The Moronic Mind At Work!

May 21st, 2013


 ”For those who know me and the Cosmic Code jurisdictions, no explanation is necessary;  For those who do not, none will ever suffice… If every 8 year old in the world is taught Astropsychology and meditation, we will eliminate ignorance and violence from the world within one generation.”  Watch the future!

Dali Lama and Dr. Turi

Dear readers;

 Abnormal? Yes Tornado was EF5 | Enough warning?


Here is a sample of the moronic mind at work! Enjoy my rebuttals…

Mr A Hole – PHD, BSE, HN51, ADHD hons. DVT HIV

Lol, 6 days you’ve picked. On a planet inhabited by 7-12billion people, covered in a digital web whereabouts a fart can make a headline across 50 countries in 20 minutes.

On a rock hurtling through space, subject to both internal and external forces, many not yet understood.

A blue planet with an atmosphere, weather, oceans, deserts, mountains, rivers, glaciers, faultlines volcanoes.

That somewhere where humans dwell over a 6 day period. A natural disaster will occur…

My God Dr Turi, you’re good. I mean it must be like finding a needle in a haystack.

Make a prediction with the word disaster in it….
Pick 6 or so dates…
Keep doing this, in a rolling pattern…
Every day search internet news stories for matching generic words and dates…
Keep doing this in a rolling pattern…..
Post your matches as prophetic, compare them to your search results and previous ‘prophecies’ ….
Keep doing this, in a rolling pattern….
Pick more generic words…
Throw in the odd planet reference…
Celebrity name drop….
Keep doing this, in a rolling pattern….

That’s your ‘business’. And it stinks.

Dr. Turi Rebuttal:

Life is a constant process of changes my friend and so are the news and this  explain the “rolling pattern”  or the seasons  the news etc. So I will have to adapt to your level of expressive thinking and explain myself in a way you can comprehend…  On the dates I gave, those  news will be EXCEPTIONAL  and not “normal” or about a “fart” making international news via the Internet!  Which by the way happens everyday  because you “venting” your logic through your brainless ass,  is like Mother earth letting out numerous earthquakes.

Some of your farts are noticeable some are not! When I gave dates for earthquakes, those quakes will always be at or above 6.0 and those DO NOT happen everyday.   Check undeniable proof of my earthquakes predictions.  I am sorry readers but if I use his farts as metaphors is to help him to make sense to my highly spiritual messages and adapting to his own words and mental level may work!

ASK USGS WHY 3 dozen quakes shake Arkansas – THERE ARE NO ANSWERS FROM THEM! But they all happened during my “Windows of high probability” posted to and prepare the world! 

Updated – May 23/2013 –  Region:  SOUTH OF THE FIJI ISLANDS –  Magnitude:  7.4

Updated – May 23/2013 –  Region:  TONGA –  Magnitude:  6.6

Updated – May 24/2013 –  Region: SEA OF OKHOTSK – Magnitude:  6.8

Updated – May 24/2013 – Region:   SEA OF OKHOTSK – Magnitude:  8.2

Updated – May 25/2013 – Region:  EASTERN UZBEKISTAN – Magnitude: 6.0

 Note readers I gave 6 dates but actually what I am doing is to point out the MAXIMUM concentrated energy and add a day on each side which comes up to MAY 22/23/24  and May 28/29/30 2013 .

Thus, this is what you would read if I only offered you a single digit date- “MAY 23  and May 29 2013″ – But I have to add 2 more days on each side of the projected date, because there is such a thing as TIME ZONES and I am trying to cover all time zones at once (and I do) making my “SOS To The World  Universal Dates” valid for Asia, Australia, Europe and not only the US. But this morons needs more explanations and I hope talking “farts” with him will clearly explain my cosmic timed methodology…

Yes, this is the facts! I gave the exact dates for Hurricane Katrina to George Noory on Coast to Coast national radio show and millions heard me at work. I also gave/printed/published both the Asian tsunamis,  the Kobe earthquake, the series of deadly tornadoes and the list of my “Predictions” are endless but dated, printed and published for Astrogeologists of the future to build on my work.

If you are a sceptic, a scientist or a graduate geologist in need of understanding my predictive work, realize the weather man you see every night on TV is also using what Farthead calls a  predictable “rolling pattern” yes the dark clouds and winds above are rolling non-top and for ever…  Sorry readers, I have a problem with stupidity and being me, honest, direct,  real and truthful reflect my own advanced UCI.  If someone has got his head in the clouds or his ass,  its not me because I am much more logical, critical and sceptic than all of my Internet enemies combined…

Thus instead of stumbling on a word like PREDICTION you do not like used from a weatherman (or Dr. Turi) think of a “window of high probabilities” instead, because at the end the results will be the same anyway!

All those “windows of high probabilities” are are NOT the normal expected daily news my friend, they all stand apart because of the pain, suffering, destructions and loss of precious human lives. In my “window of high probabilities”  I gave the world more dates, more quatrains  more keywords now watch the news  unfold as did the deadly Oklahoma tornadoes (or the IRS / FBI restructures) are not happening every day and are far from “normal” news. Why don’t you make note of those “window of high probabilities” then challenge me instead of assuming because at the end Farthead, not Dr. Turi will look like an ass to the world!

I also predicted BOTH  9/11 terrorist attacks (those do not happen everyday)  leading to the “Bengazy” dilemma and the slow uncovering of the 2012 Rigged ElectionI made further predictions and offered you more “windows of high probabilities” next August for our President in “Obama impeachment” and emailed directly the Homeland Security and dozens of FBI offices all over the US to prepare them for what a born moron suffering a mediocre UCI classify as “normal rolling pattern news!”  OMG! and those are the lost souls I am trying to help perceiving the divine with my “windows of high probabilities?”  Attacking me, offering me their logic generated by their limited 5 human senses?

‘Great spirits have always encountered opposition from mediocre minds. The mediocre mind is incapable of understanding the man who refuses to bow blindly to conventional prejudices and chooses instead to express his opinions courageously and honestly.’

“Where Cosmic Consciousness is lacking; science, conspiracy and religious imagination have the wrong answers. There are no accidents, nor circumstances, only cosmic consequences the five logical human senses cannot yet perceive.”

“Man is superior to the stars if he lives in the power of superior wisdom. Such a person being the master over heaven and earth by means of his will is a magus and magic is not sorcery but supreme wisdom”


All I can do is keep offering my pearls of wisdom and more of my “windows of high probabilities” to those able and willing to accept the divine because  one thing is sure, unlike the 78000 born morons landing on Mars in the future , if you are like me, you will not miss them, instead expect the news to be quite extraordinary MAY 22/23/24  and May 28/29/30 2013  “SOS TO THE WORLD” and pass them on to the world because the sceptics  atheists, scientists alike will have to accept the facts that God gave me an obvious gift they all wish they had…

IN FACT EXPECT COSMIC NEWS i.e. solar flares, explosions, UFO and shocking news  May 28/29/30 2013 then judge me… MY keywords will confirm my “visions” sorry my “windows of high probabilities

Memo! from an old newsletter published May 12, 2013 –  ”The current  Scorpius Draconis is drastically steering the deadly Plutonic forces in all human beings, including children and yet, my work is perceive as “pseudo-science” only!   This Dragon is with us all the way to February 2014 and the dramatic news ahead of you involving children  and adults alike won’t be pretty!  24 dead including 9 kids!

Check and accept the the facts  that I saw tomorrow well before you and CNN my friend… Here is a long sample for you at and you can not erase nor ignore the truth!

Lastly  WHERE AND WHO  you know, your so-called prophet, your famous psychic or astrologer, the ones you read, follow, trust, watch, listen to, learn from offer you“windows of high probabilities?”  ONLY DR. TURI DOES IT! and this tells you of my confidence in the art because Astrology is an art and I am the Master! Now this comment should not be interpreted as “an ego trip” by those who practice the trade in silence, in the dark, secretively for if they miss in their predictions, their integrity will go down to the drain of shame… In these days an age where lies and deception rule your world, you should at least recognise and respect my work and I for being a true and honest “Light Fighter.”

 I will post the results right here under my quatrains and obvious keywords for you to judge, so please comeback then…

Blessings to all my readers

Sharing Emails:

Andy Rodriguez

Hey, I didn’t like this comment. My page and my posts are not the place or time for you to self promote. Children have died that is tragic, it is not for you to climb on their bodies and promote yourself.

The comment:
Drturi DrTuri (May 21, 2013): SOS To The World! Oklahoma Tornadoes Predicted!

DT Rebuttal: And these are the people I am trying so hard to help? Making me responsible for the death of all those children is outrageous when I am working overtime to warn the parents with my predictions and be aware ahead of time!  She completely missed my message and threw the baby with the water! Morons are everywhere I guess…


MAY 22 – 23 – 24

Shame to Light
Life Death Reality Strike
Battle Of God Power Ugly
Evil Lead men’s Tainted Spirit

Famous Death / Dramatic News / Police / FBI / CIA / Mob / Secrets / Scandals / Wake Up Call / Terrorism / Finances / Sex / Serial Killer / Dearth news?

Man dies after struggle with police  Man dies after struggle with police Police News?


Remember knowledge is power, ignorance is evil and if there an EVIL energy you must recognize and control it is indeed Pluto. Now do not fall for a bunch of moronic educated astronomers who; depraved of Cosmic Consciousness see Pluto, the moon and the stars as pretty rocks hanging above the earth for the sake of beauty only. First I would suggest the reader to read Pluto True Power and What The Bleep Do They Know?

Once you acknowledge the planet Pluto inner life and its karmic influence upon humankind you will be ready to assimilate the DO and DON’T – This long list of advises can make the difference between life and death or/and a very costly dramatic experience you and your loved ones certainly do not need.

The DO’s:

· Time for you to dig into deep secrets, Pluto loves bringing back dirt so you will meet the people or get the information you need.
· Time for you to dwell with magic and do some Cabalistic ritual to cleanse your home and spirit from low entities. My Cabalistic Cleansing ritual is a good start. Don’t ask for it unless your are a VIP.
· Time for you to dig into your bank account and see any fraud activity.
· Time for you to get rid of your current credit card and ask for another one
· Stay clear from doing or saying anything wrong to the police, remember the Rodney King dilemma?
· Stay clear from Sunday psychics, psychic accidents are very real.
· Stay clear from haunted houses; bad entities could succeed stealing your mind, body and spirit.
· Stay clear from prostitutes an STD or AIDS is lurking around.
· Time for you to visit your departed ones and ask them for guidance and protection.
· Time for you to take serious notice of all your dreams or learn all about a prophetic or imaginative dream.
· Time for you to for you to dig into my long list of newsletter to find what you really need or the answer of a question you may have.
· Time for you to think about your own mortality and write your will.
· Time for you to investigate any form of legal or corporate endeavor.
· Time for you to regenerate your spirit and learn more about witchcraft.
· Time for you to look for ghost’s manifestation.
· Time for you to enjoy a horror movie or sex movie, yes nothing wrong with porn if you are French or if you are normal. God made sex to feel good so we do it often.
· Time for you to tell the truth to anyone but be cautious doing so.
· Time for you to deal with the police if the moon is waxing.
· Time for you to join the Law Enforcement Agency if you UCI endorse such a dangerous job.
· Time for you to clarify your situation in court of a cop did you wrong.
· Time for you to visit or deal with an attorney to sue anyone who deserve karma.
· Time for you to look where your spirit is at in your life.
· Time for you to wake up to religious poisoning.
· Time for you to listen to your intuition about certain people.
· Time for you to realize your strengths and your weaknesses or be reminded soon.
· Time for you to do what you are the most scared and win.
· Time for you to realize you are actually on hell and fighting for survival.
· Time for you to tap on the Plutonic forces to stop smoking or drinking.
· Time for you to apply your will to do the impossible.
· Time for you to listen to your intuition.
· Time for you to learn the hard way why you went to jail and learn from your errors.
· Time for you to cry your eyes out and feel sorry for yourself.
· Time for you to realize you cannot hide any longer from the undiluted truth.
· Time for you to die and rebirth into a much better, wiser person.

The DON’T: especially if the moon is waning or if you are under any of your personal native Dragon dates

· Stay clear from large public gathering, may religious lunatics died in stampedes.
· Stay clear from suspicious people, your intuition won’t let you down.
· Stay clear from an offer than sound too good to be true.
· Stay clear from fast money making schemes, jail is next.
· Stay clear from the low life, you could get hurt or killed for a dollar.
· Stay clear from gang’s activity or recruitment, your death is near.
· Stay clear from doing or saying anything wrong to the police, remember the Rodney King dilemma?
· Stay clear from Sunday psychics, psychic accidents are very real.
· Stay clear from haunted houses; bad entities could succeed stealing your mind, body and spirit.
· Stay clear from dark alleys and empty streets, chances are you have been followed and you are watched.
· Stay clear from gambling with loud people Vegas or not, your sense of security is very wrong.
· Stay clear from far away bathrooms and be very cautious of long dark corridors including elevators.
· Stay clear from practicing witchcraft with uneducated people.
· Stay clear from signing anything without a witness.
· Stay clear from anything that is dark.
· Stay clear from any and all animals, Pluto will turn them into killers.
· Stay clear from trusting anyone asking for money.
· Stay clear from using your heart it could cost your life.
· Stay clear from the Full Moon light where ever you are.
· Stay clear from ingesting anything you don’t trust
· Stay clear from accepting a stranger’s drink, Pluto is inside.
· Stay clear from wild lonely places.
· Stay clear from trusting anyone during any 2010 Plutonic windows.
· Stay clear from fighting with your loved ones.

Do not let your kids out without supervision. During one of my TV show in Tucson I mentioned the death of a kid by drowning trying to save his friend that fell into a canal in Phoenix. Had the mother read my Moon Power Book or read my VIP Cosmic Code newsletter forecast, she would have been aware of Pluto. Like millions of preventable deaths she did not and for the rest of her life she will cry her loss and never be the same mother ever again. Don’t be left behind, knowledge is power ignorance is evil. As soon as you become a Cosmic Coder you will be with me for the next 12 months and enjoy more of my educational material. A real spiritual Master is a very rare thing join the world.


May 28/29/30

  Shock Surprise Nature Upset

Down Under Up Above Water Fire Kill

Heavens Deep Earth Wakes At Night

Ring In Fire Spit Science Wonder


Cosmos/Nuke/Weird/Surprises/Explosions/Shocking/Quakes/Volcanoes/Tornadoes/ NASA/Aeronautics/Electronics


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