UFOs Revelations – Reptilius Versus Draconis Who’s who?


Following  five Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind Dr. Turi was led by ET’s to uncover the secrets of the cosmic core. Commissioned by the Galactic Federation of Grand Cosmic Order to rekindle humanity Cosmic Consciousness, make astonishing predictions and heal earthlings’ body, mind, and soul.

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 Today; 6.8 magnitude earthquake near Sinawilan, Davao, Philippines

UPDATE: 12/15/19 – 40 secs into my YouTube video, yesterday morning 12/14/19 I said! “I am expecting earthquakes at or above 6.0 in the next few days!” I repeated myself 25 min later again!

I also mentioned SHOCKING NEWS!

Who can deny my UFO’s predictive legacy?

How many famous psychics, mediums, astrologers or prophets you know has, or will ever offer his audience undeniable facts of his/her predictions? Only Dr. Turi! Do not assume I am boosting my ego when I point out the legitimacy of what ET’s have left me with! Thank you. DT

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Dear readers;

Knowing I have to explain what UFOs and ET’s are all about in my planned upcoming UFO’s conferences, it is important for me to give you a few heads-up! 

My slide presentation involves also a lot of new and challenging information pertaining to the deceptive, accepted theory that; the government is in direct contact with ET’s and practice reverse engineering with the scientists in secret areas, even under the icy poles! 

There is so much misinformation fueled by wild imagination ion the UFOs phenomenon nowadays, that most of the people attending those UFOs events end up totally confused and with more questions than answers.

My trusted information is coming from my channellings with Draco also supported by top investigative people like Edward Snowden who searched the CIA’s networks for proof that aliens exist.

Once again readers, be certain the majority of top UFO’s researchers never saw a UFO nor encountered an alien! Their deceptive “teachings” have indoctrinated thousands of people who do not know better and accept misinformation as facts! 

Once again this does not mean all researches and UFO’s speakers are worthless, but the reader must keep in mind it is still unproved investigations… My slide show is designed to bring more clarity to the UFOs phenomenon and expose the undiluted truth. Doing so does not make me too popular with the famous “crowd” but what’s motivating me is; a legitimate drive to delegate and offer the facts channeled through Draco.

To me, Ufology is a very serious matter and it seems nowadays, anyone who saw a light in the sky can easily become a UFO’s speaker or a researcher! Some of them are immature kids who have the gift of the gab or benefit from a famous name to be part of the popular circle. 

 If you watched my YouTube videos, heard my radio or TV shows you already have a good idea to what the benevolent Draconis or the malicious reptilius are all about.  But not all my readers have had this opportunity and catching up with my cosmic teachings will serve them well.

  There are two groups of ET’s, the good ones and the bad ones… Over the years, dozens of names were created to classify those entities and both have their own positive or negative agendas.  Let’s start with the bad guys…

The reptilius confine the human spirit into religions, entertainments, sports, and scientific atheism convictions all designed to nurture fears, chaos, discords, insecurity, separatism, confusion, doubts, wars, steal your attention, limit your psychical awareness and stop your spiritual interaction against them!


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Religions have killed more humans than all-natural disasters, plagues and wars combined…

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Note, it is important for all my readers to realize not only preeminent, rich and powerful people are under the psychical influences of those entities, but all human beings from all walks of life… And when I tried to explain this fact to my “good friend” David Icke that no one has or ever will metamorphose into a lizard, our relationship deteriorated! Read all the details below or watch this video.

In no way, after so many years rambling this type of nonsense all over the world, can David now, change his tune! The Draconis stopped him inducing more fear to his Australian audiences and I made that specific prediction too!

The same applies to many popular UFO’s researchers telling you the government know all about UFO’s and ET’s but will not tell you anything! The sad reality popular “talking heads” and established UFO’s researchers attract tons of people and this is very good for the business thus, who cares about the truth and integrity?

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David Icke, Godhead Reptilius Human Slave

“Dr. Turi. I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for providing the voice of reason and truth, such as was the role of Art Bell for many years. It meant a lot to receive a personal reply from you mate, and your wisdom has reached many, including a very dear friend of mine in the United States. I find it vindicating that David has been disseminating propaganda that suits the reptilian elite. He certainly has a lot of media exposure, which would enable his message to be swallowed far easier. I should add that David Wilcocks and Corey Goode have been a tremendous disappointment, on account of their distribution of a Hollywood film script, and exploiting the vulnerability and naivety of those who just want to believe. Pure materialism. Your message is very balanced, very neutral, and has quality and caring behind it. I only wish we could converse one on one, so you could share all you know. Alas, I am extremely appreciative of what you provide here, regardless. Best wishes from Oz mate!”

WE ARE THE BENEVOLENT DRACONIS (Gardeners of planet earth!)

Who are the Draconis and the Reptilius?
Kerry Cassidy, youtube Dr. Turi on the Draconis and the reptilius
Galactic Federation Grand Cosmic Order

The Draconis also stimulate the mind of humans from all walks of life, but it is solely to create life, to offer love, happiness, hopes, and success… 

YouTube’s list of the most viewed music videos of the decade will have you humming ‘Despacito’

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When the cosmic winds (dragons) fly in good aspects with their UCI *Unique Celestial Identity” the force number one or the Sun revitalizing rays shine on them… They also put some of their protegees in a position of influential power. Soon those stars will also endorse my mission…

Meet the teen changing the game for climate change

Swedish teenager Greta Thunberg is Time magazine’s Person of the Year for 2019. The 16-year-old activist is known for holding world leaders accountable for their role in the climate crisis.
When I left my natal France as a young man and landed in America so many years ago I knew I was in the right country. I have seen a lot during my 70 years living on planet earth, and this includes five, mind-boggling 5th kind UFO’s experiences and also deal with the Divine (Draco.)
Yet, in a million years, I never thought, I would one day, witness a US president pick up a fight with a 16-year-old. 
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Thunberg trolls Trump after he mocks her in a tweet

When President Donald Trump mocked teen climate activist Greta Thunberg, she trolled him in response. CNN’s Jeanne Moos wonders which one needs “anger management.”
Anytime, in any way, shape or form, you or anyone is negative, the reptilius owns the body, mind, and soul of those degenerated human beings.  But the ego often eliminates the option to auto analyze oneself but the world is watching in disgust…
Yes, it is just a choice my friend, a conscious choice to stimulate and promote the forces of evil and slave for the reptilius or, willingly offer the best of the best of yourself and become a beacon of light, love, respect, and happiness by serving other unselfishly like I do…
So, after reading this article who do you think is infected and slave for the reptilius? A powerful Trump or a scared little girl concerned for the future of all children? Your decision will speak the undiluted truth no one can hide from your own self! 
The question remains, will I get your help to help your children?

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“Man is superior to the stars if he lives in the power of superior wisdom. Such a person being the master over heaven and earth by means of his will is a magus and magic is not sorcery butsupreme wisdom” Paracelsus


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