Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen’s Cursed marriage


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Wikipedia – Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr. (Born August 3, 1977) is an American football quarterback for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers of the National Football League (NFL). He spent his first twenty seasons with the New England Patriots, where he was a central contributor to the franchise’s dynasty from 2001 to 2019. Brady is widely regarded as the greatest quarterback of all time.

Sharing emails;
Hi, Terania can Dr. Turi do the stars of Tom Brady the quarterback for Tampa Bay for the public and explain y he’s getting divorced? His DOB is august 3 1977 so I can prove to my business partner my cause I’m trying to explain to him that’s because of the tail in his 5th house lots of love.
Hugs to both of you Tony.
Dear reader,

I do receive quite a lot of requests such as this one above and without any cosmic wisdom, it may be a bit difficult for Tony to explain the natal UCI “Unique Celestial Identity” of Tom Brady to anyone! 

I will bypass all the astrological complexity and get straight to the point that refers to Bradly’s divorce and explain a bit about his stars and fate!
Since modern astrologers read their clients from the first house, I will use Bradly rising/ascendant in Libra as house #1 to start his housing system.
He was born Leo (King) and blessed by God’s cosmic design to build a very shining, successful international stage and reach fame and fortune. 
This means, since Bradly is a Libra rising (Ascendant), house #3 becomes house #1.
Count 7 from Libra (1) the 7th house (marriage) is cursed with the Moon (home) in Aries on his dragon’s tail!
House #1 receives Pluto, the most powerful planet of all. Pluto (death/drama) in Libra (partners/marriages/contracts) always depicts dramatic relationships imposed upon the soul.
The 11 house (wishes/friends) receives Mars (drive, Jupiter (protection) The part of fortune (luck), and the black Moon (curse) the sign of Gemini (duality.)
This makes Brady a DUAL.  This means everything in his life will be DOUBLE and this duality will bless and/or curse his career and relationships. Trump is also a dual and was impeached twice, has been married twice, etc. 
But the most difficult area is his natal dragon’s tail (negative) and his Moon (home/family emotions) in the super competitive aggressive sign of Aries (the baby of the Zodiac!)
Thus, Tom Bradly’s UCI is very aggressive, impatient, and childlike, and he is doomed in his relationships since the karmic tail and the Moon (home/family) in Aries (violent) are cursing his 7thouse of marriage. 
Without the right astrological counseling, Tom will find it extremely difficult to control his violent, impatient temper but the same Mars/Aries/competitive energy makes him who he is in the competitive world of sports!
There are very specific rules that directly apply to Tom’s astrological chart I cannot talk about in this essay but I can assure you that no traditionally educated psychiatrists or psychologists will understand the depth of his nature and guide him accordingly. 
I own the same Aries Dragon (the head not the tail like Brady) and this makes me an intellectual leader of the mind (I never really liked sports, only boxing!) The positive Aries head makes intellectuals, and the aggressive, competitive (Mars) tail produces sportsmen!
Being a dual like Bradly means, you will repeat successful acts (or business investments/Trump!)  In my case, as a dual, I am from France, yet I reside in the US, I speak 4 languages, have been married a few times and I did/will write 2/4/6/8/ (forever) newsletters! 
There is so MUCH more left to explain in Tom Bradly’s chart but this would require any of my clients to spend quite a lot of time explaining it all facing me on Zoom. 
Humans are very complex and UNIQUE, and unless you dig into the stars of your friends, partners, children, and loved ones you will never know if their stars match yours or worse, never understand them and cast them away from your life! 
My book “The Power of the Dragon” is a good start and should be mandatory in all colleges and universities, so one can understand themselves and others in depth; and stop being critical or judgmental! 


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