The Stars And Fate Of Dr. Ron Paul

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Note: Back in January 2008 I wrote the Astropsychology profile of Dr. Ron Paul  and upon my VIP requests I have decided to update it just in case you decide to vote for him in 2012.

Ronald Ernest “Ron” Paul (born August 20, 1935) is a Republican United States Congressman from Lake Jackson, Texas, a physician, and was a 2008 U.S. presidential candidate.
Last month, Paul came in second place with 11 percent support in a state party-sanctioned straw poll of the 2012 primary conducted by ABC News and WMUR-TV. Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney got 35 percent support.

Now realize that my PERSONAL views of Mr. Ron Paul are based upon his “UCI” or (Unique Celestial Identity) and can be FULLY UNDERSTOOD ONLY if the reader possess enough “Cosmic Consciousness.” To grasp my “vision” and the PRE– disposed fate of any person discussed in my newsletters one must be aware of the full impact of the Cosmic Code upon the human psyche. In these last free VIP Cosmic Code samples I am offering the reader the option to pass the limitation of the 5 human senses and expose people”s true faces and values.  I will use simple terms so the reader can comprehend how God “designed” his children and imposes  his celestial will upon them.

Remember the “Cosmic Code” do not care about your logic, your love or your reasoning, your education, your experiences or any of the deceiving religious doctrines you have accepted as fact. Human operates at a 99.09 % subconscious ratio and are totally unaware of the divinity making up their fate, actions and beliefs. Another words human of all walks of life are  simply the “robots” of their own  stars…

Most of your reasoning, judgment and decisions are based upon the above-mentioned reasons. But ultimately when it comes to my work one must be able to enter the archetypal realm of consciousness and this may be impossible without the gift of an advanced UCI *Unique Celestial Identity. The uneducated God fearing gullible mass is an easy target for the “Illuminati” in control of this world  and the information reaching the broadcasting media.

Let’s hope I don’t get killed before I can expose the truth by reaching the media for they are indeed over working to keep my unarguable predictive talent silent and my teachings to reach you .

As a matter of fact, I have right now thousands of requests from my Facebook account seating there but the option to accept them is forbidden and I  cannot fulfill those many friends’ requests – My Internet  enemies *Illuminati have ruined my accounts on FB, Yahoo where I was a contributor for years and lately manged to remove me from Wikipedia – Wish me luck and if you like my work simply join us at

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“People wonder what in the world it is because this is the Bible Belt, and everyone is afraid it”s the end of times,” said Steve Allen, a freight company owner and pilot who said the object he saw last week was a mile long and half a mile wide. “It was positively, absolutely nothing from these parts.”

When I mentioned previously that; “the mass is uneducated, manipulated, gullible and an easy target for the “Illuminati” in power and  in control of the information and the media, I did not exaggerate anything. When I also AFFIRM that UFO’s are REAL I also exaggerate nothing especially if you take the time to read in great details what happened to me since the tender age of 6 years old.

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“Incredible experiences breed incredible people that have incredible things to teach”.
Dr. Turi

Now let’s start the long Astropsychology profile of Ron Paul where I will explain his strengths, both is spiritual and physical weaknesses and his fate , all based upon his natal UCI. But before I do so, realize that your political or religious views are well understood, respected and like me and thanks to the 1st Amendment, we are still “allowed”  in this great country to express ourselves freely.

L”Oeil Du Droit A La Force D” Arain!
Planet Sign – House – Key Words

Sun 26Leo32      (1) The self – Soul’s purpose – Fame – Stage – Children – Kings
Moon 18Tau32               (10) Career – Public Standing – Accomplishments
Mercury 06Vir48         (2) Money Spent/Made – Self Esteem
Venus 22Vir39              (2) Money Spent/Made – Self Esteem
Mars 12Sco34                (4) Home – Real Estate – Family Affairs – Security
Jupiter 15Sco42           (4) Home – Real Estate – Family Affairs – Security
Saturn 07Pis38             (8) Death – Corporate Endeavors – Pay Check
Uranus 05Tau29          (10) Career – Public Standing – Accomplishments
Neptune 13Vir39         (2) Money Spent/Made – Self Esteem
Pluto 26Can28              (12) Subconscious – Hidden Enemies – Deception

Dragon’s Head – 19Cap59        (6) Work – Service to the world – Health
Dragon’s Tail – 19Can59          (12) Subconscious – Hidden Enemies – Deception

IN CRITICAL DEGREES: Pluto (Assassination/drama).

MOON PHASE: Disseminating (waning moon – negative – heart attack /accident by air or assassination)

Ron Paul has been described as conservative, Constitutionalist, and libertarian.[2] He advocates a non-interventionist foreign policy, having voted against actions such as the Iraq War Resolution, but in favor of force against terrorists in Afghanistan.

Again looking at his religious upbringing there is no surprise why he would not endorse any form of death. With no awareness of both the “Universal Code” and the subconscious pull Ron Paul does not know anything about astrology or the  “sign” of LEO!

I teach my students that All Leo’s have a subconscious fear of death and decay and he, “subconsciously” like many of my accredited doctor’s students, chose a medical career.

Paul considered also becoming a Lutheran minister like two of his brothers and his poisoned religious upbringing add to his reluctance of letting women be in charge of their body.

In 2005 and 2007, Paul introduced the Sanctity of Life Act, which would remove federal court jurisdiction over abortion cases arising from state laws and effectively negate Roe v. Wade as binding legal precedent. Also, for the purposes of statutory construction over the jurisdictional limitation imposed, the bill declares, “human life shall be deemed to exist from conception.”[77][78] Paul has also introduced a Constitutional amendment with similar intent. Also in 2005 and 2007, Paul introduced the We the People Act, which would forbid all federal courts from hearing cases on abortion, same-sex marriage, sexual practices, and government display of religious symbols, texts, and images. The Act would make federal court decisions on those subjects nonbinding as precedent in state courts,[79] and would forbid federal courts from spending money to enforce their judgments.

This is very serious because now Ron Paul is IMPOSING his religious views on all the FREE spirits because of his OWN fears of death and diseases. But who can blame him; he is also a victim and a religiously poisoned Leo making the situation and his vital political position (and a future law maker) very serious for all the spiritually advanced women in this country. Your freedom of choice has been snapped away Ladies and before you can realize what happened to you, your kids would have the Christian bible showed down their throats at school and will be trained and later on “subconsciously” victimized and ready (like the poisoned radical Muslims) to die for Jesus. What a mess!

Like all Leo, Ron Paul faces the world as an Aquarius (aeronautics) and was lead by the “Universal Code” to serve in Vietnam as a flight surgeon. Again there is NO accident with the stars and ALL is PRE set in the subject’s life! To understand more about the housing system and how those 12 specific houses interacts in one life and fate you will find the key of what it means to be human in my latest book “Beyond The Secret”. Remember I can only teach you so much in my newsletters and knowledge is power ignorance is evil.

Paul was the first Republican representative from the area; his successful campaign against Gammage surprised local Democrats who had expected to retain the seat easily in the wake of the Watergate scandal. Gammage underestimated Paul”s support among local mothers: “I had real difficulty down in Brazoria County, where he practiced, because he”d delivered half the babies in the county. There were only two obstetricians in the county, and the other one was his partner. Paul continued to deliver babies on Mondays and Saturdays during his entire term as the 22nd district representative.

Paul continued delivering his constituents” babies even while serving in Congress. In 2001, he was one of only eight doctors in the House; even fewer continued to practice while in office. He is occasionally approached by younger area residents to thank him for attending their births.

Again with no “Cosmic Consciousness” Ron Paul does not know why he worked so hard delivering children. The answer is clear if you are an educated Astropsychologist because Leo rules LIFE and CHILDREN and the 5th house of creativity where a woman will “create” her child.

Paul sponsors many more bills than the average representative, such as those that would abolish the income tax[64] or the Federal Reserve; many do not reach the House floor for a vote.

Now only a bunch of unwise souls would either endorse or believe this political move (junk). No government EVER has or will EVER survive without your taxes but is this fact  something too much to ask  the mass? Your politicians will cry, lie, or make you believe what EVER you want (like any Ministers) to get YOUR VOTES! But in this case he truly believe he is right and will enforce HIS religious views if elected.

Like religions politics STINKS right from its core but it is a “Capricorn” (seen as the head of evil/goat by the Christians) crucial part of the human experience. The only difference is seeing the truth and if you are into any religion (or believe Ron will get rid of the IRS) you may as well stop reading my advanced spiritual material right now…

With his Sun (life force) in Leo (fame) Ron Paul (like Bill Clinton, Michael Jackson  or Schwarzenegger – also Leos ) has the stars to build his stage.

His Moon (infrastructure of the US) in Taurus (money, stability) his stars promise wealth and progressive financial business for the US and all of us. Incidentally Ex-President Bill Clinton was also born with the same moon position while Saddam Hussein was born with a Moon (families / infrastructures of his country Iraq) in Scorpio (death/drama). Now we all know what it means to elect a President with the wrong stars do we?  I can only hope for your reader…

Ron Paul’s Dragon’s Head (luck) is located in the sign of Capricorn (politics) and the “Cosmic Code” can either destroy him before the election day or open the door wide to power.  With Pluto (power/drama) in currently in this sign politicians are behaving like  a bunch of wild hyenas and are not as  Diplomats I may add.    Note Obama (and Capricorn wife)  is also a Leo and could suffer the same fate (or Democritus attacks) as Ron Paul.

This is terrible, unsophisticated, irresponsible, irrespective and represents   Pluto (power/sarcasm) at its utmost legally destructive best, when is the last time a President and his wife got so hammered so bad by other Plutonic heads?

Note – 1/15/2008 Clinton and Ron Paul both called for an end to the bitter fight – yes politics really stinks…

Ron Paul Mercury (the mind) is located in the critical medically oriented sign of Virgo (the Virgin Marie) depicting why he is such a perfectionist, a doctor and a religious poisoned soul.

His Venus (perception of women and love) is ALSO in this VIRGO PURITANICAL sign and enunciate his critical “expectation” of all women in general. Yes take care of your own womb Ron… Women have a voice and the right to do what is best for them, stay clear from women wish and respect their choices.

His Mars (danger/drive) is in Scorpio (SEX) and denotes a lot of nasty secrets involving his close family members and the fight for control and powers between the brothers. Many religious leaders and ministers are Leo, the thirst for control and power (negative Leo ego trait) is allowed in the dark corner of a church where the Plutonic power (sex/manipulation) is set free by RAPING innocent children under the cover of the “robe” of the good priest. Check the billions of dollars spent by the church to cover up this fact or pay off the victims of sex abuse!


Ron Paul’s Saturn (discipline/structure) is located in the pious deceiving sign of Pisces (religion/deception) right in his 8th house (secrets/sex) and again enunciate serious secret sex endeavors, motivations and deep-seated religious fears.

Dragon’s Tail – 19Can59 (12) Subconscious – Hidden Enemies – Karmic Deception for America a large.

Ron Paul”s natal Dragon’s Tail is in Cancer (America is a Cancer country) and depict a karmic totally innocent dedicated work with the American people. In his past life Ron Paul was a women where (as a nun and a midwife) his main occupation was to deliver, protect and feed babies. Many of his lives were spent in France, Italy, the Middle East, India and England. In many ways electing a President with a fated Dragon’s Tail in his country of birth will damage women  freedom in the long run and reinforce a (beyond the scenery) politically oriented church running the show.

Ron Paul HIDDEN Dragon’s Tail is ALSO in Pisces (religion/deception) and while totally committed to bring stability, security to this country his hidden agenda is also to bring back morality and more power to the Church Inc.

Saturn (the great malefic) in his house of death can only suggest a very long life and dying in his hospital bed or a cloudy death where NO one (like the assassination of Kennedy) will ever find out what really happened to him.

His Dragon’s Head in Capricorn suggest a RE-building of the old America as it once was politically, proud, rich and strong. But Ron Paul PISCES HIDDEN Dragon’s Tail  (religion/deception) an upsurge of religious battles will take place here in the US to keep the same abusive corporate religious  “statu quo” alive. But what is worse is Ron Paul HIDDEN Dragon’s Tail (troubles) in Pisces and this sign rules the entire Middle East. Thus electing him is also a sure demise for many young soldiers in a currently  “broiling”  predicted religious war future conflicts.

His Dragon”s Tail is a serious danger for America and could lead this country into a nightmare on so many fronts as God”s  higher order  imposes a “change of Guards” between the Age of Pisces (religions/deception/lies/abuses) and  its counterpart, the Age of Aquarius (freedom/humanitarianism/technology/UFO).  himself does not endorse the future of humanity. The sad reality is that Ron Paul is a Leo and this sign carries a subconscious fear of death and make them all prone to subscribe to a religious beliefs. But without Cosmic Consciousness there is no room for auto analysis from his part of a better understanding of his / America”s fate.  Good luck to you people when he gets in power…

This inner ideology while very tactful for America”s  religious mass  to get  elected has always worked. However this does not help to free  the world”s Universal spirit from future oppression and competitive religious fanatics ready to die in the name of their own erroneous  convictions. A dead end for humanity until obliteration of  fear and ignorance is replaced by a universal awareness with the right education where ALL religions of the past will not interfere with the future of humanity.

The Age of Aquarius (Cosmic Code) HAS a very different aim but the cards must be played all the way and to the end.

Ron Paul’s most dangerous ground is his own misleading pious self maintaining the energy of endless religious conflicts currently plaguing the entire world.   His stars will bring the people that vibrates at his archaic level and America deeper into the unlearned karmic lesson humanity has failed to heed during the last two thousand years.



Sarah Palin (AN AQUARIUS!) said “the Constitution is based on the Bible and the Ten Commandments.”

Sarah Palin (AN AQUARIUS!) think ” I”ll do and say what ever the hell  I have to get on that stage again and show off…

Is Sarah using the system to gain more fame and more power or is she omitting her souls” purpose as an Aquarius and promote the FREE spirit of humanity? and this is where the real problem is when your political and religious leaders are depraved of Cosmic Consciousness.

“Where Cosmic Consciousness is lacking; science, conspiracy and religious imagination generates the wrong answers. There are no accidents just consequences the five logical human senses cannot yet perceive.”

Dr. Turi

“The future has and will always be my only faithful witness”

Blessings to all

Dr. Turi


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