Trump family breaks pet tradition explained – Cosmic food for thought!


DSC106[1]“The universe is under no obligation to make any SPIRITUAL sense to anyone”  Dr. Turi

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Trump family breaks with presidential pet tradition

In the article titled “Donald Trump President?” I elaborated on  Trump’s  natal UCI and pointed out his idiosyncrasies or what it mean to be someone born under the Gemini constellation with a Dragon’s Tail in Sagittarius.  (Click on the provided links if you do not understand the meaning of a sentence!)

The quatrain below summarize what all the so called traditionally ” educated experts” can’t figure out about our President’s DUAL personality!  Note the quatrain emphasizes the negative aspect of this sign, to read the “rest of the story” get the book! 

“The Lord of the Thieves”

Freethinking and intelligent
You will not find me under rigorous management
You may think you know me well
Then my other half over you casts a spell
I am GEMINI, child of Mercury.

Owning a pet enunciates a compassionate, loving, caring personality and Donald Trump is all that but why  he does not like pets in the white house? Well, like all Gemini’s, he is fussy at home (and on his plane) but unless you read the full characteristics of Gemini (or any other sign for that matter) people will remain a secret to you.

No one was created equal and while you are genetically 100% connected with your loved ones, in the spiritual realm,  you are a total stranger to them all!  You will never think, behave, create or lead the same fate as your siblings, mom or dad! 

A cosmic God created you at his interstellar image but the religious and scientific matrixes  universal “educational” indoctrination lead humanity to fell in the deep, dangerous  hole of ignorance… Which makes it  easier for the reptilius  nefarious group of ET’s to lead the dance of evil cursing humanity! 

Feed the religious or scientific reptilius infected matrixes or free your spirit with Dr. Turi

Either you can bypass your inserted  religious fear or dry skepticism (atheism plague) or will you take a chance on God’s cosmic divinity and understand why President Trump (you or someone you know)  is a clean fanatic.

I can only give you a tip reader, President Trump’s chart is loaded with Virgo in his 4th house or the base of his operation or the White House (and his plane!) And again, the chosen quatrain below should clarify what I mean when I teach our students how to “read” the signs and speak God’s cosmic language..

Cleansing impurities large and small
Don’t think yourself immune, for I see all
Attending to every chore and task
Perfection being all that I ask
I am VIRGO, child of Mercury

May be you should listen to a sixty seven year old wiser man and read “I Know All About You” to find out!  Be sure the golden keys to what it means to be human will never be found through traditional neuroscience, psychology or  in the  bible; or a man made over edited book designed to brainwash billions of “young souls” born with an inferior, easily scared and incurious UCI! I know all about you Mr. President  (and some!)

“Show me a reader, I will point out a winner!” Dr. Turi

While many religious people are intellectually slow, some of them own pets and that shows a caring side.  But this does not mean they are all exactly nice or will agree with me when I explain why  pets reincarnate to teach love  to the human race…

Cats and dogs in time and space 

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Read more about dogs and cats

Do not judge anyone because he/she likes or dislike pets, outside of a  “puritanical, cleanings, Virgo UCI”  – Millennials A Generation of Born OCD,  there are  also reasons (and experiences)  you know nothing about!  

While I do not expect the FBI, science and vast majority of cosmic unconscious human beings to relate to my spiritually advanced work, my  intellectual efforts can only benefit those who can assimilate rare wisdom! 

Mastering The Mind Powers

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