The “reptile” brain, when will the infamous Government shut down end?


Our reptile brains were triggered by MAGA hat video

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Dear readers; 

Important announcement: The sad reality is religious or atheist people on Facebook (my Internet reptilius infected enemies) can never assimilate nor accept my cosmic messages and in a click they always mute me! Pages like I am Alien, UFO Reality  with 10,135 (and counting) people who appreciate my writings, or  World War Three may end up being impossible for me to edit or post any-longer some days… 

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ContinuedAmazing how subconsciously people will use the word “reptile” knowing nothing of the reptilius’ phenomenon cursing our planet!  The US Department of education and Christian schools alike will not teach you or your children how to translate omens or read between the lines! And those who did in the past, dropped me regardless of the many people endorsements requesting me back! 


Prophecy & the Cosmic Code with Dr. Louis Turi –  Feedback
The purpose is in the stars!

George Noory will be making a number of public appearances in 2018 and 2019. He is also currently taping live episodes of his GAIA TV show, Beyond Belief with George Noory.  

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To the atheists and the scientific community, all this metaphysical “junk” is impractical, serves no real purposes and must be ridicule… To the religious indoctrinated fearful crowd, deal with Dr. Turi and Astrology and go to hell! OMG! in what a young world did I land on? 

Yet, the word  “reptile” was conscientiously used by Douglas to subconsciously embrace the full reality of a cosmic manifesto I am trying so hard to make you aware of…
By Douglas Rushkoff read moreThe “reptile brain” these platforms trigger doesn’t engage in prosocial behaviors. Instead, in an environment of weaponized memes and isolated by social media, human beings become more entrenched in their positions and driven by a fear for their personal survival.” 
Indeed, knowing President Trump’s psyche has also been hijacked and “infected” through his natal Dragon’s Tail (negative) located in the sign of Sagittarius (foreigners, foreign affairs, religions) the US and the world must now reflect and experience his idiosyncrasies and fate. Much like the unwise, cosmic unconscious German people gave power to racist Hitler and he killed millions of people in the process. 
It seems this article “Terrorism, Depression, Chaos, Fear, Dementia, Suicide and the Reptilius Universal Infestation” published in 2015, well before President Trump became our President, speak of the reality of a dreadful  cosmic phenomenon 99.9% of the world population is unable and unwilling to accept as fact! 
Once again, reader my work is cosmic in nature and has nothing to do with your political choice, thus if you like or hate Trump for what ever reasons, it is your prerogative! One thing is sure, unless you share a similar natal UCI, (stars) as Trump, you can only hate his gut.
In fact one of my Vietnam vet best friend and very active Trump’ supporter was born the same month (June) and the same year, thus he also shares the same  idiosyncratic drive and fears through the same karmic Sagittarius Dragon’s Tail! 
Meantime, he may or may not know since we did not speak for a while or engage politics! Consequently, if I was not cosmic conscious his political choice would have destroyed our 35 years friendship! Like millions of other husbands out there, my own wife also support and endorse some of Trump’s ideals and to keep peace in my own house, I avoid talking about religion or politics!
What’s amazing is that; my wife is cosmic conscious, she knows all about the reptilius’ agenda and the Dragon by signs and houses and the full subconscious effects imposed on people’s life including their decisions and choices. Yet, her fears and convictions are based upon her own personal experiences on foreign grounds and  that’s enough to overrule her deep cosmic wisdom.
This indeed prove that; deep emotions or fears, will ALWAYS win over reason and logic…
While she loves my family dearly, she does not want to live in France and she does not like France period!  In her mind, everything is too small, everything close early, she is a health fanatic so good food do not appeal to her, there is no future for French people and our socialist politics STINKS!  Being from Dallas, Texas, everything is BIG there and she could never adapt. She is used to a 24/7 active life and the greatness this country is offering its population. 
And that’s her right because in my case, I love America, enjoyed the American dream and what this country stands for including all  its foreign people. 
I am also convinced Trump’ separatism (natal dragon, stars and inborn fears) has and will kill many relationships and marriages and induce serious chaos with various family members… Exactly as intended by the reptilius who could never survive without your fears and endless chaos! 
Through my cosmic teachings, only a tiny fraction of people realize not only the dramatic effects cursing much of the news today but the undeniable veracity of my visions.
All I need now is your support to get a bigger stage but a disrespectful kid wearing Trump’s hat facing an harmful native elder will get the attention of the world, not my cosmic wisdom or my critical warnings! 
Three years ago, the world was in a very different place and I saw it all unfolding well before the current political turmoil. But like my latest prediction of a series of unusual large earthquakes producing a volcanic eruption and the deadly Asia tsunami broadcasted on Dr. J indicated radio show, WHO CARES if I am correct or not? 
Humans are “robots” of their stars which are cleverly manipulated by the reptilius on a daily base creating and endless chain of disturbing news… No one is safe, from a smart ass kid looking for fame on YouTube to an old native trying to appease all contaminated spirits!
As long as the well organized, wealthy and powerful religious and scientific matrixes alone “educate/indoctrinate” a misinformed society and your children, the dreadful truth involving this cosmic phenomenon will be ignored, feared and ridicule. 
While UFO’s experts from all walks of life can only serve you with their valuable scientific findings, clarification between legitimate UFO’s speakers like me, who have had direct contacts with ET’s and can prove it is very important. 
A chance is now offered to people and skeptics alike to make a note of my visions, my predictions in order to support and share my cosmic work. My aim is to warn and educate people to what UFO’s and the reptilius’ agenda is all about! And this is very important to me because I am not here to entertain you but present you with facts!
So the million dollar question now… When will the Government shut down end? I trust I already gave this date to the public January  8th on Suzanne and again January 10th on Joe Montaldo’s radio shows and I will be there to remind you of this prediction in time.  And who knows I may also have given the same exact prediction on all my latest radio shows.

 LISTEN TO THE SHOW with Joe Montaldo
Article offering Nostradamus 16th century methodology written for Joe Montaldo’s radio show

The same exact dates for large earthquakes were also offered in my last radio show with Suzanne Ross on 01/08/2019. Please listen so I can prove my claims to you.

Cosmic Codes Of Consciousness With Dr. Louis TuriLISTEN TO THE SHOW with Suzanne Ross
Article offering Nostradamus’ 16th century methodology written for Suzanne Ross 

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Blessings to all my readers;


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