Tiara’s Plot – By: Terania Turi

Hello readers…

It’s Mrs. Turi.

As some of you may already know, I am from Texas which is still called the largest of the lower 48 states… However in land size it is the number 2 state in the U.S.  Many still ask how it that Texas got its familiar title.

When Texas was part of Mexico, it was a sector of the state Coahuila y Tejas.

The flag of this territory had two stars on it, so when Texas gained its liberty in 1836 they had included the same flag pattern, short of one star.

This expresses Texas’ separation from Mexico and it also gave Texas the nickname “The Lone Star State.”

So, Texas got its nickname on April 21, 1836 (Aries: Baby of the Zodiac) after the last military fight.

Texas State was the lone star democracy when it was the Republic of Texas and is now the Lone Star State.

However, Texas isn’t just like any of our other states…It’s like a whole other country.

While its majority-minority or minority-majority, comparative to that of the entire citizenry; is constructed upon the greater part of our populace, it’s still a very distinctive abundant portion making up for the entire pie.


Call it the ability of “Neptune.” We live on it – what many call the last course before the next evolution…Call it “Planet X.”


In other words, better known as the “Cross“Holy Trinity (3) – Course Path…”

TE “xXx” AS


“3” with representation to the 3rd eye…

Appreciating that the development of entity, came with the first of “spring” Vernal Equinox – “Holy Arian (Aries) Water” (March – “Pisces”) March 20th…Staying secure with the flow of the tarot.

(tar – Egyptian meaning “royal” and ro – meaning “road,” such as the waterway in the arctic of “Italy” or the “French Tarot de Marseilles,” wherewith our significance switches continuously.)

Or just call it an illuminated transit for that matter. They happen every day 24/7 acting in accordance with the tangible & uncovering the“IE” of it all, better known as “The Way It Is Law.”

Unfortunately most people like to “spit fire” for no reason at all and this is where the complication lays by choice for resolution…Remember once more that (i is commonly used to designate electric current in these regimens.)

If we are going to continue needing any type of support – well, that blessing keeps coming from the real partners of the USA, which is the“Secret Hand. However, that help is also better known as; often doubtful help…The valid Illuminat*E (calculated as the sum of the infinite series – Other Component to the Formula).

Now, while it has taken the last 2,000 years for the illusory sign of Pisces to deliver its cautionary tale to the globe of uncertainty; we have already begun to enter the new Aquarius period of animate existence.

With this being said, Pisces rules the feet thus will remain the “sole basis” of what our planet was made upon. We all have this imaginary, yet dramatic force being brought out somewhere from within our “3” origins of cause and each born vital essential aspect; will forever submit to its power in one way or another.


 The downfall of one’s spirit and also not being able to raise ones cosmic vibrations is also either religion or chemicals…Even WEED. The mind-body decoding system is also down – grading systematically … fluoride and other things of such in the water supplies all the way up to radiation pollution. These energies affect our reaction and behavior in society along with universal energies that can’t be reached.

Though Texas and its mergers have their own dazzling display of creativity – flowing from each of their water bearer’s dream…What is indeed separating the stars and stripes of these combined lands, is the ability to understand and reason with the ominous cue’s; concerning the transient significance of one’s existence and the certainty of that beings demise.

I am rainforest Terania Loray Turi and my inner “Tierra Nueva” (New Earth) along with my own water bearer, soul mate; Dr. Turi came together as one philosopher stone and have been endlessly trying to breathe new life into the masses…Despite the many apples thrown back at us or the many banana peelings we have to go through, in our darnedest through all seasons to help the disorderly but with good intentions; to reach Mount Zion.

It is from within our Biltmore, French Renaissance Chateau; in Phoenix, AZ sitting on the “vortex” of energy, where much is exposed. As the Phoenix or Phoenix, AZ is associated with the sun, a phoenix obtains new life; by arising from the ashes of its predecessor.


The name for the Christian holy day known as Easter has its roots in the pagan holiday Eostar. Eostar the spring equinox was given the name after the Germanic goddess Ostara, Eostre or Eostar. Eostar’s blessed animal is the hare. The hare is associated with fertility and magic.

Call us the Kachina* from the native American, AZ “Arid Zone” land – representing spiritual personifications of the world which will continue to give the universal gift to the children for a brighter future…We do speak of a highly literate “Star Language/cosmic melody” too. Many may not understand us but you should – as we all are made in the spirit image. We just happen to use our Nexus head with its intersection in its “Sun” reflection.

When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.

-Jimi Hendrix-

Haven’t you ever heard that religion is the banana peel and that spirituality is the banana?


However, only U can shift your mood to the genuine source within the omnipresent; in order to keep everything in proportion with what is against that source…That is being omnipotent. In itself, Dr. Turi nor I bear out to be; in no way biased.  Yes, we are indeed much more than BBF (Blood, Bones and Flesh) because all blood is the same of both physical and spiritual glory and we all bleed red.

The fact is Neptune rules imagination, deception, drugs, alcohol, all places of confinement i.e. churches, synagogues, temples, hospital, jails; making for the hell on earth. Not to mention, that for much of it; the Middle East which also happens to be the beginning of the inexperienced and fatal communion of all… But this is not an unambiguous strike to the Middle East or the Muslim belief, only since the same Neptune tricky influence dominates all of these countries, made up of Israel and innumerable additional ethnic groups and their specific credibility order.

In this manner, the rural areas themselves are “as a matter of usual practice” collapsing inward, causing self – destruction as any compulsive, confused Neptune psyche would act in the stretch of time.

At the same time, Neptune’s powerful omnipotent / misleading encounter is also understandable within the US and throughout the entire world.

Ones essential nature, having a substantial Neptune’s installation in their innate/karmic “UCI;” will behave towards their own devout subjective adversities (EX: Christian/Mormon), likewise that of a Muslims, a Buddhist or a Jew.

Once again, it’s all composed by the distinct orb* -Neptune, arranged by the all present to cause a helpful or devastating power to create in one’s mind and for the most part 99.09% of our human race can’t see without favour.

Just so as it is perplexing, that a large part of our planet does what they do based upon their own self – importance; rather than that of mankind… We are giving you all critical advice of a commonwealth which is managed by many of our close-fisted governmental, orthodox and scholastic high-class people, who are continuously instructing others to be as crude as their kind; that are all already lost inside their mould. Maybe many of the “unconcerned” and/or short-sighted are plainly; getting their dues back.

As God created the elephant, the camel and the donkey, but when analysed carefully, they do look like they were the aftermath of a conference committee between the U.S. Congress and the Representatives rather than that of a Supreme Being.

‘By the power of three’, this should be the new mass… I want to say I’m sorry but I am almost not. Get with the program…It’s not difficult to see that the plurality of our human race has been and still is disassociating themselves from the divine nature double-time, and it’s all been wine and dined by a not even far sighted enough; type of stubborn agnostic science and a large group of indirect offensive religions.

On the other hand, when I think about it; ‘My Country ‘Tis of Thee…” No matter which one of the two equal parts making up the whole that we are talking about, its anatomy still leads into all of the waterways; among all bodies of matter.

See, the Neptune (Pisces / “Sole Basis”) antithetical; which is Virgo – otherwise known as the Virgin Mary and naturally not solo in the circle of animals; nevertheless the figure is that of an autumn damsel, holding a considerable group in her hand.

Virgo has always had an earthly individuality… observant to worldwide living things from the start of life’s “waterway.”

This indication is capable with a somewhat crafty analysing  yet thoughtful means…And this is where the erroneous use has been and continues on to be enforced.

And they say Jesus was conceived in the womb of his mother Mary by the Holy Spirit and born while Mary remained a virgin??? Can you pick up on the two –faced practice of the Pisces (religion) and its match…That of Virgo (Virgin / Puritanical)?

Virgo is changeable with its Arcadian like type, thus very “green.” Therefore as this liveliness directs our personal temperament in one way or another… So, you want to make sure you don’t miss the forest for the trees. And the same goes for cutting down the BIG forest and all of its trees.

Not to forget that our trees are one of the most vital features for animation on this planet. This is so because trees generate oxygen through a method called photosynthesis. It is known that trees create more oxygen when they evolve, and the most substantial producers of oxygen will be the trees that have the acquired power to switch the air and soil into wood.

The same as one requires secret knowledge to be understood. Since DT and I have reached our full growth in understanding of the “signs” by houses and signs, all the while repetitively and accurately explaining the “Power of the Dragon;” we have been connecting in your mind and for the most part using Divine Astrology (Astropsychology) alongside the ancient regimens – pertaining to the orient, hence will always relieve ones doubt; for the superlative interpretation.

This process eliminates the mathematical problems one is used to in the formalism of astrology??? That is to say, it is most valuable not to get so aim all attention used on the small details or complexity of something that you miss the BIG picture or the main point. You have to consider the details (the trees) but focus on the big picture (the forest).

We simply metamorphose illuminated electricity, as rules – from the SUN, into divine energy; that is to be used for nourishment and fuel, for the already set in advance “UCI,” (Unique Celestial Identity aka Spiritual Matrix)… In hopes that the human will use that light towards all of their actions and during the time he/she is functioning throughout our physical patterns’ daily fluctuations…Better known as the Physical Matrix.

With this approach, and with regard to the vernal equinox; we persist in giving all mundane fellows’ a stroke of luck, to catch on to the cosmic treasure cloak –and-dagger ; which has been long disguised to many… At no fault of their own of course, due to such strict family values over time but for those with a tough nut to crack; give me a break…

Even Medusa was a bit mystic during times of the stone age I kid you not. Trust me, these days one wouldn’t need to be an onlooker of a hideous being just to turn to stone when many are acting like stone heads already. At the same time, cautionary tale has it that even though many are two faced; as well as it sounds sly, your own stone head can one day be used against you.

Australian Original Astrological Rock Engravings Rewrite World Hist…

 Libra’s honor : In Ex 21:23-25 lies the statement of reciprocal justice “life for life, eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot, burn for burn, wound for wound, stripe for stripe” and then following it an example of a different law.

If you are going to preach what you practice, you have to live by the sword and die by the sword – I have to say over and over; with respect to that of the “vernal equinox.”

The composition of astrology + astronomy + psychology = astropsychology; will carry on at all levels, open to everything in the air and its full reserve of: The ‘Source’ for all of the basic combination and most all of the energy required, for all life on Earth. This is your Basis forsole source request.

To this, we and our students can say ‘sweet land of liberty’ to the power ‘plant’ source and its flip-side ‘fish’ which has been lighting up the Sun – Dragon and in ourselves since forever.

To boot, taking in these clues; just might mine up the gold* in this life and the after, giving you total limitless realization on the entire pre-set widespread system.

We at least can let freedom ring in the wisdom that “Even in Arcadia there am I.” Usually interpreted, I am You, You are me, and we are all One.

Arcadia: (Planet X: Hell on Earth / Paradise) Planet of the Crossing…

Isaiah 51:16

And I have put my words in your mouth and covered you in the shadow of my hand, establishing the heavens and laying the foundations of the earth, and saying to Zion, ‘You are my people.’”

Still yet already, within “either” of the two “Akasha” divisions (major and minor / lower astral and upper astral with everything in between) you shall be re-mastered into a light “butterfly” of consciousness, but you won’t know how blessed or cursed you will turn out… That is determined by ‘recordings’ left in the Akashic law by every occurrence.

The game is to find out what you already were. Going beyond your five rational senses and embracing the other four – earth, air, fire and water – from which they stem.

Even our ET friends are hinting at us through their crop circle formations. This is a gigantic human butterfly crop circle which appeared in Netherlands, near a town in southern Holland called ‘Goes’, on the 7th of August 2009 (7, 8, and 9 … Activation Sequence Initiated … And the BIGGEST ever… Quite interestingly the word ‘Goes,’ when anagrammed – gives us ‘Egos;’ pointing out towards transcending the ego as we journey forth in our spiritual evolution…

To come to be as a witch, I will say that it’s like a fishing expedition with a lot of repetitious actions in order to improve… as things usually don’t happen out of the blue. I don’t even like to categorize myself as a ‘white witch’ as like our creation in general,  I can be both white and black but I never use my expertise for anything wrong as whatever you give off; will eventually  come back to you threefold.

I am ‘alien’ (term usually given for something not easily understood as is GOD). Just as the description for  ‘white witch’ was chosen,  as way of showing people that don’t  want to identify their selves with witchcraft;  that you are not destructive and only deal with the pleasant supernatural powers.

On the other hand, we do worship Mother Nature; the Earth, the Goddess, and the God. True witches rejoice in all that the earth is and the phases of the year, which in proper sequence are our celebratory days based on the full and new moon.

So, you bring yourself into harmony’s nature and dig into its roots from which all is started; the planets, the sun, moon, herbs, flowers, trees, crystals, and colours.

It is of the twelve fairies and elves; I would like to say I have always been very proficient but the priceless knowledge I have been able to put into structure, comes to me a bit more naturally now; as my own curved ‘ram horn stems’ have become more responsive during  the whole design of our life blood.

As apocalypse Arisen, I am fully aware this day; that my handles have hinted at two things throughout my existence.


One, “apocalypse”, which refers to the termination of our planet and secondly, “arisen”, relates to the reality that I have died many times, but have managed to come back, or “rise from the dead” in a way.

Due to the distance I have in communicating our messages of the gods, the most common way we do so is through our homestuck base of operation…Thanks to our Jupiter (Lord of Luck) in the futuristic sign of Aquarius, we come at you through the WWW – beyond the realms of consciousness; which is separate from what most are accustomed to – of course.

“Www” or longer consecutive “w’s” mean laugh, laugh out loud in Japan. Et Voila! Japan is Aquarius.

Smile like the Sun (Self) for the New Age of Aquarius because it is here and always has been.

Notice the word “Maid” is concealed backwards within the name (Aradia Megido).

In ones proper element, the sincere pre millenial blue water rendition; should be noted as follows:  Since the Age of Aquarius is among us; in order for us to settle the physical / spiritual chain of commands evenly, there will be more who will have to lean towards the touch taken, by the sword of justice.

The Sun Dragon Is Changing Gears. It’s Nothing New…

August 5, 2013:  According to measurements from NASA-supported observatories, the sun’s vast magnetic field is about to flip. “It looks like we’re no more than 3 to 4 months away from a complete field reversal,” says solar physicist Todd Hoeksema of Stanford University. “This change will have ripple effects throughout the solar system.”

Something big is about to happen on the sun for sure and though the sun’s magnetic field changes polarity approximately every 11 years, the alignment of sun/earth happens at the peak of each solar cycle, as the sun’s inner magnetic dynamo re-organizes itself.  The coming reversal will mark the midpoint of Solar Cycle 24. Half of ‘Solar Max’ will be behind us, with half yet to come.

Regardless of any degree parallel, this is clearly the next “dragon” energy switching from Scorpio / Taurus, via the Libra/Aries axis – of our suns alignment with earth and the control of each sign;  as always, will be over the population in one way or another.

Depending on the persons understanding on the decent power of both, will that somebody be able to take the right kind of charge for the circumstances at hand and prevent paying any price of penalty.

Hitler’s Spirit Upon Germany Is Returning…

As our church pretender’s have been brainwashing others on the genuine significance of the cross, which is the “SUN WHEEL”, from the classical periods by and by.

This is identical to what Hitler and his deceiving military ways by use of the SWASTIKA (EQUILATERAL TRIANGLE) and geometrically speaking; as this representation was turned crooked by the German’s it was so that it would betray others with a “DOWNSTREAM” head trip.

Absorbing the brains of many with the abuse of the 4th month of April – “Aries” fire sign: sol; with means of double-crossing the harmless “Ram” or “Lamb,” to be a conscience-stricken “Nazi” or misanthrope.


Undifferentiated, and for all other haters up – to – the – minute…If they can pick a numeral or figure at latent such as examples in the following of: POLITICAL FLAGS OF EXTREMISM…, using it wrongly for any un-sacred subject matter; then it will be unlucky for the rest as they will robbed from any of the worthy significance.

This is the real master plan – for what is known as “Battle of Armageddon.” What are actually going to occur and/or the location; indicating something to soon be always present in the mind. It is up to the self only as self=whole to aim in the rebuilding our solar temple of Heliopolis, on the same hill created by many past generations.

Through repetition, I say again… Just like DOG in SCRABBLE is “GOD” As they say, every word counts. Now think of the Egyptian Supreme Beings who have been taken for granted for their diverse characters, in the miscellaneous of our framework – to be identified with the mummification and guardianship of those extinct, for their passage into the eternity.

From the capitol of everything in creation, past/present of which is moving towards the future – There have been many “gods”(whatever your beliefs may be and/or by any name) over time and as of the moment; we are all earth gods “dogs” / goddesses “doges –s” and the cause of all affairs; when it comes to the structure of all of our provisions for survival.

All energies intersecting earth through lightness and darkness, walking through fire and breaking the ice, treading the water and riding the wind, the ”Eye of the Sun” can be reawakened to  fill the void and protect from harm.

We are made of two ‘dream selves.’ The blue team and red team representing both Venus and Mars strength, for each of our two kingdoms: light and dark. This consists of one’s own “duality” theme and of course that of the originator…The one who sets up the duo “watches” both sides and so should you.

To be truly enlightened, one has to illuminate themselves with the undeniable sophistication SUN (SON)… You can’t have one without the other. Man/woman, front/back, up/downblack/white, yin/yang, positive/negative, the ultimate law of opposition

It is by this universal law, that together we can stop the melting pot from overcooking what is left of, one’s unlimited creative potential.  We must get past the ‘so called’ pickle – inspectors of our world and enter the dimension that they are lying under; right over our globe.

This is where they manipulate the mass surroundings in real time, like in a demeanour similar to that of their decisive life stimulation plan brewed up in their sly alchemization process; for the inhabitants of this place which will withhold them from reaching the medium. Many John/Jane Q’s act as if they don’t even realize that they are relating mutually with these computer type server players and freely wander about  completing their ordinary routines.

Seems “Mr. Sandman” has used his revengeful maneuver one time too many, by scattering sneaky sand over the eyes of its people; after  putting up with his own inner self to  be lured and misled.

Jack of all trades, master of none” because there is no other…It is all ONE. Sure you don’t have to pick between being great at one thing or just mediocre at many things. However, this is mixture of the all – present power with what is cyclically regenerated or reborn. If not integrated, then the activity is null.

Such a person being the master over heaven and earth by means of his will is a magus and magic is not sorcery but supreme wisdom. —Paracelsus-.

With reference to the six-pointed star is the Creator’s Star or Star of Creation. Its six points stand for the six days of creation, and are also represent the six attributes of God: power, wisdom, majesty, love, mercy and justice.

Gregorian calendar: Month #6 – June (Gemini) “Messenger of the Gods”

Julian calendar: Month #6 – September (Virgo) “Virgin Maiden”

Take the gesture of both and perceive each how you wish but each shall presume its natural course.

As there are in the PHYSICAL: “6 disciplines of training for the first 6* disciples

Those of the SPIRITUAL:

*6 “ORBS” of discipline for this race regarding education to set the scales straight.

This rule makes up for the 12 signs of the Zodiac.

For every number there is another product in its opposite…

“With the process of uniting this valid principle to the first 6* rules of the collaborated COSMIC CODE hierarchy and its kinship of our entire infinite establishment – NOT incomplete, then all of the fundamentals of your life; physical and spiritual will be attended to.”

Top Propriety of the “Material Dragon” Enterprise:

Any result that brings upon any type of catastrophe to a “player” in this life – line intentionally, “raises” their period of being; by the like quantity alternatively.  Throughout one of two “player’s” change, if a bad sleight of hand / trickery / the effect of both / or the backlash “Monster Ball” effect is stimulated; that would/could devastate another “Material Dragon (s)” on this terrain, you can “fire” one pass from your “Hidden Hand” – to the next dimension of consciousness; and reverse the activation completely to break the habit all together.

It’s the spirit’s choice to select between fear and love while learning to understand the ties and temperament of both; as a result preventing extremities of recklessness and cowardice.

Taken together, we decide to swim upstream or downstream.

To be led astray or not; but the mental part of humanity is a country in its own right, where its factual make up can’t be done over by the hands of anyone.

 Though each element may be in a perpetual fight against another, there is always the “elemental lord.” Through ones voice and mind capacity, we develop objects within the psyche, ideas and belief systems which try to explain our common facts of existence. They are all illusions. It is all ONE

  • · The Black Lion – Metal
  • · The Red Lion – Fire
  • · The Green Lion -Wood
  • · The Blue Lion – Water
  • · The Yellow Lion – Earth

As we play among the arrangement of stars, replicated in remembrance; through the Orion, the pyramids Orion belt; one must remember the following standard:

“IE” (The Way it is):

 Venus (goddess of spring associated with the arrival of spring) conjuncts sex-tile / Mars -Its Trine Square Opposition (with regard to the Vernal Equinox and fertility)…

Venus represents the woman’s image of herself (the glyph is the hand held mirror) and in the man’s chart, it indicates the kind of woman he is attracted to.

Scorpio represents the private parts of male and females…marking its spot at the sun with Taurus during the spring equinox via the Aries / Libra in preparation for the stellar birth line, or main sequence of stars.

 So, from the earliest of time, and as the sun appeared on the celestial sphere; moving over the ecliptic (red), it tilted on the Equator (white).

 12 sectors of our red ecliptic were formed to internationally define our many other celestial spheres within, as all the planets cross from point to point.

 First point being Aries, of which stretched over the first “30” degrees of development on this coordinate system – opposite Libra spanning the balance of our equilibrium… Linked to all else that is  “hidden…”

Do you follow the natural order? No one just joins this “DUAL” Illuminati*I (I is commonly used to designate electric current in these regimens.) Though many still are interested with regard to the more confusing clique and then the personality becomes out of control. Call it Hell on Earth.

You are pre-built in this matrix and you have to have the right stars – Illuminat*E (calculated as the sum of the infinite series). That is the“ie” law meaning “that is” the way it is.

In other words, to really under*stand Mother Nature’s purpose; one has to raise their inspiration to a soundness of judgment at a great distance aloft, in order to handle their absolute relations while putting up with others.

Are you on this star * ship with us???

It’s time to take on the T Tauri adventure quest and aim for your personal dragon head among this cold madness of light and darkness in our world and sign the petition for change..

DT: Using modified software I designed with the help of Halloran Software in LA, similar to the one used by NASA… I plot the cosmic repetitive pattern of the stars and combine it with my astrological wisdom and intuition that has proven me to be unarguably accurate if you take the time to decipher my quatrains and keywords which are taking the color of the endless news plaguing a cosmic unconscious humanity. Indeed before then I used to read charts or “ephemeris” but knew something was not right and changed modern astrology to Astropsychology.

From the old cinders, a new phoenix is born:

Get your Dragon Dates…

For it is through our Superior’s day – to – day reassurance to its children of Zion that the prime mover will gives peacefulness to all of its ruins and makes the forest like Paradise. Allowing the lonely growth like cultivated plants – fresh out of the master nursery. It is only then that great happiness and high spirits will be brought into being, grace and the expression of praise.

As a matter of fact, Jesus’ sun god traits were quite apparent but the challenge would have been getting through any of his own regrets; as like many are the forces that can destroy us all. Those were his commandments broken as well as the rest of our worlds’…One’s own violation. And he died for your sins, really? Even though he might have been battling against all of the corruption, a domineering government, and for independence like the Founding Fathers, he didn’t have cosmic consciousness.

This is why we have it that, of the counted upon, “3 Wise Men…” Now, just because the accounts don’t definitely say whether there was a trio or even those they were rulers of a specific region — OR men at all for that matter…What is not easily under*stood (alien) can truly be expressed as the “Magi of Egypt,” and every other ceased culture; belonging to the class of “3. Keyword is, the 3rd eye; for “I see.

However, their written regulations were as straightforward and reverent to what DT and I do: the combination of astrology+astronomy+psychology = astro*psychology.


It was noted that these men came with no exact known method of transportation, but rather from the east of dawn into the west of sunset, following the stars. Perhaps on no turbo charged camel (CAMELS HAVE 3HUMPS – SO, WHAT A GOOD WAY TO HIDE THE <>3rd<> EYE SYMBOLISM TO THE SLEEPING MASSES – LOL) but instead it could be a “UFO; yes?” Looking for what was to be “innate as Prince of the Jewish.”  After all, “CAMEL” spelled backwards is “LEMAC” – The leading edge of mean aerodynamic chord often used as a reference point for various aerodynamic measurements in aircraft design and operation.

Still there was nothing that they didn’t already know, I’m sure; that was accomplished from their adventure. Call it rather universal data being transferred from one determined entity to another…ARE YOU A CHOSEN ONE?

Shadows of many moons ago drag us to towards our current comfort zone and as anticipated we are all preoccupied by what is left behind; in some way. But given the chance to experience the one of a kind, we want to make sure we don’t get wrapped up by the tail that follows.

You see, it just so happened to be that the cosmic offerings reflected the aspects of Christ’s celestial character. It is supposed by the majority of our world, that the rewards given to “Jesus” (just another messenger of the gods) were that of a golden crown, to spare no one of any burn offerings so that they can live in peace, as well as offer devotion to all whom are faithful…Just as DT and I are programmed with this limitless wisdom.

Lo & Behold:The Story of the 3 Wise Men Untold…

Our Mother Moon says: I say, “Ask and you shall receive.”
But also “as you sow, so shall you reap”

 But when Jesus said to his disciples… “Go to the town and find the man with the WATER PITCHER, the sign of Aquarius to follow the sign of Pisces”…

In due time, if you think twice and rise out of the grist gutter by taking control of your own transformation then it can’t go beyond your control. This includes stepping outside of the physical matrix gear box; to “fly” like an eagle above the catastrophic Lizard emotional state, and all of its envy handed down over time. It is the problem sleuth of our world who would love to make us all out to be green-eyed monsters.

The Creation of Children Monsters…

DT: Now this does not eliminate the facts of conspiracies because they are very real but in the majority of conspiracy theories consumers, to my students and me, it’s a direct confirmation that each and every human is stuck on his OWN spiritual Matrix or his/her natal UCI!

The individual has to be focused on the main point of the methodology. That is the complete of the methodology and understanding the“Power of the Dragon.” The Dragon Explained…

Hence to rebirth ones inner “DRACO” (Latin for “Dragon”), or we – the immortal beasts; the personality must not misuse the power of its larger star creatures within, known as Gamma Draconian energy beings, better known as “Ophiucus.” (the spiritual hidden dragon’s polarity representing man and the snake lost wisdom we are holding and teaching the world.)


This is reaching one of three enclosures filled with many stars and constellations; showing its red vivacity of the brightest stars spirit (SUN – SELF) and its eyeball, watching through the sky; in our alliance.

Society will either need to accept or learn about Pluto’s impact on all generations, if we are ever going to aid in this multiplying movement. All of our “innocent” children and this includes people of any age who are very naive.  We each have our own character and many will not stop at nothing to beat their karma but there is a way to be ahead of one’s destiny in an opportune manner.

 Check Pluto’s Impact on Generations… 

This is how to set the ‘scales’ straight but where the baby of the zodiac is in itself (ARIES), will have to take appropriate heed;  in order to evolve into the eagle, flying high to defeat any rage within its  inner bull and all other jokers in between this orb; to avoid drowning in nebulous waters..

At the same time, ‘walking on’ with the other simplest essential parts and principles of which everything consists; in order to see eye to eye with our own cat’s eye nebula.

This will grant you the ‘crown’ of dignity to shine on with worthy objective; on account of joining the physical laws with those of the spirit.

Otherwise, might as well keep burning down the wood, corrupting the air, poisoning our waters, and this will cut off air supply to all earth; in which there will be no more. And as I hold an unusual nature of beast – to my rainforest, as that of ‘Terania,’ I continue to give all that is earthbound a chance before its too late. The boat is still at the dock and if you ‘touch wood’ now, you can be on your way to good fortune.

Now, if any of you read or heard about the recent passing of the nationally-syndicated morning radio show host, Kidd Kraddick; based near my hometown in Irving, Texas.

He went on during a charity golf event in his birth town of New Orleans, LA on this past Saturday, July 27th… doing what he loved, and his final day was spent selflessly focused on those special children that meant the world to him. The coroner’s physical explanation was that he died of an aneurysm and later changed it to cardiac disease.

Kidd devoted his life to making people smile every morning, and for 21 years his foundation has been dedicated to bringing joy to thousands of chronically and terminally ill children.

I listened to him and the whole crew every single morning for years, as I felt close to the whole bunch because they were such an inspiration to my day in many ways. Always full of great personal charm and spirit with vigour.

I also had at one time, the short honor of speaking with Kidd on the phone and saw the team live at a mall event a long time ago. The show, which survived through many cast transitions but the two other lasting-running great cast members were that of Kellie Rasberry and Big Al Mack.

I cried and cried because now it feels that where I grew up seems like it won’t be quite the same without him along with a few others I knew too. It still bothers me and a write this also in his honor.

Click here for a better idea of ‘Kidd’…

But I do thank god for the ability to hold in my mind the times of such enlightening importance that he had offered. I also thought what are they going to do now? Who else will be as full of life to carry on that “kind of” show and get people up and going in the mornings?

So many of our students and clients only have us to look forward to each day and I know that right now, he wouldn’t want us to have the blues. In fact, there is no such thing as death. We go back to the beauty we have always been, right? He would want us to ‘lionize’ with regard to Leo.

Please remember that memories of loved ones who have stopped living on this plane are still life. They are those memories that live within us. They still do have a “spirit of being” as long as we know them by our heart.

Kidd as many of our humanitarian force and fellow citizens that have gone away of all flesh, but Kidd did have a very beneficial cause in mind called Kidd’s Kids.” A short analysis on Kidd done by my husband to explain further is as follows:

Kidd was born August 22, 1959, like all Leo he was born to build a stage and shine with/for the children. Sad enough he was born like Michael Jackson and Bruce Lee with a Dragon’s Tail (negative) in Aries (the head/mind/brain) and suffered aneurism.  Medical science teaches that; an aneurysm is an abnormal widening or ballooning of a portion of an artery due to weakness in the wall of the blood vessel.

In the medical aspect of my work I teach my Astropsychology students that the location of the natal or hidden dragon in Aries, while in the mother womb, weakens the building process of the tiny veins ramification in the brain that brings blood and oxygen supply. The fact is Kidd died during a waning moon and during one of his negative “cosmic rhythms…”he had a BIG heart but he had no clue on the spiritual essence. 

Chances are he was ingesting some medications to sleep (he was born a Dual) and the side effects got to this heart and brain. Yes and my work are only pseudo-science readers…  May God bless his soul; the children will miss him…

As I am a dignified Leo dragon’s head, being that myself is from the southern state of hospitality; I always was in a special way riding ahead of the herd, and every now and then I did take a look back to make sure they were there following; but if not I knew deep down that within the heart of Tex’X’xas, that wonderful feeling would be on my shoulders, leading me in the right direction.  I know that I have made it through the apple of wisdom now and on my way through to the magnetic bridge of the sun, I go but what about all the rest.

As my husband and I do have direct contact with ETs we know that they don’t want humanity to keep  making the same mistakes they might have made, when they were once on this plane…Unfortunately many stand at that road block right now in the name of science, religion, and conspiracy.

Some of our ET’s like nearly all of our world are running after their frame of mind – their own ESP or some absent piece out of their private power to select, in order to acquire the necessary very important information in the whole evolution series.

Thus, they too become like a droid, kept under thumb by their mental ruler; to perform as given instruction by the astronomically devised “matrix.”

And so they picked us to carry on the messages to assist those who are still uncertain, or who chose to disconnect themselves from all types of facts of the future.

I am sorry that we couldn’t reach someone like ‘Kidd’ who was helping through his generosity for the kids but we can celebrate in the encouragement of “Kidd’s Kids, keeping the peace, love and light afloat for tomorrow’s generation.


This is just like I felt the pivotal message and calling, by a gentlemen friend named ‘Levi;’ who happened to be close to my husband’s and his favorite friend Owen, in which his offering of “The Forbidden Gift” that was left behind; should be that of “Antaar’s cosmic spirit reintroduced to the planet.

Channeling Cosmic Antaar from April 7th, 2013…

The moral here is that, all the same as the “Battle of San Jacinto” fought on April 21, 1836, in present-day Harris County, Texas…Well, that was the decisive battle of the Tex’X’xas Revolution at that time, when the state lost a star as a reminder of the state’s struggle for liberty from Mexico but there is still the opportunity to bring back the sincere emancipation and ‘Old Glory’ to the entire world of flags and make the bona fide “Star Spangled Zodiac” shine as whole again, once and for all.

That’s the real deal on the “Battle of Armageddon” scenario for a brighter beginning…Only if you open your eyes.

 Click to Stop building walls and Build the Magnetic Bridge…


Now, while still on the subject of kids, “Toddlers and Tiaras” anyone? 

We all remember Southern beauty and a past beauty contestant winner also; Patsy Ann Ramsey who held well to her familiar part for the part of a pageant mom.  Patsy had taken the pleasure of such recognition and dreams in that of her little girl that the tiara had once brought her as an adolescent, as many other mothers in the world do every day.

Sometime around Patsy’s bothersome 40th year, Patsy had contributed much more for her daughter, Jon Benet; beauty queen to accomplish her innocence and glamour into the future as planned.

 Patsy’s daughter was always dolled-up and in the running with other tiara toddlers since the age of five years old.  Given any type of pageant or a chance to get beautified and the little Southern belle was there, alongside her pageant mom…Until the night of December 25, 1996 after she was found murdered in the family’s home basement in Boulder, CO.

May God Forever Bless Your Innocent Soul

I could type up a continuous story on assorted opinions about the little princess’ young adulthood and a myriad of others; nonetheless that is not what this goal is about. I am not saying that beauty pageants are at the TOP of the list for being banned when there are so many other things that should be taken into view.

We see that these folks were very rich like so many others, traditionally “educated” since this is what is accepted as agreed upon and/or basically to put it bluntly, sensibly brain washed  – where the celestial divine have without a doubt any language at all.  Thus unless you get taught by an organization which is ‘officially recognized’, such as a particular academy or college; then for all of your born days that you have exerted yourself based upon your personal experiences,  findings and principles are nothing less than some kind of alchemy.

But that is just it! That is the MAGIC of it all. Many are just trying to imitate someone else.  Most are playing the role of its counterpart already…Two-sided but rather two-faced.

People like to be eccentric and one-of-a-kind, but when someone copies them, even though it’s a compliment, they feel like their individuality has been stolen away. It isn’t fair to yourself or them. No, I am not talking about certain looks /styles in fashion and such, as we all need some kind of the latest prevailing ideas in taste; every now and then for these types of things.

But, you tell me if what is more important here is   “The Physical / Spiritual Universal Educational Controlling Matrix”or tomorrows creation? Tell me Uncle Sam , how we can make this world a better place when so many souls have already been incarcerated by a bunch of hogwash???

The point is that the hocus pocus behind this tiara is tainted and sure enough this isn’t the perfect way our Great Mother, has intended for the kids to acknowledge the crown; when so many parents nor their children have been given an occasion to explore their real crown of royalty …The “UCI.” Once we put back in this crucial aspect, it will make for an honest crown.

Pageant Boys Competing for Girls Crowns…



Blessed be, that this motive becomes the genuine plot for the tiara of our universe and for  better days…(click to watch)

I am sure that if Kidd would have been a student of ours, he too would agree and I know he does now.



Acknowledge God’s Cosmic Identity and Free The Human Spirit Petitio…

& in honor of Kidd, please take a few minutes to sign the

Keep the “Kidd Kraddick in the Morning Show!” Petition…

Lastly, from tiaras to hats; don’t forget about the Genius of our dear friend, ‘Pasqual Bettio”…  as he gives so much back to the earth all wrapped up in his cosmic art. We have recently heard he has to move, because the landlord of the building wants to sell the Living Museum of Artography and Assemblage at the corner of Hollywood and Highland. I hear that he has been very hurt over the situation and it is getting him a bit down. This place has been his life.

Please feel free to show him some love at either of the following:

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 Peace, Luv and Light,

*Mrs. T*

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