The Pope embrace of evolution – A one world religion? Insanity at best!



For those who know me and the Cosmic Code jurisdictions, no explanation is necessary; for those who do not, none will ever suffice… Dr. Turi


Is Pope Francis the last Pope?

Can you imagine any way to bring a tumultuous world under a one world religion?

The Pope’s Embrace Of Evolution  A One World Religion? Insanity at best!

Pope Francis embracing of evolution to bring us one step closer to a One World Religion is not only ridiculous but will cost him his life! Well there are few reasons, why it will never work! First acknowledge my predictions

“Here is my interpretation for this Grand Cross but the main cosmic energy is Neptunian, this mean be prepared for important and deadly news involving the Middle East, religions, the pope etc.”

Prediction #5 of 24:  Neptune rules religions and this Dragon is aiming for the Church, President Obama and Pope Francis. Like his predecessor John Paul, he may pay the ultimate price with a mysterious death or assassination.  

  • Prediction #7  of 24 – I am expecting a full restructure of religion, the Navy, the oil industry and pharmaceutical abusives corporations making billions selling new nefarious drugs against depressions stimulating more suicides.
  • The church will suffer a lack of interest due to the atheist growing movement.  New controlling laws will be issued against the New Agers and psychics and more religious movies will “advertise” religions and Christianity. *Jesus Will Look Different in Highly Anticipated TV Series.

If you Google *Dr. Turi religions,  *Pope Francis or *Jesus Dr. Turi,  you will find tons of articles on this topic. The predictions above dictate why his Vatican corporation will not survive the cosmic code jurisdictions I translate for you every day! While Pope Francis  shows his kindness in many ways, he is too real, too humanistic and seems too concerned for humanity; for his safety.

But realize, religions didn’t bring peace nor help humanity at large,  for the two thousands years, so there’s no changing it now. While I believe in a cosmic God, I understand why people can talk to God, or pray in secluded places.

In fact, Terania and I are planning to celebrate our five year wedding anniversary, in one of many churches in Pont St Esprit, France (The bridge of the Spirit) and in the small village I was born in. 

Note;  My village is known all over the world for the 1951 Pont-Saint-Esprit mass poisoning, also known as Le Pain Maudit which was a mass poisoning on 15 August 1951, in the small town of Pont-Saint-Esprit, in southern France.  Indeed the reptilius infected scientific matrix  at work!

More than 250 people were involved, including 50 persons interned in asylums and 7 deaths. The food borne illness, which affected other parts of France but was the most serious in Pont-Saint-Esprit, was traced to “cursed bread” (pain maudit). Most academic sources accept ergot poisoning as the cause of the epidemic. Alternative theories suggest poisoning by mercury, mycotoxins, or nitrogen trichloride.

But the fact is very different, if you care to read about it!  I was only a years old when this wide poisoning happened and we lived next door to the baker. It was a short walk from my house and Mom got the bread there everyday!

But a cosmic God spared the family when, the day before; my dad decided to pay a visit to his parents 150 miles in the South of France…  But as you know there are no accidents, at least not in my conscious world, especially when bread is associated with the so called holy book! “I am the Bread of Life” (John 6:35)  

Even as a child I always knew there was something special with me! I wondered for years why I had to endure  those UFO experiences Dr. Louis Turi’s UFO and Alien Abduction Experiences wondering why I ended up in the UK then moved to the USA! Reading this article again, Killing Jesus “Les Prophecies”will help you to understand the truth about God’s cosmic divine even more!

But some may wonder why Pope Francis is out of touch with reality? ISIS wont go for it and start loving people instead of burning them alive or throw gays of the roofs of tall buildings… So what’s really going on, in yet another religious matrix, masquerade billions of gullible souls may consider? And what other religious elites who have been battling each others for centuries will think, when asked to join? Guess you can’t really blame Pope Francis for trying…Or can you?

This is simply impossible! Memo; “It seems impossible for the children of religiously poisoned or atheist “educated” parents to hope for a better future knowing all your political, religious and scientific well read elites can not agree between  themselves and deny God cosmic Divinity.

Memo – “Atheists are victimized by science and fearful religious people are messed up by the poisonous religious matrixes keeping them all away from a real cosmic God! While the rest are too far gone. I understand too well how the religious, scientific and educational matrixes have conditioned our society (cops included) to systematically reject something that surpasses conventional accepted disciplines and challenge the status quo!

But knowing the mass of gullible pious human are not  exactly “related to Einstein” and find hard to read or invest $10 in my long educational articles, it’s going to take a long, long time to bring back God cosmic Divinity to humanity!

Keeping a solid record is extremely important for my cosmic legacy to survive, once today’s generation of rational educated idiots or religious fanatics in power dies out and get replaced by a more spiritual oriented one.

Indeed our futurist Astropsychology / Astroforensic work is not for the today society but for the children of the future.” 

With billions of conflicting UCI’s on the planet, there is ONLY ONE WAY to accomplish this miracle, it can only be done with cosmic education!  For years, I also spoke of the critical timing where children are still pure, innocent  and know nothing of religions, atheism, racism, fears and love mom and dad and others unconditionally!  

Following and trusting Pope Francis’ new idea, while Neptunian in nature, can only steer more troubles with a myriad of competitive religious matrixes fighting each others for supremacy (ISIS!)

There is no reasoning with atheists underdeveloped UCI, religiously poisoned or greedy egotistical people period! Those lost souls’ children are salvageable, but how do you teach them the critical work of all the wise men when both the religious and scientific matrixes own the stage and control all the information?

Freeing humanity from religious fears, dry atheism  and exposing a real Universal God is an incredible challenge. Until then you can enjoy Neil DeGrasse entertaining cosmos series that will serve no real practical purposes in your own personal life! 

Carl Sagan, Neil deGrasse unilluminated perception of the stars!

Feed the scientific  or religious matrixes or free your spirit with Dr. Turi

This is nothing else that another desperate efforts for the religious matrixes and all its religions to survive into the future and keep your spirit jailed into deep seated fears and their dominance. Without your “donations” like NASA and Mars One deceptiveness, they can not survive and must RE-invent themselves endlessly! 

Its giving in to the Illuminati or join Dr. Turi!

If you are a reader of mine, well before Pope Francis’ idea reached CNN,  I can not recall how many times I wrote; the world need a Universal God, a universal religion and this can only be accomplished by opening the door to the children and allow them to build cosmic consciousness while they are receptive!  

But do not expect the US Department of Education elites to work with us or in your favor when it comes to accepting any Astropsychology schools in our world. Though it is crucial, at least my work is available for those who wish to learn but with good intentions because we have so little time to turn things around!  

Thus each time a good soul gave to the church, or science, he actually gave to the evil of manipulation and ignorance, but there is no way for me to challenge and change the system without your help!  If you Google “Science, Dr. Turi” you will end up reading my work for weeks! 

From “Sagan, Dawkins, DeGrasse, Astrology is a real science, here is the undeniable proof! Centuries of biblical readjustments paved the road to the religious and scientific matrixes domination upon the world today.  The very fact is; without Astrology both religions and science would never have existed, read more in the Dead Sea Scrolls secrets revealed.

Time are changing real fast and we do not have much left, especially if we do not prioritize our efforts to help a suffocating Mother Earth… What would the Pope “Universal religion” good for if there is no world left to enjoy life?

You have been conditioned to help, support and give to science, charity or your churches because your heart tells you it’s the right thing to do! You were wrong all along because your taxes and donations help built NASA, the Vatican, all churches, temples and mosques that became the targets of challenging religious fanatics.

No, I do not throw the water with the baby, science is marvelous and so are peaceful religions, but the evil of power, greed and wealth has infiltrated all those matrixes.

God is nature, the trees, the flowers, the wild life, the mountains, the rivers, the Sun, the Moon, God is the universe, the universe is YOU, God is the stars, God is universal and much too big to belong to be confined into any man made religious buildings.

God is all and all is that, you have been made at his image, this mean you own the same creative or destructive powers than the creator himself… This mean you are a God in training in this dense physical world and you have been enslaved to uncover your cosmic self!

There are 875 different denominations and 875 different way to service, honor, believe and respect those false gods! But there is only ONE Cosmic God that speaks his will through the signs, thus…

dr. turi

I am not the President, I am not the Pope, (but I know better for sure)  Or like many of them, i.e. Doctor  Luther King, the evil of control, ego, power, manipulation, ignorance and greed would kill me…

Think readers, I have your best interest at heart and its only when you start vibrating at our own cosmic speed that you will become  a smart, well informed, prepared cosmic coder! 

Now about my proposal where we were going to charge only $10 to the public instead of $100 for a year subscription… That is no longer in effect. At this point, even with the tremendous reduction, only a few souls took the time to answer.

This clearly dictate no enough people were interested in my proposition and my work. Thus there won’t be no changes to the pricing options. However because  some of you have shown an interest in my work, you will benefit from it!

From Bring Back Astrology As a Science out of  232 people, only 8 people took the time to answer me.

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Louis Turi 2 people gave me the thumb up from this page!

Thus all of you (unless you already are a VIP) please email Teraniapromodir@ and she will comp you for free for the next 3 months! There is no point for me to continue my request or keep offering FULL cosmic code articles to the public when I am not worth $10 to save your life or worse, unwilling to learn all the rare secrets of the cosmic code!

Enjoy my last article and join us when you are ready!

Blessings to all

Dr. Turi


The general, religious order of the Roman Catholic Church has been continuing to idolize their God and pursuing others to do the same by helping the initiation of each representative through his or her work… With the ill and destitute, while justifying the acts of the Catholic faith. And this is just one of the few arrangements that had been created in the Medieval Period during the war with Islamic religion and still has its movement going on today.

As America is governed from the residence of our president – we’re not talking the family of worldwide elites, or the national headquarters for the nationalist socialist / communist party, but  the White House… Whereas England is governed from the overall British governmental administration White Hall; covering the entire area near Westminister, which is very similar to the basic organizational unit for freemasonry, or the living quarters and room for large affairs.

Not to forget that the Catholic Church is a brotherly operation or governmental movement of Israelites organized during the medieval period by the Roman emperor, Constantine.

After all, it is to be the only one that sincerely believes and abiding by supreme rule as the Pope wears the head covering – skullcap or kip-pah; as those within the esoteric old-boy network.

While much other gallant status didn’t have the cordial capacity which distinguishes the Order of Malta, they fled once the armed forces met their aim and had presented explanations for their actions in trying to stop them.

Since forever it has been the dream of many men and even some women in or from  high social positions to leave their large sums of money that would be put forth towards setting up a club or organization of some sort that would educate inexperienced males and females of the Caucasian race how to become capable of having the control towards  managing the total regime of a very large world administration that would be out of the sight of the public and to do so with specific knowledge that no person would really be able to gain all of the entire facts about.

Some of the most scandalous lawbreakers to have ever lived among the class of existed beings, from what are obvious throughout the course and review of our past events and more current experiences are in the USA.

Guiding our nation from those pursuing or having had engaged attention for elective office on the rank of any system or entity and particularly the national position, are to be those who have committed some of the most shocking acts our globe has probably ever acknowledged.

These people are liars and lawbreakers and we have watched them bring about all unfortunate events for our nation to have its principles betrayed by our adversaries, America has been drained and left  barren of finances, much has been taken from the inhabitants of this country and it now looks like everyone is on its way to the same pathway as the Roman Empire before its complete downfall.

The essence of this chivalry supports and helps make clear the perpetuation of the dignified type of Order, while many of the other Religious Knights were to have come from high-minded and aristocratic Christian household.

Presently most of the alleged noble men belong to all sorts of upper class of people…Not just the Illuminati and Freemasons but the CIA, your persons occupying elective office, your special interest representatives, your past, current and future presidents, much of the American upper class…An infidel, classical Roman establishment or fraternal organization which comes from the traditional Roman authority.

This had been the unified control of the long-established European world since the westernmost peninsula of Eurasia had been controlled by the capital of Italy otherwise known as Rome.

The parts of its group can be also outlined as Catholics inspired by an unselfish dignity of attitude and mannerism. At the same time, all of its representatives must pass the usual necessity for the accords of this chivalry: categorizing themselves for certain honor. (IN PROGRESS)

 If you are not happy it is because you do not live your destiny!

A life without knowledge of the stars’ plan is contrary to all law …

“God created the stars and the heaven for more than the sake of beauty; He gave them to us for interpretation so that we may live a safer more productive life.  Man is superior to the stars if he lives in the power of superior wisdom. Such a person being the master over heaven and earth, by means of his will, is a magus, and magic is not sorcery but supreme wisdom.” ~ Paracelsus 

The power of talismans

“The universe is a BRIGHT LIVING spiritual entity, I’m offering its secrets before I die.” Dr.Turi

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