TV psychic ‘Miss Cleo’ dies -The Omen!



TV psychic ‘Miss Cleo’ dies

(CNN) Youree Dell Harris, better known as “Miss Cleo” the pitchwoman for the Psychic Readers Network, died Tuesday of cancer, she was 56.

Dear readers;

I decided to offer this cosmic code article to the public and hopefully, those of you looking for spiritual regeneration will acknowledge the omen I will clarify below! Then, before the art is eliminated or totally misused by greedy corporations, seek those who were gifted by God to service you safely and productively.

Mrs. Cleo was born  August 12, 1962, under the sign of Leo, (fame) with a Leo Dragon’s Head emphasizing more luck to reach fame in her life. She was born to bring hopes, love and light to the world and in her own ways, she did just that!  Note also, President Obama shares the same exact Sun sign and Leo Dragon Head.  

Where ever your Sun is located by sign and house, the option to reach fame is offered to you if you live your destiny or use beneficial cosmic winds. Find out today and use the latest deal offered at the bottom of this article.

Mrs. Cleo was fated by the cosmic code to reach and enjoy a notoriety status during this incarnation by serving the deceptive psychic matrix.  Those corporate organizations are on TV, all over the Internet, on Google, on Facebook  and keep feeding a gullible society with “Entertainment purpose only”  material, all the while ripping millions in advertisements.

Their true purpose is financial reward only, not dedication to serve your spirit with real divine information.  Sad enough, like Walmart, another powerful, supremely wealthy corporation serving millions, small businesses can not compete and their rare, healthy, natural local products goes to waste. Convenience and bountifulness replace quality and safety nowadays!

The omen is obvious to me. The true essence of the art of divination is gone with Mrs Cleo passing. The art has been taken over by those corporations and their millennials writers who have absolutely no psychical inborn talent and no cosmic consciousness.

But those rational “young souls” must work to make a living and some have chosen to promote those abusive corporations… Opinion: Why millennials struggle? The Hard facts by Dr. Turi

The art of  true “divination” is dying and not something you can learn, unless you inherited the natal tools and the drive to learn the cosmic art. Its more of a phenomenal gift from God, something a religious and scientific indoctrinated society ridicule and perceive as evil or a wasteful pseudo-science only. The scientific community has so much to learn about the human mind…

ASTROFORENSICS at work! Neuroscience of the future! 

I am sure the critical, rational mind of many people criticizing psychics will immediately wonder why, as a psychic herself, Mrs. Cleo did not know or predict the cancer that took her life!

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Had she read my 2016 “Nostradamus Forecasts for Leo, I’m sure she would have known how vulnerable she was last two years, especially in 2016. Furthermore, maybe if Mrs. Cleo used my Universal Blood Transfusion, and refused chemotherapy like I did when I contracted colon cancer, she would be alive today!…  Beat cancer, stop smoking, now enjoy a long healthy life!

And this is the difference between a legitimate gifted astrologer and the psychic deceiving corporations plaguing all public medias.

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Section taken and updated from 2016 forecast.

NEPTUNE KARMIC TOUCHUntil ///// Neptune (ruler of Pisces) will be cruising through your 8th house of corporate money, legacy and death. Those cosmic winds will add more imagination and unfounded fears than usual. Many Leo souls have been called back to God due to the use or abuse of legal and illegal drugs. You must stay clear of all chemicals to avoid spiritual decay, depressions and diseases.  Regenerating your soul by walking bare foot by the water in nature is your best way to recharge your batteries and avoid the reptilius’ psychical traps. All will get much better in your finances after this date…

There are so many ways to use our solar vibrational system adequately and it is certainly not limited to NASA space exploration.  In fact, NASA is the heart of the scientific matrix and while extremely useful and educational, the corporation serves only the rational critical mind, not the human depleted spirit.  Discovering a new planet everyday or investigating black holes and far away galaxies will never, ever bring you anything you can use for you and your family.

There is much more behind the stars’ purpose upon humanity that all scientists combined could ever imagine. But this is how it is today in 2016 when humans challenge and ridicule God’s cosmic divinity.

Introducing the world to real cosmic consciousness

The endless battles between good and bad, love and hate, intelligence and idiocy, curiosity and fear, the past and the future and the yin and yang is eternal! Humans can only upgrade their psychical perception and cosmic vibrations at their own pace.

Often through painful and costly experiences. But the world is owned by those abusive corporations but there is still hope left ! But it all starts by willingly abolishing fears, the deadly virtues, from within and being more curious to gather cosmic consciousness.

The lie we live

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There should be no reason for you to feel or be alone in this wonderful world. Soul mates do exist. I found mine, regardless how hard and deceptively; sophisticated the forces of evil are.

I survived cancer, valley fever, pneumonia, deadly accidents and violent enemies in both the open and hidden worlds. Those forces are real and can only be explained and removed by a gifted soul doctor. There is no denying the existence of both the physical and spiritual realms nor reality and experts on both worlds are rare!

The benevolent Draconis can hear your prayers and somehow, will stimulate you to land on me because the depth of your questions or situations can be attended and remedied through my cosmic expertise.

Indeed you are in real good hands with us but your biggest challenge is your fears, or exactly what those nefarious reptilius need to keep you trapped in darkness.

We are the light we speak and teach all about in cosmic light. We are the beacon you saw from far away, in the world of darkness you sank in. Let me help you rejoice, find the reasons for you to be a child of the universe, explore your karma, your past lives, your gifts and even your sins.

Let me do the crucial cleansing and tape our conversation; offering you those vital cosmic teachings and my predictions for your future. Let me turn you into the captain of your life and sail your ship safely away from typhoons and to the islands of paradise.

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