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Dear readers;

This is another Cosmic Code newsletter sample dedicated to all our VIP’s and shared freely with the public! What is phenomenal here in the Marshall Islands is the weather, it can pour rain one minute here and then the sun comes right back and with this in mind, UFO’s can appear high in the sky then disappear too! 

Now if you do the math, Kwajalein is 19 hours ahead of Phoenix and this dictate why, at least in my case,  my four UFO’s experiences did happen on specific returning dates. Seeing UFOs always dictate a very surprise time ahead especially if the cosmic winds are on your favor…


Look right above the tail of the Boeing C-17 and enlarge the picture! It was about lunch time and the object was moving right above the Kwajalein airport quite rapidly then stopped for a few minutes before disappearing right before my eyes.


I was  wondering when I would see another UFO’s like the one I saw in Phoenix AZ on September 7th 2007 above our house  – Do not just watch the picture and assume! –  WATCH the video instead!  

The video link above is how the object I saw behaved exactly like the one I saw in Phoenix AZ  in 2007. And once again I did not had the chance to videotape it when it disappeared and offer the proof that it definitely was not a weather balloon! 

Continued: My good Canadian friend Charles and 3 other guys and I made plans to meet at the harbor for a day at sea snorkeling. Its been nearly 3 weeks now that I arrived on the US base and I spent much of my time working my butt off since then. It can be quite difficult, even very depressive to be away from my loved ones like Terania and Lady and all that we know and do on a regular base. 

I had my lows last few days and the waning moon did not help at all… I could not help to think of the old very successful Dr. Turi traveling the world teaching the stars, Nostradamus’ natural healing, the superconscious  power etc. and making more money doing what I really like! Instead I am in the middle of the ocean working as a heavy equipment operator, in the noise, the dirt and the grease… 

I predicted my own fate well before all the heavens turned against me and forced me to reinvent myself to survive. We had to sell much of all our precious possessions (Hummer/boat/jewelry/metal detectors/priceless items, invaluable crystals etc. to pay our bills and this job on the atoll is part of my rebirthing…

I put my ego in my pocket and did cleaning carpets to becoming an OTR driver and now back into construction and welding. The goal is to survive doing anything, everything you can while the heavens are against you…


Listen to the prediction of Hurricane Katrina with Dr. Turi and George Noory on Coast To Coast also discussing Universal Predictions and the reality of UFO. A show you can NOT afford to miss. Recorded on Tuesday April 29th, 2008. – Dr. Turi and George Noory on Coast To Coast June 10th 2010 predicting Hurricane Alex –

AFTER! From the high spirit down to earth and harsh reality!

But I could not let my negative thinking trapping me down and thought, during the war thousands of young men from the US, Japan and countless countries were SENT against their will to die on this atoll.  And during those dramatic deadly days the luxury and technology we benefit did not exist. I always think of the worse and what it could have been to help me realize how lucky I am to experience this fabulous exotic place knowing I am safe and making good money!

I also know those tasking, very difficult cosmic winds were imposed upon my life for a very good karmic reason and they are moving along and I will be stronger, wiser and better than ever! Indeed the stars are  moving in my favor and this awareness is what has given me the strength to face the challenges all along! 

We are all forced into some serious ups and downs in life and we can see this obvious pattern with famous people making dramatic news… Jim Carrey and Roseanne Barr etc. Thus is you are lost, depressed, victimized, ridicule, cheated on, abused, lost your job, sick or else, just remember, I survived cancer and took all the challenges head on. If this can help you I am now retired and 68 years old, thus if I have the strength to fight awaiting better stars, you can do it too! 

I know it can be very hard at times but in all be sure, at the end, you’ll come up stronger and wiser. Most of all, those experiences were brought to you by your own self, or by a higher order you can not control. 

Knowing the future is the reincarnation of the positive or negative thoughts, we are all creating our future and, consciously or not, we are very responsible for what we “ask for!” Any type of negative thought process will in time manifest in form of accident and this is why I always teach my students, there are NO accidents, only cosmic and karmic forces at work 99.9% of humans are oblivious of… 


While I am cosmic conscious and very aware of my thoughts, I cannot always control them, I had two very serious extremely difficult depressive news and those I can not share with you just yet readers! I hit the bottom and shed a lot of tears and I had no one to talk to… And the last few weeks negative flux I generated got to me and now I have to pay the price! I will tell you more at the end of this article VIP’s.

For now let’s concentrate of this marvelous positive day!  I was quite excited about the boat trip and decided to take a bicycle ride to the north side of the atoll and see my favorite beach during low tide. As always in Kwajalein you will always meet interesting people willing to talk to you and I did. 

On my way back from my morning bike ride I took to the north side of the atoll, I took this pic of a very healthy coral outside of the water line and realized, no matter how polluted the water are around the US  base this is still a place with plenty of healthy sights.   

Marine scientist predicts ‘a planetary catastrophe’ can we avoid it?

  I knew we were to boat through the chain of atolls you see in the picture below and I could not wait to pass them close by until our final destination. I also found out that the “infamous “Bikini” atoll nuclear test site was 215 miles away from Kwajalein…

I took a picture of Ebeye a small island where I have been invited by the locals to visit. Only a Marshallese native can sponsor a foreigner to visit their homeland and I can not wait to share this experience with you all… 

Ebeye is the most populous island of Kwajalein Atoll in the Marshall Islands, as well as the center for Marshallese culture in the Ralik Chain of the archipelago.

Imagine getting stranded in a deserted island like this one?

Captain Charles is the coolest guy I have ever met in Kwajalein so far, like me he was born under the sign of Pisces.  And like all true Pisces souls he would  never harm nature… In fact he brought a beautiful seashell from the bottom sea for us to see and almost immediately released it back to the ocean.

I met Charles first in the cafeteria where we now meet regularly and eat together,  he is a spiritual man born to teach and swim all seas… I am thankful to have him as a friend here and this man is always ready to educate and help others.

Under the supervision of the Captain, I helped the guys I was introduced to and began to load the  boat with food, drinks, snorkeling bags etc. We left the harbor and all was just perfect… Then to our big surprise, a loud noise came from the back of the boat! One of the props got entangled in a rope that should have never been there…

I knew on the first day of September new moon we had the heavens’ protection and after rising and checking both engines props the rope was gone and no damage was done to the boat! Had this trip taking place on a waning moon, the coast guard would have had to rescue us and the damage would have been very serious… This is why it is so IMPORTANT to plan all your trips in accordance to the cosmic code jurisdictions, or pay the price of your ignorance!

“God created the stars and the heaven for more than the sake of beauty; He gave them to us for interpretation so that we may live a safer more productive life.  Man is superior to the stars if he lives in the power of superior wisdom. Such a person being the master over heaven and earth, by means of his will, is a magus, and magic is not sorcery but supreme wisdom.”~ Paracelsus

I saw a lot of rusted war reliques and sunken ships by the beaches wondering of the hell so many young men from all walks of life including the Marshalleses had to endure during those horrific days.

Indeed turning paradise into hell…

Sad left over of a horrific war that took so many innocent lives

America invaded those strategic islands who were previously owned “confiscated” by the Japanese. 

My new friends on the way to snorkeling the blue waters

Getting prepared.

Getting in the water

Ready to swim and snorkel…

Right here it can rain a deluge then 5 minutes later the hot sun is up again…

Time to finally have fun and hit the warm water

My friends told me they saw turtles, tons of fishes, gorgeous corals and SHARKS all over… This did not stop me swimming for hours because I knew the waxing moon was protecting me!

Swimming in paradise

I needed this great break after 3 weeks of hard work away from all I know…

Indeed the weather can change in a matter a minutes… The rain was much colder than the water, thus I stayed in the water (and the sharks) until the sun came back!

Gee I could not keep my eyes open the rain was really pouring down…

The ocean became really bumpy and it became to difficult to hold onto the boat, I had to come in… my left hip and back were killing me!

Then 10 minutes later after the deluge, the hot Pacific sun  as expected came back!

A happy DT

The day flew so fast and the experience was exquisite, we came back to the harbor where I took more pictures of some lucky fisherman’s catch of the day. 

I have yet to go fishing…

Nice tuna catch

Whatever is left of that tuna lol

Check another great video of sharks feeding at the harbor

Another very large barge is on its way to the atoll, this mean I will be working 12 hours for the next 7 days nights… Thus it may be awhile before you read me again. And it is going to be tough for me to do so… Above in a picture I mentioned “my left hip and back were killing me!

On August 31st during the waning moon and in one of my 2018 negative cosmic biorhythms I fell off of a Komatsu grader much like the one below.. 

Image result for old rusted komatsu grader 

It is practically impossible to keep any equipment from the very humid Marshallese wet weather. It rains quite a lot here and rust is everywhere. After working a few hours with the machine I parked it. To made avoid more water and rust damaging the cabin I always make sure to close the doors. The right door latch worked perfectly and the door closed immediately.

However it was very different with the left door where I usually exit the machine. I tried a few times releasing the rusted mechanism without success. I then decided to go outside and stand on the big tires and jerked it to release it. It did not work, so I went back inside again and tried again unlocking the latch which did not move. 

Apparently none of the operators before me bothered to close the doors before me and the latches were very rusted. I went outside on the tires again and really jerked it again, this time it opened ET VOILA! 

I fell all the way down on the ground messing up my right hip and my back. Luckily for me I always put the ripper and the blade down and turn it away from the stairs, just in case I fall… Had I left it as is, I would have fallen right on top of it and certainly broke my back!    

Another good thing I fell on the grass, on the dirt and not on the concrete but it was still a bad fall. 2 coworkers helped me up but I could not walk for a while. I thought I better keep quiet if I want to stay here and work and I told everyone I was OK. 

However, there were nights were I could not sleep because I had no pain killer available and the morning were always difficult and painful to get up.  Incidentally as soon as I started moving and with 800mg Ibuprofen now, I can take the pain easily and work normally. 

I was fine until I was asked to weld a bucket. The constant bending and lifting really made my situation worse, especially after carrying 45 pounds welding leads 3 times all the way to the end of the pier on my painful back and messed up hip! 

After a full week, my supervisor saw me still limping and told me to call safety which took me to the hospital for a check up (a full week later.) 

Not exactly smart but I must work and I am not letting a fall stopping me. The doctor’s prognostic is clear, no lifting, no bending, no welding only really light duty but I convinced her that I could operate the equipment safely.

She gave me two weeks before returning to her office again for another check up. She offered me the option to do some physical therapy but I turned her down because I should heal within the next two weeks or so. 

Do not miss my next cosmic code newsletter where I will tell you more about my condition and my upcoming  trip to Ebeye including the fantastic pics and videos offered to you. Remember one must be invited / sponsored by a Marshallese native in order to visit the island.

I have been working with those islanders since I arrived and befriended many of them. They are very special people with a unique culture I can not wait to uncover and share with you. This cosmic code newsletter, pictures, videos and my personal experiences will not be publicized! JOIN US TODAY!

While I share my experiences and offer you my cosmic wisdom, remember becoming a VIP is giving you the option to use the stars wisely and safely to plan all your activities by reading our daily forecast. Had I read it on the day of my accident, I would have been more careful but I am like you, a human only! 

We offer all our wonderful VIP’s various horoscopes and consultation deals ONLY in the private cosmic code website. Most importantly be always aware and cautious during all 2018 SOS to the world deadly windows! 

Join us share our life, become a VIP, be warned, be prepared respect and learn all about God Cosmic Divinity

Visit www.drturi.com and if you have any question about a service, email teraniapropmodir@gmail.com 


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