UFO’s Friends or Foes? The SCI experts at work!



“The universe is under no obligation to make any SPIRITUAL sense to anyone”  Dr. Turi

Be wise, be warned make notes of my dated predictions and share please!

Dear readers;

This article was written before my ET transformation… 

Last night, I was watching “Aliens” on  SCI channel and was amazed as usual at the humongous ignorance presented by astronomers, astrophysicists and UFO researchers ridiculousness…

As the story goes; the world is watching a UFO extraordinary large mother ship through telescopes launching millions of flying saucers! The flying disks were then dropping  round objects in the preparation of an imminent invasion of earth by hostile Aliens!  Each time, after a certain time, the spheres duplicate themselves by becoming much smaller…

From incredible endless “Dark Matter” deep space to the incredible small, those spheres somehow end up destroying humanity! That was the scary message perceived by the scientific experts offered to the gullible public!  The entertaining series were well produced with the utmost sophisticated expensive technology available to date and something only the wealthy scientific matrix can afford! 

 All along the scientific community offered the option to win $10K if you joined their website to “educate/condition” your children and turn them to their atheist movement and a Godless society.  Of course Neil DeGrasse, was part of this show offering his rational “expertise” on the cosmos and educated views on UFO’s.

Neil DisGrace, I am a non cosmic conscious educated agnostic  Libra idiot

Note, do not be offended by the above if you are a Libra! Libra (the scale) has to sides and the opportunity to bypass the codification of thoughts, (books, science, religion) and all accepted disciplines is offered to the curious Libra souls. There are many Libra  students and clients of ours, thus if you are offended by the above, you should realize your insecurity, inferiority complex and stop assuming you are less intelligent than me!

Neil DeGrasse may seem knowledgeable to many but he is putting forth his “education” on the cosmos as “spiritually” incomplete, that’s all and ridiculing as the mocking towards old science is unethical …

It is a known fact, the fabricated famous, agnostic astrophysicist DeGrasse, ridicule Astrology and UFO publicly but he was paid to speak only certain things and adapted very well in this program to appear as educated on the subject!  

This show was nothing else than another outrageous ridiculous financial propaganda serving the scientific matrix long range atheism purposes, something I doubt  the gullible mass can detect today!  Google “Neil de Grasse Dr.Turi” or UFO Dr. Turi” for many more articles! 

I was amazed how lost, rational and non spiritual the invited guests were acting, and how much their imagination went wild…  As usual, nothing whatsoever was mentioned about Astrology or the Soul of the Cosmos because none of the guests were cosmic conscious…

“Where Cosmic Consciousness is lacking; science, conspiracy and religious deceptive imagination have the wrong answers. There are no accidents, nor circumstances, only cosmic consequences the five logical human senses cannot yet perceive.” Dr. Turi

As I mentioned countless times before “the cosmic unconscious cosmos and UFO’s experts” are the least knowledgeable of the topic they all are cursed to uncover and have absolutely no clue if UFO and ET’s are friends or Foes! Or if one day, they will invade earth and obliterate the human race… In no ways could/would the ET’s able to travel such large distances and materialize in our dense physical world without cosmic consciousness… 

They are able to use “Dark Matter” and the cosmic code at their advantage to travel through various solar systems and  appear solid to the five, limited human rational senses…

More on the UFO’s experts and the facts that makes me an “egocentric Foe” to everyone of them!  Indeed the truth is hard to accept, and because those speakers are notorious or have the money to advertise their names in all UFO conferences, does not mean they own the truth about UFO!

But it is only if you become a VIP that those revelations will become yours! I have all those answers and much more for you readers…

In this long educational article I offered my VIP’s the undiluted truth about the face on Mars, You will be amazed reading the facts that will challenge your imagination and your logic to the extreme…

I also elaborate on the Mars mystery rock ‘looks like a jelly doughnut‘ and again you will be amazed of what was going on with NASA these days… UFO “experts” from all over the world came up with so many theories over the years but there is only one truth, and none of them own those facts! This does not mean their research is bull, no one’s work is a waste, it simply add to your own repertoire of UFO wisdom allowing you to judge and measure the facts I own!

Since a conspiracy is in place to stop me speaking at many UFO events, I decided to offer the undiluted truth to those willing to read it in my Cosmic Code Cyber University!  The facts I own on UFO and ET’s agenda is mind boggling but when you own the truth, somehow the opposition always comes in to play to silence the truth!

Remember readers, Neil de Grasse and all “experts” of this popular topic, could never ever in their wildest dream attract a UFO, It’s simply impossible because the “vibrational”  Universal Cosmic Identity (the UCI) is far too low for the connection or the experiences to take place!  

But this will never make sense to the UFO community who can only assume I am an egocentric who “thinks” I only own the truth!  I do not own anything, only the facts I wrote about but unless you read them, all you can do is, like them all, assume about me and my findings! 

In simple terms, a magnet will not attract a piece of wood because ET’s are not human and even the most educated or powerful human being on the planet doesn’t mean anything to such advanced beings. Are you a chosen one?

ET’s do not go by earth standardized education but by cosmic “vibrational attraction” or something they need to fulfill their particular agenda…  

ET’s are probably laughing their heads off when those little earthlings wonder about the vastness of the infinite cosmos, all the while knowing NOTHING of their local solar system’ spiritual purposes and its impact upon all human affairs and waiting for a man made prophet like Jesus to come back!

UFO – An Open Mind Production, Conspiracy and Dr. Turi
UFO”s Are Very Real  –  And So Is The Legacy! – What Did They Do To Me?

Indeed the “experts’ are the least souls ET’s would be interested to contact or deal with and if you have a direct connection with them like we do,  you become a target for “exemption.” But I am infamous for my direct approach to life and the delivery of the undiluted truth that vex so many envious people.

Unlike the experts investigators who never saw, or dealt with UFO’s physically and psychically, the imparted predictive legacy I own is very real, even shocking  and far too fetched for some to accept…

Brown, green or blue, your eyes are the door to your soul… ET’s told me your pupils are a converged black hole birthing consciousness from “Dark Matter.” This mean if you could go back into your dark pupils and the black hole,  you would see a different Universe… ET’s left me with an incredible cosmic wisdom, something I can not divulge publicly just yet, only to my VIP’s.

But it is the truth no one can deny if you take the time to investigate the predictive legacy left by those ET’s!  Now on to the good stuff, seat tight readers, you are about to fly to Mars with me and discover truths you can only get with a legitimate UFO contactee…  

You have until Memorial day 7 PM to join for only $10, read more on this deal and join us now!

dr. turi

The Message is very real  and written in the stars!

 If you are not happy it is because you do not live your destiny!
A life without knowledge of the stars’ plan is contrary to all law …

“God created the stars and the heaven for more than the sake of beauty; He gave them to us for interpretation so that we may live a safer more productive life.  Man is superior to the stars if he lives in the power of superior wisdom. Such a person being the master over heaven and earth, by means of his will, is a magus, and magic is not sorcery but supreme wisdom.” ~ Paracelsus 

The power of talismans

“The universe is a BRIGHT LIVING spiritual entity, I’m offering its secrets before I die.” Dr.Turi

Teach me all about my cosmic relationship with God marvelous Universe Dr. Turi


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