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Talismans, do they really work?
The Magical Power of Talismans! 



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 The Talisman of Charlemagne and a reliquary, has been found on his body when his tomb was opened in France.  A talisman is “a magical figure charged with the force which it is intended to represent. In the construction of a talisman, care should be taken to make it, as far as possible, so to represent the universal forces that it should be in exact harmony with those you wish to attract, and the more exact the symbolism, the easier it is to attract the force.”


Dear readers;

As of April 2016 to assure orders reception by customers, customers should provide insurance  and we will have the receipts custom number for tracking purposes.

 The Magical Power of Talismans!
 Talismans, do they really work?

These are a few samples of talismans made for some very patient clients of ours in need of boosting specific cosmic vibrations.  The picture of the Universal talisman above is predominantly designed to deal with the physical aspect of life. It encompass mostly affairs involving health, work, love and career.

But, using my creative cosmic intuition,  I generate also different products designs such as UFOs and natural health, wealth, love  booster talismans. Note that Copper and silver is always used…

 As you can see, I purposely offset the Turquoise stone position in this Universal/UFOs talisman because Uranus is well know to have a different, even weird bulk …. in an orbit nearly circular to the sun and as a Comet moving in a very “eccentric ellipsis.”

This is why souls like me born in February or some of our clients born with a strong Uranus or a Dragon in Aquarius are perceived as abnormal… Knowing Uranus rules electricity and lightnings, I used it on the back of this UFOs talisman. Remember talismans are all about captivating a particular ENERGY requested by a person in need to attract and experience that “energy!”

Talismans are also created to protect against evil forces or powerful influences stopping your physical or spiritual progress, usually those of the religious or scientific indoctrinating “teachings.” Silver is a must use if you decide to ask for protection or free your soul from any limitation and their influences.

the above silver talisman is designed to improve one of my clients’ health. This person was born in July and Silver is the metal for Cancer. The deep green stone was chosen to add to the natural color element of plants to improve its effect upon the body, mind and soul.

 Some people are very scared of contracting cancer or any deadly diseases and this pendants act as a thought cleanser  or a barrier against negative forces generated against oneself or from evil souls dedicated to hurt you in both the physical or spiritual planes.


While the pendants seems quite insignificant and cheaply made, it enshrouds an incredible power you could never realize…  Do not be in doubt, any of my talismans are worth much more than his weight in pure gold!


While I can make a very specific talisman for each of the above (UFOs, health, work, love and career) to increase your chances of being blessed by those cosmic forces, the choice for me to do so remain yours…

Universal Talisman

Once the missing cosmic energies have been located, they are captivated under very specific astrological auspices  and melted in reference to the clients astrological chart and its air, fire, water or earth elements.  I use all sorts of tools and a furnace to melt all metals needed on my patio. Once ready (and cold) we proceed with the final touch of using various tools to add signs to the amulet.

Universal Talisman Work Station

Through intense heat, those cosmic energies are precisely fused and integrated into the appropriate metal (copper, gold or silver) to emphasize the needed strengths or to neutralize the client’s weaknesses. A birthstone or a specific gem can only add its own distinct natural priorities to the talisman and this is where those precise tools are used.

Universal Talisman Work Station

It is important to never use chemicals when cleaning your talisman, use only ketchup! Put the talisman in a glass, cover it completely then wait five minutes and it will be cleaned naturally. Yes, as weird as it sounds; it is the best natural way not to mess up copper or silver and keep nefarious energies away from it.

You may wear it around your neck, put it in your pocket, wallet, sleep with it under your pillow or place it in the glove compartment in your car for protection on the road. DO NOT let anyone sick or very depressed handle it or use it as the degenerated soul may act as a spiritual vampire and suck all the condensed power from it. Then you would need to let it soak under the sun to re purify it.

While it is a rare occurrence, personal positive or negative cosmic biorhythms could transfer the condensed energy. Copper is a great natural conductor of electricity, thus think of a dead battery being connected to a new one, the same magnetic principle is involved.

Sample of Universal Talisman Items

I only use and melt 99% of a top, fine copper; one pound bar to cast my talismans. I cut the bar in small sections to create  1 OZ – 2 X 1 inches pendants and place a colorful green, red, pink, or electric blue precious stone where I see fit. We have a few UFO’s talismans that have been ordered and will do the same with silver bars.

I then punch your Zodiacal Sun sign symbol, your moon sign and your Dragon’s Head and Tail in a cross to make up your 1st, 7th, 4th and 10th houses; as to captivate the appropriate cosmic energy you need. I may also add your lucky number! Working with copper is much easier than with silver but after a few tests trials, I am confident of the anticipated results.

If you take care of your talisman properly its specific power (s) will last your lifetime. Remember you did not invest in a beautiful piece of  jewelry designed to attract the eyes only! I am convinced you could easily find an extraordinary, beautiful talisman everywhere on the Internet… But all those jewelry makers are not Astrophiles, they are not cosmic conscious and will never consult the stars in the melting or carving process.

And this is the BIG difference between my talismans and theirs… Mine have a life of their own to attract luck or protect you! 


This is a rogue product because I am not trained in making beautiful, attractive jewels. But I am gifted in reading and using the stars! Instead your talisman is tailored personally by Dr. Turi, and it is loaded with our mixed cosmic energies. Its like having a piece of our own stars in your celestial make up and be sure your intuition, your spirituality, your creativity, your luck  will drastically improve and only good things can happen to you!


 A UFOs talisman  required a very different metal because many ET’s flying saucers are of a metallic silver color composition.  Depending on your natal UCI, those “ETs catchers” must be mostly or entirely made with a top 99% top grade silver. But copper can also be  used if the Venusian UCI of my client strongly suggest the use of this type of metal.  The more refined metal you use, the more power it generate, providing you own a very powerful cosmic knowledge to add to it.

Using some of your personal items in the casting process may conflict with captivating those cosmic energies and I would rather build and cast your talisman with my own apparatus and tools…

Remember, ET’s are all cosmic conscious, they do not enter our dense physical world when they feel like, they must wait for the perfect and safe cosmic auspices to be in place to transfer from and to parallel worlds trough black holes. Much like any of our clients, who MUST wait for those cosmic winds to harmonize with their own own stars…

Thus it is important to ALWAYS look for ET’s after the New Moon and during the VERY specific dates offered with your UFOs talisman.   I strongly recommend our clients to follow my instructions when travelling to the best locations possible for close a close encounter.

Following our recommendations and the study of your Astrocartography map your chances should increase significantly. But there is a few very important things you must know for your security about ET’s, something I can not divulge publicly and we will discuss all this during our meeting.

Cosmic unconscious storm and tornadoes chasers, will waste days, weeks even months traveling through many states looking for the perfect storm or tornadoes to catch on video, not knowing, they could use a talisman and their personal cosmic biorhythms for safety and most of all,  my SOS to the world deadly windows, which are responsible for all natural disasters.

But the people who need a protective talisman the most are the cops, our brave soldiers in  a war zone and those involved in very dangerous professions… But unlike you, some have never heard of me or, because of their religious convictions and fear, those souls will most likely never trust in my cosmic ingenuity. Thus a lucky or protective charm can  and will work its magic,  if it has the intended cosmic energy incorporated in its fabrication.

Watch the video

I doubt very much the religious, the atheists or the “educated” souls will ever be able to realize the reality of UFOs and the power of talismans! Their fast dry rational mind reflect the dense physical vibrational world they are trapped in and unable to escape! All they can do is to hide their suspicion and skepticism behind their ignorance of the Divine and defame the wonders of metaphysics.

Again, there is no one to blame but the religious and scientific matrixes trapping their indoctrinated spirit into submission since childhood. In any case,  when you decide to order a Universal or UFO talisman, your order will also incorporate a live Skype consultation, so I can answer all your questions regarding the talisman, your security, the know how etc. before proceeding.

Please make sure to also read “The Magical Power of Talismans!” 


As of April 2016 to assure orders reception by customers, we will also provide insurance  and also include receipts custom number for tracking purposes.

Lastly, while my birthday and retirement deal is approaching fast, we are offering another one to the public as well as those who would like a tailored UFO, Universal or health, work, love and career talisman, but can not afford my high prices.


Regularly a Universal talisman cost $1050, with a live VIP Skype session, but you can get it for half price or $500 if you become a VIP for 12 months minimum first.

Regularly a UFOs (or health, work, love and career ) talisman cost $500 but you can get it for half price or $250 if you become a VIP for 12 months minimum first.

Please e-mail Terania if interested at: teraniapromodir@gmail.com and she will set you up.

Hi Terania & Dr T,
I wanted to chime in and give you some updates, about my beautiful Pendant, that was created from my stars –
That I received at the end of January 2020…Positive, positive and positive!!!
  1. I have made some great strides in balancing and maintaining that balance with my emotions/thoughts/goals.
  2. I can focus my mind better and stay on task .
  3. My Worker’s Comp case was settled for higher than normal + Paid – Going back to school and get certified in Quick books Pro.
  4. My visions are becoming clearer (even during my waking time) and I can recall them and journal this information.
  5. I can understand/accept the various beings that are out there in Cosmo’s without that fear most people get.
  6. I have been luckier in finding money and being sent money that I forgot about.
  7. I can “see” myself getting financially prosperous and owning my own home.
  8. I have been healthier in my body and of course being proactive in maintaining that.
  9. Forgiving people from my past and truly meaning it from the heart.
  10. Overall being positive no matter what happens. I’m not living in fear. (Especially with current global situation)

So I wanted to thank you for the extraordinary pendant, your support in delivering your crucial messages and website, your encouragement with your videos, and your genuine care for me and all the others that want this positive change global change.

Gigi (VIP)


Dr. Turi

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