Trump indicted in classified document probe prediction!


DSC106[1]“Man is superior to the stars if he lives in the power of superior wisdom. Such a person being the master over heaven and earth by means of his will is a magus and magic is not sorcery but Supreme wisdom.” Paracelsus

“The universe is a BRIGHT LIVING spiritual entity… I’m offering its secrets before I die. The purpose of all my struggles was to build cosmic wisdom and offer universal guidance and strengths to others” Dr. Turi

Dear reader’

It is only if you READ and INVESTIGATE “June 1,2,3,4 – 2023 SOS to the world deadly windows” that you will grasp Nostradamus’s 16th century Divine Astrology methodology all exposed through my various quatrains and obvious keywords. 

Dramatic news seems to apply with Shannen Doherty reveals cancer has spread to her brain” and when I do experience my own my predictions with my son,  its quite difficult to deal with!

Never in a million years would I have expected, that my own son also born in April would suffer the Aries/Libra dragon axis visions/predictions I had.

As I am speaking to you, I am devastated, I found out a few weeks ago that he had cancer, and he is only 53 years old! Like Shannen, also born in April, he is undergoing brain surgery right now in a neurological hospital in Toulon France!

When my predictions become so real it is scary even for me yet, I was prepared all along of the possibilities I did not want to face, and that alone makes a lot of difference in dealing with the outcome.

This Aries/Libra dragon can also be very positive in the house and sign it is found, but if you do not know, or don’t have the courage to check its location in your chart, the head or tail may do irreparable damage to your mind and destiny! 

So be strong, be prepare and face your future with courage since you can change the outcome by applying your will (the part of God in each one of us) to change your future!

God’s cosmic design has a very deep spiritual purpose, humanity will have to recognize with time as we move further into the new Age of Aquarius

My son and grand daughters needs me more than ever now, I already live in both France and the US, but a lot more traveling is ahead of us.

Remember my words reader? “Those born in April or October, or those born  with the Sun, the Moon, the risign, natal or hidden dragon in either signs will directly touched by this dragon!”

It started with Nancy Pelosis an Aries and her husband also own an Aries dragon and this sign rules the head! Remember? 

Yes my wife Terania is also an Aries, and I was born with an Aries dragon’s head so we are directlty touched by the new “Change of Guards” of July 18, 2023.

Remember reader “God created the stars and the heavens for more than the sake of beauty (or amuse NASA!) He gave them to us for interpretation so that you may lead a safer more productive life!”

Be curious be prepare use the stars at your advantage! Put your hands on my 2023 Nostradamus’ Personal and Universal Dragon forecast!

Another thing, please do not lump me with psychics since my cosmic work has a rational and practical scientific structure only my students and I can appreciate and judge as reliable and true!

Before offering you further information on the current SOS SHOCKING window and current UFO’s news below, let’s discuss a few facts about psychics, and some predictions I made about former president Trump!

Please “do not kill the messenger” and remember my cosmic work is not about conspiracy or politics but astrological predictions!

My visions do not start nor finish with the former president alone so please, if you can, control your emotions and upgrade your spiritual values… 

Dr. Turi,
CONGRATULATIONS! You predicted Trump would be indicted over a year ago . Next month the Georgia prosecutor will be indicting Trump for the 2020 election . You predicted all of this!
Again it is only if you watched my videos and read my newsletters that you will acknowledge the facts of my undeniable UFOs predictive legacy!

Memo: How many of you recall this video and my warnings about Trump’s karma made on my YouTube channel so many times, also published on June 2nd, 2021? 


“No one, directly or indirectly involved with the US Capitol invasion will escape the 2022 Scorpius karma! This includes President Trump himself, his family, his supporting mignons, i.e. Stewart RhodesTucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, Alex Jones, Joe Rogan, Lindsey Graham/ Taylor Greene/ Coast to Coast am guests and hosts and many other members of the former president’s reptilius infected aggressive base.”

Dr. Turi

Now this is a well documented, dated, printed and published prediction but as always, I must warn you again of the “reptilius effect” designed to scare the hell out of you with “psychics, prophets wanna be, modern astrologers and deceptive psychics born Neptunians all depraved of cosmic consciousness!

A misinformed, indoctrinated religiously poisoned and/or atheist society is extraordinary vulnerable to the danger and lies of infected AI only concerned to get your financial support i.e.  “Sign up for our free Indy100 weekly newsletter.” 

Nothing is free reader, you are being deceived and lured into the reptilius effect AI manifesto advertisement purposes and I strongly suggest you to read my warnings about the serious danger of infected AI before letting an uncontrolled fearful imagination ruin your life! 

Those infected websites’s owners are well organized, they have vast ressources and through their fearful tactics control all the “psychic” information.
Once more, unlike my students and I, this psychic was NOT cosmic conscious and was lead by the reptilius who hijacked her body, mind eyes and soul! In no way will the “Gardeners of this world” allow the reptilius to destroy the earth and their precious experiments! 

Do not fall into the reptilius pit of fear and ignorance and trust only reliable sources like mine wich offer you with undeniable and well documented predictions!  Dr. Turi’s Famous 9-11 Prediction.

June 2023 SOS to the world deadly windows Posted May 30, 2023 



June 7, 8, 9, 10 & //,//,// (Starting on the given date, will last all the way to the next window)

Entrails Upset Spit Above
Red Fire Wind Water to Dance
Stars Command Shock Science
Calm Deception to Strike

Japan / Asia / China / France / Italy / Gold / Cosmic – Space News / NASA / Nukes / Nuclear /  Freak / Bizarre / Unusual weird behavior / Space / Rocket / Missile / Surprises / Unexpected / Explosions / Shocking news / Shocking videos / Stunning / Baffling / unprecedented / Suddenly / Incredible / Strange deadly Behavior / Awakening / Bombshell / Mind Boggling / Crazy / Lightning / Electricity / Fire / Unusual / Unexpected / suddenly / Humanitarianism / Toddlers / Children / Teens / Unrest / Fascinating / Genius / Discovery / Very old – Very new / Discovery / Invention / Science /  *Earthquakes (always at or above 6.0 / Tsunami / Typhoon / Hurricane / Volcanoes/ Tornadoes / Airports / Airline / Aeronautics / Planes / Balloons / Helicopters / Drone / Technology / Hacking / Cyber-attack / Internet / Electricity / Electronics / Television / UFO’s / Cosmic Phenomenon   



6/9/23 – Las Vegas police respond to home after 911 call claims UFO with aliens crashed in backyard


ET’s will become reality during Pluto’s passage in Aquarius but in the Vegas’s case (and many others like Roswell)  another reptilius  scout ship was downed by the Draconis! No valuable communication was established in the process!  And the majority of UFOs experts are the least knowledgeable on thse topic since they never saw nor delegate ET’s as I do!

06/08/23 – Authorities raise alert level as Kilauea volcano erupts
Four toddlers among victims of knife attack in southeast France
Shocking video – 12-year-old springs to action baby deer falls into pool

An illustration of Parker Solar Probe approaching the Sun.
Two planes ‘likely collided’ at the airport in Tokyo, Japan
Missing children found alive after month-long of jungle plane crash
 5 teens  hospitalized after shooting in San Francisco
Teen who tried to stop knife attack in southeast France hailed as hero
France A man kill a teen with a knife because she refused his advances
And yet we still have educated idiots like Neil Degrasse a Libra, who know nothing of Divine Astrology, morons and skeptics alike who, with facts in hand, STILL deny the obvious and that;  Divine Astrology is a critical science and valuable for humanity!
I would suggest them all to read about Tyson’s UCI “Unique Celestial Identity” and judge who’s right! Don’t you think the educated pride of astronomers and physiscists like him should apologyze about Pluto?

Photos of Pluto show planet in flux – “Judging by the first, crisp digital close-up images, the wait was worth it.

They reveal a ***planet*** not frozen in place but with a complex landscape still developing.” Will the moronic astronomical “scientific” society finally accept that Pluto is a planet and reverse their illegal votes downgrading Pluto to a “dwarf” planet? 

If I was right about Pluto back in August 24, 2006 during the PRAGUE, Czech Republic ridiculous vote, do you think I am right again today about the spiritual purpose of this planet upon humanity and the reality of the “Soul of the Cosmos?”

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“He Who Conquers the Stars Will Hold the Golden Keys to God’s Mysterious Universe And Change The World.” Dr. Turi

My radio show with Bob Charles did I not mention NASA and to be ready for “cosmic news?” 

Furthermore did you read this SOS to the world and the words “NASA and Cosmos News” in the keywords? 

Share the truth please help me re-establish the fact about Pluto and its divine purpose upon humanity.

Do not let atheists astronomers like Neil DeGrasse and other “educated Idiots” tell you otherwise because no one can hide the truth for ever and I will always be there to prove it to you! 

 If you miss my cosmic wisdom and predictions including all my future SOS windows, simply join us.




“God created the stars and the heavens for more than the sake of beauty, he gave them to us for interpretation so that we may live a safer more productive life!” Paracelsus 

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