus – Taurus/Libra: (love/money/Arts) and will raise your magnetism and stimulate the attraction between human beings… Especially if the person you are attracted to likes it or touches it. It makes you more magnetic.

Mars – Aries: (Pioneer spirit) If you need courage, drive, energy, and the will to succeed, Mars will be leading you all the way to the top… Makes you very competitive.

Mercury – Gemini/Virgo: (writing/communication) The Messenger of the Gods will give you all the mental power you need to study, teach, communicate and adapt to anything life throws at you… This talisman will accentuate and protect or improve your health. Makes you also faster and more curious.

Sun – Leo: (life/ fame/gold/love/children) The creative life forces of the Sun will attract the benevolent – solar Draconis in your life; where nothing or no one, can stop you from reaching all your wishes. This talisman will help produce healthy, successful children and stimulate better connections with kids and siblings… Makes you shine, invest in Gold. 

Neptune – Pisces: (Psychic power/creativity/arts/imagination) Neptune Lord of the Seas will speak its power through the forces of your subconscious where magic can and will change your life for the better. Neptune will lead you to more efficient medications and protect you against chemical poisoning/drugs. protect by the water… Makes you more psychic and accentuates good sleep and dreams.

Saturn – Capricorn:(politics/structure/career achievements) This rational Capricorn symbol will help you climb the mountain of success and give you the discipline you need to better your career and life in general… Particularly beneficial for political or investment endeavors… Make you driven to succeed and plan for it.

Uranus – Aquarius: (UFOs/originality/freedom/technology) Uranus’ futuristic energy can make the impossible a reality and will attract experiences you could never dream possible. Full protection when you fly anywhere… Makes you unique, and attracts friends and UFOs.

Pluto – Scorpio: (Death/rebirth/investigation/metaphysics) The extraordinary powers of Pluto can bring you back to life into a much more rewarding life. Sensuality and sexual affairs become a new reality… Makes you mysterious and powerful.

The scientific community is oblivious of the cosmic code jurisdictions and the power generated by a tailored talisman, something our clients and readers are uncovering with our cosmic teachings on the cosmic code private website. 


While our clients can order any talisman of their choice, after investigating their chart we always create the personal talisman that would work best for them.

Thus, if your natal UCI is loaded with Sagittarius (Half-man half-horse) your “Indian spirit,”  will be stimulated to work in your favor.

What does your sign say?

Go to and click on your astrological sign at the top of the page to read about your characteristics. 

Example: A Sagittarius talisman will bring luck in gaming, protection for your pets, or while traveling to foreign countries or in wild nature. This talisman could also lead you to foreign people’s wisdom and stimulate deep metaphysical views while stimulating also more practical scientific studies. 

Now, remember, we are not jewelry designers.

You are not after something attractive that only looks good, you are after the DIVINE or all the critical cosmic energy making up your UCI! 

You NEED a talisman if bad luck is something you can’t get rid of…  

This video will tell you more! WATCH!

Our talismans provide love, health, wealth, magnetism, Indian spirit guide, attract UFOs, and our Universal talismans are very powerful. 

You may also read “Beyond the secret” and drastically attract a much better future!  


Indian Spirit talisman – UFO’S  talisman

Indian Spirit talisman 

A magnetized rock, under positive cosmic auspices; will also be included, with each order.

Note that many rocks contain iron-bearing minerals that act like tiny magnets.

As magma or lava cools; these minerals begin to form.

At this point, the molten rock has not completely solidified…So the magnetic minerals floating into the molten mass, become aligned; to the magnetic field.

Thus, when magnetized by the sun – Its magnetic poles, line up and point in the same direction…Acting in accordance, with one’s chart complexity and most importantly; the human will, which is that much stronger; than the stars.

The question remains, will you be curious enough to check on your own cosmic load or learn about your Personal Cosmic Biorhythms? Unconscious humans can never escape the ever-changing cosmic winds working for or against them imposed by the eternal universal rites and universal cosmic ceremonies.

There are very productive years…

Opportunities, money, and luck seem to be blessing every one of your moves.

While there are extremely difficult times, we must endure when those cosmic winds never seem to stop blowing against us.

We received quite a lot of requests to create various “Talismans” in attracting love, wealth, health, protection against evil forces, and bringing luck.  But forging, and melting metals like copper, silver, and gold is not an easy task; only more of a child’s game; compared to the cosmic work we must perform, to make sure the tailored talisman you ordered acts beyond your dreams.

In fact, casting talismans is time-consuming and quite expensive depending on the size and spiritual work performed. 

This video will tell you more! WATCH!

WARNING! A talisman is an object created for the purpose of adding and using specific cosmic energies missing in your Unique Celestial Identity. The cosmic code eternal rules and universal ceremonies are “trapped” in the melting process and contain magical cosmic sacramental properties providing good luck for the possessor, and offering protection from an evil possession.

Some of those talismans can also be created to attract the benevolent Draconis group of ETs’ looking for “Chosen Ones…” And be sure UFOs and ETs are very real!  

UFOs Health Wealth Love Talismans 
Talismans, do they really work?

 Full awareness of the judicial divine and medical astrology must be acknowledged and respected by anyone making any health talismans.

 “A physician without a knowledge of Astrology has no right to call himself a physician” Hippocrates (ca. 400 BC).

 This video will tell you more! WATCH!









There are MILLIONS of lovely talismans you can purchase on the Internet.

And while some products are made of pure gold, extremely expensive, and attractive, they are all totally EMPTY of your natal cosmic essence and personal vibrations.

Once again, I am not a jewelry maker. I am primarily a Soul Doctor, a healer Prophet, and an Astrophile. While I always do my best to make a nice product, it’s not about the beauty of the aesthetics, but all about the power of your cosmic UCI made by my hands.

Talismans are produced in a round shape for men and women with a hole at the top and can be used as pendants or necklaces. Round designs conduct more power, particularly the shape of a silver dollar, and can be stored in your car, your pocket, under your pillow, or in your wallet.

The planetary hours in relation to your natal or hidden dragons have also been used in electing favorable times to initiate activities, and also to time prayers, spells, and magical rituals. The following table shows the sorts of activities traditionally favored by each planet:

Sun Hours: General success and recognition; spiritual illumination; decisiveness, vitality; activities requiring courage or a mood of self-certainty – making big decisions, scheduling meetings for reaching decisions, giving speeches, launching new projects; seeking favors from father, husband, boss, authorities.

Uranus Hours: UFO talisman – Perfect to attract a benevolent group of ETs’. This talisman can improve your psychical perceptions and attract incredible experiences, televisions, and technological opportunities while offering total protection when traveling by air.  This one can birth the genius in you and attract many friends and wishes.

Venus Hours: Love; friendship; artistic and social success; enjoyable, sociable, and aesthetic activities such as parties, social gatherings, recitals/exhibitions, weddings, visits, dating and seeking romance; planting ornamentals; buying gifts, clothing, luxuries; beauty treatments.

Mercury Hours: Success in studies/communications; children; making a good impression; routine activities and activities needing clear communications; teaching/learning; important business letters/phone calls; meetings to develop or communicate ideas; buying/selling; routine shopping, errands, travel; job applications/interviews; seeking favors from neighbors, co-workers.

Moon Hours: Health; home (buying a home, moving); journeys / vacationing (time of leaving home or take off); activities remote in time or space – meditation, making reservations, finding lost objects or people; planting food crops; hiring employees; seeking favors from mother, wife, employees.

Saturn Hours: Discipline and patience; giving up bad habits; overcoming obstacles; success with difficult tasks or difficult people; projects of long duration – breaking ground, laying foundations; planting perennials; treating chronic illness; making repairs; seeking favors from older people (not relatives) or difficult people.

Jupiter Hours: Wisdom, optimism; money (borrowing/lending/investing/earning / winning); activities necessitating enthusiasm; buying lottery tickets; seeking advice/consultation; settling disputes; seeking favors from grandparents, aunts, and uncles, advisers (doctors, lawyers, accountants, astrologers).

Mars Hours: Courage, adventure; enforcing your will; success with drastic action (lawsuits, conflicts, going to war, surgery); sports, exercises; risk-taking; making complaints; firing employees; seeking favors of husband or boyfriend.

For example, A man should ask a woman out on a date during a Venus hour; a woman should ask a man out on a date during a Mars hour; one should ask one’s boss for a favor during a sun hour; money should be invested during a Jupiter hour; medical treatments should commence under a moon hour (except surgery should commence under a Mars hour); and so on.

The current world cosmic wind is Neptunian while its color is blue is element is water. Its poisonous power stimulates religious wars, diseases, depression, and suicide… And a talisman can help.


Brittany Maynard is terminally ill and, according to her own schedule, may take a handful of pills that will end her life. Her age makes the case “extremely rare,” a health official says.

“Maynard was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor in January, barely a year after she and her husband were married. After several surgeries, doctors said in April that her brain tumor had returned and gave her about six months to live. She moved from California to Oregon to take advantage of that state’s law and says she plans to end her life soon after her husband’s October 26 birthday.”

Hi Terania & Dr T,
I wanted to chime in and give you some updates, about my beautiful Pendant, that was created from my stars –
That I received at the end of January 2020…Positive, positive, and positive!!!
  1. I have made some great strides in balancing and maintaining that balance with my emotions/thoughts/goals.
  2. I can focus my mind better and stay on task.
  3. My Worker’s Comp case was settled for higher than normal + Paid – Going back to school and getting certified in Quick books Pro.
  4. My visions are becoming clearer (even during my waking time) and I can recall them and journal this information.
  5. I can understand/accept the various beings that are out there in Cosmo’s without the fear most people get.
  6. I have been luckier in finding money and being sent money, that I forgot about.
  7. I can “see” myself getting financially prosperous and owning my own home.
  8. I have been healthier in my body and of course being proactive in maintaining that.
  9. Forgiving people from my past and truly meaning it from the heart.
  10. Overall being positive no matter what happens. I’m not living in fear. (Especially with the current global situation)

So I wanted to thank you for the extraordinary pendant, your support in delivering your crucial messages and website, your encouragement with your videos, and your genuine care for me and all the others that want this positive change global change.

Gigi (VIP)


Hello Terania,

Rob has trouble with his e-mail and he wanted me to let you know that he has received
the beautiful talisman and stone.

He says that it has lessened his toothache.

It arrived
on the New Moon.

Thanks so much. 

~ Gail Kolach for Rob.

P.S. Happy Independence Weekend


Dear Terania.

Thanks for your continuous swift replies.
I have had the talisman for about a week and to be honest it has surprised me and elated my spiritual knowledge. 
It is to my knowledge that you may not be making more talismans in the near future, for a while and so I would like to request a lava talisman; to protect my energy…My birthday is coming up so that would be a good time for one.
 I will come up with a more detailed, written review; in regards to the talisman, as I also wait to experience; it during the waxing moon. 
Hello Terania…
 Just a note to inform you that I did receive my talisman and have it on, since day one. 
It arrived a few days before my birthday (7th cycle), and I was relieved that no major incidents had occurred with me, since things can culminate during this cycle. 
Low and behold, I got sick the day before my birthday and can you believe, that the talisman helped me out tremendously. 
I had a major infection requiring four antibiotics and they wanted to admit me to the hospital, but I refused. 
I am thankful that I am feeling better and will continue the doctor’s instructions. 
It’s so strange, but sometimes I feel like Dr. T is speaking directly to ME even though I know he has many, many clients. 
Please let him know, and you as well, that I am so grateful for the time and energy you both have provided to me and commit to being a lifelong student. 
Don’t stop what you’re doing!
Best to you both,
Priscilla Bey

The Neptunius Dragon took many lives, over the last few years

Bobbi Kristina Brown and the Pisces dragon

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As of April 2016, to assure orders reception by customers includes insurance and we will also include receipts custom number for tracking purposes.


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