Undeniable UFO Legacy

 ”For those who know me and the Cosmic Code jurisdictions, no explanation is necessary;  For those who do not, none will ever suffice… If every 8 year old in the world is taught Astropsychology and meditation, we will eliminate ignorance and violence from the world within one generation.”  Watch the future!

~ Dalai Lama and Dr. Turi

Dear Readers;

To demonstrate the media the undeniable UFO legacy gift I own, last week in “February 2013 Daily Guidance and Predictions” newsletter, I posted a sample of the news before ending up on CNN page.  Note also the dates of February 2,3, 4 where broadcasted on Jeffery “Church of Mabus radio” at the very beginning where I asked the host and his audience to write them down!  If you are a skeptic or a scientist, all you have to do is to listen to this show for 1  minute to prove my claim. Those dates were also announced on my own radio show and tonight I will offer you more predictions and do mini readings.  Pick your reading if you want to know your future! and join us live tonight on the Cosmic Code radio show.

 I also wrote…

“Before going further here are the two  upcoming “SOS to the world windows” using Nostradamus methodology, quatrains and keywords. MAKE NOTE!”


  February 7/8/9

 Entrails Upset Spit Above
Red Fire Wind Water To Dance
Stars Command Shock Science
Calm Deception To Strike


Cosmos News / Nuke / Weird news / Surprises / Explosions / Shocking / lightning / Humanitarianism / Discovery / Earthquakes / Volcanoes / Tornadoes / NASA / Aeronautics / Technology / UFO.

Note they are 3 more days to go, thus I will update this newsletter so you can comeback and get more proofs of my claim. Also for the newcomers to my work, I understand earthquakes happen everyday! However  my SOS To The World Windows/quatrains/keywords are for earthquakes above 6.0  with the potential of creating tsunami. I mentioned BOTH in the on Jeffery “Church of Mabus radio” – I did exactly the same with ” Predictions for November & December 2012!” in the Roxy Lopez radio show and will do the same again soon in ” Dr. Turi on Air with Jonah Bolt of Starseed Energy Radio – February 9, 2013.” Go to my radio page for all my future radio show!

  • Thus skeptics, NO its not everyday that an upsurge of large earthquakes happen but on my windows!
  •  Thus skeptics, NO its not everyday that a Tsunami take place but during my SOS windows!
  • Thus skeptics, NO its not everyday that the news are about NUKES but during my SOS windows!
  • Thus skeptics, NO its not everyday that black out happen but during my Supernova SOS windows!

Furthermore there are NO accidents, only cosmic circumstances unknown to science and the world at large and this black out is yet another omen for the things to come to the US! Did you ever read  Ciber/Nuke Attack only a matter of time! yet?

 Electing a President dwelling endlessly on his unlucky Aquarius (NUKES) Dragon’s Tail can only “attract” the Uranic explosive energies cloaked in his UCI. In Roxy radio show  I fully explained the nuts and bolts of President Obama unusual fate and my nuke warning created a lot of fears, hate and debates! All I can do, IF you are able to handle the truth is to warn President Obama and America of their impending fate for ignoring the cosmic code jurisdictions.

Now this makes you wonder why with such predictions and accuracy the religious poisoned morons and “Dr. Turi’s Internet Enemies” managed to kill my voice? Like Nostradamus, I am probably the most honest and accurate predictor left on the planet but the mass is not ready for the truth! Thus my good friend George Noory decided to eliminate me from Coast to Coast am program! His endless chain of cosmic unconscious “predictors” guests have a lot to offer in their own expertise, but they are NO match for Dr. Turi true UFO predictive legacy and …“When a true genius appears in this world you may know him by this sign that the dunces are all in confederacy against him”


Flash Mob Mayhem: Violent Groups Of Teens Leave NYC Businesses In Ruins




No I am not gloating because if you really check my work it is undeniable and common sense dictate you should hold on to the only source because I am endlessly putting the green where my mouth is with my predictions, something ONLY Dr. Turi does and deliver because the future has and will always be my utmost faithful witness…

Cosmic unconscious celebrities such has John Edward and Theresa Caputo Neptunian Gifts have nothing to offer you and talk to the dead because there is no way for you to “check” on the facts!  Other Nostradamus “experts” predicted Obama’s reelection when I failed doing so? No I did not because the stars do not lie to me, they never did because the fact is  the 2012 Rigged Election is a reality that is slowly becoming a fact and in time, will come to light! Dr. Turi Versus John Hogue on Nostradamus – John Hogue versus Dr. Turi on Nostradamus part 2

The world you are living is so polluted, so tainted, so poisoned that it is a miracle the truth manage to survive but if you use common sense and the facts you will know and trust only those who speak the truth!  If it hurts you are close, if you are scared even closer but doing nothing to rekindle the flame of the truth will arm everyone at the end!

This is why I stand strong, dedicated, honest and expose the charlatans, Friends and Foes  from all walks of life because  as a  gifted “human detector” this is my real expertise…But it cost me dearly to stand for the truth, no one like to be exposed for what they really are, do you?

Not that I am perfect, far from it, but trust me my enemy worked overtime since 1991 to find out if I had a criminal record to expose or if I ever did anything unlawful they could gloat about by hurting my integrity! But they found NOTHING that would expose a liar, a con man or a cheater! I am as clean as a pure diamond and this is what it takes to be a real trustworthy light worker!

Nothing is tainted in my character, my aims, my goals and my mission and I have God full protection on my side leading me all the way against all odds, for freeing humanity from fears and ignorance is quite a tremendous challenge only a few can or are willing to undertake…

The more “clean” and honest you are are, the higher you will vibrate and this vibrational energy will make you repellent to the controlling  deceptive media and the majority of cosmic unconscious “New Agers” invited on Coast to Coast who have only imagination and fear to offer others… Divinity do not belong to the tainted but to the pure in body mind and soul who are dedicated with integrity to serve humanity with the truth!

Consider yourself lucky to be attracted to my cosmic energy because you have asked for direction, information and a beacon of light to help you travel through such a dark, dangerous putrefied world where dealing with the truth or hope for the future is so rare! Inside a $65,000 doomsday bunker  Inside a $65,000 doomsday bunker

 Look at your world readers do you see the Scorpius Dragon in action yet? There is no respect for human or animal lives anymore and I am here to raise your cosmic consciousness to the facts! Anything you want to know, simply write a few words, add Dr. Turi and Google!  There is so much you can learn on the cosmic code jurisdictions and all the cosmic unconscious victims becoming peons of the stars…

Judge flips out after getting flipped off

Pay up — or pet dies: Debt call horror tales

Growing anger over girl’s horrific death

Guard accused of sex with cop killer

Arias tells of sex with guy she’d kill  Arias tells of sex with guy she'd kill

 Worse my vision for 2014/2016 is gloom with wars while the Pentagon chief: Military faces ‘readiness crisis’ and being cosmic unconscious is a total disaster for an unprepared humanity lead by a cosmic unconscious President riding his dangerous fated Aquarius Dragon’s Tail. But what good are those warnings if those in power in charge of your destiny are left in cosmic darkness or when my voice is muted and can’t reach the media?

I can only hope for God to give me the strength I need and for your help and subscription/donations because building more religious or sports buildings  and jails or adding more guns and security to schools and universities will never offer a chance for humanity’s spirit to upgrade to God’s celestial divinity and make a good use of the signs…

“God created the stars and the heavens for more than the sake of beauty, he gave them to us for interpretations so that you may live a safer more productive life!”

By reading, investigating the predictions, quatrains and  keywords  mentioned above, I hope my readers will realize the source is real and can be trusted and by becoming a VIP for the next 12 months you are becoming an active participant to my incredibly tasking mission. Make your affordable payment choice or get a taste of my gift by experiencing a mini reading with me tonight on my radio show.

Remember your gift is very precious and will give me the strength I need to fight for the children of tomorrow while serving you with the truth! Stop and think for a second reader, you are very precious to us and  joining all the current VIP’s, Terania and I in the Cosmic Code is much bigger than what you can conceive and ordered by God because it is NOT an accident for you to read me as you are being watched from the heavens above!

Anything you get from me, one of my books, a reading or your VIP membership makes you a contributing part of my mission to save humanity’ spirit and the future welfare of its children. Do not trust or rely on your cosmic unconscious religious and political leaders because they are all so far from God themselves and can not read or translate the signs written in light. In fact, like science they are all part of a growing problem that is dangerously going out of hand! You can do something about it by showing Terania and I you really trust and understand us fully so when its time for me to retire, I will still be there with you.

I am tired, I am exhausted readers, I have been at it since 1991 and on  February 26, 2013 I will be 63 years old and I have only ONE more year because on February 2015 I have to make a decision and retire… Do I really mean anything to you? Is our work for your children worth to show us you care?

I often wonder why God made my mission so difficult and put me through pure hell for years, forcing the incredible upon my life leading me away from my family back home in France. My gift can easily turn into a cursing nightmare when at the Autumn of my life I still feel so alone where only my wonderful wife and a few dedicated friends are realizing the humongous task…

Is the world doomed? is my lifetime of uncovering cosmic truths simply wasted? I am not so sure anymore and this is why when, as promised, all my public pages will soon close, only those advanced souls will travel the cosmic code with us.

Decision time readers, my webmaster is working on my request to shut down an unrewarding, selfish public who could not care less about the children or humanity at large. I don’t have a date yet, thus you are reading the very last of Dr. Turi’s rare pearl of wisdom and predictions as the Scorpius Dragon is forcing me to accept the reality of my own  worth. This is my own wake up call with your acceptance and support or rejection…

Since 1991, I have been giving it all, my very best and with the Scorpius Dragon in my 10th house of career and public standing I must “die.” The first obvious blow / omen came with my good friend George Noory “killed” my voice to Coast To Coast am millions of listeners who need me so bad.

I know too much to resent George or anyone as the Scorpion must die and rebirth into an Eagle and this is what I know to be God’s celestial will and my higher purpose will come very clear soon.

Phoenix-Eagle rising from the ashes of  ignorance to it Reborn into Christ Cosmic Consciousness 

I may be sad but I know there are NO accidents and all is set by a higher order I understand well and translate for my readers. Even though that, like me this Scorpius Dragon is forcing you to also “die” you  MUST be ready for a painful rebirth and I want you with me when we emerge higher, wiser and stronger that’s all…Make your affordable payment choice or get a taste of my gift by experiencing a mini reading with me tonight on my radio show.

“For evil to flourish, all that is needed is for good people to do nothing.”

– Edmund Burke


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