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Dear readers,

  • What do you do to avoid being infected by reptilius?
  • What do you do to get emotional, financial and spiritual stability?
  • What do you do to upgrade your psychical vibrations?
  • What do you do to attract the Draconis benevolent ET’s?
  • What do you do to become a Superhuman?

These are the questions many of you have and, while many of the answers have already been given on Draco’s Facebook page, more of you still need more information to learn how to raise your psychical vibrations.

Talisman, do they really work?

Many of our VIPs have yet to adjust to my latest “UFO, psychical experience” but May 23rd, 2015 was not a normal night for me!

I am still an Astrophile (Divine Astrologer/soul doctor) but my inner Draco is bringing me so much more spiritually following my fifth UFO experience. I am positively fine-tuning the highly spiritual momentum and offer my readers the best channeling. 

While I have been serving the public unselfishly for years, my teachings and priority are for our trusting VIPs first!  

Thus, there is no way around it, unless you subscribe to the cosmic code and join the curious souls, many of the vital answers you need to become superhuman will never be available to you.

Though for the superhuman, this wisdom should come naturally to the senses already those who are curious may want to refresh their memory so to speak; if they’re willing… And in order to learn how to not fall back on previous negative accomplishments, weakness fears. But God knows if you are sincere or not!

Unfortunately, the subhuman, or what I refer to as the “young immature souls” are either skeptical (atheists,) religiously poisoned, Neptunian born or worse, did not inherit an intuitive UCI.

The atheists will assume channeling Draco is all deceptive and business oriented only while the lost pious souls’ inserted fears will freeze their curiosity awaiting God’s wrath, all because my cosmic work involves the old art and science of astrology. 

Unless the subhuman (or the underdeveloped soul) makes a commitment to himself to upgrade psychically, Draco and I will never be able to help you or provide a better life for ourselves and offer far-fetched answers science could only dream of.

The good news is; I am still able to channel its spirit from the cosmic code website only! 

What is the best way for me to answer the questions above?

Incidentally, while those wishes may seem impossible for many of you to reach, I can guarantee you, it’s not that difficult at all. But only if you own supreme wisdom, and work in harmony with the cosmic rules will those wishes become a reality! 

The choices offered to you for finding a spiritual leader on the Internet are limitless, but only those who vibrate at a higher speed will attract the right teacher, once ready!  

Knowing the majority of people are too busy with their lives or unwilling to spend the time needed to uncover the answers. Draco has said, the easiest way of all for those interested is to get a tailored UFO talisman.

“Manipulating” the cosmic forces demands true wisdom that only a cosmic conscious commissioned Majestic 12, or a secret committee of cosmic conscious, superhuman spiritual leaders like myself, working with Draconis extraterrestrial officials; can offer. 

Knowing ETs are cosmic conscious and use Uranic “cosmic winds” to enter and exit this dense physical world, all I can do to help you with the above, is to magnetize/captivate this cosmic energy and “insert” it into your life.

But one must be very aware and prepared, those cosmic winds will produce results, especially when used in conjunction with your next 12 months’ Personal Cosmic Biorhythms!

It is crucial for the reader, before benefiting from another Super Deal to make a commitment and be prepared for the incredible. 

 I was reminded that as time is running out, only a few super humans understand the fight and not many can assimilate or appreciate our spiritual work. You should join us and the Galactic Federation Grand Cosmic Order to help maintain the human race’s physical and psychological welfare.  

Realize reader, casting, melting, and magnetizing metal under specific cosmic auspices used also by ETs can only be done after careful calculations involving your own natal chart. You may, like Terania and I have a UCI already overloaded with Aquarius and naturally attract those cosmic entities. 

This means the “UFO Talisman” should help make you a natural target to various ET groups, especially during deep sleeping states.  

Though Uranus’ essence, along with certain other factors may be missing or weak in your natal makeup, and in no way will you ever be able to attract the incredible or become a “Chosen One?”  

The wish must be real, deep-seated, and fears controlled if you are a “natural” like Terania and me. One thing is sure, the personalized talisman will bypass all “contact” limitations and magnetite you to attract those UFO experiences. (s)

If you order a UFO talisman and get contacted in either, the physical or spiritual plane, you must contact Terania directly at teraniapromodir@gmail.com to set up a taped full-life reading or Zoom session so I can guide you further for a safer abduction/transition.    

As soon as you wear the UFO Talisman, anything special, such as the series of orbs I experienced, I am Alien The Final Revelation, signs, recurring dreams, weird feelings, missing time and objects, etc. must be acknowledged and if you feel insecure, report to us. 

This talisman is quite special and demands caution when contact is established. Remember the subconscious “Dark matter” is omnipresent and becoming more knowledgeable of its inner forces and will to help attract the Draconis and maybe, become a “Chosen One.”

I strongly recommend you to read “Beyond The Secret” as soon as you order your UFO talisman to learn more about this incredible power the elite dare to expose.  This short video can only give you a glimpse to the incredible subtle power all humans use, for good or for worse, subconsciously. 

Science is not yet close to uncovering and accepting this universal phenomenon, used by all ET life forms in all galaxies. 

Consciousness Creates Reality

The human year 2015 – Physicists Admit The Universe Is Immaterial, Mental & Spiritual

WE do not expect acknowledgments nor reward from earth scientific community benefiting from his unsurpassed cosmic work and commitment since we abducted him **August 11th, 1991** and downloaded him with the cosmic code jurisdictions.”

Note this post, like many others were “electronically” deleted from Draco’s page by the reptilius! 

New Scientific Theory DOES NOT AND CAN NOT Explains the Soul and Afterlife

Remember a UFO talisman demands you to wait for the perfect cosmic winds. There is no rushing the cosmic code, the Universal clock cannot be forwarded or manipulated by anyone. In fact, I have a few talisman requests, and the first one cannot be fulfilled before March 2015.

We are asking our clients to be patient, so as to use the best of the cosmic clock in relationship to their natal astrological chart for top results! 

Your order may be fulfilled/cast well before or well after the day you engage yourself to attract ET’s and a new life. 

This is a very SPECIAL order, but talismans work also for a variety of other purposes and you must mention your wishes with good intentions before they can be cast. Note it is IMPOSSIBLE to cast any talisman before scheduling a meeting with me, undergo a taped consultation live on Skype or by telephone.   There are protection steps to avoid attracting the reptilius to discuss, all based upon the planets located in your subconscious 12th house.

 UFO talisman – Uranus Hours: Perfect to attract a benevolent group of ETs in preparation to become a “Chosen One.” This talisman will help improve your psychological perceptions and attract incredible experiences, radio/tv, and technological opportunities while offering total protection when traveling by air.  This one will give birth to you, offer a perception of new age matters (astrology), and mental psychic power, and attract many friends and wishes. 

Taped VIP consultation 

Take the time to read this newsletter and click on ALL provided links before ordering a UFO talisman, unlike the regular talismans I cast, this one is very special and extremely powerful.  Be aware of what you ask for and be ready to receive! One thing is sure you are in good hands and spirit with us because Terania and I are able to help you in the most suitable way we know through the divine.

Hi Terania & Dr. T,
I wanted to chime in and give you some updates, about my beautiful Pendant, that was created from my stars –
That I received at the end of January 2020…Positive, positive and positive!!!
  1. I have made some great strides in balancing and maintaining that balance with my emotions/thoughts/goals.
  2. I can focus my mind better and stay on task .
  3. My Worker’s Comp case was settled for higher than normal + Paid – Going back to school and get certified in Quick books Pro.
  4. My visions are becoming clearer (even during my waking time) and I can recall them and journal this information.
  5. I can understand/accept the various beings that are out there in Cosmo’s without that fear most people get.
  6. I have been luckier in finding money and being sent money that I forgot about.
  7. I can “see” myself getting financially prosperous and owning my own home.
  8. I have been healthier in my body and of course being proactive in maintaining that.
  9. Forgiving people from my past and truly meaning it from the heart.
  10. Overall being positive no matter what happens. I’m not living in fear. (Especially with current global situation)

So I wanted to thank you for the extraordinary pendant, your support in delivering your crucial messages and website, your encouragement with your videos, and your genuine care for me and all the others that want this positive change global change.

Gigi (VIP)

Read more about the NEW TALISMANS SUPER DEAL

To ensure order reception by customers, we will also provide insurance and also include receipts and custom numbers for tracking purposes.

As of today, 9/27/22; we have decided to offer our VIPs, clients, and patrons a new, and more powerful talismans design.

The front silver talismans will come with your personal Zodiacal sign (see samples below) and the full belt of the Zodiac is on the backside. 

You are advised to purchase a silver chain (only after the new moon) if you decide to use it as a necklace. 

Aries – Size, on Terania’s hand


Make good use of the new deal!

Universal talismans cost $1000 with a Zoom live consultation but you can get it for $400.00 only if you become a VIP for 12 months minimum first…

Please contact Terania, for more information; at: teraniapromodir@gmail.com

The reasons for the changes are:

Time: You will not have to wait weeks or months to receive your order, only a few days and no more than two weeks.

Too many people have been waiting for too long for something they invested in months ago.

Listening to the benevolent solar – Draco’s channeling; I came up with the answer, I needed.

Power: Instead of waiting for months, for the right cosmic auspices which could, in some cases even take years… I now use the location of your natal Dragon’s Head and charge your sign talisman during sunny days, on the waxing moon, and most importantly during one of your personal positive cosmic biorhythm’s days.

I will also locate the weakest area of your UCI (or Saturn the great malefic) to compensate with the revitalizing power of the talisman made for you.

Doing so not only saves lots of time but accentuates the power needed to make your talisman work its magic, almost immediately for you. 

Options: The new talisman is designed to affect all areas of your life; It can be worn around your neck, left in your bag, or in your pocket. It will protect you when you drive or fly! Unlike the old design, anyone can appreciate and even touch it. There is no cleaning, cleansing, or recharging involved ever.

Purposes: The new version depicts the full Zodiac wheel; making it Universal and perpetual since it carries in itself all the blessings and strengths of all the signs of the Zodiac. 

You do not need to send precious metals such as gold or silver or any precious stones anymore…

This new design owns the power of:

Venus – Taurus/Libra: (love/money/Arts) and will raise your magnetism and stimulate the attraction between human beings… Especially if the person you are attracted to likes it or touches it. It makes you more magnetic.

Mars – Aries: (Pioneer spirit) If you need courage, drive, energy, and the will to succeed, Mars will be leading you all the way to the top… Makes you very competitive.

Mercury – Gemini/Virgo: (writing/communication) The Messenger of the Gods will give you all the mental power you need to study, teach, communicate and adapt to anything life throws at you… This talisman will accentuate and protect or improve your health. Makes you also faster and more curious.

Sun – Leo: (life/ fame/gold/love/children) The creative life forces of the Sun will attract the benevolent – solar Draconis in your life; where nothing or no one can stop you from reaching all your wishes. This talisman will help produce healthy, successful children and stimulate better connections with kids and siblings… Makes you shine, invest in Gold. 

Neptune – Pisces: (Psychic power/creativity/arts/imagination) Neptune Lord of the Seas will speak its power through the forces of your subconscious where magic can and will change your life for the better. Neptune will lead you to more efficient medications and protect you against chemical poisoning/drugs. protect by the water… Makes you more psychic and accentuates good sleep and dreams.

Saturn – Capricorn:(politics/structure/career achievements) This rational Capricorn symbol will help you climb the mountain of success and give you the discipline you need to better your career and life in general… Particularly beneficial for political or investment endeavors… Make you driven to succeed and plan for it.

Uranus – Aquarius: (UFOs/originality/freedom/technology) Uranus’ futuristic energy can make the impossible a reality and will attract experiences you could never dream possible. Full protection when you fly anywhere… Makes you unique, and attracts friends and UFOs.

Pluto – Scorpio: (Death/rebirth/investigation/metaphysics) The extraordinary powers of Pluto can bring you back to life into a much more rewarding life. Sensuality and sexual affairs become a new reality… Makes you mysterious and powerful.

The scientific community is oblivious of the cosmic code jurisdictions and the power generated by a tailored talisman, something our clients and readers are uncovering with our cosmic teachings on the cosmic code private website. 


While our clients can order any talisman of their choice, after investigating their chart we always create the personal talisman that would work best for them.

Thus, if your natal UCI is loaded with Sagittarius (Half-man half-horse) your “Indian spirit,”  will be stimulated to work in your favor.

What does your sign say?

Go to www.drturi.com and click on your astrological sign at the top of the page to read about your characteristics. 

Example: A Sagittarius talisman will bring luck in gaming, protection for your pets, or while traveling to foreign countries or in wild nature. This talisman could also lead you to foreign people’s wisdom and stimulate deep metaphysical views while stimulating also more practical scientific studies. 

Now, remember, we are not jewelry designers.

You are not after something attractive that only looks good, you are after the DIVINE or all the critical cosmic energy making up your UCI! 

You NEED a talisman if bad luck is something you can’t get rid of…  

This video will tell you more! WATCH!

Our talismans provide love, health, wealth, magnetism, Indian spirit guide, attract UFOs, and our Universal talismans are very powerful. 

You may also read “Beyond the secret” and drastically attract a much better future!  



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