Australia Uluru Rock 2020 Cosmic Consciousness Tribe Predictions

January 28, 2019


First and foremost, check how the event looks and feels like and share it with your networks so your own followers can see what goes on and join us on January 2020.  There’s a fantastic slideshow of pics as well as some beautiful, open and heartfelt testimonials.  Please share it on social media and/or in an Enews.

Dear Readers;

As I did inMother Mary’ Spirit in Sedona Beyond The Matrix Healing,” checking the Cosmic Winds for Uluru Rock 2020 Cosmic Consciousness Tribe Event is like a wise ship’s Captain checking the weather pattern before sailing away in the Sun Rise and make the cruise a much safer trip!  

Note also I use Nostradamus 16th century Divine Astrology to translate those futuristic cosmic winds and the great Prophet over 500 years ago did not use a watch or a computer. Thus Astrology is not only a science but also an art that must be delegated using signs and symbolism!  I will use very simple words in the translation and avoid jargonised mathematically oriented modern Astrology confusing methodology.  

Cosmic Consciousness & Prophecies for the world

January 12th 2020  Universal Time used

The event will take place 2 days after a Full Moon and the intensity will be simply remarkable.  Most importantly, the moon will be cruising the sign of Leo,  light, life, wisdom, children, the arts and positive surprises.  Leo rules France (and Italy) this is why it is said “French/Italians are romantic”  and the Sun bright light make the sound of French and Italian melodic attractive and romantic. 

On January 10th, 2020, the Full Moon will mature in the sign of Cancer and those solar cosmic winds are all about  experiencing a new beginning in all areas of life for us all… The Cancer/Leo vibrations can only be memorial and extremely rewarding in the long run! 

Knowing those formidable, life-giving lunar/solar cosmic winds will be blessings the event, I can assure you to receive nothing else than the best of the best from all the invited wise, gifted speakers!  After the Full Moon expect a new cleansing life force entering your body, mind and soul and a full regeneration principle  enveloping your entire being! 

Laurence en lion c'est son signe zodiacal et moi en guerrière j'adore l'idée, cette fille est magique

Knowing Leo rules love and light, your chances of finding your soul mate and heal various ailments will become a real possibility under the warn Sun light blessings. I can not wait to attend and offer my own “enlightening magic” through my own cosmic consciousness teachings. 

I am convinced this event will dramatically and positively not only change your life for the better, but the experience wonders will also stay with you for the rest of your life! 

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On to the translation of those days cosmic winds:


Stellium on the Dragon’s Tail in 22Cap02 (1 Self/Soul’s purpose) There is a very rare, special stellium in Capricorn taking place those days. A stellium is  composed of a mixture of 7 cosmic winds working in harmony or a rare blessing offered by a cosmic God to humanity!  The identity of those days are Capricornus, thus expect to meet, deal, speak and learn from people of authority in their own particular field. Capricorn rules wiser, older people who have very valuable wisdom to share. The challenge could be the rational, practical, scientific approach to life from both the speakers or members of the audience. 

Moon in 18Leo26 (8 metaphysics/investigations)  This house regulates metaphysical researches, legacy, sex,  power, re-birthing and other people finances. This house is ruled by dark Pluto the “Lord of Hell” who rules the underworld and death. Leo rules life, light and life, thus there is a lot of light and enlightenment entering this dark, mysterious house.  The challenge will be to avoid controlling others for personal financial satisfaction only. 

Venus in 28Aqu48 (2 noney/self esteem) Aquarius rules the New Age, Astrology, UFO’s, the future, technology,  flying, cosmic consciousness etc. Thus much money has been spent and will be made for all, to promote  and benefit from this remarkable original event. Money and more awareness of the Age of Aquarius will also be made through video, televisions and humanitarianism. The challenge will be not to let the Uranic eccentricity made you spend money unwisely and aim for a more practical divination system to check on your future.   

I was born with Venus (love) in Aquarius (New Age.)  Venus in a man’s chart represents the type of love he will attract and need from a woman. Her Venus’ position depict the type of love she is able to offer this man!  A “New Age” woman is willing to travel the world, guide, love him and is not afraid to appear on TV and accept UFO’s as a part of a crazy, rewarding weird love life relationship lol. 

Mars in 06Sag20 (12 Subconscious forces/the past)  Sagittarius rules wide open space like Australia, particularly Uluru rock vortex,  aborigines culture, the US natives Indians, the Mayans in Mexico and all disappeared civilizations and their lost cosmic wisdom.  Thus deep spiritual teachings from the past will bless all the people, lecturers and attendance alike.  A connection with the past, the Divine will become a real possibility through the spirits of the ancients and their customs.  Mars (the warrior) will greatly stimulate all the actions related to this special event. The challenge will be for some to accept various teachings and healing taking place through dancing performing arts. 

Mars represent the drive principle and where the energy will be focused by sign and house. Mars in a man’s chart represents how he will display his masculinity with the opposite sex. Mars in  woman’s chart represents the type man she need and will attract.  

Uranus in 02Tau39 (5 love/money/creativity)  Taurus is ruled by Venus (magnetism/beauty/the arts)  and in the 5th house, especially with electrifying Uranus in this house, expect to attract very interesting people that will help you in your endeavors promoting the New Age of Aquarius.  The challenge will be to avoid insecurity about the future and trust your intuition. 

Neptune in 16Pis32 (3 the mind, critical thinking)  With visionary Neptune in its own Pisces sign, intuition, channeling and creativity will run high. Psychics, tarot readers, mystics, channels and Astrologers will benefit drastically from those cosmic winds and will be able to tap on the subconscious and reach various spirits and guardian angels. The challenge will be to keep a clear mind and differentiate pure imagination from Divine information. 

Image result for moon over uluru rock australia

Dragon’s Head 08Can24 (7 the public/partnership)  Cancer is ruled by the moon and the bright white  full Moon light will bless those nights… The 7th house deals with the public, your partners and all the people you will meet, talk, deal, learn from or teach! The sign of Cancer is now benefiting from the ultra protective, progressive Dragon’s Head, thus warmth, food, children, the soul and the heart will lead this event.  Much of the people you will attract and deal with will be a blessings and long emotional or business relationships will be formed in the process.  

Sun disposited by Saturn
Jupiter disposited by Saturn
Moon disposited by Sun
Saturn disposited by Saturn
Mercury disposited by Saturn
Uranus disposited by Venus
Venus disposited by Uranus
Neptune disposited by Neptune
Mars disposited by Jupiter
Pluto disposited by Saturn; This is the last drop of a squeezed lemon per say. Pluto means supreme wealth and supreme power i.e. (President Trump fate and stars) while Saturn ruler of Capricorn means political accepted structures.  Thus as predicted a day before the “Russian stolen election” Trump can not escape his karma and the damage inflicted on foreigners and foreign countries. 


Back in 2012, the entire world was anticipating great natural disasters if not “the end of the world!” In terms of human affairs, the year 2012 was a significant year for humanity’s psychical “upgrade”  loaded with  natural disasters imposed by Uranus (sudden release of energy) in the fire sign of Aries. 

Watch 2012 Mayan Cosmic Code Activation

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 January 12, 2010
Saturn conjuncts Pluto in the sign of Capricorn

Saturn is called in Greek mythology “The great malefic” and the dark, cold planet induce karma and rules  the UK, the higher hierarchy, the Royal family, the snobs, the rich, the high class, power structure, the Illuminati,  politics, engineering and the sign of Capricorn. In its own sign Saturn promises serious problems and restructures to England, the US, Australia, Canada where the British legacy once upon the time was in control. 

So far a few of my predictions involving the Royal family already came to pass and I can only and strongly recommend you to invest $10 in your 2019 Personal and Universal Forecast and realize that all the major news involving the US government shutdown, and all the US government employees suffering in the  process was fully predicted WELL BEFORE it all unfolded!

This include all that is going on and will happen in the UK and associated countries i.e. Australia, Canada etc! You should and will benefit from my cosmic guidance because knowledge is power, ignorance is evil! 
Is the British media already turning on Meghan Markle?
The “change of Guards” of the dragon changing signs took place in  November 2018 from Leo/Aquarius to Capricorn/Cancer axis!  Read more about the Dragon ‘s head and tail!

Sad enough the entire world has lost the true values involving “The Power of the Dragon” which became nothing else than a financial folklore in both Oriental and Occidental Astrology…

2019 Year of the Pig Chinese Dragon
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You could be any sign of the Zodiac, yet “Saturn conjuncts Pluto in the sign of Capricorn” will affect you directly by house receiving either Saturn or Capricorn, particularly if you were born with the Dragon’s Head (positive) or Tail (challenging) in the sign of Capricorn or Cancer
But at a universal level those imposed changes and various challenges are simply undeniable if you ordered your 2019 Personal Nostradamus Dragon Forecast and read all my predictions. Join thousands of VIP’s on the cosmic code ASAP ITS FREE. Get this type of newsletters directly in your mail box from mine, join us! 

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Dr. Turi

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