Trump, Clinton wage scorched reptilius infected debate



”For those who know me and the Cosmic Code jurisdictions, no explanation is necessary;  For those who do not, none will ever suffice… If every 8 year old in the world is taught Astropsychology and meditation, we will eliminate ignorance and violence from the world within one generation.”  Watch the future! Dr. Turi

Clinton, Trump hurl insults as world watches

Dear readers;

I said it before and I say it again, today. I am not exactly proud to be in America when the entire world is watching a deplorable debate; where respect, diplomacy and intelligence is missing. This was not a political debate between two intelligent people but a publicized direct and constant attack against each other.

This ridiculous, reptilius, poisoned, vitriolic political debate resembles today’s dismantled and dysfunctional, insecure families of America. Far from the ones like I knew in 1984, when I first arrived in this  country!

A lot has changed since then! More arrogance, ego, insecurity, greed, abuse, discord, religions, ridiculous belief systems, science and an ever changing technology rules this over poisoned world and the war often starts with your own family members, fighting and suing each other for possessions and the spoil of death.

Indeed the reptilius evil infestation is not only undeniable but unavoidable. Those those who own the answers to stop such nightmare are muted and ridicule.

Watching this political debate was like watching an immature couple fighting like cats and dogs,  when both are impossible to reach and reason with… Cats and dogs in time and space.

I always said to our students, in the eternal battle between powerful emotions (fear/envy etc.) and a rational logic, those deep encrusted destructive emotions will usually always win and you will always lose!

Losing a family member or a friend sometimes means messing up  with the 11th house of friends and wishes, thus another of your wish go to waste. Indeed the person you just “removed” from list and your life may have had one of the keys to your door of happiness but you just closed it!

As a rule, it is impossible to delegate properly or intelligently when Mrs. pride and Mr. ego reign and when all your thoughts are negative, destructive, vindictive (or reptilius infested.)

The choice is yours, between Trump and Clinton to fit the presented mental picture; cursing humanity from top to bottom. Again, in case you didn’t know yet; I am not into corrupted politics and deceptive religions / gurus. And without any intelligent dialogue or cosmic consciousness nothing has and will never work!

But as far as Trump is concerned, all I can do is to refresh your memory about a quatrain and a prediction I made for him back March 3rd 2016. Mention the word quatrain and see the idiotic reaction of a depleted, incurious, insecure, easily offended reptilius infected minds; all unable to exit politics (or religion) and assimilate my cosmic messages. There are billions of those “blind herd” cruising on Face book nowadays.

Those visions about Trump’s fate is taking place right in front of your eyes today and once again, I DO NOT CARE who you vote for. My cosmic work is solely spiritual and designed to help you bypass your five limited rational human senses.

This does not necessarily mean all are uneducated idiots, assuming I am the only all knowing person on the planet. But be sure 99.99% of hearth residents are cosmic unconscious, atheists or religiously poisoned! And this does not help upgrading your spiritual values to a much higher level of perception.

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It starts with you and your children
Realize also ET’s and UFO’s are very real!

This fact make its hard to help those who are unable or unwilling to exit their inborn constricted UCI and finally perceive the Divine and the ugly in action. Read more about Trumps natal UCI!

It is only when you see life (politicians/family members/friends/children) outside of your own unconscious “tunnel vision,” that God’s cosmic divinity will speak its magic to you and with it; realize all the sins and virtues everyone was born with. But in a world controlled and run by the reptilius this is a task only a few souls can perceive and accept.

While many readers may think Trump’s failure is obvious today, I have to remind those how they felt back in March 2016 when Trump was high and strong in the political race. Words and thoughts always fly away. Mine are crystallized and will stay on the Internet for many years to come, because they are dated and published there.

You may wonder why I feel the need to prove myself with my predictions. This is simply to offer the readers, not only the option to realize; I always “put the green where the mouth is” but I am also giving a gullible public the option to make the crucial difference between my legitimate predictive cosmic work and those of all corporate “for entertainment purpose only” well designed Face book deceptive websites, etc!

Memo from “French terror attack Trump’s prediction

The northern bald eagle makes a mighty comeback

“This is great omen for the US that can only translate to a vision I must share with the world!” Dr. Turi

 Posted by Dr. Turi on March 3, 2016 at 12: 27 pm: This is where I will ask my readers to save and share this article, because when my  “visions” unfold, my intend to offer you another solid proof of my God given gift will be confirmed!  Remember readers, more and more people are reading and learning about Dr. Turi, regardless how dedicated our Internet enemies are to stop us reaching you.”

Will the beast be destroyed?

“Time has, and will always be my utmost faithful witness” Dr. Turi 

Prepare Month of Blooming June
White Moon Twentieth Day Speak
Evil Spirit of Hitler Legacy Challenged
Cosmic God May Grace Humanity 

The only problem those have with the quatrain above and my accurate vision is that, idiots do not read dates and can only assume anything as dictated by their underdeveloped character. And worse, all nurture a serious inferiority/insecurity complex; which make them easy prey to the reptilius, who could never survive without their fears and humongous ignorance.

All I can do is repeat myself and assure you those nefarious entities are poisoning the mind of so many vulnerable indoctrinated, depressed, degenerated human beings abusing legal an illegal drugs.

They are infiltrating mother’s wounds doing their own experiments to fulfill an agenda so many will never accept. As well as infecting your children through technology… Cyber Spies / reptilius Target Your Child Through A … – Dr. Turi MDUS –

God’s Creation of Children Monsters | Dr. Turi M.D.U.S.
Zika Virus Universal Reptilius Infestation | Dr. Turi M.D.U.S.
NASA maps potential US Zika spread, HEED MY … – Dr. Turi MDUS
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Fla. reports 10 more cases of Zika Dr. Turi pandemic prediction …
Zika spraying kills millions of honeybees – The Universal reptilius …

Furthermore my predictions and quatrains do not stop at politics but other visions I had about natural forces and Matthew: Devastating flooding proved me right again. Though how many people read or share my cosmic work or even read the quatrain below?

Nostradamus Neptunius Draconis Universal Predictions Published April 4, 2014

Neptunius Dios of venenum poisonous Riligious Deception Rules
*Fear Water, Drowning Fire, Black Tainted Blood
Dreams Reality Rivalry Poisonis Mad Spiritus
All False Gods Lost Children Join To Kill

God nowhere to stop rain!

“Here is my interpretation for this Grand Cross but the main cosmic energy is Neptunian, this mean be prepared for important and deadly news involving the Middle East, the Pope, churches, religions,  dams, water, inundations, flooding, etc.”


Floods cause disaster in N. Korea
Deadly Floods Hit North Korea, Eastern China and the Russia
Worst US disaster since Hurricane Sandy
Historic Louisiana flooding
Heaviest rain in 100 years swamps city
Record rain floods Miss. homes
Disastrous flooding continues to swamp Texas, Louisiana

The reptilius are in charge of science and all political and greedy corporate elites on the planets and the results are hard to deny!

Planet at its hottest in 115,000 years thanks to climate change, experts say

Global warming is said to be bringing temperatures last seen during an inter glacial era, when sea level was 6-9 meters (20-30 ft) higher than today! Yet my visions should be heeded and the psychical battles engaged but it doesn’t seem many care to listen to my or share my message.

Millions of people could have also read my SOS to the world October 2016 deadly window dates and heed my warnings before traveling to (or fleeing) the afflicted regions. Those warnings were posted in a full month ahead of time and well before the scientific community began to notice the building of such devastating hurricane through technology.

I did the same with hurricane Katrina many years ago on national radio but, in the name of stupidity,  it seems my predictive work serve not much purpose for those unworthy. And there is no hope in sight for me to reach scientists and the US population either. Crucial cosmic wisdom is slowing sinking in the catacombs of times.

But the same very matrixes that control all information (and the education of your children) mute me because those who believe we are evil and dropped us because we deal with divine astrology when all Terania and I have been doing is to raise your awareness and help you save your possessions.

As mentioned before, I am 66 years old and time is not in my favor to give justice to the mother of all art and sciences. This cosmic wisdom is ridicule instead of being investigated properly and and used by all. The fact is, too many just can’t handle the truth! With astrology, there is no need of investing in expensive studies and a myriad of development for new so called sophisticated, electronic equipment you must pay with your taxes!

This does not mean this type of valuable, scientific research should be postponed or abandoned because without it, no one would know the birthing and logical formation of those deadly hurricanes. But face it, the world is overloaded with an incalculable amount of  traditionally “educated” idiots…

Neil DisGrace, I am a non cosmic conscious, traditionally educated agnostic, egocentric   Libra idiot (note, this does not mean all Libra are idiots.)

“The universe is under no obligation to make any SPIRITUAL sense to you Mister DeGrasse, not all human spiritual DNA or UCI are “cosmically” designed like yours… And thanks for that!

Unlike the traditionally “educated,” egocentric attitude represented above, there is no throwing the water with the baby with me! While my cosmic work fit their research, it is the fear of the ridicule and those well read souls’ lack of curiosity who think they know better; that will kill millions more of unaware tax payers in the long run.

While being challenged by any scientist in public would be quite a debate, they avoid me like the pest; because they know my work is still unchallenged and my predictions undeniable! Nut up scientists, let the world judge outside of your convincing,  sarcastic arguments, (above). I am ready for you Mr. Disgrace!

The fact is, those supremely wealthy, well organized so called scientific corporations could never accept a little French astrologer like me who is more accurate making earthquakes and hurricanes predictions than they could ever be in their lifetime and this type of unarguable competition must be removed by all means… 

Katrina Predicted

Dr. Turi’s Hurricane Katrina and Typhoon Soudelor Predictions on National Radio

Coast to Coast Predictions and Draco Phase Three

Time to have Dr. Turi back on Coast to Coast and offer his visions for 2017

The scientific community is distancing itself from the divine each passing day, all the while creating more traditionally educated, atheist cerebral idiots; who deny God and none will ever be able to perceive God’s real cosmic divinity without my divine spiritual teachings.

Unless gifted with an advanced highly spiritual UCI, your indoctrinated children can only follow the same path and open a wider door to the reptilius working overtime; to keep humans in the hole of cosmic ignorance. Though fighting those powerful matrixes demand mutual, worldly support.

Feed the religious or scientific matrixes or free your spirit with Dr. Turi

America is a very young country molded by a multitude of religious matrixes which are today battling and competing with the scientific matrixes for financial and educational supremacy. Much like the current political battles involving Trump and Clinton, reflecting the reptilius infected, rational, egocentric, deplorable insecure world we live in.

As responsible humans, you don’t have to accept your impending reptilius fate and let fear, ignorance, greed, insecurity and discord reign upon this world, when you could FIGHT those entities.  Of course, for your sake and those of your children you would like to fight…

This is not a  “normal” or another vicious political fight, its a psychical fight for humanity’ survival and while this should be serious enough to help bring humanity back to God’s real cosmic divinity, it seems many are not ready and would rather live in ignorance…Knowledge is power, ignorance is evil.

ENJOY MY LATEST SOS TO THE WORLD then judge what a real Prophet is all about!

October  12 -// (48 hours centering the dates)

Entrails Upset Spit Above
Red Fire Wind  Water To Dance
Stars Command Shock Science
Calm Deception To Strike


Japan / Asia / Cosmic News / NASA  / Space News / Nukes / Weird news / Freak / Space / Rocket / Surprises / Explosions / Shocking / Stunning / Baffling / Incredible / Lightning / Unusual / Humanitarianism / Children / Unrest / Discovery / Science / Earthquakes (always above 6.0)/ Volcanoes / Tornadoes / Aeronautics / Technology / Electricity /Television / UFO


To also realize WE ARE responsible for our common fate as a human species fighting another from the astral plane, operating in “Dark matter…” Something none of our traditionally “educated” rational, agnostic scientists are able to comprehend and explain.

Introducing the world to God’s real cosmic consciousness

While my regenerative cosmic work is read avidly in so many languages, not many are dedicated to save it and its human cargo. Ask yourself reader, what did you or what are you giving the world today? How many of my articles did you share or will you share?

This may explain why fulfilling the mission to eliminate fear, stupidity and battle the reptilius agenda shouldn’t be a dream and why your support to pass on my cosmic message is important. Is this God’s ultimate will, it seem all is that and that is all…. FTC: These charities are shams, Help Dr. Turi instead! | Dr. Turi M.D.U.S.

Join the fight

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The Magical Power of Talismans!
Talismans, do they really work?

 Nostradamus, along with talisman used also all sorts of potions made with plants, herbs and flowers he collected in “La Provence” naturally produced by the wild South of France mountains. Read more health tips from  2015 Nostradamus Neptunius Draconis Universal Predictions

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Blessings to all

Dr. Turi



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