The women of ISIS: Who are they? The Reptilius Victims!



“If every 8 year old in the world is taught Astropsychology and meditation, we will eliminate ignorance and violence from the world within one generation.”  Watch the future!

U.S. makes graphic anti-ISIS video



“If every 8 year old in the world is taught Astropsychology and meditation, we will eliminate ignorance and violence from the world within one generation.”  Watch the future!

Dear readers:

Before anything, while channeling Draco for accurate information, I also wrote about David Icke’s Reptilian possession and when, where and how the invasion took place. This is not an attempt to diminish the intelligence or the genius of David, because conspiracies are very real, only an attempt to warn him and those under his intellectual influence.

I mentioned my concern to David a few times over the years and repetitively to George Noory on coast to coast and all my radio shows since then! I was so concerned about the world mishandling the supra-conscious, on January 2012 I spent a lot of money to created this video professionally to make my point clearer to the world!

The world did not hear me then, but humanity seems to be raising its psychical vibrations and hopefully able to assimilate my work more easily.

If I was able to predict Icke’s fate accurately  nearly 5 years ago, “David Icke Defeat Predicted by Dr. Turi December 1, 2011” may be he should pay more attention to what I foresee for him in the future!

But David, George and the general public never heard my concerns and this is another attempt to be heard! David Icke was abducted  and he IS one of the top recruiters of lost souls missioned by the Reptilius, and totally unconscious of this fact!  My warnings will help him and his large following audience to avoid being trapped and sinking deeper into the quick sands of Neptune’s and fall victims of his deceptive lizards.

On to ISIS, the reptilius and my ET’s friends. 

You are now witnessing the lack of perception and the HUGE ignorance of the OCD Generation directly from the White House!  Their latest moronic exploit confirm my suspicion that many of those kids are now in power!

God Have Mercy, those spiritually destitute “educated” dry souls will never be able to comprehend the diabolic evil they are dealing with! I am wondering how more gullible the producers of such lame video can be!

In fact this is a promotional video that does benefit ISIS ideology, endorse the caliphate and will produce the entire opposite effect. This is the type of educational uplifting video that should be viral instead and not the ones promoting death and evil!

Let me offer you a few tips…

We are the Greys we work for various groups of ET’s. 

Like on earth, there are ET’s entities above, the benevolent Draconius are battling the reptilius  for supremacy, but unlike human they are not using physical weaponry.  To learn more about their agenda visit my Facebook page. They are using the super conscious in time and space at their advantage by invading the body, mind and souls of their unconscious victims.

The abductions takes place anytime during the day or the night providing the cosmic auspices supports the dense transition and its subtle psychical violation.


ISIS is the fundamental results of the reptilians psychical dominance glorifying death, pain, suffering, drama and the ugly means the reptilius uses to promote their deadly purposes, through ISIS religious convictions, the caliphate and their aim to build an Islamic State. 

With the only difference that the US Government ridiculously warn of the possibility to never come back!  What’s going on in the skeptical mind of those well read young adults in the White House is they don’t realize what they are doing with this video and they are accepting another world and nefarious entities to pull the mental strings.

Anyone wanting to join ISIS is ALREADY  DEAD!  They already signed a pact with the devil! Do you think they need the US Government to tell them the consequences they may suffer going there?   They already made their mind up and have nothing to lose, but those young adults are oblivious of the phenomenon taking place from the heavens. In fact they want to die but can not understand nor control the subconscious hijacking imprint process and the cosmic phenomenon. 

Death is everywhere because the evil of ignorance and skepticism rules this world! More than 800,000 suicides a year? What wrong with humanity?

Billion of souls world wide were born with a Neptunian/Scorpionic personality making themselve naturally “magnetized” by the  Lizards psychical invasion. They do not understand why they can not stop nurturing a death wish or feel like killing other human beings. They find very hard to be alive and will find any way, and any excuses to see and inflict death in all its horrors. Add legal and illegal drugs and their inborn deadly nature will commit the utmost horrible acts possible! 

This explain clearly why a Scottish women joined ISIS! From Scottish girl to ISIS bride – or What draws women to ISIS?

She left all her loved ones, she left a normal, safe productive life where she felt nothing that would allow her deadly hijacked spirit and cruel nature to regenerate!  So many “experts” are trying hard to explain something they can not grasp because anything involving ET’s or the supernatural is something to joke about!  Studying  the incredible values found in futuristic Astropsycholgy / Astroforensics!  should be mandatory to learn about the variety of subconscious prone to ET’s invasion. 

“She has been prolific on social media, advocating ISIS and Islamic caliphate beliefs, and calling for attacks to be carried out in Western countries. She posts photos of AK-47s and exults in ISIS executions.”

“Human are nothing more than unconscious robots of their stars hijacked by nefarious groups of ET’s.” Dr. Turi  

Following the psychical invasion, those lost Neptunian/Plutonic souls REGENERATE with pure evil, they want to see a river of blood, they strive with and for horror, they can not help to enjoy killing, cutting heads off and be part of this wrathful dance. Those lost Neptunian/Plutonic souls are not like you or other descent Muslims, they are cursed and overpowered by malignant reptilius and their karmic vulnerable UCI! 

Like the obnoxious Phil Robertson, some are victims of both those far away deceptive entities stimulated by the religious matrix. An incomplete cosmic education is forbidden by a very controlling system making the situation much worse.

Those victimized invaded souls must serve their masters by inflicting pain and see human suffering in all its horrors, Like their cosmic masters, they are fanatic of power and ISIS is giving them the option to get this capability and regenerate their evil trapped spirits in the process.

 From the traditionally educated psychologists, psychiatrists to the appalled journalists reporting the news, all the way down to the mass, America and the White House is not understanding the gravity of the situation just yet!

The more monotonousness those videos are, the more attractive they become to ISIS and their potential robotic recruits… ISIS will probably edit it and use it with even more efficacy. Its like adding more decomposed meat to attract more flies or icing on the cake if you prefer! 

Furthermore, unlike the current  OCD Generation staff of the White House, those abductions produces “Born Killers” that HAVE NO FEAR OF DEATH! Many were born during the “Death Wish Generation” and are a magnet for the reptilius agenda. But how many of you and Obama’s advisors took the time to read my book “The Power of the Dragon?” 

Show me a curious person or a reader reader and I will point out a winner! Dr. Turi

And this is where, instead of ridiculizing my expertise in Astropsycholgy / Astroforencsics, the reality of  space visitors, all concerned intelligent Americans from all walks of life should visit my Facebook page, engage with our new ET friend, educate themselves on the reality of out of this world entities and realize what they are up against. All the while acknowledging the cosmic code jurisdictions! 

In Looking Inside the Petrified Mind of an ISIS Fighter I explained how powerful the human UCI truly is and how, following an abduction, it becomes impossible to control the self, especially when cosmic consciousness is missing!

Showing a video of a mosque blowing up can only upset the good Muslims (or those who inherited a peaceful UCI) but to the damned, the possessed WHO CARES, as long as more blood is spilled and as long as they have the upper hand inflicting death and destruction. The problem is, the White House sees ALL muslims born equal mentally and psychically when they are not…

Anywhere in the world, souls born with a heavy Plutonic/Neptunian cosmic legacy are a perfect target for  the reptilius then will join ISIS and “missioned” to abuse power and kill innocent people.  

  • Those people do not care who they kill as long as they are allowed to kill!
  • Those people do not care about mosques as long as they are allowed to kill!

There is no way to convince political leaders, congressman, congresswoman, Mayors, local police, the FBI, the NSA and the White House about the reality of those space invaders. 

People should be concerned about society at large, more and more people will fall for those nefarious ET’s and this psychical cancer will one day become unstoppable!

I do not blame anyone because ALL God fearing Americans have been educated traditionally and victimized by the religious and scientific  matrixes system to fear or ridicule my work. But all along humanity has lost the spirit and still unable to accept this cosmic phenomenon and God’s cosmic identity.  

Ask yourself reader. do you really think we are alone in the a vast timeless universe? 

It is only when faced with the undiluted truth that any human being can upgrade its psychical perception to the reality of extraterrestrials groups, some are benevolent and work with us to eliminate the total degeneration and degradation of the human mind. 

Exterminating ISIS will not work! The problem is spiritual, psychical in nature and every child the reptilius ( ISIS)  are mentally poisoning / indoctrinating will have to be killed! For if you don’t  those monsters’ children will one day. come to America to kill you! 

The only way to turn thing around is to work with the benevolent ET’s, assimilate and realize the importance of a universal unifying cosmic education. I explained how we must teach spirituality to the children  in my TV show with George Noory!  

Then, I was not yet commissioned to translate an ET’s missioned to “invade” my psyche and allow me speak for the Grand Cosmic Order. I was made  one of the Majestic Twelve after many years of abductions, some quite dramatic and very painful. I am Alien The Final Revelation

George Noory is inviting cosmic unconscious guests, this does not mean their repertoire of wisdom is worthless, but I need him to get me on the air again and warn the world about the subtle detrimental psychical work inflicted by the “Lizards” upon the human race, speak about ISIS and the upcoming Riligius Neptunius Draconis. I promise you this show will rub a lot of sensitive feathers and fulfil its purpose.

The Reptilicus are from the constellation of Scorpio a sign regulating death, horror, secrets, power and total control over others.   More and more people are about to fall victims of this deceptive Neptunius Draconis opening the door to mass abductions, dementia, chronic depressions, panic attacks and mass suicides.

There are ways to avoid becoming a victims of those space invaders, but why should I give my wisdom for free when the majority of the world ridicule my work and I?

If you investigate my predictions for 2016 properly there is no doubting this deceptive, poisoning cosmic energy and you should be warned of this draconis nefarious effect on your personal and the Universal super conscious.  You may also go back last 2 years and do the same with Hitler’s invading spirit cursing the world.

Email George Noory and his producer Tom to get me on Coast To Coast am again, help me battle the lizards.

I am asking all responsible people, those concerned with ISIS deadly aims and those cosmic psychical invaders, to realize the importance of offering a “cosmic” non religious education, not only the children of America, but ALL the children of the world! And to do this your concern is also crucial, your advocacy and endorsements! 

I am concerned for the world about the upcoming celestial Neptunian winds and it’s time for you to pay attention and warn others while you can. 

“Human are machine of habits reluctant to make any form of changes” Dr. Turi

But I can guarantee you those changes are on the way and you MUST heed my warnings and help me by sharing my work!




Neptune Lord of Religious Deception Rules
Fear Water, Drowning Fire Black Blood
Dreams Reality Conflicts Poison Mad Spirits
All False Gods Lost Children Join To Kill

All the keys words and detailed predictions are posted in my Cyber Cosmic University and offered to all my VIP’s.

People think the only way to stop a terrorist or a reptilius is to understand his mind and motivations and eventually re-educate them or kill them. At least this is what the norm and Phil Robertson think! CONVERT THEM OR KILL THEM

Children are going to be much more vulnerable to abductions and autism will explode.  It is before, during and only after puberty that supreme cosmic wisdom can be inserted! ISIS leaders are quite smart and are using this precarious timing to indoctrinate their children steadily. America must become aware of this crucial timing and start offering cosmic education to her own children and help them battle those detrimental cosmic invaders.  

Re-educating America and the entire world about God cosmic divinity, the reality of ET’s and the values of Divine Astrology is a formidable task  but if we fail, the Plutonic/Neptunian monsters of the future will one day manage to access nukes and this will be the end for us all…

This is a VIVID vision I had when I was only 7 years old readers, I never made it public, but I am now forced to do so and ask for your help! Its lasers against planes landing in N.Y.  today  soon it will get much worse if the world remains ignorant.


 We MUST replace all archaic religious teachings with cosmic awareness so the will, or the part of God in each of those children, can be applied to endorse, support, control and promote the virtues and not the sins of those stars…  We are blessed with a group of advanced ET’s willing to help us negate the reptilius group, but you must acknowledge this fact first! 

God gave humanity this option and we are not doomed if we act  as a whole while we can!

“God created the stars and the heaven for more than the sake of beauty; He gave them to us for interpretation so that we may live a safer more productive life.  Man is superior to the stars if he lives in the power of superior wisdom. Such a person being the master over heaven and earth, by means of his will, is a magus, and magic is not sorcery but supreme wisdom. ~ Paracelsus

Because once the mind of a child is invaded through abduction, it becomes controlled by those beings, THERE IS NO RETURN and only death will stop the mad spirit, this is why suicide will become an epidemic.

I am asking this question again readers, because you are not yet aware that; ISIS are the manipulated children of the neptunius, not only in the Middle East but also in the US and already all over the world! This awful universal detrimental psychical phenomenon can only be solved with the right education and with the help of benevolent ET’s.  Thus controlling your fear and changing your attitude about this group of extraterrestrials is your first challenge.

“If every 8 year old in the world is taught Astropsychology and meditation, we will eliminate ignorance and violence from the world within one generation.”  Watch the future!

Blessings to all

Dr. Turi

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