The True Facts Behind Joel Osteen’s Resignation

“I am God! I am just as much a God as our Lord is!”



“Houston, Texas – – April 2, 2013 – In a shocking and surprising development, megachurch pastor Joel Osteen has announced he is resigning from his post and leaving the Christian faith.”

Dear Readers:

I personally do not believe a “negative fish” swimming downstream for years would be able or willing to reject his religion, but before offering the reader a full cosmic explanation of Joel “Osteen’s resignation”,  I have an important announcement to make.

May 2013 I will be part of a speaking engagement  / tour in Machu Picchu, Peru where you are invited to travel with us. I will soon offer all the information needed for you to be part of one of the most exciting tour ever produced.

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 “Astrology revealed to me His order and His beauty, and His place for me in the Divine balance that links God, man, and universe into One Balanced Process which never ends in this or on other planes of awareness of life.”                                                                                  

  (Rabbi Joel C. Dobin)

“I was a swimming down Pisces, I finally realized I was made at the image of God and I own the same powers?” Did my work and endless attempts to reach Joel Osteen finally paid off and did he watch and accept my video?

Introducing the world to God New Cosmic Consciousness

All I can tell you there is a God and he may have finally found himself in it. Was he also forced by his hidden dragon in the house regulating groups (his ministry) that he was pushing for lies for too long?

 For years, I have explained what a deceptive Neptunian swimming downstream Pisces young soul is all about and for Joel Osteen to start his way upstream towards his own salvation  is , if true, indeed a true revelation to me.  But I do have more answers for you to digest readers for sure…

I wrote about Joel Osteen’s UCI many times over the years and even doubted my own cosmic wisdom because Joel was born like me with his Mercury (the mind/critical thinking) in Aquarius (dignified/genius)  and I could not understand why he was unable with such an advanced chart not to wake up to the deceptiveness of Christianity.

 But for years I also bombarded his websites with my newsletters and lately with “The Truth Behind The Dead Sea Scrolls” because of its high Pisces concentration.

I even asked my thousands of supporters to email my cosmic code newsletters to him directly! Now did a positive Pisces helped him to find himself and start swimming upstream to the cosmic face and tools of God?

If  Osteen finally woke up, it reinforce my vision of the end of the Age of Pisces, first the Pope resigned then Joel Osteen? Do you see a pattern here readers with my visions of “11/2015-02/2017 the End of All Religions.” But with so much billions involved and many years of dedicated work for the Church Inc.  Osteen will have to battle the evil of fear greed and ignorance.

“The incident occurred in February and created a local uproar. Halfway through his morning Sunday service he dropped to his knees and began crying, and then announced, “I am God! I am just as much a God as our Lord is!” The 10,000 members in attendance appeared stunned. Osteen later released an apology, and blamed the outburst on a lack of sleep due to his busy travel schedule.”

I have serious doubt such a pious man could reject his religion or even be able to swim upstream. Its like asking a terrorist to refute ISIS and his own religious beliefs, but again anything can happen with people faith.

And if true, following his first announcement the Church Inc. legal  hyaenas will try all they can to  force him to keep making more money for the Illuminati or lose it all, even his life!  As a rule all Pisces suffer an addictive personality and to handle his extraordinary busy schedule medications will be blamed but the real truth is Joel Osteen was also  born with GAY tendencies  “Were You Born Gay?  More on Joel Osteen  UCI or secret personality.

Chances are this is a hoax and someone will email me soon if it is…

In fact 8 out of the 10 planets including his natal Dragon making up his natal UCI are feminine and battling his own demons in the name of religion forced him to accept his true nature. Did Joel Osteen realize he was lying to himself for too long? Did Joel Osteen  made a mistake with his sexual, hidden preferences and prepared himself for the truth due to a humongous amount of guilt or was it God’s will imparted by the current Scorpius Draconis impact?

While these are only assumptions that could in time come to the light, the reader must remember the  current Scorpius Draconis’ purpose is to bring everything sexual to the light! In fact NOTHING will be kept a secret for long and to those who did not yet, please read “Warning Scorpius Dragon Has Arrived!

Not too long ago I posted a newsletter for yet another lost Pisces named Ian Punnett  and his book titled “How to Pray When You’re Pissed at God.” This little Pisces section below from my book “2013 Nostradamus Dragon Forecast”  will clarify more of the fact of the Power of the Dragon upon Joel Osteen personal life… Enjoy!

 One thing I know is that, God lead Joel Osteen and million of other lost lambs to my work to gather some answers needed to upgrade to a very new perception of God’s manifestation.  Hopefully Joel will also land on this newsletter  as I can only use my expertise and offer another Pisces soul the option to swim upstream. Only because like all Pisces Joel Osteen was like me born to become a Universal Teacher.

The scepter of my book “2013 Nostradamus Dragon Forecast” clearly enunciate his fate and I hope the readers will appreciate my gift to them…

2013 — Dragon Forecast For Those Born In March

Personal: On August 30th, 2012, the Dragon moved from Sagittarius/Gemini into Scorpio/Taurus and will stay in these signs until February 19th, 2014. This new “Change of Guards” will stimulate all affairs regulating your 9th house of higher learning, religion, teaching, traveling, foreigners and your 3rd house of general communications and writing.

2013 Predictions: The new Dragon’s Head (luck/growth) will affect your 9th House of mental power where you will experience a new drive for learning, teaching, writing and traveling and if you work hard enough, many of your publishing wishes will come true. This impact may stimulate a new sense of perception and could bring a stronger drive for mental accomplishments. With it more work, more success, and more traveling and this could put some mental stress due to the mental challenges you will be forced in.

The new Dragon energy will stir a sense of well deserved intellectual success where the drive for new challenges will force you to travel far and fast. Souls born in March will be tested on how to keep mental harmony while educating others on spiritual matters. Indeed, 2013 could mark the beginning of a new thought process forcing you into hot debates with younger souls unwilling to move forward with you. The lucky Pisces will aim towards Cosmic Consciousness living behind archaic religious material, slowly being rewarded by climbing the ladder of mental recognition and publishing success.

The world is ready to listen to you if you are progressive with the New Age of Aquarius and promising future. Many souls born in March will be in intellectual demand, joining groups willing to listen and learn from them. Progressive associations and great opportunities will knock at your door. Pisces is a karmic sign totally dedicated to helping others, but it is by swimming upstream against the established deceptive teachings that real success and salvation will  comes about. Adapting to the Universal Law of the Moon (see 2013 Moon Power), will help you swim up stream and synchronize perfectly and accordingly with the Cosmic Code jurisdictions. Remember this work, while proven accurate is dedicated to serve the reader objectively only.

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To make it simpler for the reader to understand currently the Dragon’s Head is right into the 9th house of Joel Osteen and forcing a REBIRTH or his psyche pertaining to the codification of thoughts or religions. He is forced by the dragon to RE-evaluate ALL that he was forced to accept as truth – This is why Christian undergo what you call  “Born again Christian” but this time Joel was forced out of the negative push of his Pisces Sun sign and started his journey upstream.

Like million of others cosmic unconscious souls on earth strongly advised to get a copy of my book “2013 Nostradamus Dragon Forecast” and be prepared for its powerful impact upon their lives and fate… Meantime Joel need to follow a true master of the Divine and with God will he will read and understand more on his Godly Divinity. Thus if you are one of the thousands of  Joel Osteen followers and feel my cosmic energy, learn from it and forward him my teachings please.

Watch this little video and do not be mad at the world either, instead help me with your positive thoughts because thoughts are things that changes the world…

Magi Ptolemaeus

If you are not happy its because you do not live your destiny! God gave human the stars and the heavens for interpretations so you may lead a safer more productive life!

Blessings to all

Dr. Turi

CNN report – In a statement released on his website (, which appeared stripped down and bare, he said he has been questioning the faith for a long time. “I believe now that the Bible is a fallible, flawed, highly inconsistent history book that has been altered hundreds of times. There is zero evidence the Bible is the holy word of God,” said Osteen.

The reaction across the Christian world ranged from shock to grief to anger. “I can’t believe it,” said Jolene McCormack, of Austin, Texas, “he’s the last person I would expect to defect to atheism.”

Some of his parishioners at his Lakewood, Texas area megachurch expressed anger. “We’ve given him so much, and now he’s leaving us?” said Jim Burger, 65, a ten-year member of the church. “We won’t stand for it.”

In recent months, Osteen had demonstrated a willingness to deviate from Christian doctrine, often peppering his sermons with “New Age” references and at one point calling himself “God”.

The incident occurred in February and created a local uproar. Halfway through his morning Sunday service he dropped to his knees and began crying, and then announced, “I am God! I am just as much a God as our Lord is!” The 10,000 members in attendance appeared stunned. Osteen later released an apology, and blamed the outburst on a lack of sleep due to his busy travel schedule.

With Osteen’s departure, the church is left with a gaping hole in its leadership. A press release prepared by the church claimed Osteen is experiencing a “mental breakdown” and seemed to suggest they are unwilling to accept his resignation. “We won’t put up with this,” a congregation leader said off the record. “This guy’s made millions off of us, we’re not going to let him just take our money. We know his net worth is in upwards of $50 million.”

In the church parking lot on Sunday, a crowd gathered to hold a prayer vigil. “We’ll pray for him. He’s come under the influence of the Devil,” said Margaret Samson, a twelve-year member of the church. “We will go on. But we need him. We can’t do this without him.”

Note that our main site, due to heavy traffic, is experiencing intermittent lapses in service. You may read Pastor Joel’s full statement here.

Please pass on this crucial newsletter to all the people you know…

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Dr. Turi

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