UFO, Born Killers and the Internet Matrix

August 20, 2013


”For those who know me and the Cosmic Code jurisdictions, no explanation is necessary;  For those who do not, none will ever suffice… If every 8 year old in the world is taught Astropsychology and meditation, we will eliminate ignorance and violence from the world within one generation.”  Watch the future!

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Watch this video

I am a victim of the Scorpius Draconis and the MONSTERS created by the educational controlling matrix.

Teens decided ‘to kill somebody’

Christopher Lane was a promising 22-year-old Australian college baseball player. Then, police say, three Oklahoma teens shot him because they had nothing better to do.  Victim collapsed on side of road  Victim collapsed on side of road

Teens beat WWII veteran to death

Watch this video

I am a victim of the Scorpius Draconis and the MONSTER inside of me!

Dear Readers;

The 100 millions given to science by President Obama to unlock mysteries of the brain or the $12.3 Million in Elementary and Secondary School Counseling Grants by the U.S. Department of Education is a total waste of time, researches and your tax dollar.   Students OK after gunfire at school!

All I can do is to once again ask you to acknowledge “God And The Cyber Matrix Bullying Dilemma” because all I can do is to keep warning you and help me to stop fabricating those MONSTERS.

Meantime unless you realize the importance of helping me; be sure of a serious upsurge of their deadly actions transforming into the dreadful news unfolding on CNN.

None of those teens can comprehend nor control the deadly  Scorpius Draconis cosmic fluid turning them into  killers surrendering their young souls to crimes, drugs, sex and rap music! The parents, the teachers, your political  religious and educational leaders are at loss because they are all from a very different generation and own a very different cosmic make up.

Without the teaching and the understanding of the Cosmic Code jurisdictions overwhelming the psyches of all those children all they can do is act out neurotically, emotionally and subconsciously the inner destructive  incontestable pull of their natal UCI.  No teachers trained them to recognize their personal cosmic matrix birthing sins and virtues together. No one was there to teach them how to apply their will against the negative pull of the stars steering destructive animalistic thoughts and actions.  Be sure readers, the millions of dollars offered to traditional science to find the responsible imaginative “gene” for triggering such deadly inhuman feelings is a total waste of time.

This type of scientific researches have dominated all previous requests to find the answer to this phenomena and consumed large fortunes for nothing! The current, traditionally *accredited educated scientific community is spiritually ill equipped and totally destitute of cosmic consciousness and unable to help. Its like asking your mechanic to fix your car using only his hands or try to fly flapping your arms… This is a SPIRITUAL PROBLEM demanding SPIRITUAL SOLUTIONS  and CERTAINLY no CHEMICALS!

“The Physical / Spiritual Universal Educational Controlling Matrix” is mostly made up of traditionally educated kids who have no real experience with life. All fresh out of college while the older elites are either religiously poisoned or skeptical to the core cursed by their own over rational karmic UCI.   All they can do is to keep sucking our precious financial resources and never in a million years either comprehend or fix this psychical  problem.

Their own personal matrix is totally OUT OF TUNE with the Universal matrix and all lack the spiritual tools/education needed to put and end to the building of monsters. They do not realize the importance of reaching the students during puberty while the psyche is in serious need and  receptive to the spiritual cosmic fluid. And here I am totally disgusted because I own the key to what it mean to be human, I own the real solution for your children but the Iluminati will NOT give me a broader voice NOR your taxes dollar to end the nightmare!

There are times where I hate God for allowing his children to waste money on deceptive Neptunian gurus to propagate and maintain the particular religion they sold their souls to, or the cults poisonous nonsense .i.e. Scientology. At times I think  humanity is cursed and I am watching its slow spiritual decay unfolding right in front of my eyes! My endless efforts and total dedication is being tested to the limit when all the evil I envisioned and keep warning you about is becoming a recurrent reality on CNN!

Once more readers, building more jails, more churches, more sports buildings and more of your traditional schools is exactly what the controlling educational matrix want you to do. Your tax dollars are distributed to thousands of organisations feeding each others and with the same pockets! Your money is not going to a different organization, to a different pocket because it does NOT serve the controlling matrix’s purpose to make more money. Yes you and your children are the dispensable victims to all those large abusive corporations and who care if you become expandable collateral hostages.

While science and education is a must for your children to enjoy a rewarding career the utmost important element that would keep them all SANE is missing. They must swallow 2000 years of human evolution in only a few years while the essence of their spiritual being and cosmic purpose is missing. Coming from a monkey or the rib of a man will not cut it any-more, they are much too smart for their own good and for the religious abusive matrix archaic teachings. Thus the monkey will make more sense and they join science logical explanation for them to be. All the while missing the essence and the image of a cosmic God humanity has finally lost. Here goes the secured building of  atheists, agnostics, skeptics making up future generations and with it, the inner cold, calculated, non emotional rational Psychopath MONSTER!

“The Physical / Spiritual Universal Educational Controlling Matrix”  is building  kids that will show coldness in their antisocial behavior with a diminished capacity for  empathy or remorse with very poor behavioral controls.  If you do not teach your children who they are, where they come from and the part they play in the Universal scheme of things by furthering their cosmic consciousness they will become the ROBOTS of the worse manifestation of their karmic UCI. Your children NEED to understand and control their personal cosmic matrix at puberty while assimilating all others accepted disciplines.  Do not attend to their fragile spirit cosmic fluid needs or feed them only with religions and watch them self destruct psychically then kill each others. And you think you are safe with your children? Why do you think Terania and I will not have kids?

UFO”s Are Very Real  –  And So Is The Legacy!

The uneducated, the religiously poisoned and the weakest members of our society are duplicating like rabbits and this is perfect food for canons and what keeps the abusive matrix alive and well.  And you wonder why the ET’s are interested in people like Terania and I to fulfil their own agenda?

Yes the religious educational controlling matrix .i.e. Christian science will never speak of Jesus initial ministry and his cosmic initiation provided by the 3 wise men ET’s.

Sweden Astrolabe cropped.jpg

Swedish castle museum to recover missing rare astronomical astrolabe made in 1590

“two-dimensional model of the three-dimensional world.”

This rare wisdom was eradicated, altered and finally got lost in time but God’s celestial will find its sparkling cosmic light through my God guided fingers every single day… Has humanity lost hope?

 If every 8 year old in the world is taught Astropsychology and meditation, we will eliminate ignorance and violence from the world within one generation.”  Watch the future!


There is no wonder, my presence is felt not only in the US media but all around the world via the Internet but where is the financial support I need to bring the changes with my Astropsychology schools?  All the concerned parents and their children can not wait, thus if you own a teen or a pre-teen this “mental autism” is lurking and creating all future monsters and this need to be stopped urgently.

The epidemic of autism is getting worse, this is the dramatic terrible result of a poisonousness science you trust!  You are witnessing the depletion of the physical human DNA! But will the medical controlling  abusive matrix allow you to “STOP The Epidemic of autism in the United States?”

With children killing their mothers, their mates or a total stranger from Australia to amuse themselves, now you are also watching not only the physical human DNA deteriorating but its spiritual counterpart too! All because the religious and traditional educational matrixes are monopolizing all forms of  information and stop me reaching you with the answers?

I know many of my readers are well off financially and already gave fortunes to make this world a better place for the children, but the reality is your good heart and your money was wasted. There is still time to help Dr. Turi and you must do so while the fire in me is still burning…

I am so tired, I am so sad because since 1984 all I did was to concentrate on America and its children and I still my solid Astropsychology schools are only a vision… I can not afford not to fulfil my mission and maybe the Internet is where God wants me to establish its cosmic presence first?  Well my predictions to expect shocking news, natural disasters and explosions  in my SOS to the world for August has proven to be accurate so far and we have 2 more days to go!

My You tube video is still receiving hits and all I can do is to offer you another video warning you of  the endless cosmic rites and celestial ceremonies in the next SOS warnings for the month of July.  I will elaborate more on the air with Roxy on Friday 23rd.

Join Roxy Lopez and Dr. Turi let talk about the matrixes and the parts you play in them!

Dr Louis Turi-PlanetX

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Blessings to all

Dr. Turi

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