The World’s 25 Most Dangerous Dog Breeds


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The World’s 25 Most Dangerous Dog Breeds

Dear readers;

There are a few reasons to why your dog could turn against you or become dangerous. Like humans, animals own a natal UCI which could make them very aggressive or very loving, smart or dumb. Since various dogs have been breed to serve humans’ various purposes. Their physical genes have also been manipulated and in some cases, weakened!

In many ways, in its adult’s life; a dog will resemble its owner’s character and be either clever or stupid. When I take our tiny French papillon “Lady ” for a walk, I see so many scared ladies walking their much larger dog. These are the people who have no clue on how to raise or control their pets.  They are afraid of an eminent fight and their pitiful reactions is encouraging bad habits in their dog.

When Draco was alive (RIP), the love, beauty, strength, protection and intelligence of this dog was phenomenal. We could trust both Draco and Macho with small children unattended. I knew those dogs were well trained and could never arm anyone, unless provoked!

Like humans, dogs like to eat and their choice of food and regular exercises becomes crucial for the well being of your animals. But like humans, animals can also become reptilius infected with rabbis and a various diseases.

Then, during some negative deadly cosmic winds, exactly like humans; animals’ attitude also can change dramatically. they becomes unmanageable and will fight and kill.  Thousands of people have suffered serious harm or death with domestic or the wild animals they cared for.

Some circus or wildlife refuges trainers are much more at risk and we often hear of an elephant stampede, a lion or a tiger killing its keeper or a dog killing a child. Indeed like humans, all  domestic and wild animals, including cats, are under the jurisdictions of the stars and under specific cosmic circumstances, (my SOS deadly windows/ see below) they will act them out!

I trained dogs for years and the first thing I would ask the owner is; Do you have the dog’s papers, I need to find out when the dog was born!” This type of question is not what they expect and makes them wonder. Their are millions of cosmic unconscious dog trainers who use only logic to test the temperament and train a dog that will never be entirely safe for you and your family.

Yet, everyday; millions of pets are joining new homes making children  unsafe. A few months later, the dogs reflect its true aggressive uncontrollable nature. Each time I read about a child being mauled to death by a dog or an adult being attacked by his pet, I can not help to realize how unaware and uneducated, they and their trainers are.

Picking a dog  because of its breed or adopting a shelter or rescue dog without checking his cosmic identity, is a serious mistake that could cost you greatly in the long run. When Lady “scratched” on our door late at night, taking her to the vet to find out her age the next day was my priority. She still had her baby teeth, thus she could not be older than 5 or 6 months old when we rescued her from the street and a certain death.

She was born either in October or November and I trusted my Astropsychology experience to find out if she was a peaceful Libra or a deadly Scorpio. We could only be successful in raising her in accordance to her stars.  Lady is very protective and non aggressive unless pushed around and she hates being disturbed when sleeping…  Typical Libra traits!

She loves to play and will tire Terania and I well before giving up on her ball, which is the center of her attention in her life every single day!  She displays the full Libra lively, playful qualities rather than the more quiet yet dangerous Scorpio inner traits, which would make her bite and much more aggressive against strangers.

While very small, she is extraordinary smart and will do anything to please us. She knows exactly when it’s time for her to go out, she knows exactly what “give me five” means, the word ball, truck, lets go out, or “bicycle” means! She loves taking showers and she insist sleeping between Terania and I every night.  As a matter of fact, she needs to be between us all the time.

We drove thousands of miles all over the US and she is indeed the perfect patient, loving dog! She can stay in an hotel, yet not bark at all the noises outside of the room she guard for us.  She flew to France with us and does not move a muscle when confined in her carry on bag! What else can you hope for in a dog?

She is not barking at anything anymore. Yes the click of the air conditioned thermostat was enough to wake us at night up each time it started or ended its cycle.  But she will only bark at unusual noises and not to what she is used to hear in or out of the house only. This is all I need for me to reach my 8 round automatic shotgun and get rid of any unwelcome “guests.”

Picking a pet should be done in consideration to the stars not only its age or its physical appearance. Thus if you do not want an overactive dog, pick a pet born in the water or earth signs or with the moon, the rising or the Nodes in any of those signs.

If you want a very clean, protective, quiet vigilant pet you may have to aim for a Virgo dog and if you want a very aggressive one to guard the house, a “Martian” dog will be perfect. Though my Astropsychology / Astroforensic expertise is the last thing that will come in the mind of anyone looking for a pet.  As the scientific community, the secrets services and the police are not smart nor curious enough to make use of my cosmic wisdom, then neither are the majority of my readers.

But adopting or purchasing a pet  is a serious business that will last many years to come. Raising a child (or a pet) without knowing how God designed its psyche can be devastating, thus, the  more you know, the more chances for a great long lasting relationship!

Incidentally, countless of good-hearted people adopt children (or pets) knowing nothing of their character and fate and the results are nothing less than very costly, extremely painful, if not deadly once the child or the animal grow up!

This is a very cheap service you should consider before proceeding choosing a pet and a decision that can save you tons of money, endless heartaches and even your life.  Using your heart is wonderful and praying to a man made false god for you to hope making the right choice is not an option, instead you should seek God’s real cosmic divinity holding all the secrets to what it mean to be human (or a pet!)

The reptilius are not only aiming to infect humans, but also their best friends.


Maybe you get my warnings and are willing to learn more. My free articles are designed to offer the readers the option to gather this type of supra sensitive cosmic education then, if you are smart of course,  join our private website to gain much more for a price anyone can afford.

And soon, those free newsletters will only offer you only short bulletins or a fraction of the full contents you are used to read everyday, because I am now retired. This mean I want to spend less time for the public, more time with Terania, fishing and concentrate on our  VIP’s.

Lastly, British people are under the jurisdiction of Saturn (the down to earth engineer) making English people very skeptical about my predictions and my connection with ET’s.  As I did with Jimmy Church in his radio show “Fade to Black,” I also gave Howard the date of May 27th and warned his audience to expect  serious “SHOCKING” news, large earthquakes, cosmic news and the quatrain below will tell you more!

May 2016 SOS to the world deadly Windows

May 27  (48 hours centering the dates)

Entrails Upset Spit Above
Red Fire Wind  Water To Dance
Stars Command Shock Science
Calm Deception To Strike

Keywords used to represent the news to unfold

Japan / Asia / Cosmic News / NASA  / Space News / Nukes / Weird news / Freak / Space / Rocket / Surprises / Explosions / Shocking / Stunning / Baffling / Incredible / Lightning / Unusual / Humanitarianism / Children / Unrest / Discovery / Science / Earthquakes (always above 6.0)/ Volcanoes / Tornadoes / Aeronautics / Technology / Electricity /Television / UFO.

In order to check my claims, Howard will soon receive my June 2016 SOS to the world windows as the one presented above and as I told him, no one can deny my inner Draco’s exacting channeling and all my previous, obvious predictions.

The Nostradamus confusing 16th century methodology has been clarified with obvious keywords and tuned into plain English only an illiterate idiot could not decipher! While the secret services and the scientific community can’t  nut up and, like Jimmy and Howard  “test” my claims; instead they behave like blind cowards.

“Time has and will always be my utmost faithful reliable witness.” Dr. Turi



I’ll also speak on the “Fringe Radio Show” soon… Terania is setting the time.

July 1987 – I am Alien The Final Revelation

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Blessings to all

Dr. Turi


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