UFO’s, MIB’s, KIC 8462852 & ET’s mobile cell phone


“I translate God’s universal will, this is my God given gift to serve humanity” Dr. Turi

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Here is your Sunday Cosmic Code newsletter free VIP sample… Today Draco’s channeling explain  KIC 8462852 mystery, the MIB’s purposes and the 800-year-old mobile cell phone found in Austria.  I hope you will find in my inner Draco’s channeling some of the answers you are looking for.

 “This star’s dimming is unique and inexplicable,” Schaefer told CNN. So what about the possibility of aliens? That explanation doesn’t rank high on Schaefer’s list. “I too, like everyone else, would be astounded if those ideas could be proven true. But we’re going for the facts.”

 For now astronomers still cannot explain what’s going on with KIC 8462852.  “It’s a normal star behaving weirdly,” Schaefer said. “We’ve got ourselves a classic mystery.”

 Cosmic unconscious rational astronomers could never accept that groups of Aliens are at war and much like experienced on earth, they obliterate each others worlds! It’s all just another name for all the same thing.

 This “supernova” explosion is a serious omen to what my next vision and warning will bring this world. But this will not become public, my 2016 SOS to the world deadly windows are for our VIP’s only, and will never be shared, only the results!

Sad enough human are stuck on planet earth and do not understand that the forces of evil are not only universal  but timeless. Indeed  growth, competition, greed and wars are experienced on many levels, even with ET’s.

Much like planet earth, expansion is universal and; not all celestial explosions witnessed by scientists are designed to kill other group of ET’s.

To ET’s, our nuclear detonations would resemble a firework a kid would use on Independence day, and while deadly to human and its wild life, not powerful enough to totally destroy Mother Earth. Thus good ET’s sees no need of interfering or interacting with us just yet!

Meantime ET’s, super powerful total destructive nuclear detonations are used to move celestial bodies to form new habitable solar systems, while more controlled nuclear devices, for a lack of words, are also used to get rid of dinosaurs type life, unsuitable for the “Chosen Ones.”

As we human, there are a myriad of reasons for those advanced entities to use such destructive forces on far away constellations and habitable planets…

  Note, ET’s do not use human primitive nuclear devices, they use anti matter, cold Dark Matter fusion and the tremendous, unthinkable destructive forces generated by their technology is incomprehensible to human.

Human can only think and assume in terms of human very limited logic, but as there are many different species, the Draconis ET’s group (the US power of the galaxies) will inflict death only to protect their human agenda  or build. Much like a farmer burning dead grass to fertilize the ground or in some case, deforestation to access new grounds and plant more crops.

But in their case, food is not a problem, ET’s do not have digestive system and all feed on cosmic energy! Let’s call it Black Matter again for lack of words even my inner Draco channeling can not offer me!

Thus there is no end to how and why, good and bad ET’s are using those formidable destructive devices, but all are designed to further their own evil or progressive agendas.

But cosmic unconscious rational astronomers could never accept nor assimilate such advanced information they can only ridicule because all they have and trust is; a few ridiculous years of human life studying and building their infantile science.

Furthermore human are “computerized” by their karmic UCI to accept or reject absolutely anything that is based upon their own mosquito like consciousness.  It amazes me how those unconscious, new-kids on the block scientists are blinded by their own spiritual “educated” pride and reject other form of life in such a incomprehensible and mysterious vast universe…

Yet I wonder, when times come for ET’s to pay humanity a returning visit, how all hard core idiots who reject the UFO’s phenomenon will feel or react! Because be sure, your government know UFO’s are real but, they have no clue to what they want with us.

And when you offer some envious people the proof that you are a commissioned MJ12, either through our experiences  or  irrefutable predictions, denial and ridicule is all they have to hide their “educated” stupidity!

“Where Cosmic Consciousness is lacking; science, conspiracy and religious deceptive imagination have the wrong answers. There are no accidents, nor circumstances, only cosmic consequences the five logical human senses cannot yet perceive.”Dr. Turi

In the sixties when I was first approached by ET’s in the middle of the night, the trauma I went through was not invented. Then later on when I dealt with MIBs, then my 1991 CA abduction I didn’t make that up either. The orbs representing Draco embedding our spirits (and Terania personal experiences since then) is not  a product of our imagination.

Yet the UFO’s community will never invite the utmost ET’s connected human being on the planet. The conspiracy against Dr. Turi is real because competition and insecurity is what fuel today Ufology, no legitimacy!

A Powerful Message To The World

July 1987 – I am Alien The Final Revelation

While part of Terania and mines work is to offer a platform to the curious and offer people more information about the reality of UFO’s and God Cosmic Divinity, we are perceived as a couple of weirdos  heading straight to hell! Just because the skeptic, religious or atheist herd can not relate to us!

But regardless of what pain and suffering our mission imposes, we are protected by the “force” and we are making a great living working and serving society by doing what we love most.  If we were doing the “devil’s work” God would have interfered in our progress by now but remember that the terms God and devil are terms for something much bigger. And you can’t separate the forces of nature. Where there is God there is the devil.  Indeed I am more afraid of god evil children than God himself!

Responding to the Galactic Federation Grand Cosmic Order, on January 20th, our Cosmic Code radio show will be rebroadcast-ed, it is designed to facilitate and help the human race physical and psychical welfare while making predictions, talking about UFO’s and everything under the stars affecting and regulating all human affairs.

Introducing the world to God New Cosmic Consciousness

The concept originated with the 12 apostles spiritual legacy embedded in the 12 signs of the Zodiac to guide humanity to God cosmic Divinity. Majestic 12 agenda can only be perceived and accepted by those directly involved in the mission or the Chosen Ones. UFO Objects Discovery Cellphone


While this appear to be  a cell phone it is not and when I asked my inner Draco why, and I was told that ET’s do not have vocal cords and communicate telepathically. Only MIBs which are human cloned ET’s commissioned to prepare an abductee to become a contactee, can speak any human languages.  

And I can assure you it is a fact,  for my experience with them in the South of France remote mountainous area speak volume. And the pounding headache they left me with for weeks afterwards is certainly not the product of a vivid imagination. 

 1975 – My Second UFO experience

There is a serious mystery involving MIBs but should you believe all that you read? 

Who are They? “As UFO sightings increase, so does the harassment of witnesses – by the sinister Men In Black. Albert Bender, director of the International Flying Saucer Bureau, once claimed to have discovered the secret behind UFOs. But unfortunately, the rest of the world is still none the wiser – for Bender was prevented from passing on his discovery to the world by three sinister visitors: three men dressed in black. The sinister visits almost invariably conclude with a warning not to tell anybody about the incident, if the subject is a UFO percipient, or to abandon the investigation, if he is an investigator. Violence is frequently threatened, too. And the MIBs depart as suddenly as they came.”

Because my own MIBs experience is so very different, Draco can only confirm the purposes of those cloned human ET’s.  In my case no threats were made and I was forced into playing a regular card name witch left me totally baffled and psychically invaded.

Then I experienced a very powerful urge I could not control lead me to the US to talk and teach all about my UFOs experiences. Some people believe all MIBs are member of the FBI or CIA ordered by the government to suppress information. This is false because as Draco confirmed many times your government know about UFO’s the ET’s are not interested to contact our leadership, the President, top scientists or anyone with a celebrity status.

 In fact, the very rational scientific education or religious conditioning act as a  solid wall to the psychical magnetism needed to attract the incredible UFO phenomenon.   Another word, if you were born weird like me and my soul mate Terania, it shows a very strong Aquarius current in your natal make up (UCI) opening the magnetic door of attraction to ET’s.  Some people were born with it, some are not…

Scientists and religious souls are repellent to ET’s due to a great dose of fear or skepticism! Those entities are certainly dealing repetitively with the “Chosen Ones” or those who have been physically and spiritually prepared for years to deal with them ONLY. And, at a psychical level,  I am one of them!

The device you see above is absolute and was once upon a time used by ET’s Draco told me. Make you pick reader, how many electronic tools or toys you own and what are they designed to do for you? Do you talk into your garage opener or the device you use to unlock or lock your car?

This is the best explanation Draco came up with knowing ET’s use telepathy. Explaining an ET’s electronic device is like talking to the first man who ever walked planet earth. He then, did not have the mental capacity to understand the future, knowing languages were not yet used…

Before entering our solar system all ET’s ships and all their possessions must be “decontaminated” so anti matter does not obliterate everything stranger to our solar system upon entry.

In human terms, its like going through airport security or driving through a car wash to get rid of  dirt particles that alter the speed and handling of your automobile. It makes no sense to your logic,  but this is how it is, put it this way!

As soon as I offer you a very limited explanation to something extraordinary advanced, all you can do is to associate it with what you know, what you can understand, but you know nothing of the cosmic essence ET’s are dealing with and must use in their interstellar travels trough parallel worlds.

This device does not came from a downed ET’s ship because most of them dissipate before reaching earth. This is often misinterpreted by science as a burning meteorite falling to earth. Nothing escape, all burns out well before hitting the ground.

Draco tells me that this tool was used  by some MIBs who purposely disposed it or by accident, lost it! Like us, ET’s are also vulnerable to the Cosmic Code jurisdictions, especially during Mercury retrograde periods. Thus tell me reader, how many telephones, or any electronic devices you lost, broke or discarded?  This explain why even ET’s are vulnerable to those cosmic disruptive winds and why a UFO crashed in Roswell NM desert July 1947!

This also explain the long list of air, water and road accidents taking place right now during this Mercury retrograde SOS window. All is well documented for your eyes in Draco’s Facebook page!  If you never heard about a Mercury retrograde, read this article!

But Draco also mentioned in the channeling that ET’s also purposely leave gadgets behind, as to prove to humanity, once upon a time, they were here on earth.   But in all what really amazes me, is all the intellectuals, the “educated” mental snobs on radio and television inability to accept UFO’s and ET’s as a real and solid part of the human experiences.

But who’s to blame a religious poisoned soul or a hard core atheist for their deep seated fear or rational convictions? Human are afraid of what they do not know and, Terania and I are sure, our radio show will offer more answers/

All I can tell you readers, we have much better things to do than to make up silly UFO’s stories, the phenomenon is very real and so are we!  Many of you, intuitively know that; we speak the truth and many of you would like to become part of the “Chosen one.” My book “Beyond the Secret” tells you all about the very first day at age 7, when I started this incredible journey with ET’s. My adventures are much too unreal for many to accept, but they are true!

If you want to deal with ET’s, maybe you are prepared to deal and serve an unselfish purpose for your human kind and maybe you are not. More importantly, you may or may not be ready to undergo those painful experiences. Maybe you are willing to become the laughing stock, or handle the idiotic herd of God fearing lost souls demonizing you and take on evil of ignorance and fear by the horns like we do.

And if you do, lesson one is to eliminate all fears to avoid the reptilius attention and, like them be aware and make a good use of the Super-conscious! If you are ready for ET’s be sure they are for you as they need more Superhuman cosmic leaders. Indeed we can help to facilitate and attract the benevolent ET’s we are only dealing with…

Blessings to all,

Dr. Turi

 July 1987 – I am Alien The Final Revelation

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