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Touched by the Divine

Join Nadine and Dr. Turi Friday June 14th, 2019

Dear readers;

Remember the planet Mercury rules (communication/transportation) and my show was cancelled!

From Alyne Pustanio: “Dr. Turi, please accept my apologies. The show runner’s system crashed early on and wasn’t rebooting. We were live, but without that system we couldn’t bring you in on the show. Again, we’re sincerely sorry, and I hope you’ll consider joining us in the future.”

Mercury rules also the automobile industry  Ford recalling 1.2 million Explorers” and ALL moving parts and it its currently in its retrograde (dangerous/deadly) motion! Using the planet Mercury the nefarious reptilius will numb the mind of humans and do all their power to stop or kill humans!

Building cosmic consciousness mean being fully aware of the “current upsetting dangerous cosmic winds” in relationship to the current deadly news induced by the reptilius.

Image result for helicopter crash

Helicopter crashes into Midtown Manhattan building. 

And this is what makes it dangerous for any form of transportation… Mercury afflicts all moving parts and the mind of humans and the reptilius have a blast destroying everything during this period.

Tracy Morgan gets in a crash right after buying a $2 million Bugatti


Chances are, unless I keep challenging your mind with my cosmic work, you would not be able to associate the planet Mercury (and the reptilius manipulating the heavens)  to this tragedy!

I gave you plenty examples to what happened to us the day of my hip surgery and offered you the next SOS to the world deadly window predictions for June 14th!

Read and share my warnings please, help me save precious lives! 

There is more in the following article, when Mercury was also retrograde! Mercury the Sun and Astronomers’ Idiocy! 

The Messenger of the Gods!

Mercury is represented by a god with wings on his heels… But this planet does not only rules aeronautics, it also rules everything that fly, including birds.

This morning, as we took our puppy “Lady” out by the pool area.

I saw her running after a little bird!

She cornered the frighten little thing and Terania caught him, before a feral cat would have!

The reasons to why this little bird ended up in my house are endless, but I recall very well another one was found dead, under my patio last Mercury retrograde… Go figure! 

This is exactly what I mean when I produce a You Tube video asking you to pay attention and auto analyze your own life events! Join my You Tube Channel!

Did you experience a delay, forced to reschedule a meeting, got stuck in traffic, meet an old friend, suffer a break down, or a flat?

That is Mercury in action…

Sad enough 99.9 of humans (including popular UFO’s speakers) are not cosmic conscious and know nothing of the “soul of the cosmos” or their own solar system they are living in.

Let alone talking to an ET!

To some UFO’s investigators, the moon is hollow and serve as a UFO’s base, to others ET’s are in direct contact with the government sharing technology and they are convinced they are UFO’s bases in Antarctica!

Indeed there is tons of activity there but far from what various UFO’s investigators propose. 

Image result for pentagon ufo research

 The Pentagon has spent Millions on UFO research for years yet, in 2019 they still know nothing of ET’s or what their agendas all about! Thus, asking the government for more information on those entities is a total waste of time! But if you have been indoctrinated by various UFO’ speakers over the years to believe in such conspiracy, it will be very hard for you to accept a different more spiritual theory! 

Area 51 is nothing else than a US secret base designed to build advanced technology and if the Roswell debris and ET’s bodies are there it is for pure investigation purposes only!

There is much more to digest and even accept as far as ET’s are concerned, its a PRIMARILY A PSYCHICAL (and physical) phenomenon and all I can do is to offer you with my inner Draco, mind boggling channeling! “UFO’s – Roswell new Mexico Mind Boggling Secret Divulged!

I just can not wait to heal and go back speaking about UFO’s, the reptilius, the Draconis and most of all let you experience the reality of Draco’s channeling and his marvelous healing power.

Are you ready for something you never heard before or will you find too hard to assimilate and accept the cosmic facts?

Once again, ET’s are not interested in your education, your elevated position in the government or your formidable academical accomplishments and only the reptilius interfere physically (abduct) with the human affairs because they are “Hors la loi” and ignore the Galactic Federation Grand Cosmic Order!


Draconis Mission Purposes:

1 – Induce “accidents” Avoid the proliferation of conductive metal trash in the solar system disturbing our transmissions, trans-universal ships and sensitive navigational systems.

2 – Stop humanoids wasting resources, destroying earth’s vital ozone layer with primal poisonous combustive propulsive technology.

3 – Goal: Concentration on stopping earth depleting ozone layer.

4 – Stop scientific waste, Mars/Moon financially oriented missions.

5 – Challenge monopolizing religious/scientific matrixes stopping humanity developing cosmic consciousness / assimilating God cosmic Divine design. (Soul of the Cosmos.)

Human host’s commissioned MJ12’s critical messages must be heeded to stop waste, revitalize earth, time running out.

Mission ordered by the Majestic 12 (or MJ-12) – Code name of the chosen ones, a secret committee of cosmic conscious superhuman spiritual leaders, working with benevolent Draconis Extraterrestrial officials “The Gardeners of this world.”

The group was formed by the Galactic Federation Grand Cosmic Order “Creator of all parallel worlds” to facilitate, improve and maintain the human race physical and psychical welfare.

dr. turi

 The soul of the cosmos

The concept originated with the 12 apostles spiritual legacy embedded in the 12 signs of the Zodiac to guide humanity back to God cosmic Divinity. Majestic 12 agenda can only be perceived and accepted by those directly involved in the mission or the Chosen Ones. ” Jesus initial cosmic Ministry” 

Draco confirmed my entire life!

And like UFO abductee (1975) and Ufologist, Travis Walton says in the following video clip – Tucker Carlson Tonight’ heads to a UFO fair to investigate the extraterrestrial…

“They’re trying to get us ready…And I think the reason for no open contact, is because (the public) isn’t ready.”

Image result for travis walton

Then again, Travis was obviously taken by the “reptilius”negative forces… Not the generous Draconis forms, after what was claimed to be done to him. (1993 “Fire in the sky”)

What exactly was lurking in the shadows of  Travis’ psyche?…

Why was he “magnetized” to deal with the reptilius instead of the Draconis?…Interacting with the bigger universal computer, that he may not understand just yet.

Depending on your habits and your natal UCI you will or never will have to deal with ET’s!

The more rational, earthy, less spiritually inclined, one is – The more a target to the reptilius a human being becomes!

If you vibrate at a higher cosmic speed by being highly spiritual and healthy, the more attractive you become to the Draconis.  

I recall a quite complexed Travis looking at my charts, during the Contact in the Desert  UFO conference.

He appeared shy when I said hello to him and he immediately and politely excused himself away.

I then checked his natal UCI and Travis’ stars are very hearty and his comment below can not be more logical yet he’s got something when he wrote…

“They’re trying to get us ready…And I think the reason for no open contact, is because (the public) isn’t ready.” 

Image result for travis walton fire in the sky

According to Walton, on November 5, 1975 he was working with a timber stand improvement crew in the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest near SnowflakeArizona. While riding in a truck with six of his coworkers, they encountered a saucer-shaped object hovering over the ground approximately 110 feet away, making a high-pitched buzz. Walton claims that after he left the truck and approached the object, a beam of light suddenly appeared from the craft and knocked him unconscious.

The other six men were frightened and supposedly drove away. Walton claimed that he awoke in a hospital-like room, being observed by three short, bald creatures. He claimed that he fought with them until a human wearing a helmet led Walton to another room, where he blacked out as three other humans put a clear plastic mask over his face. Walton has claimed he remembers nothing else until he found himself walking along a highway, with the flying saucer departing above him.

The same thing happened to my brother and I in the same month of NOVEMBER 11, 1981 but this experience was far from what Travis experienced!

While we were abducted for about 2 hours or so my brother and I were very confused but not harmed!

I will explain why Travis had to endure such a dramatic experience, in my next UFO conference, in my slide show! 

Travis did not lie, because the stars do not lie, his natal moon (emotions) in Aquarius is a powerful UFO’s magnet and explain why he was abducted!

The reptilius used Travis’ UCI and one of his 1975 personal negative cosmic biorthyms to hijack him because on November 5, 1975, because on that particular day, he was extremely vulnerable! 

Also 42 years ago, like I was, Travis was then young and wild, and I do not know if he was using pot, drinking beer or how much he was, like all of us “infected,” to some degree,

Unless he decided to open to me and tell me the facts he only knows, I can only speculate but chances are, had he been totally clean he would not have willingly walk towards danger (or the UFO!) In my brother and I  UFO abduction case we both did not drink or smoke…

I have a lot of respect for Travis and I can only hope he will not be offended for me to take his incredible UFO’s experience as an example to offer him and the public a deeper understanding to what the reptilius (and the Draconis) are all about and explain how and why he was abducted on that day!


The good news about Mercury retrograde is that: it also makes you more inclined to dig into the unknown, to re-evaluate all that you have accepted as the truth and will make you much more sensitive…

I certainly hope Travis (and many of you)  will be curious enough to come to my future UFO’s  lecture to learn more and for him, and get a form of closure, something  I feel he (and so many other abductees) so desperately need.

He was karmically “chosen” by the dark forces to serve as a beacon of light to others who have and will be abducted in the future! 

Once again, all will be explained in my UFO’s slide show in my future UFO’s conferences! 

Invitation to join us on amazing UFO Cruise in October 2019 

As through each individual subconscious, interacting with the supra-conscious (time and space / psychic energy), this is where the misinformed, uneducated, unable mass of humans becomes the perfect target of the poisonous reptilius acting from the heavens (dark matter)…

The revert of pure light / cosmic wisdom because you can’t separate the forces of nature, period. 

Justin Bieber, famous people, children and the reptilius universal infestation!…

As there is good and bad in all, we are like a battery… Two arms, two legs, up and down, positive and negative, yin and yang, man and woman, etc. Beyond the secret…

Click to watch: ET transmutation – By: Terania…

From Terania…

I repeat…

The Great Mother has been showing serious indication of hopelessness and giving signs of caution but seems there is no one to end the greedy money bags well – run machine and their favored, elect – exceptionally rich way of life.

Though nature personified has done it many times over…

Where the total large towns – much more advanced than our present civilization; were melted down for a long way, into the red hot – internal parts of volcanic matter.

The only difference between people and Mother Earth is that she has lifetimes to work with before like all else that was once born, will too pass on being marked out by the intense heat of the sun.

However, there are still many new “ET” tests she must bring to completion before the genuinely spiritual, human chromosomes of the “chosen ones;” are moved to yet another *Terra – Nueva* (new world) apt to offer her original virgin back.

Terania – Nueva

So, yeah…The benevolent force have their “selected idealists” chosen too but for the genuine galactic federation of light.

Open your “third eye,” ears and heart; because all that stuff is put out there to put the war between light and darkness…

People have simply allowed themselves to let the people’s jurisdiction be the truth and not let the TRUTH (cosmic code jurisdictions) be what IS REAL.

By doing this, it can only attract the “reptilius” forces…That’s what we don’t want.

We want more of the positive Draconis (Gardeners of the world)…With regards to Draco (Latin for dragon – Purple forbidden *Sun – Love and light for life).


Notice the “dove” like symbolism within the sun…The dove represents peace of the deepest kind. It soothes and quiets our worried or troubled thoughts, enabling us to find renewal in the silence of the mind.  The dove’s roles as spirit messenger, maternal symbol and liaison impart an inner peace that helps us to go about our lives calmly and with purpose.

Power of the dragon…

As we are all *Solar beings (God and Goddesses’) in training, on this dense physical world…And the UFO exists in you already.

But it’s up to *U to uncover your benevolent forces and use them accordingly, with good intentions, while strengthening all other aspects, for a safer more productive life…

And for the future generations.

This is the New Age of Aquarius (hi tech / eccentricity / aeronautics / ET’s / UFO’s / Surprises / Explosions) in motion!

Hopefully we’re not looking at the last battle – Or last age of current embodiment; aka the last fight on the ‘Ben Ben’ stone that has forever been, standing between the three sovereigns and its five or more emperors below; the angels of light and darkness as we know.

Image result for ben ben stone

To come to be as a witch, I will say that it’s like a fishing expedition, with a lot of repetitious actions in order to improve…As things usually don’t happen out of the blue.

Image result for witch third eye

Image result for i am alien

I don’t even like to categorize myself as a ‘white witch,’ as like our creation in general.

I can be both white and black like the essence of nature, but I never use my expertise for anything wrong, as whatever you give off; will eventually come back to you threefold.

I am ‘alien’ (term usually given for something not easily understood as is the word God).

Just as the description for ‘white witch’ was chosen, as way of showing people that don’t want to identify their selves with witchcraft…Or that you are not destructive and only deal with the pleasant supernatural powers.



Solar Soul...

7. Behold, oh Lanoo! The radiant Child of the two, the unparalleled refulgent Glory, Bright Space, Son of Dark Space, who emerges from the depths of the great Dark Waters. . .. He shines forth as the Sun.

He is the blazing Divine Dragon of Wisdom…

Behold him lifting the Veil and unfurling it from East to West. 
He shuts out the above and leaves the below to be the great Illusion.

He marks the places for the shining ones (stars) and turns the upper (space) into a shore less Sea of Fire, and the One manifested (element) into the Great Waters.

Full Stanza 111…

On the other hand, we do worship Mother Nature; the Earth, the Goddess, and the God.

True witches rejoice in all that the earth is and the phases of the year, which in proper sequence are our celebratory days; based on the full and new moon. And God created the stars…

Feel free to share.

~Peace, love and light,


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