UFO’s – ET’s Killing for god!


 ”For those who know me and the Cosmic Code jurisdictions, no explanation is necessary;  For those who do not, none will ever suffice… We must change our materially based analyses of the world around us to include broader, more multidimensional perspectives.”  Dr. Turi ~ Albert Einstein*

Police escort blindfolded suspects accused in the teen's killing to court Thursday in Abbottabad.

Pakistan girl’s brutal death

Dear Readers;

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The question remain; are those people abominable killers or victims of forces they can not understand?  Will you like I do, judge them hastily and condemn them to die right away or will you  understand why their committed such an horrible crime?

The system is set to punish first, then think later and while justice  is important for the victims of these horrible acts, sad enough, there is no real justice in this world!

Human are not designed to dig too deep into matters they can not understand but instead to react to the dramatic end results! Yes in the battle between powerful emotions and logic, be sure emotions always win.

While killing for god is outdated, given a chance; our Internet Enemies would already have burned us on the stake.  As incredible as it may sound, threatening our lives for who we are and what we teach about UFO’s, God Cosmic Divinity and stand for, is not uncommon.

Some of the children or the very people who fled oppression looking for leniency and freedom in America 200 years ago, are no better than the criminals pictured above.  Luckily for us, they are constrained by the forefathers’ laws to behave like decent human beings.

More than a dozen people have been arrested in the brutal and barbaric killing, including the mother of the victim, according to police in Abbottabad, in Pakistan’s northern Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province

For a mother to be part of the murder of her own child, speak of the evil poisoning her mind or the fear of reprisals if she did not comply to those blood thirty animals…

Tribal councils are a sure representation of the current 875 different religious denominations (and growing)  plaguing humanity following a false god enforcing vicious man’s religious folly rules.

Do not think there much difference between Jihad, ISIS  or the “god brigade” of the LDS church, or any other so called, “peaceful” religious cults. The infestation is universal and growing. While thousands of gullible god fearing souls already loss their lives following crazy souls like Rev Jones, or David Koresh’s archaic teachings, it seem, the lessons of stupidity can never be learned.

dr. turi

It is only when ONE Cosmic God, one Universal teaching and ONE unifying religion bless the world that idiocy and religious wars will be a story of the past…

And for the sly reptilius to maintain ALL religious indoctrinating matrixes is a sure way to fulfill their agenda to induce more fears, more chaos, more dis-functionality, more separatism, more hatred and more wars.

The reptilius have contaminated all organizations, including the Ufology matrix and some of the decision makers! Its who you know, and the famous names used  to attract the most people to those conferences or all about money talk!

Thus maintaining the “UFOs conspiracy against Dr.Turi” divulging all about the reptilius infecting humanity at an alarming rate could be too much to handle for some! But this is not the main reason for dismissing me as a speaker!

yet I wonder how many UFO’s talking heads and their audience know that; In July 1997 for the fiftieth anniversary of the July 8, 1947 Roswell incident, I was invited to speak about my four UFO experiences and my prophetic ET’s legacy, I was asked to make a few predictions in a time capsule that is now buried 6ft under in the City Hall. This capsule will be brought to light in 2047 and I will be dead or 97 years old then…

It seems the predictions buried in this time capsule already speak of my vision involving ET’s and  the fate of humanity…If we make it. Though time is the essence and my voice and teachings are muted.

July 1987 – I am Alien The Final Revelation
 May 2015 – A Powerful Message To The World
UFOs Conspiracy Against Dr. Turi

All the famous names involving the “experts” in Ufology are NON cosmic conscious, and this does not make them all idiots or less smart than me! But while all information they share in all UFO’s conferences is educational and entertaining, none of those speakers are channeling an ‘inner ET’ named Draco. And that’s what make the difference…

Pretending to be a “Chosen One or a MJ12” will immediately raise suspicion where my “ego” will be blamed for making the announcement. And not all UFO’s organizers will take the time to investigate my well documented predictive work and will immediately assume I am a psychic or an astrologer. Furthermore, their logic dictate my profession has nothing to do with UFO’s.

Nothing can be further from the truth because, my cosmic work is an intrinsic part and the obvious legacy imparted by those UFO’s experiences, but obviously not many people have the time to read my explanations. And even if they do, they still can’t connect the dots to a much more refined subtle cosmic work involving my connection with ET’s since childhood.

The picture above speak of a series of long lasting, dramatic if not extraordinary UFO’s experiences I endured, something so many souls can not relate to or are envious of!

In fact, the same problem persist with many UFO’s conference promoters attending my presentations who did not have the mental power or can not enter the intuitional domain of my work as to understand the importance of my cosmic teachings and my predictions.

Draco is a benevolent ET entity that further embedded my body, mind and soul on May 23rd, 2015. Yet its crucial channeling can not be shared with the public because, the majority of the UFO’s community is unable or unwilling to accept my incredible UFO’s experiences or heed my cosmic teachings.

Its amazing how a few cosmic unconscious individuals decides if a UFO’s speaker is right or wrong for their event, all the while missing an incredible amount of information only a true “Chosen One” can divulge.

I wish I could magically remove their erroneous perception of “my ego” and replace it with an ineffable trust on my cosmic wisdom… Indeed extreme confidence in one self lead to misjudgments by those who feel below  me and what I represent within the UFOs community…

But the UFO’s crowd, like the majority of the people of earth have also lost their connection not only with ET’s, but also with God Cosmic Divinity. And for me to rekindle such vital connections is sought as ridiculous and made impossible because of their hasty judgement or lack of perception.

Who and what my inner Draco will divulge to me (for you), if I ever get invited to speak again is deep and you wont want to miss it!

Not a single UFOs’ speaker will ever mention nor explain the reptilius or the insectius’ agendas and the fact that; they are fully responsible for all the death and drama currently experienced on earth.

A true commissioned MJ12, his slide show and  the far fetched cosmic teachings I own  are crucial for humanity’ survival. And that is too much for the UFO’s community to accept or support!

Zika Virus Universal Reptilius Infestation
Autism, Zika Virus, Gastroschisis or ET’s Insectius

The psychical control imparted by those infernal entities is growing drastically and much too implausible for “normal” human beings to accept as fact, especially by the “educated idiots”  the skeptics, agnostics and atheists  alike! Who can deny this fact looking at the current news? N. Korea leader to gain more power – 7-year-old girl stabbed at playground in Ohio – Poison sprayed in grocery stores – Sufi spiritual leader hacked to death – ‘Hell on Earth’ may double in size 

The universe is accelerating, “the quickening” is real and the rapture unavoidable because the reptilius are not challenged by the mass of human we are trying to get through! The reptilius are leading the dance of evil and nothing is done appropriately to stop them!

Talking about UFO’s, offering scientific proofs and probabilities while exposing government conspiracies is entertaining at best and will never serve  the bigger critical purpose I appoint!

My slide show, pictures, videos and Draco’s teachings and channeling serve a much more important purpose. The attendance will be asked to participate in battling the reptilius, in accordance with the Draconis’ plans; to eradicate them from our solar system! And no one is offering you those teachings in any of the UFO’s conferences you will attend. Time is over due for human to interact at a psychical level with the Draconis ET’s for the sake of our own survival!

Begging anyone to have me as a speaker at any event is something I never did and never will do! While our readers, and ‘friends’ or supporters have asked for me to speak or to be on the radio on Coast to Coast am with George Noory again, all doors are still shut in front of me! But God has a better plan for us and a serious wake up call for many.

Matthew 7:6, “Do not give what is holy to dogs, and do not throw your pearls before swine, or they will trample them under their feet, and turn and tear you to pieces.”  

Any UFO’s conference promoter would rather listen to the nasty words of one of my UFO’s speaker “friends” and decide to keep me clear from it all, than to do the intense investigative work that would clarify my cosmic purposes. But my “popularity” for saying the truth is not appreciated, often misunderstood and will always precede me.

The mission or my teachings and my serious warnings  are much too real to ignore and this is why keeping me in the dark with the reptilius, is a part of this universal agenda against humans.

As a true “Truth Seeker” Dr. Turi is famous for exposing people and saying/writing the undiluted truth, something that can only vex all souls God put on my path! And having me as a speaker at the same stage as “prophet” David Wilcock, David Icke or other UFO’s “Talking Heads” who hate my gut is a big NO – NO!  

Indeed, UFO’s promoters are not after divulging the plain truth about certain speakers’ characters or ET’s reality but your money!  David Icke Defeat Predicted by Dr. Turi December 1, 2011

My reputation and integrity can never ever be tarnished for my predictive cosmic work  speak  the veracity of God Cosmic Divinity no one can ever infringe nor deny!  My direct connections with ET’s and my mission as a chosen one while hard to accept is, never-the-less the truth!

Amazing how those who speak and own the golden facts are,  in so many ways rejected, or the least in demand. Talk about conspiracy, enviousness, greed and lies hidden from the egocentric deceptive glamours found in all those UFO’s conferences.

Indeed a Cosmic God has a plan of his own for any and all his children, including us and informing my world wide reading audience to the reality of the reptilius may be the only way for you to benefit from the Internet in our own “International UFO’s Conference…

Lastly, thank you for having me as a UFO’s speaker and considering the dramatic “reptilius” facts only a commissioned MJ12 can talk about! 


Dr. Turi


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