Trump Vs Biden Debate, Amy Coney Barrett and the US’s fate…


In a world where political leaders and society assign themselves, to religious archaic convictions and trust its infantile scientific community and its celebrities, only extreme stupidity can plague the rest of humanity. ~ Dr. Turi

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Posted by Mauro Zilio on Friday, September 18, 2020

This is a true reflection of a human body, mind, and soul totally infected by the reptilius… 

Infected Helaine says he loves being a primary school teacher. 

He said last year, he was teaching kindergarten at the Docteur Morere Elementary School in Palaiseau, in a suburb of Paris, when the parents of a three-year-old child complained to educational authorities… They said their son, who was not taught by Helaine, had nightmares after seeing him.

Yes – Much like the priests raping and infecting the children, this is part of the “reptilius’ agenda!” And those evil entities are much more active at night, during various sleeping phases! You can not desensitize yourself, from the forces of darkness…

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Former Florida SCOTUS chief justice warns Trump, poses ‘grave’ threat, to democracy?


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Fire War Violence  Passions Rule
God Nowhere To Stop Fires
Hitler’s Evil spirit reborn

Posted to the world on June 12, 2013 


Dear readers;

The debate of 9/29/20 will take place during Joe Biden’s positive cosmic biorhythms, which could prove to be quite interesting and progressive for him!

Incidentally, Biden’s Neptunian stars, are also supporting Trump’s 10th house of career and public standing!

I will elaborate in time, on his stars and fate!

Meantime, I never have seen such stars/UCI configurations, between two people before…Let alone Presidential candidates.

All I can tell you readers, is that my latest Astrological discovery works.

I hurt myself during one of my 2020 negative /positive cosmic biorhythms which forced me to end driving for FedEx, at least until I heal…  More in the video above!

Before anything readers, back on December 29, 2015, and for years now I warned the entire world about aUniversal Reptilius Infestation” yet no one then paid attention to my critical warnings!  I knew I would have to insist and help humanity to slowly but surely, acknowledge this sad reality. 

If you look at the huge mess the US and the world is in nowadays and the endless chain of devastating natural and man-made news cursing us all, how can anyone not wonder “What the hell is going on, in the world today?” 

More and more oblivious people are becoming infected as more and more chaos, fear and insecurity curse our planet! Indeed the reptilius’s agenda is working like a well-oiled unstoppable machine. And when the mental poisoning starts at the top with all our cosmic unconscious political leaders, the situation can only get much worse for society and we approach the 2020 elections…

And some politicians will not survive this reptilius mental infestation “Former Trump campaign manager hospitalized following reported suicide attempt!”

While my “ALIEN CONTACTEE” documentary offers critical facts to what’s going on, with those various groups of ET’s, helping or interfering with the human race… Humanity at large, is not yet ready for such mind-boggling revelations. 

I can only hope my other Amazon Prime movie Nostradamus Divine Astrology provides the vast international audience the education needed to what God’s cosmic design and purpose is all about!

The reptilius will make sure to keep religiously poisoned politicians in power i.e  Amy Coney Barrett to maintain misinformation, dogmas, idiocy, fear, and stop humans reaching a much higher level of cosmic awareness… In no way being so indoctrinated, would  Amy would ever be able to dig into Divine Astrology to seek the understanding of her natal karmic UCI and the real answers to what it means to be human or ever accept all religions were created by the reptilius!

 The video above delegates “The stars and fate” of President Trump’s Republican (REPtilius) conservative choice against the liberal Democrats group.

The chart of Amy Coney Barrett below will be used in the video!

Remember readers, NOT TO KILL THE MESSENGER!

I am not a Democrat nor a Republican.

I am an Astrologer and unlike the majority of my passionate, rational readers, I do not use my 5 logical limited human senses but the stars to dig deeper into any and all human affairs!

This being said, I am convinced many readers will not be able to bypass their destructive emotions and indoctrinated beliefs! And that’s OK because delegating the archetypal realm of supra-cosmic consciousness is forbidden to many and available only to a rare kind of supremely advanced super-human beings! 

Another sad reminder of one of the many predictions published in August 2019 in my “2020 Nostradamus’ Forecast for all signs.”

I may sound redundant for some but newcomers do not know about the critical values of my predictive work! When I wrote “2020 will be a year of wind and fire,” the obvious results must be acknowledged!

2020 A year of wind and fire!

California Glass Fire forces evacuation of hospital, hundreds of homes: 'We left with nothing, just literally with nothing'

Bobcat Fire becomes one of the largest in LA County history, whips up smokenado

The new and improved 2021 version will be soon available to the public and I can only strongly recommend you to get your copy when it becomes available and be prepared for what the stars have in store for you and the world at large next year! 

If you took the time to read Ruth Bader Ginsburg prediction – SOS to the world deadly window 9/19/20″ there is no denying all the dramatic deadly collected news by deciphering both the quatrain and obvious keywords I used to prepare you and warn you about the “reptilius effects!”  

We currently under a Uranic window wich always dictate earthquakes and “surprising” news “89-year-old pizza delivery driver gets $12,000 tip surprise?”
My windows always induce quakes at or above 6.0!
09/26/20 – M 6.1 – South of Africa
Note also those cosmic winds produced the latest SF Twin earthquakes! tornadoes in South Carolina  Beachgoers scramble as tornado moves up popular US beach”  and I am still expecting quakes at or above 6.0, and more shocking, unusual news! 
'Ring of Fire': Twin earthquakes rock San Francisco Bay Area

‘Ring of Fire’: Twin earthquakes rock San Francisco Bay Area

Those “amazing” cosmic winds produced today’s shocking news with the president…

Tax bombshell reveals Trump’s image is a sham Shocking?

U.S. President Donald Trump speaks during a news conference in the Briefing Room of the White House on September 27, 2020 in Washington, DC.

The New York Times’ report on Trump’s taxes leaves the President facing multiple questions about his morals, behavior and patriotism Taxes? IRS? Secrets to light?

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Dr. Turi;
You always said the IRS would nail Trump. Now it is starting. Well Done !

Dr. Turi Amazon Prime UFO movie rebuttals!

Posted by Dr. Turi on September 1, 2020, at 7:26 pm in VIP universal – daily forecasts…

Knowing all about my SOS to the world deadly windows ahead of time and heed my warnings is priceless and  Becoming a VIP has much more to offer you that you can ever hope for or even imagine and all I can do is to offer you the endless, often incredible possibilities of working in harmony with the cosmic code jurisdictions! 




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