Justin Bieber – Reptilius Universal Psychical Infestation


The gravitational forces that move all galaxies is a scientific fact, But the greatness of the spiritual cosmic manifesto is yet a mystery to science and humanity at large. The brain has more interconnections than there are stars and planets in the Milky Way because you are a child of the  Universe! — Dr. Turi

This quatrain above and keywords used were posted by Dr. Turi on March 30, 2021, at 1:26 am to warn our VIPs of those deadly cosmic winds and for them to plan around those dates or be very cautious because life doesn’t stop!   

I also emailed the FBI directly and posted a Memo to the public: “Cops will be killed and cops will kill innocent people, expect terrorist acts and be aware, the reptilius are after the police and the children! Be ready for a dance of evil where death and drama will reign supreme!” 

It seems the Deadly window is now active if you read the latest news from France and India… Indeed the predicted “deadly dance of evil”  must serve as a wake-up call that the pandemic is not over!

Derek Chauvin GUILTY as predicted months ago! PREDICTION CAME TO PASS! That is if you paid attention to my words in many of my youtube videos! 

Google User – “Wow, Dr. Turi you predicted rightly about 1/6/2021, US Capitol invasion -Dr. Turi. Your astrological report was the only and most accurate of all the ones done by other professionals on Coast to Coast am! Check the fact the video was posted on Jan 2, 2021, or 6 days before the attack.  Plus you are a nice person. I love that. I haven’t been getting your emails lately. I’ll have to email you guys. G”

Read more share pls https://www.drturi.com/sos-to-the-world-01-13-21-the-dance-of-evil-started/

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Sharing emails; Dr. Turi; The cop, Chauvin, was a Pisces, born on March 19. The dragon’s tail is in Pisces 10 the House of status and career. Once again your dragon prediction has proven incredibly accurate!


Ohio police officer shot and killed 15-year-old girl holding a knife! Police? Children?


It will never stop until the police and society becomes cosmic conscious and accept the reptilius infestation is REAL! Memo:  Do you recall my words in countless of my videos? “The reptilius are after the police and your children!”

The dance of evil will never stop unless you start paying attention to my warnings, to my cosmic teachings, and the reptilius’ agenda!   This is just the beginning America will lose many of its children and many of you are unable or unwilling to accept the harsh reality! You won’t get accurate. well-documented predictions on CTC since the truth does not matter to George and Tom! 

Be warned APRIL 27!  Pay attention to my warnings watch the video  Be part of the solution to help me save precious lives, SHARE my cosmic work!  

Yes, I also predicted back in October 2019 that Trump would not be re-elected on CTC and Covid was real! (and some since then!) But the truth is not welcome on CTC just lies, and conspiracies – Be warned on *April 17th for another deadly SOS to the world deadly window, Bad news from Russia, Famous death, cops will be killed or kill innocent people, and infected lost souls will kill indiscriminately.
Start making notes if you are a skeptic because I’ll be there to refresh your memory and share my visions, especially if you are a cop or know a cop! Like I did with Chauvin, I will reach the FBI directly once again and warn them of the high probability of death, drama, and terrorism on April 17th. Who’s doing this on CTC NO ONE but Dr. Turi because I am real and so are my visions!
“Google User – Wow, Dr. Turi you predicted rightly about 1/6/2021 US Capitol invasion; Dr. Turi. Your astrological report was the only and most accurate of all the ones done by other professionals on Coast to Coast am!” My UFO’s predictive legacy is real! 
Memo:  Do you recall my words in countless of my videos? “The reptilius are after the police and your children!” The dance of evil will never stop unless you start paying attention to my warnings, to my cosmic teachings, and the reptilius’ agenda!   This is just the beginning America will lose many of its children and many of you are unable or unwilling to accept the harsh reality! Be part of the solution SHARE my cosmic work!  Read more 

1 killed, 2 injured in a grocery shooting in West Hempstead, New York, police say

Another lost, depleted young soul infected by the reptilius! Not enough people are paying attention to my warnings or watch the video explaining how to avoid those entities…


A 7-year-old girl was fatally shot in the drive-thru lane of a Chicago McDonald’s
 Police arrest former sheriff’s detective wanted in Austin shooting that left 3 dead

Memo:  Do you recall my words? “The reptilius are after the police and your children!” The dance of evil will never stop unless you start paying attention to my warnings, to my  my cosmic teachings, and the reptilius’ agenda!   This is just the beginning America will lose many of its children and many of you are unable or unwilling to accept the harsh reality! Be part of the solution SHARE my work!  Read more 


3 people were killed and 2 others injured in a shooting in Kenosha, Wisconsin
NY Jets legend Al Toon’s daughter found dead in Arizona after apparent murder-suicide

47 mass murder since March 2021, this number reflects the veracity of my vision of a reptilius “Dance of Evil.”  The next SOS to the world deadly window is for April 27 and will involve famous death, Russia, the secret services, and more police and infected souls deaths from all walks of life. I am also expecting SHOCKING news and large quakes around April 21st! MAKE NOTES! 

To those of you who listened and recall my predictions of the 2016 Russian election interference and me warning you for months in my YouTube videos about Russia in 2022!



Remember crazy infected people will kill people, cops will be killed and cops will kill innocent people!


Today’s date is 4/18/21 make NOTES of my visions because you will not get this type of predictions on Coast to Coast am with their false prophets wanna-be who told you for months Trump will win the elections and Covid 19 was no deadly and fabricated! Time for my supporters to share the visions imparted by my UFO’s predictive legacy!

The video and my warnings are real  https://youtu.be/Qk-IJvmHi1U Read more on the current SOS to the world deadly window and pls share my work, help me save precious lives. https://www.drturi.com/ufos-and-ets-revelations-can-the-world-survive-a-reptilius-universal-psychical-infestation/ 

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Two people injured, one critically, after a shooting at a Nebraska mall

The predicted “dance of evil” with the police and reptilius infected teen criminals from all walks of life is undeniable, it will not stop and will get much worse! *18-year-old from Ohio arrested with AK-47 in Times Square subway station. America is on the way to lose thousands of precious lives as we move into the future I’d rather not discuss with feeble-minded souls. 

I repeat, those nasty entities are after your children and the police (pay attention to my warnings!)  I have been warning you about for months on my endless chain of YouTube videos. JOIN today don’t miss anything you can only get from Dr. Turi.  Read and expect more deadly, dramatic news…

Remember crazy people will kill, cops will be killed, cops will kill innocent people Police release bodycam footage in fatal shooting of 13-year-old boy and innocent people will be killed by reptilius infected souls, affairs involving drama, sex, secrets will come to light and a wake-up call for many cosmic unconscious human beings is on the way! i.e. Matt Gaetz!

Who is Indianapolis FedEx shooter Brandon Hole?

Brandon is the victim of the reptilius and a society made up of educated morons and religious fanatics who could not help him to regenerate his depleted spirit! When will the world take me seriously with my UFO’s cosmic teaching?

Those nasty entities are after your children and the police (pay attention to my warnings!)  because this is just the beginning of the long-predicted “Dance of Evil” I have been warning you about for months on my endless chain of YouTube videos. JOIN today don’t miss anything you can only get from Dr. Turi

Brandon was born a DUAL (confused) with Pluto (death) in the sign of Sagittarius (religion) and more information is offered to our VIPs on the Cosmic Code private website! Join today it’s FREE, get my bulletins directly in your mailbox. 


San Antonio police officer wounded and two people dead after shooting during a traffic stop


Universal & Personal 2021 Nostradamus Dragon Forecast For All SignsUniversal & Personal 2021 Nostradamus Dragon Forecast For All Signs 

How will the stars and the 2021 Dragon will curse or bless your life? 

8 dead and near 60 injured’ after gunman goes on rampage at FedEx facility  

My words in my YouTube video  are very clear “Crazy reptilius infected people will kill innocent people!”

Yet with all the deaths and obvious drama with the police killing innocent people or being killed during my SOS to the world deadly windows, no many people, (including Coast to Coast am) can handle the vexing truth I own through my UFOs predictive legacy! 

What is most terrible is my critical warnings are not taking seriously and my voice is muted by (George/Tom) or those who could help me warn the world!  Karma coming for them all for stopping the light!

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Dear reader;

The deceptive scientific “fascination” with Mars must be kept alive, but rest assure readers, no man will ever set foot on Mars, or pass the Lunar orbit!  The Mars Cult Society A Deadly Proposition.

God did not make the moon, mars, or any planets for the scientists to play with but for a much more serious reason! While the non-cosmic conscious scientific community (like the Church Inc and Coast to Coast am) needs your money to survive, all gullible human beings gain from those corporations is ENTERTAINMENT and deception! 

When I say, “God created the stars and the heavens for more than the sake of beauty, he gave them to us for interpretation so that; you may lead a safer more productive life” the email received from one of my many satisfied clients speaks volume…

Dr. Turi and Terania,

I just wanted to give you an update on my reading I had on March 6th. During Draco’s reading, you said I had Mars in my home.  You said to be very careful and that it meant I would need to move. To not get into fights with family to watch out for gas and other things related to my home.

I am typing this from my sister’s house where I am now having to stay for a while because I smelled gas in my house on Sunday. Remembering your warning, I called the gas company and evacuated my house with my dogs.

The gas company came and detected a gas leak in my house. Fortunately, I have Home Serve, an insurance provider with my gas company that will cover repairs completely.

The repairmen are coming finally today to take a look at it and assess the leak and fix it. I am able to stay with my sister until the leak is fixed. In addition, my mom had two strokes over the last month and will have to come live with me.

Because of your warning to not fight with family, I have been able to lovingly communicate with everyone so we are all working together to make sure my mom is getting what she needs.


Blessings from Casper,

Jennifer Zerba, DTM Past District 9 Director 2017-2018 President’s Distinguished District

My last SOS to the world deadly window also spoke volumes of all the deadly, dramatic news I warned you about and I can only summarize the facts with the words I used in my YouTube video below!

********Bullets fly as police come under attack by suspect with AK-47******

Memo “Police will be killed and police will kill innocent people!” 

*****State trooper shot and killed a teen armed with a knife and airsoft gun*****

Those dramatic news also involved the Johnson & Johnson pausing vaccinations in all clinical trials, and my take is in the video above!

The reptilius reign supreme on earth but nothing like the upcoming “Dance of Evil” about to take countless of many oblivious, vulnerable young soul cursed to an early demise. And Justin Bieber is one of them!

Born a gifted Pisces (like me) Bieber was lead to the stage of light by the reptilius who now owns his body, mind, and soul to “swim downstream” into the depth of Neptune’s deadly quicksand.  Born a Plutonic soul he is unlucky with the police and he is attracted to the criminal element and already had problems with the law. 

Bieber is part of the Plutonic “Death Wish Generation” and those passionate souls are dangerous to others and themselves since they are highly suicidal!  They are a magnet to fulfill the reptilius agenda, but how many of you are curious enough to read my book “The Power of the Dragon?”  to find out how the Dragon is blessing or cursing your destiny.

Bieber is prone to die of violent death and I see the neck! And unlike you, he does not know Dr. Turi, the ONLY Soul Doctor who can guide him and save his life!

Justin Bieber says his drug problem was so bad that bodyguards would check his pulse as he slept

This type of over tattooing is a sure mark of a reptilius infestation cursing millions of infected souls rotting in jail! 

Back in 2013, I told George Noory ‘We have only 50 years!” but in reality, we have much less time ahead of us! And please do not blame me for being “negative” by offering you this critical warning!

I can only go where the world is; right at the bottom cursed by its own religious and scientific convictions and total cosmic ignorance!

We Have 50 Years Left! – Read the endorsements!

I can help you and I can help the children of the future and the world at large… But the question remains, can you or are you willing to be helped?

As much as you may need me to help you and your children, it is not up to me. Reintegrating divine astrology, into the traditional educational system, is a serious challenge and due to the strict control of the elite, becomes more of a daunting – stressful task. Your support is important, readers, because a critical mission demands cooperation, expertise, and money…And this world, has a way to go.


Please sign my petition

Please reader, do not make me responsible for your fears, your lack of perception, your lack of commitment to fix this huge mess that became your only and sad reality!

And it won’t get better soon!

Yet, I do believe in the human spirit, stimulated by the benevolent Draconis and the real potential offered by God himself to create a much better future as a whole, and finally, enjoy a good and long life on planet earth! 

Indeed the future is nothing else than the reincarnation of the thought yet, without your help, beating the reptilius won’t be an easy battle! And knowing our good old “friends” George and Tom on Coast To Coast am dropped/stopped me, for offering real predictions to the world, it’s now all up to you to help, readers! 

Unlike a guru, I do not use God or Jesus as a selling tool, or even profess to be a savior or a prophet…That is your choice to label me as such! But going against accepted religious or scientific disciplines and fear of the unknown is a serious challenge! Especially when UFOs and ET’s are concerned! 

I am not a church, I am not a cult leader, I am not an Ambassador or the Son of the “Most High,” or regurgitate Bible prophecies to reach you easily or even adhere to any conspiracies! This can only lead you into more fear and darkness…

I am simply Dr. Turi, a Soul Doctor, I am real, honest, direct, and supremely confident of my cosmic wisdom induced by many mind-boggling UFOs experiences…  You may or may not like my FREE cosmic work, but be sure,  it is much more than many of my critics could ever produce!

Grimes shows off the ‘beautiful alien scars’ she’s had tattooed across her back

Rich, famous and popular doesn’t mean smart! It’s amazing how young, immature, and vulnerable souls like this young woman who gave in to the reptilius “creativity” on her skin!

What is dramatic is that; she and millions of other “Young Souls” from all walks of life, are like her, totally oblivious of the immense power, those nasty entities, exert over their body-mind and vulnerable soul. 

This type of self-mutilation “artistic” display is a realistic message from Grimes to show how infected she became. It’s all induced by a powerful drive to search, connect and seek answers to a celestial phenomenon countless celebrities will never get outside of their famous circle where sex, drugs, and alcohol reign supreme… 

The fact is; those negative ET’s are already part of the humans’ biological and psychical makeup and mutilating (extreme body piercing) or extreme tattooing is an obvious sign of my far-fetched claims of their destructive power over the human race.

Phillip Adams, seen as a San Francisco 49ers player in 2010.

Scientists will study brain of former NFL player who police say killed five people then took his own life

This is what infected souls do, they slave for the reptilius who have invaded and curse their lives!

Do Scientists Understand The Human Brain? NO THEY DON’T!

While well-known UFOs “experts” own a national stage on popular television programs, the vast majority of those researchers have never seen a UFO and can not comprehend various groups of ET’s agenda because of their own natal UCI.

This is not a critic against their phenomenal work, it’s just an astrological fact I doubt any of them can, or will accept since they never studied Divine Astrology!

Their entertaining work offers more questions than answers to a desperate audience seeking answers to this phenomenon and are often left in the dark! All that can do is assume and keep seeking the truth!

1 dead, officer injured after gunfire erupts at high school in Knoxville, Tennessee

1 student dead, officer injured after shooting at a high school in Knoxville 

Children, teens, and male and female adults are a target to the reptilius and without spiritual regeneration, those people suffer chronic depressions, suicidal thoughts, and it’s just a matter of time before the depleted soul is forced to give in to those entities. 

Religions were created by the reptilius where death, drama, terrorism, blood, and insane cruelty keep the negative fearful thought flux to remain constant (ISIS!) Yet they can also find and activate oblivious victims anywhere! Trucker says “Allah instructed him” to cause crash, flee police.

Any excuse will work for the reptilius, as long as hatred, drama, chaos, and death becomes the objective! Sailor who shot, killed himself at Hawaii resort identified.

Anything and everything works for the reptilius and there are billions of desperate souls walking with you at any given time and place!  A shooter is on the run in Paris after killing one and injuring another outside a hospital 

Thus, it is quite easy for any infected cult leader to lure those desperate souls into so many reptilius traps. 

Those tainted cult leaders, were ALL born Neptunians and all share something in common! It’s like an obvious trademark to the wise soul.   Something I can only refer to as a RED LIGHT, and you are strongly advised to read about it!

But if you are not curious enough or mentally lazy, avoiding those infected deceptive, poisonous Neptunians will become impossible!

Sherry Shriner reptilius infected lost soul!

It’s easy to forget, that there are negative forces in this world, those goodies are used and promoted by the reptilius and readily available! (legal, illegal drugs, media, sports, entertainment, conspiracies, etc.) The idea is to poison your body-mind, and soul, the purpose to kill you and lead others, down the same dark path. 

Infected gurus and famous conspiracy “talking Heads” like Shriner, David Icke, and Alex Jones will use anything and everything, including science, ET’s, religion (God), to stimulate their own obvious fear of power! 

Those infected souls, are adept in making up all sorts of conspiratorial stories about the government, dangerous aliens, science AI, etc. to lure, infect then control the mind of the weaker members of our society! 

A vivid imagination and the gift of the gab is all they need to convince an army of gullible people. Some will go to a great extent to sensationalize their products (Queen turning into a lizard) where the facts have no value (Sandy Hook was staged – Holocaust did not happen!)  And you wonder why Icke got kicked out of Australia? 

 Gurus from all walks of life are NOT cosmic conscious and do not care about anyone’s psychical welfare, all they want is to satisfy the financial ego and get you to subscribe to their endless mental poisoning…  As a rule, once into the Neptunius deceptive conspiracy quick-sands, there is no return!

How YouTube Became a Breeding Ground for a Diabolical Lizard Cult | The New Republic

Reptilian demonic possession and alien abduction…

 Humans desire comfort, peace, and happiness yet, we are living in a fearful, chaotic, and uncertain dangerous world run by the nasty reptilius. Those people are lead to sign up to religions, science, or dangerous cults because they are looking for answers and they do not know better! 

Cult leaders often make promises, that are totally unattainable here on earth, “on hell” but also offered by no other groups in society!

Humans are cursed by God himself, to look for the answers to what it means to be human and the powerful secrets of metaphysics (La Cabale.) 

Spiritually, advanced mentally stable, and secure (old souls) owns also a great dose of critical thinking and recognize the deceptiveness at first glance but, not all humans’ perceptiveness and karmic UCI are the same!

Meantime, if you nurture the same fears, the same insecurity, the same beliefs or conspiratorial, religious, UFOs or political psychical “madness” the presented, discussed topics can only attract your attention! 

Indeed a magnet will not attract a piece of wood!

But can any guru or any mentally poisoned “talking head” offer you great wealth, total health, constant peace of mind, true love and happiness, cosmic consciousness, and eternal life?

Or the things every human desire, at the deepest level? 


“Cosmic Consciousness” is; the awareness of God’s cosmic Divinity, the Universal code and make good use of it by guiding humanity into the Creator’s mighty light!  Anything else is Neptunius deceptiveness! Pope Francis, The Dalai Lama, Bible heads, Religious leaders, Monks, Gurus, Televangelists, Priests, and Nuns including “Educated Idiots” and atheists alike are unconscious Zombies cursed by their own stars to never understand the signs…

“God created the stars and the heavens for more than the sake of beauty, he gave them to us for interpretation so that we may live a safer more productive life.” Paracelsus.

Knowing religious cults and their gurus are deceptive magnets born killers  (~i.e. – ISIS caliphate) there is no wonder why the reptilius’ focus since the get-go was on creating over 7500 religious denominations…

Infected Sherry Shriner or the “Virtual reptilian cult leader” was influenced psychically by the reptilius to create and lead her dazed and confused pack! Indeed Satan disguised himself as Jesus the savior and subsequently tricked the world into praising him/her.

But humans were already deceived well over 2000 years ago when those 3 kings (wise men/astrologers) following the stars, knew about a very unique, extremely powerful star stellium and its impact on a human being destined to start the “Age of Pisces” 2000 years ago!

“Because they are seeing, they see not; and hearing, they hear not; neither do they understand the voice of heaven.” – Matthew 13.13

But Jesus’s initial cosmic ministry (Astrology) was kept secret and cast aside by a politically oriented church unwilling to share critical astrological knowledge and its accompanying power! 

Since the planet Neptune (ruler of the Middle East) has been dominant for the last two thousand years, the majority of oblivious humans on earth are still today deceived Neptunian.

Creating so many conflicting religions was and still is the focal point of the reptilius agenda and the reason why so many popular conspiracies taking heads, deceptive gurus including God’s representatives on earth like Pope Francis and the Dalai Lama were put in a position of power by those entities.  

And unless you take the time to educate yourself on BOTH, the nefarious reptilius and benevolent Draconis (not to be mixed with another group of ET’s called the draconian!) you will never know how vulnerable you truly are!

Sherry Shriner was right about the deadly reptilius, who owned her mind, but she lacked total cosmic consciousness or the realization of opposites making all worlds and good ET’s a real possibility.

Or what led a mentally poisoned PA woman; Barbara Rogers to commit murder; in the name of what they both, once honored.

Alien cult member convicted of murdering her boyfriend | Daily Mail Online

The oblivious “infected” suspect, who says, the victim wanted to die…

God have mercy!

Barbara Rogers Allegedly Killed Steven Mineo, Blamed Alien Cult | Crime News


 What are ET’s and where do they come from?…

Those entities (the reptilius) live and operate/use DARK MATTER!

They are cosmic conscious and use human stars to create fear, depressions, chaos, and death because they NEED US! 

They are already in YOUR head, they can and will hijack your thoughts, mess up your attitude, stimulate horrific actions and they need humans’ negative thoughts endless flux to survive in Dark Matter!

They are the evil, commonly called Satan, the devil, the Prince of Darkness! 

Dr. Turi Amazon Prime UFO movie rebuttals

Police: Woman Killed North Arlington Boyfriend Then Called 9-1-1 | Lyndhurst Daily Voice

God (the light/positive) can not bless your lost (dark/negative) soul, Steven Mineo, indeed the reptilius stole and now own the dark energy, they forested in you, for eternity…

Yet, the majority of humans are oblivious, too scared, too religious, or born too rational to assimilate or accept my far-fetched cosmic teachings.

You can not have a  night without a day, a devil without a God, a back without a front, a female without a male, negative without a positive, or the yin and yang! 

Thus the benevolent Draconis use the regenerative force of the Sun/gold to stimulate love, creativity, peace, education, wisdom, happiness, respect, integrity, security in so many of us… 

The Devil You Know…Cultist Sherry Shriner…

Reptile Cult Leader Says Her Follower Was Killed by NATO


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Plato | Lapham's Quarterly

Pluto’s impact, on generations…

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I am well ahead of time, well into the future, and “the future HAS, and will always be my utmost faithful witness!”  Dr. Turi

If you are not happy it’s because you do not live your destiny, Nostradamus…

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Honoring Dr.Turi; Through my wonderful lessons from Dr. Turi I begin to learn the clearer messages of planets energies, potentials, positives and negatives. Though I love expressing my thoughts through words I felt I would like to add some color in art form. Our planets have so many lessons and how FORTUNATE are we to be awakening from our sleep. Both you Dr. Turi and your wife Terania are filling in the blank coloring cosmic book with colors for us. Love light and blessings.
Temmy 🙂☀🙂
Dear Dr. Turi,
Thank you so much for the video and audio file.  It was a wonderful reading and it blew my mind… I really appreciate that you have made time for me during this week, I cannot thank you enough. Everything that you provide makes me stay positive and gives me hope – your readings, YouTube, universal talisman, positive cosmic biorhythms, astro-cartography, books, videos, newsletters….. Yes, one day I will work with you and Terania as an interpreter and translator in Japan!
Thank you so much, and I am really looking forward to your Universal Talisman.
Kind Regards,
Yuko Miura
Thank you so much Dr. Turi for sharing your knowledge, work, and light with the world. The Full Life Reading I had with you earlier on in the week completely changed my life and opened my eyes to things that I was completely blind to. I now have so much more clarity and I’m excited to learn more and more about how to gain further cosmic consciousness with your guidance. The reading was worth EVERY PENNY and if anyone cares about their life, the world, and humanity ….it is crucial that they book a reading with you! ✨ Sending much love & deep gratitude! 🙏 I will continue to watch your videos and support your work always.☀️
Hi Dr Turi,
Thank you! I was able to download the files.  It was awesome meeting you and having the reading. What an eye-opener!
Hello, I enjoyed this video. It amazed me that you happen to be speaking about the Capricorn, as I am one as well and the information you provided was dead on. I have been having dreams for about five years showing me there is more than just earth and what is thought through church and the Bible and finding your page was not an accident for me. I am trying to gather information to curve my life and my children’s so that we can become whole with God, and my question for you is what book should I start off reading? Also, how can I schedule a personal read from you? Thanks for your time.

I, Dimitri, present a living testimonial in supporting a higher truth in Light and the Cosmic Code from the higher wisdom of Dr.Turi’s cosmic consciousness with Love in Light. Don’t become SPIRITUAL DEAF & BLIND ! Heed his SPIRITUAL WARNING in preventing from taking your life for granted! We all should be grateful for Dr. Turi is a living proof in his ripe of young age at 71 years old on the 26th of February 2021. Believe In Oneness with Dr. Turi as if you can fake it until you make it. SO BE IT, LET IT BE WRITTEN!

Happy Birthday, Dr. Turi!

Blessings with Total Love,

Dimitri K.


We are all children of the universe, we are the very essence of those stars, and the more cosmic conscious you become the more of God’s cosmic language you will speak and understand! 

I knew the extreme negativity of Trump’s stars and the “Hitler” quatrain, I wrote back in June 2013 is also a sure proof of my UFO’s predictive legacy before Trump got in power. 

The reptilius negative group of ET’s will put certain people like Trump in power, to maintain a serious dose of troubles, fear, insecurity, and chaos, something those nefarious entities need to survive in the dark matter!

For those who know me and the Cosmic Code jurisdictions, no explanation is necessary; For those who do not, none will ever suffice… Dr. Turi

Posted to the world on June 12, 2013  


German/Vikings Skin Alike
Black and White Red Blood
Fire War Violence  Passions Rule
God Nowhere To Stop Fires
Hitler’s Evil spirit reborn

Posted to the world on January 26, 2015

Prepare Month of Blooming June icy *December
White Moon Ninth Day Speak
Evil Spirit of Hitler Legacy Challenged
A Cosmic God May Grace Humanity

On January 26, 2015, I gave the month of December, for Trump to exit the White House, which also reflects the accuracy of a quatrain, I wrote 5 years ago! White Moon Ninth Day Speak? I was 3 days off! Does this speak of a real Modern Prophet you should and must trust?


Back in 2019 I first introduced the benevolent Draconis and the nefarious reptilius to the world in this TV show which like Coast to Coast am, will have to pay heavy karma for promoting and endorsing conspiratorial material and the reptilius agenda. 

Age Of Truth TV and infected Lucas is a firm promoter of the TOP conspiracy talking heads in the world and as a leader and promoter of the reptilius’ agenda, heavy karma awaits him too!

But without cosmic consciousness, the majority of humans on planet earth can only delegate life or politics through their 5 limited human rational senses.

This is why young souls, (religious or atheist) could never benefit from my cosmic work!

Their mental capacity is not advanced enough to investigate and assimilate the cosmic code jurisdictions and this crowd can only regenerate and assimilate conspiratorial, rational materials and not the critical warnings and teachings induced by my UFO’s predictive cosmic legacy! 

While I did the best I could, to introduce the world to various groups of ETs, in the TV show above… Much better explanations are offered in my Amazon Prime movie.

Dr. Turi Amazon Prime UFO movie rebuttals

Thank you, very much for your great 5 stars ratings and wonderful supporting comments on Amazon Prime which surpassed my expectations! Please do not hesitate to rate again and post your reviews to IMDb too! 

Amazon Prime new documentary: Nostradamus’ Divine Astrology rebuttals

Carola Hoyle
I just can’t continue watching. He starts with a very thin argument about people who were born in August, that will be better than others. I prefer to laugh.
DT Rebuttal; The fact is that; anyone has the power to reach fame through hard work, however, souls born in August are set by God himself to reach fame and fortune easily because they were all born when nature and the Sun are at their best. Madonna, President Clinton, President Obama, Schwarzenegger, Michael Jackson, Napoleon speak the real cosmic teachings I represent. Thus those insecure, immature, “astrologers wannabe” have a lot to learn from a 71-year-old Divine Astrologer! 
Oh no.. no… don’t do this to Astrology. This was not a good video or explanation. I never write reviews.. but as an Astrologer I had to write this. This is bad and egocentric.
DT Rebuttal; Again one of those insecure, immature, “astrologers wannabe” who truly believe they know better than a 71-year-old Divine Astrologer!  Those “young souls” have no much to offer but criticism and enviousness for me to have reached a top position in the world of Astrology. Those kids should put their own humongous ego and inferiority complex on the side! 
Robin E. Castro
He is so full of himself… this was a total waste of time… should be removed from amazon playlist…
DT Rebuttal; Amazing how those who have nothing to offer humanity seem to suffer an inferiority and insecurity complex! Why my supreme confidence in my teachings is perceived as an ego trip has been explained by my obvious success on Amazon Prime! God thanks to the majority of smart people do appreciate and learn from my cosmic teachings!
Robert W.
Astrology has been proven over and over again as a load of BS. Nothing but generalizations that people fit into their life looking for meaning where there is none. Sorry but if you buy this crap you need help. This video has no proofs and relies on I say so so its so BS. No evidence that its anything more than garbage.
DT Rebuttal; Typical idiotic response of a “young soul” who never explored the old science appropriately! My prediction of Trump losing the election back in September 2020 did not register his tiny brain also!  As always immature kids seem to know better than those who studied and used Astrology! “Millionaires do not use Astrology, billionaires do! J. P. Morgan
I’m sorry, a person this egotistical does not understand the greater mysteries of the universe.
DT Rebuttal; I can only wonder what such a young, insecure, immature soul has to offer the world? Inferiority complex and enviousness is a serious disease to the spirit! 


He opens with being an immediate praise for one sign and insulting a couple of others. Fine, I got past that. He’s drenched in sweat for the entire time I had it on. He says a few really ignorant things (like if you’re even remotely scientifically literate you’ll pick it up). Both of these things lead me to believe this was thrown together in a week. And it absolutely shows. Unless you want to take some guy’s word for it, great… He lost me when he referred to himself as a god.
DT Rebuttal;  All signs are equal in strengths and weaknesses I would never “insult” anyone’s sign in public, I am not Trump lol!  Wrong again I was not drenched in sweat but the light’s “maquillage” was too heavy/oily!  The show was produced in about 3 hours from start to end and not in a week! I never ever in this movie referred nor would I refer to myself as God. It is obvious this person’s rational UCI is not evolved enough to delegate Divine Astrology and seems also to suffer a “superiority/inferiority” complex to make good use of such advanced spiritual materials…  
Chris Sherrill 1.0 out of 5 stars Nope
Looks like another installment of “The Secret”, or how the cosmos has such good things set aside for you. All you have to do is believe. I could only last ten minutes. Can you say, hokum? Can you say, charlatan?
DT Rebuttal; It seems Chris Sherrill’s critical mental process is much too earthy to understand and benefit from the Superconscious creative forces and his words reflect a pitiful, unsuccessful, depressive life.  Chris your thoughts are the sad life you created my friend, do yourself a favor, read my book “Beyond the secret!”

Identical twins are born at the same time. and they are very different. what is the day of birth for astrology.? The day of conception, the day you survived being aborted, or the day you are popped out? And why why why?

Report abuse

DT Rebuttal;  Correct as a rule twins as they age, will turn out to be different, that is because as they grow up both suffer different experiences that shape their characters. H is curious yet very confused and instead of giving me 1-star and calling my work BS he could have asked the questions to find out more or simply Google “Abortion dr.turi” I wrote about abortion many times in my newsletter and the subject has also been discussed in my YouTube videos!  

Isaiah 47:13-15 NIV. “All the counsel you have received has only worn you out. Let your astrologers come forward, those stargazers who make predictions month by month, let them save you from what is coming upon you. Surely they are like stubble; the fire will burn them up. They cannot even save themselves from the flame… Each of them goes on in his error; there is not one that can save you.” Astrologers, also known as ‘Chaldeans’, were part of the king’s circle of so-called ‘wise men’ who practiced divination. The actual word for astrology in the Hebrew language literally means, ‘divining the heavens’. The practice of pagan divination is prohibited by God. It’s in the Bible, Leviticus 19:26 NIV, “Do not practice divination or sorcery.” This goes back to originate in the nation of Babylon, now called the country of Iraq. Believe what you will.

DT Rebuttal; Rich Ma is obviously a scared, pious, reptilius religiously poisoned lost soul and no much can be done to “save”a born Neptunian!  In their pitiful ignorance and fear, all they do is endlessly endorsing the reptilius’s agenda designed to create more confusion, separatism, animosity, religious wars, and endless deaths! This article “Pope Francis Astrology UFO’S Centuries of Lies” would be a good read for souls more advanced!

I actually am very versed in astrology, also a molecular biologist, and have studied religions. I was not impressed in the least. Then he says Obama is great because he is a Leo and Trump is bad because he is a Gemini. Give me a break. Don’t waste your time on this one. I made it halfway through. Plus he has such a strong accent he is unpleasant to listen to.
DT Rebuttal; Astrology is a science because it has a structure and most of all an art that demand an advanced very objective, intuitive natal UCI to master and translate accurately! Being a “molecular biologist ”  muffyroberts is much too rational and lack the objectivity to delegate the archetypal realm of supra-cosmic consciousness. His attention to detail makes him more of an astronomer than an Astrologer!  This type of “scientists” tends to analyze every word I say and my speed, not my accent is what bothers him! Sad enough he’s taking his pitiful case as a generality and suggested “Don’t waste your time on this one.” OMG! some people are so unconscious it’s simply amazing!
storyink – 2.0 out of 5 starsInsufferable, though based on good information.
I could not make it past about 5 minutes in. And I was really trying. I’m an astrologer (reading since the mid-1970s); I also read Tarot cards … and am just plain psychic. For astrology, I use it as a grounding device. This guy is all over the place with himself (he’s a Leo) and, though he has good information, he goes too heavily in the rolling-eyes-to-the-ceiling, nutcase. I think it’s primarily because he is not open enough to leave himself aside to discover even more truths that the stars offer. Harsh, I know. But, knowing what he’s talking about when he touches on reality — this guy – I’d stay away from. He’s too esconsed in himself.
DT Rebuttal; storyink if the movie is “based on good information” you must have listened to me well past five minutes my friend! This person is not born to be an Astrologer “am just plain psychic” and seem to suffer an inferiority complex This guy is all over the place with himself (he’s a Leo)” being forced to accept the fact I have a great majority of support and 5 stars! Storying I am not an  “egocentric”  Leo I am a Pisces, which means he does not listen nor can he assimilate my cosmic work or delegate my speed!  I would say this person “is too esconsed (right spelling ensconced) in himself!” 
If you enjoy my rebuttals here is more! Dr. Turi Amazon Prime UFO movie rebuttals

Wait and see my visions unfolding or Become a VIP get to know the news before the news… 

SOS to the world Another Dance of Evil!

Plan in accordance with God’s cosmic design, save precious time, money, and your life! Know what type of destructive cosmic winds will be in place, become a VIP, and be prepared!

Dr. Turi on Beyond Belief –  With My Good “Friend” George Noory
The Next 50 years Dr. Turi Predictions For The World
The cosmic code may be a message hidden in ancient texts, that anyone can learn. The Mayans knew of this code and the Illuminati struggles to keep it a secret. Louis Turi, explains how this code may be the secret to prophesy with the power to transform the lives of everyone in the world in this interview with George Noory originally webcast, August 16, 2013. Dr. Turi is a personal counselor to many celebrities, a proficient author, and a captivating speaker. He speaks of the cosmic face and celestial tools of the creator. His notoriety skyrocketed after rekindling, practicing, and teaching Nostradamus’ rare Divine Astrology method, which he calls Astropsychology.

This video may be removed so watch it while you can and share it pls…

Sharing email: I subscribed to Coast to Coast and I have heard you on Coast to Coast in the past.  I recently found you on YouTube and I subscribed to your YouTube channel now.

I no longer will listen to coast-to-coast your information is more credible than coast-to-coast. I had a coast insider subscription which I am now canceling. I am so disappointed they didn’t bring you on more. I’m saving up money so I can get a reading from you. Keep the faith there are many people out there that need to hear what you have to say
Susan Stewart

areuth – I would love to see more of Dr. Turi on Gaiam TV. Very educational and necessary.

vitalinsky – I enjoy the accuracy of Dr. Turi’s work. It would be wonderful to have much broader coverage of his message in all types of media. This information has to reach as many people as possible. Please have him appear on GaiamTV regularly.

llhumme – WOW! This was a good one, George. Fascinating man. Wonderful explanations and descriptions of our astrology and how energy works. The last ten minutes were definitely highly charged. Absolutely loved the show. Please do more.

MaryStall – Great Program, Please have Dr. Turi Every Month

edwin.webber – This was a fascinating presentation on the Power of the Dragon (moon nodes) and an introduction to The Cosmic Code. The astrology he practices is amazing with its accuracy. I hope to see Dr. Turi on again soon for further explanation and astrological analysis! Well done Mr. Noory. Fantastic!

almaacosta – First-time listener on Beyond Belief and to hear Dr. Louis Turi share his gift and knowledge of the stars was enlightening. The show became positively charged watching Mr. Noory and Turi discussing predictions, cosmic consciousness which made it a very interesting show. Would welcome the opportunity to see Dr. Turi return to Beyond Belief with George Noory.
nenamorl – Dr. Turi is an amazing seer, teacher, healer, a gift for all of us with his knowledge. Thank you for your profound enlightenment and guidance. The world needs your wisdom.
cfarns –  I really enjoyed learning more about Dr. Turi’s philosophy and his talents that I think can benefit us all. Please do bring Dr. Turi back on Gaiam TV so we can all learn even more about this most important subject!!! Peace to all!
whitelotuss – A very dynamic and interesting interview. Predictions made by Dr. Turi are not only accurate but he is interesting to listen to…Needless to say, he and George, while enlightening us, have good chemistry and great information to impart. I hope they do another show soon!
jwb622 – Dr. Louis Turi is an excellent lecturer and teacher. Cosmic Consciousness should be an essential part of the education process. This is missing in the education process of today.

nicki – I am so interested in Dr. Turi’s philosophy it makes so much sense, I would love to watch him again on Gaiam TV

lizoertel – A very interesting perspective that Dr. Turi has, as well as an interestingly accurate track record of predictions. I would love to hear more of what he has to say, please have him on again! Great host too, my favorite.

Stevejl – I really enjoyed the show. The guest was very informative and made a lot of sense. I hope to see Dr Louis Turi again on Beyond Belief and other shows.

Join the Cosmic Code private website (BECOME A VIP) and read all my SOS to the world’s deadly windows…

If you did not learn anything, with my last one, Coast to Coast am “Election Special Waste!” SOS to the world 1/7/21″ I can never help you!

What will you get if you order a live Zoom consultation with Dr. Turi? Read all the details!

But what saddens me the most, is that: Instead of inviting a real prophet offering real predictions, my good “friends” Gorge and Tom on Coast to Coast am radio invited “prophet wanna be Hogue and, dozens of deceiving psychics or so-called astrologers” who never warned their large audience, of what I saw would transpire, in Washington! 

Their lack of integrity and real cosmic wisdom makes them all, DIRECTLY involved with the lies, the misinformation, and ridiculous conspiracies that stimulated Trump’s indoctrinated mass to act out a predicted act of TERRORISM… If you read the obvious keywords and my quatrain!  

The fact is back in October 2019 I made a few predictions about the degrading Trump administration which confirms today’s deplorable political situation and also made predictions about the deadliest utmost destructive fire season ever in Australia, the US, and the Amazon forest!

Care to read the facts on CTC website?

Coast to Coast AM | Talk 980 AM

From Coast to Coast website: 10/16/2019 – Turi also made predictions for this year and the next based on his study of astrology, saying that for the rest of 2019, political events and relationships will “go downhill,” and that there will be a “full restructure” of many groups *Antifa/ *QAnonand institutions in 2021.*POLICE? *Supreme Court of the United States? He also said that he is expecting “a lot of fire” and “a lot of wildlife to disappear.”

I made those predictions (and some) last October 2019 on Coast to Coast am with George Noory! 

Yet they expect real predictions with an army of cosmic unconscious invited guests? When will integrity and the truth mean something from the hosts, the producers  CTC management, and from their worldwide audience?

“Wow, Dr. Turi, you predicted rightly about the 1/6/2021 US Capitol invasion, your astrological report was the only and most accurate of all the ones done by other professionals invited on Coast to Coast am!”

Tracie Austin Hi DT! I replayed our show again tonight from the one we did in November, and we came #5 on all the media platforms!! That’s awesome!!! 👍

2020 Election Special “waste”

Jerome Corsi commented that he thought there could be a protracted court battle over the presidential race results, but that President Trump would eventually be declared the winner. 

Analyst John M. Curtis  Trump will win this election,” with around 292 electoral votes, said Curtis. 

Prophecy expert John Hogue (who had just appeared on last night’s show 01/01/21) revised his prediction of Trump’s electoral college victory of 320 votes to a smaller number.  Hogue hopes that after this (Trump!) election, polling will be discontinued since it has become so misleading. 

Astrologer William Stickevers predicted that Trump will win with 294-300 electoral college votes announced between now and Friday. He also foresees a high probability of Trump fully finishing his second term.

Here you go my friend, the undiluted truth you deserve! Here are a few of all the “experts” invited on CTC who have failed their “predictions.”

Like all the villains in the media, and on national radio and television who participated in the propaganda and lies, CTC is not better and responsible for allowing misinformation, lies, conspiracies theories promoted by Trump’s Gemini dual “The Lord of the Thieves” to his base.

“Trump or war…Today. That simple. 

“If you don’t know how to shoot: You need to learn… NOW. We will storm the government buildings, kill cops, kill security guards, kill federal employees and agents, and demand a recount.”

Yet, while I gave the exact outcome of all 3 Presidential debates correctly in my YouTube videos, I predicted Trump would lose the election and so much more since October 2019.

The fact is; they are all responsible for the damage done to our democracy, for the deaths, the drama, and for what transpired at the US States Capitol!

Something I would have warned George’s audience had I been invited and allowed to talk about Trump, the 2020 elections, and Covid 19 (as predicted) getting out of hand!

Yes on CTC real Prophets are told what to say (or not) by the producer, and not allowed on CTC when he is needed the most! And this is why you are all coming back, right here, to read and hear about REAL predictions!

What’s going on in the US today was fully predicted starting with the quatrain below written 8 years ago! The reason why I wrote this quatrain is that Trump was born with the same mental astrological configurations as Hitler. But unless you become a student of mine, I will make no sense whatsoever, to anyone! 

For those who know me and the Cosmic Code jurisdictions, no explanation is necessary; For those who do not, none will ever suffice… Dr. Turi

I simply have to accept that, unlike CTC,  I am not for “ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY!” and must warn my supporters of the critical values of all my predictions!


Coast To Coast AM & Dr. Turi “Mishap” Explained. Can you handle the truth?

Indeed my predictions for CTC, George, and Tom made 9 / 6 / 2020, (end of the video) will come to pass! 


By the way, how many of you watched the CNN special ” 7 creepy things we learned about cult leader and former UA teacher Marshall Applewhite”

Did you know that I fully predicted this “Mass suicide” and I was driving through Rancho Santa in CA with the police helicopters above my head on my way to a restaurant to meet with radio host Jon Rappoport and his wife? If I was able to predict the Rancho Santa Fe mass suicide accurately (to the day including 911 Katrina and some) on Jon Rappoport radio back in 1997, shouldn’t you trust me on any and all my future predictions too?

Back in 1997 when I was living in San Diego, California, the well-established Truth Seeker Company employed people such as David Icke, Jon Rappaport, Jordan Maxwell, and myself to name a few.

All of us somehow made our name and expertise are known to the entire world and every one of us was a guest to famous Coast-To-Coast radio hosts such as George Noory and Art Bell and we all appeared on numerous television networks.

The luckiest ones were David and  Rappoport benefiting from the hundreds of thousands of dollars from the company, propelling them to the fame they enjoy today!  

In fact, “Truth Seeker” spends only a few hundred bucks on a single Moon Power book of mine but still sell all my titles without any rewards to me…

Young, honest, gifted, and stupid I was, you sign a contract and get screwed forever… But the ET’s in me had a plan and karma for us all… 
Sad enough the golden keys to what it means to be human are cloaked in our local solar system spiritual manifesto but both the well-organized, supremely wealthy reptilius infected religious and scientific matrixes have indoctrinated humanity and control all media and all sources of information. Indeed Trump cursed UCI’s legacy is to divide people, old friends, and close family members!  And it was all predicted 4 years ago…


In this Dec. 7, 2020 photo President Donald Trump in the Oval Office of the White House in Washington.

This also includes close friends, hundreds of radio and TV hosts from all walks of life who have had me as a guest over the years!

My friend Gary  Busey giving me top of the world endorsement…

Image result for star trek

Dr. Turi on William Shatner’s TV Show
Discovery Channel – Dr. Turi’s Predictions

One day eventually I will have my own radio or reality show program where I will be able to offer much more cosmic education, personal guidance, and predictions while helping the audiences to regenerate their spirit! And God will lead the right people in time with more opportunities to reach the world!

Be wise, join the cosmic code follow our daily guidance and various forecast! You’ll gain much more than what you bargained for! VIP Cosmic Code Membership – Dr. Turi M.D.U.S.
Read what is ahead for you in 2021 eBooks – Dr. Turi M.D.U.S.
There the option to read critical, non-public materials about Biden’s stars and the US/world fate, etc, including our daily guidance and forecasts will be offered to you. This is my way of saying thank you to those who support my work the most and introduce you to the Cosmic Code rules… 

Upgrade Humanity Psychical Welfare raise your Cosmic Consciousness, sign my petition! 

Moderna’s coronavirus vaccine is 94.5% effective

To those who do not know… In many of my videos on YouTube, a while back I clearly said, “When you elect a President the people under his command are forced to suffer is stars, his fate and, endure his idiosyncrasies *conspiracies *Covid 19! Once removed from power WE the people will not have to suffer his stars (the wall/Virus) any longer!” 

01/01/2021 – Dr. Fauci claims U.S. won’t start return to ‘normality’ until near end of 2021

 I predicted for months on my YouTube channel that the reptilius Covid 19 curse will end in early 2022! I was a bit ahead of Dr. Fauci yet it shows another one of my visions endorsed by science! 


Mamacrow –Thank you for this excellent report… Thank you again. Fantastic! I WAS a Hogue subscriber… WAS.

11/19/20 – Listen to Dr. Turi & Tracie AustinTV & KGRA Radio where I predicted another earthquake on the air!


Jim Karoll “Beating The Odds” Dr. Louis Turi.

On Beating The Odds” radio show, and this YouTube video, including this newsletter, both the Lebanese and the Baltimore deadly EXPLOSIONS (and some) were fully predicted!

Attention readers: 6 MN 44 seconds into the radio show with Jim I warn about large earthquakes and  mentioned to be ready for “Sudden release of energy and EXPLOSIONS!”

Calm Deception To Strike!

8/26/20 – 6.1 magnitude earthquake near Kokopo, Papua New Guinea
8/21/20 – 6.9 magnitudeKatabuSulawesi TenggaraIndonesia
8/18/20 –  6.6 magnitude earthquake near San Pedro, Bicol, Philippines

Check my email exchanges with USGS!

The magical power of talismans

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About Dr. Turi

Dr. Turi is a proficient author and a captivating speaker, his profound Universal Wisdom astonishes everyone. He was recognized in the 2003 Marquis "Who's Who in America." Dr. Turi is the personal counselor of many celebrities, Ivana Trump, Peter Fonda, Gary Busey, Denis Haysbert, John Gray and many others. Dr. Turi is a favorite guest of George Noory on Coast-To-Coast AM radio and the BBC in London and appeared in numerous television programs worldwide.He speaks of the cosmic face and celestial tools of the creator and warn the world with undeniable well documented undeniable predictions. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4BX3TzPUt08 Clinical Hypnotherapist - Astropsychologist focused on providing individual and couples counseling services. Specializing in public speaking, teaching, metaphysics, natural healing, stress management, women’ issues and family mediation services. Interested in speaking engagements, radio, television, events and media outlets, academic work, advising corporations, the police force, colleges, universities and general public on mental health issues and spirituality outside of conventional beliefs and accepted disciplines.