The Power of Crystals Healing Rods and Natural Gemstones


Dear readers;

In reference and response to the Purple Blue Amethyst  Ballot Drawing.

I bought this piece for $1200 – Roughly 75 LBS

For $100 you may be the proud owner of this huge healing Amethyst   if Terania pick your name! The crystal-Amethyst is most excellent placed near computers, I will give you more information on how to proceed, some rules and some health tips as you read this article.

If you are like me and spend hours near computers this is what this particular rock will do for you!

While I strongly recommend everyone to stay connected with Mother Earth by walking bare foot on the grass or by the water, taking regular trips to nature is a must to regenerate your body, mind and soul. You are nothing else than a gigantic battery and each time you are stressing, *negative   you lose healing power, degenerate and empty your batteries.

Meantime reading some of the good stuff I generate act as a plug in your “spiritual” wall socket! And while I wish I had only good news to pass on to you, if you are still reading me or comeback for more, its because you are regenerating your spirit with us.

Being endlessly negative lead to all sorts of physical and spiritual ailments you do not need and anti-depressants can only and seriously alter your own body chemicals balance and even put on weigh in the process..

Let talk about weight first…

Due to exposure to an array of electronic rays,  common foods, beverages and  over-the-counter medicines, 9 out of 10 people’s guts have been infested with toxic, parasitic bacteria that is DESTROYING their health and making it virtually impossible to drop fat from their biggest problem areas… and that very likely means you too.

If you were born with Saturn (restriction) in Virgo (elimination principles/intestines) like me, you are seriously prone to also develop colon cancer. Luckily for me I managed to beat the disease because of my “Natural Blood Transfusion” and with it, the option to over oxygenate my body where cancer cells have no chances to duplicate.  My house is also loaded with healing crystals of all shapes and forms that MUST be cleaned regularly (after the full moon) with sea salt and water to maintain their cleansing/healing power.

If you are too busy or unwilling to regularly visit Mother Earth, walk bare foot or go fishing like I do, the millions of years it took for nature (wind/rain/rocks and earth) to create those concentrated natural healing “crystal rods” becomes your best option to keep closer to her!

Having running water and fountains in and out of the house like we do,  is also great healing Feng Shui to accumulate ions.   Add the Cabalistic Healing Candles Ritual to all this and you are safe from all your enemies negative thoughts reaching you…

Fortunately, there’s a way for you to “cleanse” that you can perform today, almost without thinking, to correct this dangerous imbalance if you follow my advises. Human are machine of habits, and while stopping smoking cigarettes was the hardest thing I ever had to do, I also trained my body to eat only once a day. This seriously slowdown the “regular” work your body has to perform for hours to process and cleanse itself for all the ingested food and their toxicity.

While everyone of you,  can do so,  many seek mental refuge with food because they need the nutrients to feel secure. But I have noticed my many crystals have seriously altered my appetite and diminished the regular craving for food I used to have.

Remember the Indians had to walk for days before finding and killing wild life, then carry the load back to their village where more work was needed before ingesting the food.

Nowadays all you have to do is walk a few feet to your kitchen and press a button to use your microwave. The amount of fat accumulation is extreme and fat burning nearly non existent when you sit all day long at your computer! And you wonder why there is an epidemic of obesity and an explosion of heart diseases in the world nowadays?

But the worse possible inflicted damage is psychical and the result is an explosion of “Adam Lanza monsters” bullies and endless suicides.  Yes who thought of blaming fast food chains for such an epidemic! Indeed human have removed themselves physically from Mother Earth and spiritually from God’s cosmic food…

Instead of spiritual safer natural/spiritual healing, TONS of nefarious medications are used to burn fat. And this benefit the religious and scientific matrixes only while humanity’s physical and  psychical welfare is slowing deteriorating…

Yes you can STUFF yourself with crystals and gems regenerative spiritual food, lose weight and become more healthy instead. Yes those rocks do replace much of the solid food you trained yourself for years to ingest and “save” in parts of your body! Be sure reader, the bigger the better with crystals, and if you think the Purple Blue Amethyst mentioned above is big and heavy, wait until you see the other one I bought from Sedona for $1600.  Well over 150 LBS…

After reading my Purple Blue Amethyst drawing my friend Ian sent me more information I now share with you.

  Amethyst is a member of the ‘Transformer’ group of minerals and therefore its evolutionary function is to ‘transform’ other energies around it; but more than that — it especially absorbs and transforms subtle energies that are in chaos or ‘fighting with each other.’

Some people might find it easier to understand that it’s as though its Monad ‘feeds’ on these chaotic or negative energies. To describe what this looks like; as you look at your PC screen, imagine there is a black cloud around it when it is switched on, and generally speaking, your head is just inside this cloud when you work at the PC.

 Now when you place a large Amethyst cluster inside this cloud, next to the screen, the Amethyst will slowly begin to react to the situation. It takes about 25 minutes for the change to fully occur.  After this — picture the cloud turning into a vortex-like funnel shape above the Amethyst and the black energy spiraling down inside the crystal bed. Inside the Amethyst, the Monad puts this ‘black energy’ through a complex management system and then emits it out again through a long channel that extends as much as a meter away.

When the energy is ‘ejected’ it is white in color and is perfectly transformed to a harmonious condition. This is a perfect example of how we can use the evolutionary function of a mineral, and also where we are not actually using its ‘mineral energy’.  Rose Quartz is also a member of the Transformer group but it doesn’t do quite such an efficient job as Amethyst with the ‘negative energy’ around a PC.”

Sharing Emails; 


 Hi guys, yes I would love to be the recipient of this beautiful crystal. I am concerned tho, as to why you guys are selling everything? The future must look really bleak!
Love to you both



The future has always been there if we cared to look, so I wouldn’t presume any bleak reasoning. I’m actually surprised Dr Turi hasn’t de-possessed much sooner, as eventually all those accumulated material possessions tend to clutter our life and tie us down. There’s a fine line between being a collector or a hoarder. It’s a beautiful rock and a great bargain… As a Taurus Dragons Tail, I’ve learned to embrace the “freeing” process and really enjoy knowing my precious items are appreciated by their new owners…so will Dr Turi.  



 DT- Indeed Laurie is right and Terania and I regularly do garage sales to keep the old stuff flowing as we replace it with new ones, new energy and this is good Feng Shui. But we treat crystals and other “magical” pieces impregnated with our healing energy differently. You can benefit or suffer from anyone stuff and you have to be careful the “energy” your bring into your home is compatible with yours. Your are bringing something new, something alive closer to you and your children and I am sure you would not dare invite a killer or a rapist into your home.

Most of all the new items MUST reach you during a waxing moon or being purchased during a positive energy.

Anything you buy is like a talisman loaded with power that will bless or hurt you in the long run if you are not aware of the subtle forces at work. In our case anything you’ll get from us can only ADD to your life in terms of love, light, wealth, healing and wisdom.  Let me try this, would you buy any of Charles Manson artwork he made in prison? I won’t even put the picture link here for you to see what this monster is creating and selling!

And some screwed up evil Plutonic souls will invest in his evil energy but I doubt those sick morons know what they are doing and the type of energy they are attracting into their lives…

The reason why we are selling all we own and moving is because my natal Dragon’s Head in Aries and Terania (also an Aries) is a higher order imposed  by the Cosmic Code (God’s will) to rebirth through the 2014 Arian Draconis.

When I first wrote my predictions about this dragon back in June 2013 I knew how and why this cosmic fluid would affect us and if we resist it, the price to pay could be much worse than all the possessions we accumulated over the years. What is insane is; so many cosmic unconscious people out there are NOT responding to God’s cosmic order and many will pay the penalty in the process.

Remember once I move out the country I will not work as hard as I do here in  Phoenix “Arid Zone” and I am strongly recommending you to deal with me now because there will not be many deals available, especially when I retire in 2015.   But life and projects are not made in stones, unless a miracle takes place between now and then and force me us to stay in America, we are gone!  But knowing the power of the thoughts, the supra-conscious subtle forces at work, and knowing we have so many supporters God plans can always change! 

We have TONS of items for sale and some of my artworks will start at $2000 others will be quite affordable at the many future Ballot Drawing.  There is something for many of you, small or large we own and our magical energy will blend and bless your life as soon as you become the new owner…

I will use my camera, post a few pictures and explanation of all future items we have for you. Some are very very rare even priceless and directly from Nostradamus house. Are you ready to inherit Nostradamus’ spiritual energy?

Think long and hard before owning some of those items because the spirit of the great prophet is immortal and very real… I do not have to tell you how it affected my spirit, my wisdom, my visions and changed my own life for the better!

I will elaborate long and hard enough on ALL that I want my VIP’s to own that once belonged to us and again if you are not a VIP (and we will check your status) you are not entitled to participate in any future ballot drawings.

Let me now give you more information on the rules;  Indeed the current Purple Blue Amethyst is a magical piece and part of the deal agreement is; those who live in or outside of the US will have to pay HALF of the shipping cost! Many items are small, rare and  precious, others can fit in a box but all will be shipped with insurance and many will be quite small and inexpensive.  It all depend on what you like to own and what you want to do with it… And God know do we have good stuff for you…

We have VIP’s from all over the world thus heavy items will be shipped by boat and may take a few weeks to reach you, doing so and this will make the shipping fees much cheaper.  In any case, if you are a winner, you will know the price before shipping!

Remember, if you are not yet a VIP, the Purple Blue Amethyst goes with a 12 months cosmic code subscription because I want EVERYONE to win something VIP or not!  $100 is a lot of money for many of you and becoming a VIP will qualify you for all future  Ballot Drawing.

The drawing will take place on May 28th, on the first day of the New Moon. Terania will put  all the participants’ names in a box and I will video tape her when she pick and announce the winner. Then the video will be posted PRIVATELY on the cosmic code website and a very happy VIP will hear his/her name and become the new owner of the Purple Blue Amethyst magical powers!

The winner must call us right away to discuss the shipment.  We are still taking names and we are asking all participants to NOT send money yet and  wait a bit longer to discuss the $100 payment through a private email.  The next two items for sale will be then announced!

Thanks for your support VIP’s, while we will be thousands miles away, your investment will serve the world well by helping Terania and I to be back on the air with the “Cosmic Code new radio show” and make our Cyber Cosmic University alive and growing. I have to pay my webmaster Tom for all his efforts and the latest radio technology I need to purchase in the US and use in our new home…

This is the last minute Mother Day I am adding a 12 months  Personal Cosmic Biorhythm with the current serious discount super deal for any of my cosmic services.  Why pay $700  and $125 =$825 when you can give your mother TWO very long lasting spiritual present and pay only $210 instead? Is your mother really happy, is she at a crossing point in her life? Does she experience health issues? Imagine how much money you are saving by trusting me to help your mother?


But you can only get her this deal if you call Terania at 602-265-7667 to schedule her FREE 5 minutes “psychic” reading BEFORE MAKING HER MIND!  Only then will she realize my gift on her special Day!

Blessings to all

Dr. Turi


Blessings to all my readers


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