UFO X-Files of Soviet Defense Ministry exposed

UFO X-Files of Soviet Defense Ministry exposed


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This is quite a remarkable article involving the Russian Ministry of Defense working on a secret project aimed at creating a superhuman with paranormal abilities! But what is really interesting, at least in my case the ET’s contacted me first, downloaded me the cosmic code jurisdictions back in August 1991 and I own the undeniable gift! In fact in my latest radio show with Santos Bonacci I gave the date of today warning for nukes, future wars, explosion, ET’s cosmic news etc. READ THE ARTICLE

I also mentioned that some people said  that “I was CNN before CNN!” and the results are quite clear and posted on CNN page today 2/24/2013.

North Korea issues threat to U.S. military

A huge sunspot, six times the diameter of the Earth, has formed on the surface of the sun in the last two days: 

http://www.coasttocoastam.com/article/huge-sunspot-grows-fast cosmic news????

I also mentioned to be ready for shocking news/surprises the results were quite unexpected and quite shocking too! At least 33 fans injured when car sails into fence at Daytona

Again for the skeptics this type of news are indeed unusual, shocking and surprising and I gave the exact dates on a live radio show!

“In February, he says the Scorpius Dragon will be very eccentric and foresees a possible earthquakes, tsunami’s, explosions and cosmic news (anything to do with UFO’s) will take place.”

The results are quite clear and posted on CNN page today 2/26/2013.

19 tourists died as hot air balloon explodes, plummets in Egypt – EXPLOSION?SHOCKING?

Please read the article and be ready for the next set of dates and predictions… Go to  the “Cosmic Coders Forum Only ” to read more on this incredible UFO Russian news!

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