There’s a huge mass embedded in the center of the moon, UFO’s Base? Astronomers aren’t sure what it is

June 12, 2019

There’s a huge mass embedded in the center of the moon, and astronomers aren’t sure what it is

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Dear readers;

Before elaborating on the moon, it is important for all my supporters to remember that each article I write, is subject to many additions, as to keep up with the latest Mercury retrograde news. And while I may sound redundant, repetition is a must if you want to understand and use God’s cosmic design at your advantage and be protected through the June SOS to the world deadly windows warnings. 

Thus, always go-back and check more of those disturbing, shocking news!

Check my blog ALWAYS and scroll down to the previous article!

Unlike our students, the sad reality is, ALL astronomers (and UFO’s investigators) are cosmic unconscious. This means, that as “young souls,”  they are unwilling or unable/forbidden to enter the archetypal realm of supra-cosmic consciousness!

To them, the moon and the stars are only mere rocks hanging above – created by nature, to appreciate and investigate!

Image result for tyson astronomer dr.turi

Talk about the “Soul of the Cosmos” to an immature, rational, logical ” traditionally educated” soul, a physicist, an astronomer and expect a good dose of ridicule!

Never forget there is always a bit of truth in all jokes… And Neil (*DeGrasse – Disgrace) is a Libra pot head! 

What scientists do not know about the “moon mass,” will become another opportunity for some UFO’s researchers to assume the moon is used by ET’s as a UFO’s base! 

This new scientific discovery will confirm that the moon is not hollow  as proposed by ” Linda Moulton Howe The Moon is an Intelligent Machine nonsense!” mostly because  our close satellite needs enough mass to orbit the earth! 

I will explain what this “mass” is all about in time…

Remember readers, there is a very thin hair between my divine cosmic teachings and pure imagination…

Always ask for proof and use critical thinking and never follow someone who stimulate your fears, insecurity or confuse you!

Especially those who do not offer real and plausible solutions to the state of our deplorable world today! 

While I never attended David Icke, David Wilcock or Linda’s “teachings” their natal UCI is telling me all  I need to know about their mental conception, their critical thinking, their inner cosmic programs and how they perceive their own reality!

And that is the beauty of being cosmic conscious…Meaning, you waste no time delegating a fertile imagination and ridiculous assumptions.

I am convinced that after any of those presentations the audience is left with much more questions than  plausible usable answers. Lacking all the spiritual values to bypass their “5” limited human senses, a lot of rational / scientific and technological answers are proposed, because this is the only rational, “traditional
educated” mental fuel they possess. 

This does not mean their lectures are worthless, but to my cosmic wisdom, while it is educational it is primarily entertaining, to say the least!   

Again… I can not wait to heal my hip and back and return on the road to challenge the mind of so many “brain washed” people who have been listening to the same “rational soup” for years!

The main reason to why people can relate to those speakers speeches is because they share the same low vibrating UCI and this promises to be a real serious challenge to me! 

Note; This “low vibrating” sentence should not be taken personally or as a mean for me to diminish the  values of any and all UFO’s speakers or your own intellectual potential for that matter!

It’s simply reflect a karmic inherited cosmic program that makes certain people born “scientists/atheists,” often relying only on science to make sense to any type of information. 


A more spiritually inclined, more intuitive, developed UCI tend to naturally “feel” and understand the “soul of the Cosmos” at a much higher cosmic vibration… Thus, the difference between Astronomy and Astrology!

Knowing the core of the Universe is spiritual in nature (the signs of the Zodiac) and involve God Cosmic Divinity, and Jesus initial cosmic Ministry, the UFO phenomenon must be evaluated and investigated through much higher spiritual  avenues. Something none of the notorious UFO’s speakers I know or have investigated, using “forensic Astrology” possess! 

But I have the slide show, the cosmic wisdom and with the Draconis on our side, be ready for a totally new voyage involving the incredible reality of UFO’s and various ET’s agendas, as soon as I am back to my health! 

Lets go back to my cosmic teachings…

Mercury rules also the automobile industry and moving/faulty parts are high on the list  Ford recalling 1.2 million Explorers.”  

Using the planet Mercury, the nefarious reptilius will numb the mind of humans and use all their power to stop or kill humans!

Building cosmic consciousness mean being fully aware of those “current upsetting dangerous cosmic winds” in relationship to the current deadly news induced by the reptilius.

Image result for helicopter crash

Helicopter crashes into Midtown Manhattan building. 

And this is what makes it dangerous for any form of transportation…

Mercury afflicts all moving parts and those entities will slow down or stimulate the destructive mind of engineers to create dangerous machinery.

This Honda lawnmower is the fastest in the world, hitting 100 mph in 6 seconds”

Indeed the reptilius have a blast destroying everything during this period and bring people and affairs of the past alive again! Trump Jr. testifying before Senate panel behind closed doors.”

What is terrible is that, those who own or strive for political power do not have cosmic consciousness.

Once more, this means they know nothing of the cosmic code jurisdictions and they know nothing of their karmic UCI or their fate… Yet they want to rule you and the world!

Future generations should want to learn from this cosmic “legacy” and make sure to elect Presidents born with an advanced UCI. 

While the “experts” are trying to explain President Trump’s “duality,” back on June 22, 2018, I offered that option to the public in “Donald Trump President?” and accurately predicted his fate through the quatrain below!

Blooming flowers mid month of June icy *December
Cosmic God may spare humanity
Hitler’s famous infected spirit to die
World rejoice infected souls cry

Written by Dr. Turi 4/10/2018

Terania has usually been a Tarantino fan but neither of us, are a fan of glorifying anything that supports the “reptilius” deadly agenda.

Like if the mental poisoning imposed by those nefarious entities creating all the crazy current news are not enough!

Her husband killed their 5 children. She asked a jury for mercy in his sentencing.” 

In the name of fame and competitiveness oriented ego, “2 men die while competing in an Ironman

Again… The reptilius are using their natal UCI and the weakest past of the human anatomy (the heart) to kill them. 

Noa Pothoven posing with her award-winning autobiography, titled Winnen of Leren ("Winning or Learning").

I am another victim of the cosmic unconscious, indoctrinated religious and scientific matrixes! 

Chances are those two individuals (RIP) were born with a Dragon’s Tail (negative) in Leo (the heart/ego), much like the 17-years-old, Dutch teenager Noa Pothoven who wrote an award-winning memoir detailing her struggle with post-traumatic stress disorder, depression and anorexia in the wake of sexual assault and rape. 

In her autobiography, Pothoven wrote that she had nothing left to live for.

No one was there to teach her about her natal stars and help her to apply the will against her weak UCI and the reptilius eating her spirit away! Soul doctors are needed,  yet not allowed by the US Department of Education to reach the children in their colleges and Universities.

Without us, the opportunity to evaluate their natal cosmic identity is missing and their degenerated spirit fall prey of the reptilius… The results are endless suicide, abuses of legal or illegal drugs and endless school shootings…

Time to support the mission or pay the price withing the next few years, when there will be no option left for humanity to survive! 

A life saver publication not allowed in any and all colleges and universities

My Book  “The Power of the Dragon” should be a best seller, because it offer the cosmic education needed for parents and children to regenerate spiritually and help stop an endless chain of suicide.

Yet, the reptilius will always open doors  and offer a national platform to those who are cosmic unconscious and supporting their deadly agenda! 

The Reptilius confine the human spirit into entertainments, politics, drama, sports, sex, ego, drugs, religions, science, atheism separating humans while nurturing hate, confusion, fears, chaos, discords, fights, wars, suicides all designed to steal your attention and alter your psychical awareness and  stops  your spiritual interaction against them!

Image result for tarantino quotes

Once upon a time in Hollywood (Official trailer)…

In other words, anything that opens the door to anything that feeds evil…

Why would anyone make another movie about a totally reptilius infected serial killer like Charles Manson or any deplorable human being, glorifying unspeakable crimes? 

Its all about entertainment, greed, ego, money and power.

Image result for tate murders

Charles Manson’s death & 7.0 earthquake in New Caledonia

It’s something, that all truth seekers, soul doctors, spiritualists, natural healers, or those, like us, who are working with the Draconis, for the light (For the future / For the CHILDREN) and then, once again, it is a shame that this is what a good portion of society wants more of and what the kids will be seeing?…

Child’s Play Release Date: June 21, 2019

Chucky the doll makes a comeback with this reboot. Starring Aubrey Plaza and Brian Tyree Henry, the film revolves around a young mother who gifts her son a new doll without realizing its evil potential. 

You are slowly being “desensitized” by rich corporations who do not care about you or your children fragile psyches

Not to forget, kids come in all ages and all use technology (popular war games etc.)…

Social media, the reptilius and teens’ depression.

The reptilius have and will always use technology to create chaos, discordance, fears and death!

Image result for Why it's getting harder to spot deepfake videos

Why it’s getting harder to spot deepfake videos

Knowing in the eternal battle between emotions (fear/love) and logic, emotions always win, humans are in trouble!

Though, unfortunately some souls are too far gone already, to be brought back or helped. i.e. President Trump’s ego and greed for more wealth, more power and more control over others?…  Will our President and his family be forced to move to North Korea to avoid possible jail? Is this why he is so keen to receiving and sending (“love letters”) from and to North Korea dictator? 
Yet, we only have so much time, before the consciousness of tomorrows generation further sinks. And while I saw tomorrow – back in 2013, I wish I could use my gift regularly on CTC by offering them a weekly horoscope sample or serving the audience, by offering my undeniable SOS to the world deadly windows on the air on a regular base…

Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile 

Based on the life of notorious serial killer Ted Bundy, the film was premiered at Sundance where it garnered praise for Zac Efron’s performance as the charismatic sociopath. 

Garnered praise? 

Paying tribute to a serial killer is now something to be proud of?

And what message this type of reptilius infestation negative thoughts is sending to the kids?

An immature, vulnerable, underdeveloped UCI will think that way;  “Well if I want to be famous in this life and ever after, I must commit a crime that would surpass Ten Bundy!” 


A Powerful Message To The World 

Since Draco confirmed my life back in 2012 and commissioned me to continue educating the masses about the reptilius, I made an insignificant impact upon society, because Draco’s channeling is much too controversial and hard to believe for many.

But the fact remains…

Those nefarious entities are unfortunately winning the battle. 

 Over the years, hundreds of reptilius infected slaves managed to remove my articles from all major public networking websites…

Google, Facebook, Wikipedia, LinkedIn, Satan’s Minions and Dr. Turi.

But this is battle we can not afford to lose and well above what ever skeptic or atheist, could ever imagine…

All I can do is to keep offering you with Draco’s undeniable predictive channeling and let you be the judge of my cosmic work!

And if you read the current news there is no denying my quatrain and keywords…

Posted by Dr. Turi on May 28, 2019 at 12:42pm in Cosmic Coders Only


Key words/terrorism/death and drama!

June  14/27 (Starting on the given date, the window will last all the way to the next one)

Hidden secrets, sex, money come to light
Raw power challenges police deadly villains
Ugly face of death drama horror surface
Nature man’s religion bloody folly reign


Russia / Famous Death / Dramatic Death News / Police news / Police brutality / FBI / CIA / Secret services / Secrets to light / Mob / Scandals /  Terrorism / Cyber attacks / Abduction / Finances / Super wealth / Sex / Porn / Prostitution / Life and death / Serial Killers / Undiluted truth / Nature


Image result for pluto dog gif


Please read: Plutonic Deadly Window – THE DO’s AND DON’Ts.

Remember knowledge is power, ignorance is evil and if there an EVIL energy you must recognize and control it is indeed Pluto. Now do not fall for a bunch of moronic educated astronomers who; depraved of cosmic wisdom Pluto, the moon and the stars as pretty rocks hanging above the earth for the sake of beauty only. First I would suggest the reader to read What The Bleep Do They Know?

Once you acknowledge Pluto inner life and its karmic influence upon humankind you will be ready to assimilate the DO’S and DONT’S – This long list of advises can make the difference between life and death or/and a very costly dramatic experience you and your loved ones certainly do not need.

The DO’s:

· Time for you to dig into deep secrets, Pluto loves bringing back dirt so you will meet the people or get the information you need.
· Time for you to dwell with magic and do some Cabalistic ritual to cleanse your home and spirit from low entities. My Cabalistic Cleansing ritual is a good start. Don’t ask for it unless your are a VIP.
· Time for you to dig into your bank account and see any fraud activity.
· Time for you to get rid of your current credit card and ask for another one
· Stay clear from doing or saying anything wrong to the police, remember the Rodney King dilemma?
· Stay clear from Sunday psychics, psychic accidents are very real.
· Stay clear from haunted houses; bad entities could succeed stealing your mind, body and spirit.
· Stay clear from prostitutes an STD or AIDS is lurking around.
· Time for you to visit your departed ones and ask them for guidance and protection.
· Time for you to take serious notice of all your dreams or learn all about a prophetic or imaginative dream.
· Time for you to for you to dig into my long list of newsletter to find what you really need or the answer of a question you may have.
· Time for you to think about your own mortality and write your will.
· Time for you to investigate any form of legal or corporate endeavor.
· Time for you to regenerate your spirit and learn more about witchcraft.
· Time for you to look for ghost’s manifestation.
· Time for you to enjoy a horror movie or sex movie, yes nothing wrong with porn if you are French or if you are normal. God made sex to feel good so we do it often.
· Time for you to tell the truth to anyone but be cautious doing so.
· Time for you to deal with the police if the moon is waxing.
· Time for you to join the Law Enforcement Agency if you UCI endorse such a dangerous job.
· Time for you to clarify your situation in court of a cop did you wrong.
· Time for you to visit or deal with an attorney to sue anyone who deserve karma.
· Time for you to look where your spirit is at in your life.
· Time for you to wake up to religious poisoning.
· Time for you to listen to your intuition about certain people.
· Time for you to realize your strengths and your weaknesses or be reminded soon.
· Time for you to do what you are the most scared and win.
· Time for you to realize you are actually on hell and fighting for survival.
· Time for you to tap on the Plutonic forces to stop smoking or drinking.
· Time for you to apply your will to do the impossible.
· Time for you to listen to your intuition. 
· Time for you to learn the hard way why you went to jail and learn from your errors.
· Time for you to cry your eyes out and feel sorry for yourself.
· Time for you to realize you cannot hide any longer from the undiluted truth.
· Time for you to die and rebirth into a much better, wiser person.

The DONT’S: Especially if the moon is waning or if you are under any of your personal native Dragon dates

· Stay clear from large public gathering, may religious lunatics died in stampedes.
· Stay clear from suspicious people, your intuition won’t let you down.
· Stay clear from an offer than sound too good to be true.
· Stay clear from fast money making schemes, jail or death is next.
· Stay clear from the low life, you could get hurt or killed for a dollar.
· Stay clear from gang’s activity or recruitment, your death is near.
· Stay clear from doing or saying anything wrong to the police, remember the Rodney King dilemma?
· Stay clear from Sunday psychics, psychic accidents are very real.
· Stay clear from haunted houses; bad entities could succeed stealing your mind, body and spirit.
· Stay clear from dark alleys and empty streets, chances are you have been followed and you are watched.
· Stay clear from gambling with loud people Vegas or not, your sense of security is very wrong.
· Stay clear from far away bathrooms and be very cautious of long dark corridors including elevators.
· Stay clear from practicing witchcraft with uneducated people.
· Stay clear from signing anything without a witness.
· Stay clear from anything that is dark.
· Stay clear from any and all animals, Pluto will turn them into killers.
· Stay clear from trusting anyone asking for money.
· Stay clear from using your heart it could cost your life.
· Stay clear from the Full Moon light where ever you are.
· Stay clear from ingesting anything you don’t trust
· Stay clear from accepting a stranger’s drink, Pluto is inside.
· Stay clear from wild lonely places.
· Stay clear from trusting anyone during any  of my future Plutonic windows.
· Stay clear from fighting with your loved ones.

Do not let your kids out without supervision.  During one of my previous TV show’s in Tucson I mentioned the death of a kid by drowning trying to save his friend that fell into a canal in Phoenix. Had the mother read these  Moon Power excerpts or read my any of the Cosmic Code newsletter forecasts, perhaps she would have been aware of Pluto. Like millions of preventable deaths she did not and for the rest of her life she will cry her loss and never be the same mother ever again.

Don’t be left behind, knowledge is power ignorance is evil. 

Like so much other negativity and violence that they shouldn’t be influenced by…Indeed another trip to the underworld or the last resting place of the dead and another dark home for the reptilius.

Dr. LOUIS TURI ~ “Reptilian Demonic Possession – Alien Abductions &…

Especially when most don’t under*stand anything about Pluto “The Lord of Hades” (Life and death principle) or how to positively use the power of the underworld at their advantage…

scorpio star sign


Help you with your secret, hidden enemies and give you more power over them / to protect you over them / and to make sure that you gain from Pluto (Lord of the underworld) all the positive magical powers, that belong to it’s place within you and to name of the Greek God “Hades.”

One may feel the energy, or the kingdom of the death, the entrails of this world, in one of the billions of places (Known and Unknown) but not everyone can adhere nor understand or even accept the hidden power of all the Greek Mythology Gods in charge of humanity!

Feel free to share…

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