Trump, Ryan tout unity? My other half over you casts a spell!


Trump, Ryan tout unity in wake of meeting

You may think you know me well
Then my other half over you casts a spell

Dear readers;

In all human affairs, politics are the dirtiest business on the planet where the wealthier and the more astute competitor will usually always win. Putting faces for or against any political enemies and the public at large is what secure the presidency! And Donald Trump trained all his life to do just that!

Ryan told reporters Wednesday, he just wants to “get to know” Trump. 

This will never happen, unless he land on my article and those chance are slim to none. Without cosmic consciousness, how can anyone including Ryan “get to know” a multi faces like Trump? In  Donald Trump President? I offered glimpses  to what  his very dangerous Plutonic UCI is all about, but not many powerful politicians or American voters read my article and heed my warnings.

This is why you should share my work while you can do something about it!

Trump was born in June and my quatrain is self explanatory as far as trusting  and knowing a DUAL Gemini is concerned! The picture below does not need much explanations. Indeed, in the name of both religion and science, the immaculate truthfulness values found in the ancient art / science of divine astrology has been lost, ridicule and God Cosmic Divinity cast aside.


“The Lord of the Thieves”

Freethinking and intelligent
You will not find me under rigorous management
You may think you know me well
Then my other half over you casts a spell
I am GEMINI, child of Mercury

All I can do is to warn of the future only a cosmic conscious prophet can divulge accurately. In the name of ego, power, greed and wealth; the anticipated GOP unity will take place for the rich and powerful must maintain and secure their privileged select status.  The conservative “political correctness” is something that took many years to build and can not be destroyed, especially when the masses still have the power to elect.

The majority of politicians making up the GOP have too much to lose to stop Trump and must unite in support of the “elected” nominee.  But it is a disaster for a religiously poisoned, unconscious America and all its politicians to ignore God’s cosmic will (or the fate of Trump) the entire world will be forced to experience, if he manage to get elected President of the United States.

Because the stars do not endorse a President’s and the country’s fate does not mean he can not become the commandant in chief. God will never interfere with the human affairs and the human will but, he will speak his supremacy through natural forces and wars created by men.

Little does America and all other world leaders know that Trump and Putin UCI’s are in total disagreement! It does not take a genius to anticipate the serious political troubles ahead when those  two egomaniac bullies face each others.

Do not fall for the deceptive complimentary exchanged between those unconscious, powerful men, instead perceive those as serious warnings to whom will destroy the other first.

It is not IF but WHEN America will be engaged in a war against Russia because Trump’s negative stars do NOT endorse anything constructive or creative involving foreigners affairs. New U.S. missile shield angers Russia 

And while he already displayed his inborn racist German nature with Latinos in the US, my message isn’t obviously clear enough for many, for my warnings to be heard in time.  And the results will be catastrophic for America and the world at large.


Posted to the world June 12, 2013 – All I can tell you is the Spirit of Hitler’s racist Legacy will display its karmic purposes upon humanity through Donald Trump’s fate!  

Not many are listening to a Prophet warnings in 2016. The mass can only feel the burning of heavy taxes and the pain of hardship imposed by what they perceive as an  abusive or incompetent  government.  They think an idiotic logic dictate, electing a billionaire will fix all the financial internal affairs of the country?

Nothing can be further from the truth when Trump’ success is attributed to his wealthy parents offered him a great and serious advantageous start in life.  Receive a million (so he said) to buy dirt cheap properties in New York years ago, reinvest and many of you will also become billionaires.

“A brainless herd is not only an easy target for  Dictators but a dangerous rogue force seeking changes for the sake of changes!” Dr. Turi

Trump had the stars to become very wealthy in the real estate business, part of this fortune was also used to produce a TV show offering him celebrity status. And today’s producers would never support Soul of the Cosmos  because my cosmic teachings are much too REAL to fit an intellectually deficient, blind herd.

Indeed the Entertainment, religious, scientific and sport matrixes do fit the simplistic demands of an indoctrinated society who could not care less about learning and mastering all the secrets of “The Soul of the Cosmos.” They OWN YOU!

God has a bigger plan and I understand studying a “pseudo-science,” while being entertained does not appeal to everyone but becoming cosmic conscious is a way for you to stop evil souls lies, taking over your life and lose your children to future wars. But of course “you can take the horse to the water but can’t make it drink…” One has to willingly let go of all the bad from within first, as human will is stronger than the stars; period!

To those of who assume all will be fine and not to panic  if Trump gets in power let me tell you, as much as God granted you with your own precious gifts, mine is to see the future which is written in the stars. And, if you know me well enough, time has proven my predictions  to be accurate over and over again!

The stars above entails much more than what rational astronomers can perceive through their telescopes and their five limited human senses…  Mercury the Sun and Astronomers’ Idiocy!

The current Mercury retrograde speak of people and affairs of the past coming back to make the news, thus how more obviously accurate can I be?  Zimmerman gun used to shoot Martin disappears from auction site – Prison escapee recaptured after 50 years  – Romney: This is ‘disqualifying’.

While I continue to offer undeniable proofs of my predictive talent to the skeptics, the atheists and the scientific community but their deplorable mindset is irreversible!

Posted yesterday in Is there a child mental health crisis? The reptilius Agenda!Note I am expecting a 6.0 or above earthquake (Japan) and shocking news  within the next 48 hours  and terrorism and many deaths, drama with Russia and the police around May 20th.

Update: 5/13/2016: It seem only a 5.9 in San Agustín Chayuco, Oaxaca, Mexico took place during this window and it is up to the reader to realize the mg increase is obvious if you kept an eye on the earthquake activity.

I am offering the following quatrain and “obvious” keywords below as to prepare my world wide reading audience to what the future will bring. I will also offer more dates and more of my vision in my upcoming radio shows.

May 2016 SOS to the world deadly Windows

May  20 

Hidden secrets sex, money come to light
Raw power challenges police deadly villains
Ugly face of death drama horror surface
Nature man’s religion bloody folly reign

Russia / Famous Death / Dramatic News / Police / FBI / CIA / Secrets / Scandals / Terrorism / Cyber attacks / Abduction / Finances / Super wealth / Sex / Serial Killers / human / nature wake up Call.

So many of you are working overtime to reach your goals, your wishes your dreams yet, it seems the more you dedicate yourself to succeed the farther they become.  Guess what reader, if you work too hard and see little rewards for your tenacious efforts, your sacrifices may be wasted!  I know I wasted ten years of my life working against a destiny that was already written in the stars for me.

But I did not have a Dr. Turi to translate the heavens, to guide me, to save time, money, frustrations and pain. If you are not aiming  for your specific destiny, God Cosmic Divinity will never work in your favor. And if you have been struggling for ever to reach your goals, you MUST be doing something wrong.

The way you are, the way you go after your dreams, the people you are with, the work or study you perform everyday may NOT be what God has in store for you.  And going after your destiny the wrong way is simply ridiculous and costly…

You may feel lonely wondering why no one share your life.
You may work very hard, yet get little money.
You may wonder about your mission on earth.
You may show happiness when you are crying inside.
You may sleep hours yet feel tired all the time.
You tried it all wondering why  nothing works for you.
You wonder if God is listening to your prayers.
You wonder if you should stay alive or escape reality.

The fact is; you are NOT regenerating and your body mind and soul are desperate but you may trust science or religion to appease your pain and reach your goals… So you gave up, you already accepted your fate, your loneliness, your misery and seek refuge with legal or illegal drugs and alcohol.

You keep punishing yourself everyday finding any ridiculous reasons to why you deserve to be unhappy and a failure in all you do! I know this world is hell but I also know God did not put you on earth to suffer an inescapable nightmare.  As a child of the universe there is a Divine reason for you to be. The question is; what is it?

Guess what; the worse you can do is the same exact thing everyday and expect different results, this never worked and never will.  This is why you should take a chance on my cosmic wisdom because, once upon a time I was hopeless, homeless and I walked the same miserable shoes!

But today I own emotional, financial and spiritual stability, I enjoy Terania’s endless love and  support. We appreciate working for ourselves and taking trips when ever we feel like.

We may not be billionaires but we are free and live life like one!  You will never know the hell Terania had to go through before meeting me or the things I had to do to survive. Yes the same goes for you I bet!

Yet all along I wish I had known where the gold mine was but I did not have the map and when I finally found it, I had to work many more years to decode it!

But it is now finally done and you do not have to be 66 and retired like me to enjoy life. I have the life saving crucial answers you are seeking. God gave me the gift of perception, the gift of Divination and even allowed me to experience the incredible something many will never ever be touched by!

Take a chance on me. Talk to me for a few minutes and only if you feel I can help you, you will decide to get more healing directions. A true “psychic” should tell you things no one knows, even yourself! A true gifted spiritualist  will tell you about your ailments, your past life, your health, your mental dispositions, what you are going through and where you are at in life.

Indeed I have more answers than you have questions for me. Then when our conversation is over, you will be left to ponder how much I know you and how much I can help you.  Take the first step to an infinite voyage that will lead you straight to God’s cosmic light and let me translate and divulge his plans for your fate on earth.

Email with your DOB, a day and time that will fit both our schedules for a test drive and let me take care of you. If you are not happy, its because you do not live and experience your destiny, its as simple as that!  Let me point out where the gold mine is in your life and how to get there safely!

Lastly if you decide to proceed, make sure to record the tremendous amount of channeling, cosmic teachings and the precise dates and predictions I have for you.   Remember unless you become a VIP first, a personal Skype consultation cost $700.  You will save $390 by becoming a VIP, thus  Join us today!  This deal is valuable for all and operational for 48 hours only. 

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Dr. Turi

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