The Other Side of reptilius infested L.A.: Skid Row


The year’s brightest comet streaks by Earth a powerful omen / prediction for the world!

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The Other Side of L.A.: Skid Row – Watch the video first)

Thousands sleeping on the streets, without toilets, food or water. This isn’t a developing country – this is Los Angeles’s Skid Row.

Dear readers;

Famous UFO’s speakers and NASA have invested fortunes and traveled billions of miles trying to explain the universe, the ridiculous possibility of man living on Mars and possible extraterrestrial life! Yet they know nothing of the obvious reptilius’ agenda cursing our local solar system designed to infest every single human living on planet earth. 

Popular TV series like “Ancient Aliens” reflect the rational, scientific mind of all UFO’s researchers sharing their personal views to what  UFO’s and ET’s are and where they may come from.  Their educational and personal views to UFO’s and the Universe is entertaining at best knowing none of them ever saw nor dealt with any UFO’s in their lifetime. 

“There is only a fine line between divine cosmic information and pure imagination” Dr. Turi

Remember reader, if you make people think, they will love you, but if you REALLY make them think (the way I do) chances are those people will hate you with passion! And this is why I have never been invited to  talk about UFO’s on “Ancient Aliens.”

A Powerful Message To The World 

Imagine that; if the American people were to find out that; an entity named Draco channeled by Dr. Turi is helping him to make unarguable, well documented, dated predictions on national radio and TV?  Yes I did predict a few above 6.0 earthquakes and the Latest tsunami that killed  more than 800 people in Indonesia and I will do it again very soon in three upcoming shows. Be my guest if you doubt my claims, all you have to do is listen or READ!

Read all the details involving my predictions made on various radio shows!

Do not miss my next radio shows where I will explain how the reptilius invade the womb of an infected mother and manipulate the human genes.

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Sailor’s homecoming kiss sparks outrage

There is so much to learn about what it means to be gays, lesbians or a transgenders etc. and the scientific community is, to this day, still unable to provide you with real answers. Knowing more on this extremely sensitive topic will help those who consider themselves born “normal” to become more understanding and tolerant of others! 

If you know someone wit a radio or Internet TV show please refer my cosmic teachings by sharing this sample article and help us reach more truth seekers as to expose and fight the reptilius.

Indeed you can only LOVE or HATE Dr. Turi because the truth VEX sensitive people suffering inferiority or insecurity complexes… Indeed it all depend on your aptitude to receive and accept the undiluted truth pertaining to the UFO’s community! without assuming that; I am the biggest egocentric man walking planet earth of course!

How, in the name of God can anyone speak about UFO’s or ET’s when they never saw nor dealt with them? Where is those gullible people’s critical thinking gone? What about asking any “UFO’s talking head” some solid facts before listening to their wild imagination and assumptions?  Would you listen to your doctor’s diagnostic and prognostic and trust his hands do to surgery on you if he never dealt with medicine before or never saw a human body? 

All I am doing here is to give you the option to rationalize with those “experts” and accept the fact that all they are doing on TV is letting their imagination going wild. And this does not mean their fabulous ideas visions, assumptions, fruitful imagination and cosmic teachings are worthless, far from it!

It is not my intenT to diminish any UFO’s speaker’s intelligence or values and has never been because “all roads leads to Rome” and no one HAS all the answers.  I am the first one to enjoy what seems to be an endless creative imagination on “Ancient Aliens” but I can not help to think “OMG! you guys have so much to learn about the reality of UFO’s and various ET’s’ agendas!”

All I am doing is to ask you to start asking questions about the truth involving legitimate UFO’s contactees  and recognize the teachings of people like me who have been touched  by them directly! And not all true “experts” like me are invited and allowed through “Ancient Aliens” to speak the truth about the reptilius (or make unarguable predictions) on their national TV! 

My cosmic teachings and Divine Astrology are not for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY! but depict the undiluted truth I represent and my envious, reptilius infected  Internet enemies will never allow me to easily reach a bigger and  wider public platform! But with your help, this will soon change because my aim is not to mislead and entertain you but true and  pure! 

You may firmly believe this will never happen to you and you will never become homeless or a drug addict! Do not be so sure my friend… You may be healthy, happy, loved, respected and financially secure with a solid job today, but unless you are aware and fully prepared to fight those nefarious entities, you could easily join the growing mass of infected people slaving for the reptilius.

Indeed no one is immune to this subtle but very real and dramatic phenomenon and society at large need to pay more attention to my cosmic teachings. This is why, if you consider yourself a supporter of my cosmic teachings, you MUST share my warnings and help me educate others and save precious lives while we can!

While I always offer our VIP’s ample and crucial information to beat the reptilius at their own psychical games in the Cosmic code website,  I am also offering them with disturbing personal experiences  involving two of my closest friends.

Larry was a very successful, wealthy and powerful business man (God bless their souls) and John was running one of San Diego’s top influential attorney practice.  Both became reptilius infected, one died and the other became homeless and I last spoke to him in 2008. John and I were very close friends and we always kept in touch! Yet I never heard of him since then…

Those real stories will tear your heart apart while offering very serious warnings to our human vulnerability.

Since I stopped offering my cosmic wisdom to an unwise, selfish, religious and/or atheist public, those information are still critically important for your psychical welfare! But only a few curious and wise souls will invest and benefit from my teachings… 

Become a VIP to the cosmic code private website, join us today, read various REAL horoscopes, enjoy our personal daily guidance and forecasts, enjoy my teachings of the Universal Laws, share our experiences, enjoy all the pictures and learn from my videos and lastly, find out what 2019 has in store for you!

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In this event, I will teach the audience not only how to avoid a reptilius infestation but to beat then at their own psychical games! 

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