UFO’s – Protection Against or Invitation to evil forces?



“The universe, ET’s (and talismans)  are under no obligation to make any SPIRITUAL sense to anyone”  Dr. Turi

There is not a single day passing by where Terania and I do not receive emails from so many fearful readers… The psychical poisoning pouring out of their body mind and soul through their printed words is quite alarming to us.  While many are legitimately concerned for our safety, some  young souls will write animosity displaying their destructive possessed spirits!

When you reach a certain level of popularity on the Internet, you become the target of so many vile envious people who would not hesitate to lie to hurt the integrity of those who reached a better station in life.

The fact is; this world is loaded with evil infected souls envenomed by evil forces… They are totally unconscious robots, unwilling to better themselves and could do nothing than to oblige to Satan!

Evil has many faces and lives for sins such as greed, enviousness, sarcasm, lies, deception, abuses, disrespect often fueled by a huge mislead-ed ego.  Satan will easily infiltrate himself to human through the “dark matter” reptilius psychical cosmic forces.”  And as insane as it may sound, it is a natural process that curses every one of us on this planet! But there is a specific purpose behind those nasty feelings…

I don’t know anyone who hasn’t sinned…  I recall when I was a young man, in my twenties, I was jealous of my older older brother Joe who had all the luxuries, success, respect and attention I could only dream of then… Watching him in his brand new expensive sport car parking in front this very successful business was a nightmare!

Of course I hid my true feelings from him and everyone else around me, but I needed “stimulation” to work harder and reach the same or higher level in my own life, and I did!

I did not know then that ” my future was nothing else than the reincarnation of my thoughts” or how to use all the subtle mystical forces at work above in my advantage! Indeed knowledge is power, ignorance is evil…

As human, we are all forced in and out of painful relationships, horrible situations and constantly “rebirthing” much more knowledgeable in the process. Sometimes, these situations can also be a result of people’s negative thoughts or one can become victim to psychic terrorism as well as result of witchcraft/black magic/voodoo Some people have not yet experienced  the many difficult processes of revaluation, adjustment imposed by life’s endless changes and this is where  protecting oneself from these outcomes is important…

Sometimes, the more you suffer, the faster one will learn the lessons needed to succeed and each time realize that a “loss” is often a blessing in disguise!  In my crazy, extraordinary life I had more than my share of pain, suffering and forced changes and learned so much all along… But it took me 65 years to appreciate and understand even the most dramatic times I was forced into! Even beating cancer, because the rewards of such experiences is simply priceless.

In the name of security, people become machine of habits that reinforce our sense of solidity, thus doing anything different, or taking a chance is taboo for many people! Though sometimes it can also be a lifesaver to not change those habits. A cosmic God designed life and earth as a solid learning ground (or hell) human can only learn through pain and suffering…

My books, especially “Beyond the Secret” has so much to offer by allowing the reader to live and feel my life’s amazing experiences and learn a great deal about the forces that molded my personality and my fate…  But when I was young learning through reading was the last thing in my mind!

Sad enough today’s youths have a much bigger problem, because of all the tremendous outside influences generated by all the “educational” controlling matrixes in a world run by technology! Taking selfies, texting nonsenses, playing video games, falling for entertainment, sports, religion or a rigid dry science on TELe.vision is simply impossible to escape…

Indeed the reptilius’ psychical agenda is quite subtle and for some, simply impossible to decipher, understand or fight against!  Maintaining the endless mental conditionnement imposed by all the matrixes is a focus point for those nefarious cosmic entities dedicated to control, suffocate and poison the human psyche.

  • How can anyone realize the wonder of the old science of astrology when it is purposely ridicule, dismissed and avoided by the dry scientific matrix?
  • How can anyone realize the wonders of our local system when the teachings of the “Soul of the Cosmos” it is purposely ridicule, dismissed and avoided by the dry scientific matrix?
  • How can anyone realize the wonder of the benevolent  Draconis when their missions is purposely ridicule, dismissed and avoided by the dry scientific matrix?
  • How can anyone realize the mystical wonder of Pluto and  the celestial family when it is purposely ridicule, dismissed and avoided by the dry scientific matrix?
  • How can anyone realize the danger of the reptilius agenda when the UFO phenomenon is purposely ridicule, dismissed and avoided by the dry scientific matrix?
  •  How can anyone realize the wonder of God’s cosmic Divinity when the work of all erudite men of the past is purposely ridicule, dismissed and avoided by the dry scientific and deceptive religious matrixes who have lost the true spirit?
  • How can anyone realize the power of talismans when the magical values of metal, precious stones mixed with cosmic forces is purposely ridicule, dismissed and avoided by the dry scientific matrix?

In some cases, the more afraid you are of ET’s and UFO’S, the more psychical VIP invitations you send to them. Some of those cosmic winds already inhabit your cosmic UCI  make up and must be either eliminated or controlled through the power of specific talisman.  Indeed a magnet will not attract a piece of wood.

Fear monopolizes all evil forces naturally against you, especially if you do not know about the superconscious forces at work curing your destiny!

  • You are child of the universe and those cosmic forces are part of your karmic makeup to attract or repel UFO experiences.
  • You are child of the universe and those cosmic forces are part of your karmic makeup designed  to attract or repel love or success in your life.
  • You are child of the universe and those cosmic forces are part of your karmic makeup designed  to attract or repel dramatic experiences and tragedies.
  • You are child of the universe and those cosmic forces are part of your karmic makeup designed to attract happiness or failures. 

Talismans, do they really work?

Thus to those readers of want to experience the incredible reality of ET’s and want to contact and deal with UFO’s, if you are fearless and sincere about it,  your celestial makeup can be boosted with a tailored talisman.

And to those fearful readers who do not want to have anything to do with ET’s and UFO’S,  your celestial makeup can be boosted with a tailored talisman to keep them away for ever from you.

Anything you need or do not need is around you, there is nothing you can or can not have, your will, or the part of God in you is much stronger than all the evil forces above and below but, consciously or subconsciously you can and will attract good or evil in your life!

Do you really think wearing  A DEATH SYMBOL or a cross is a good talisman?  Why not wearing “la Guillotine” or an electric chair around your neck? Those are deadly tools/talismans created by evil mind missioned to design killing tools!

Some evil souls wear snakes, bats, evil stones, not knowing even the choice of colors will drastically magnetise good or bad energies…  Red is the color of blood or the signature of Mars “The Lord of War” ruling the animal kingdom, their natural weapons (claws and fangs) and how they treat themselves in the wild!

I would rather wear a tiger or a bear tooth to protect myself from those evil human beings.  Human are not trained to understand or use the energetic cosmic  power found in everything around you, particularly crystals and talismans…

Do you have too much fire, Mars/Aries in your cosmic make up? Do you feel agitated, nervous, tense, aggressive all the time?

Are you more of a  lymphatic  watery Pisces Neptunian, slow, emotional, dreamy, insecure, sleepy?  Do you think the medications you take to calm you down or speed you up are good for your psyche or a perfect recipe to attract the reptilius during deep sleeping state?  There is so much you, science and the dry Millennials do not know readers…

Confidence and wisdom always,  “magnetize” God cosmic forces to protect you and those you care physically and psychically, the question is what will you do access this power? Will you let deep inserted religious fears or skepticism  freeze your curiosity or will you take a chance on the unknown and my cosmic wisdom?

Gee all the pioneers of the past did not have this choice luxury, they had to move forward to the promised land and build their American dreams or die, exactly like I did…

God divine cosmic power in your celestial makeup can be enhanced in so many ways, spiritually through my services  and physically with the help of carefully casted and powerful talismans if you only take the first step to this new far away voyage to reach for a better existence…

From  Nancy LOL, Channeling is nothing more than demonic possession, if the person is even sane to begin with.”

Thus before you decide to email the Turi’s and spill your own fears on us, may be you should consider the fact that we know much better! Furthermore, we can educate you and help you to beat your own fears and enjoy a safe and productive life like we do!

“God created the stars and the heaven (and talismans) for more than the sake of beauty; He gave them to us for interpretation so that we may live a safer more productive life.  Man is superior to the stars if he lives in the power of superior wisdom. Such a person being the master over heaven and earth, by means of his will, is a magus, and magic is not sorcery but supreme wisdom. ~ Paracelsus

Indeed the word Draconis is often misread or associated with mythical negative dragons, when Draco is an ETs’ entity coming from the constellation of Draco species commissioned by the Galactic Federation Grand Cosmic Order to facilitate, improve and maintain the human race physical and psychical welfare. The “Gardeners of the world” agenda is truly beneficial for humanity’s protection and survival and should be sought as friends nor foes…

MJ 12 – The concept originated with the 12 apostles spiritual legacy embedded in the 12 signs of the Zodiac to guide humanity to God cosmic Divinity. Join us on Draco’s FB page!

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For now, enjoy my regular bulletins on Draco’s FB page and remember,  only when you become a VIP can you ask questions about ET’s, the future of humanity or anything else under the stars…  All I can hope is for my Cosmic God to give me the strength to carry on and continue doing what we can in the mission.

Blessings to all

Dr. Turi

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