Universe May Have Lost ‘Unstable’ Dark Matter, Scientists Dark Idiocy!


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Terania and I wishes our world wide reading audience a wonderful 2017 New Year!

“You have reached a golden door between the past and the future. Keep seeking, you are not lost but what you are looking for has not yet been found by science.”  Dr. Turi

Dear readers;

Before anything, will you be our winner? Will you start 2017 with my guidance and predictions for the next four years to come? Take a chance on our New Year Super deal at the bottom of this last, publicized cosmic code article and enjoy a FREE taped Full Life reading or Progressive reading.

Well, NASA once again discovered a new planet and by the end of 2017, this reptilius; infected corporation will discover a few hundreds more; of those “livable” worlds. The idea is to keep a gullible and suicidal mass of idiots believing, that one day they will live and operate on Mars! The True $$$$$$$$$$pirit of NASA.

The utmost scientific accomplishment that scientific communities were able to accomplish is to build an International space station 250 ridiculous miles above earth! Thus, there is a long way to go; before  humans cover the 249 million miles left to reach Mars! 

Those fortunes should be used to save our suffocating planet, its disappearing wild life and its suffering human cargo,

I can’t believe the idiocy of all the people, reluctant to believe NASA’ scientists are above the working class of US tax payers and need their financial support to survive; making expensive robots instead of struggling like the rest, in their daily lives.

Those are the children of the atheist children and of the scientists hired and commissioned by the US Government to work for the National security and build the ‘A bomb,’ first tested July 16, 1945; at Trinity Site, near Alamogordo, New Mexico!  

CNN – Universe May Have Lost ‘Unstable’ Dark Matter

“Most of the matter in the universe seems to be invisible and largely intangible; it holds galaxies together and only interacts with the more familiar matter through its gravitational pull. Researchers call the strange stuff dark matter, and one of the biggest questions for astrophysicists is what it actually is and how it might evolve or decay.”

Neil Disgrace I am a non cosmic conscious educated agnostic  Libra idiot

Author says earthquakes are predictable, Dr. Turi did so since 1991
There is more if you care to investigate my claims!

Not all Libra’s are idiots… Some of our friends were born in October and are good people. But the fact is, astrophysicists like Tyson and company  are all cosmic unconscious and driven by a huge, sarcastic traditionally “educated” ego; unable to accept astronomy could never exist with Astrology, which is a much older art and science.

Without those first scientists stealing the Sumerian astrological clay tablets to calculate the time of an eclipse, there would be no astronomy today; monopolizing all cosmic information!

Incidentally, the scientific matrix will never honor nor use the word Astrology ever but will refer the Mother of all art and science as “Babylonian star catalogues” instead! This shameless attitude validate my claims that; scientists assume they know better than Einstein, Tesla and myself, when they don’t!

There is much more than what the five, logical, rational limited astronomers’ human senses  can perceive! Yet, all atheists, agnostics and scientists alike could never openly challenge me and would rather ignore and deny my accuracy, because I know better! Egocentricity, cowardliness and a colossal idiocy rules all atheists and Satan’s children of all ages… 

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L’Oeil Du Droit A La Force D’Airain

“A human being is part of a whole, called by us the ‘Universe,’ a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings, as something separated from the rest–a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness”. – Albert Einstein

“My brain is only a receiver, in the universe there is a core from which we obtain knowledge, strength and inspiration. I have not penetrated into the secret of this core, but I know that; it exists.” – Nikola Tesla

“You have reached a golden door between the past and the future. Keep seeking, you are not lost but what you are looking for has not yet been found by science.”  – Dr. Turi

Indeed there is a big difference between education, a gift and intelligence and acknowledging the “Soul of the Cosmos” is not for everyone! 

It’s not possible for many  scientists born with a dry, unevolved, rational UCI to accept the reality of UFO’s or to accept I am an commissioned MJ12 Prophet helping you reach for God’s cosmic identity?

I am Alien The Final Revelation

Dr. Louis Turi came to America from France and has made quite a reputation as a futurist.

Jerry Pippins RIP my friend the mission must continue… “He stresses he is not a psychic but uses a computer program developed especially for him that enables him to use a combination of Zodiac material, spiritual values and history cycles to have an amazing record on forecasts for the future. In this program Jerry discusses with Dr. Turi, the death of Bin Laden and why Dr. Turi had predicted that a major political figure would be buried at sea. Other subjects are discussed as well including education in America and the financial future of the US. The program ends with a touching story of when Dr. Turi realized he had an unexplained ability to feel events in his very soul and how he has developed this into a sort of science of his own to help humanity develop.” Watch 2012 Mayan Cosmic Code Activation.

Extraordinary Intelligence

It doesn’t seem you can reach a world contaminated by a myriad of man made religions and a stubborn scientific community, unable to accept the reality of a group of nefarious ET’s hijacking the mind of human through so many indoctrinating matrixes. 

 Those responsible for organizing large religious “24 killed in stampede ahead of Hindu ceremony in India” or musical gatherings, “60 injured in crowd crush at Australian music festival – 2 dead, 2 injured in Conn. shooting after rapper’s concert”  are cosmic unconscious and the “herd” of followers are paying the price for infringing the Cosmic Code jurisdictions…

Reaching the secret services with my latest “SOS to the world deadly windows” directly on dozens of FBI websites served no real purpose “X MASS TERRORIST ATTACKS AHEAD!” even after my visions of the anticipated terrorist attack in Germany came to pass!

And after warning the Police Administration for years of a deadly timing, and to share “Police Requiem;” involving the police force activities; and they ignore my notice. Yet another misinformed cop died! “State trooper shot dead; suspect at large.”

Then comes the dramatic results witch will only get worse in the future.  Something  I have been offering to them all wastefully… “Blue Lives Lost: Dramatic rise in police officers gunned down in line of duty in 2016.” 

The majority of a god fearing or atheist public and those who are supposed to serve and protect us are not paying attention to my cosmic work and millions more will end up in the wrong place at the wrong time and suffer an untimely death! 

Thus, when people will be wishing you “Happy New Year” or a “Happy Birthday,” all you can do is; wait and pray to your man made god; that will never listen or protect you and your loved ones..

The world backs the wrong, deceptive, infected corporations which are so powerful, indoctrinating yet so greedy. Seems my free cosmic wisdom is only for those souls more spiritually inclined. Like sheep, humans have gone astray and turned to their own religious or rational scientific way; all the while ignoring a cosmic LORD speaking its will through the celestial design.

dr. turi

“Because they are seeing, they see not; and hearing, they hear not; neither do they understand the voice of heaven.” – Matthew 13.13

All I can do is to try again to bring you back to your birth place, or the stars; to God, where as a child of the Universe you came from but in 2017; only those who ask for our cosmic blessings will receive it! 

Once again, I am not a psychic, I am a prophet. Terania and I transcribe the heavens’ hieroglyphs throughout the year, under the form of few forecasts; quatrains and keywords preparing you for various cosmic winds you should use in your favor!  

 “Let who ignore my warnings be cursed by the eternal rites of the cosmic code universal ceremonies for a cosmic God does not speak to fools.” Dr. Turi

Below is a collection of the LAST PUBLICIZED 2016 SOS TO THE WORLD DEADLY WINDOW! and  all the SHOCKING news I gathered for you with its appropriate quatrain.

Meantime, unlike Nostradamus used to do in the 16th century, my cosmic work is fluid, transparent and easy to assimilate… “Nostradamus’ curse!

And until you realize the reptilius are cosmic conscious and use those cosmic winds against you and your loved ones each passing day, you are playing Russian roulette!   Amanda Nunes, right, connects with Ronda Rousey in the first round of their women's bantamweight championship mixed martial arts bout at UFC 207, Friday, Dec. 30, 2016, in Las Vegas. Nunes won the fight after it was stopped in the first round. (AP Photo/John Locher)Rousey ousted in 48 seconds Shocking?

God didn’t want women to tear themselves apart in public, to feed some people’s reptilius need for blood and drama and enrich another infected corporation. Hiding behind the word “feminist” or “equal opportunity” for women is the sport matrix promoters need; to sell their blood. All it takes is; for the reptilius to use those cosmic winds and for one of the fighters to land on one of their personal negative cosmic biorthyms.

Not to worry, with the billions of dollars generated by the MMA every week; it ends somewhere in  “Sin City.” The case will be honored and rapidly closed! No one cares about the kids losing their mother.  The natal UCI of those female fighters is extremely masculine or so Martian and this cosmic wisdom allows me not to be too judgmental.


I am not here to  use people’s misfortune or death to promote my business! I am a “soul doctor” or a Prophet making predictions! Offering you with an understanding of how the stars affect God’s children and my methodology!

 “Do not throw the baby with the water,” Don’t make me responsible for humanity’ stupidity, for all the monsters awful acts and your refusal to learn all about God Cosmic design and pay the ultimate price in the process. I report the facts as they are. I do not create the news. I am here to guide you to the way to the divine, yet at 66 still learning and sharing more with our VIP’s every day.


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December 30 

(48 hrs centering the dates those deadly cosmic winds will last a few days)

Entrails Upset Spit Above
Red Fire Wind  Water To Dance
Stars Command Shock Science
Calm Deception To Strike


Japan / Asia / Cosmic News / NASA  / Space News / Nukes / Weird news / Freak / Space / Rocket / Surprises / ExplosionsShocking news / Stunning / Baffling / Incredible / Lightning / Unusual / Humanitarianism / Children / Unrest / Discovery / very old very new / Science / Earthquakes (at of above 6.0) / Hackers / Tsunami / Volcanoes / Tornadoes / Aeronautics / TechnologyElectricity / Television / UFO’s.


EARTHQUAKE PREDICTIONS 6.9 in Nadi, Western, Fiji 12/30/17 SOS to the world Window speak of another successful prediction of quakes above 6.0. Read and share pls 

01/01/17 – Earthquake swarm rocks New Year’s Eve in California town

VIDEO: Cell phone saves American injured in Turkey attack  This man will never know about his “Luck!”

Tech experts find flaws in US report on Russian hacking Hackers?

Pilot accused of being drunk in cockpit Shocking/Aeronautics?
Head Constable Shoots Himself At Supreme Court Shocking?
Trump says he has inside info on hacks Hackers?
TECH TROUBLES: Trump expresses doubts about online security Technology?
Prankster rewords Hollywood sign Shocking?
Mariah Carey exits after lip-sync failure Technology?
Pipeline protesters dangle from NFL stadium Shocking? 

“If you can not or refuse to acknowledge my predictive gift, you do not deserve it!” Dr. Turi

6.2 in Bima, West Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia Earthquakes (at of above 6.0) Published 12/17/2016 Check the fact in  “X MASS TERRORIST ATTACKS AHEAD! SOS to the world deadly windows predictions!”  Share Pls 

Medics and security officials work at the scene after an attack at a popular nightclub in Istanbul, early Sunday, Jan. 1, 2017. Turkey's state-run news agency says an armed assailant has opened fire at a nightclub in Istanbul during New Year's celebrations, wounding several people.(IHA via AP)

Attack in Istanbul  Shocking?

Image result for Russian utility hack?

Russian utility hack? Electricity?

3,000-year-old Philistine cemetery discovered Discovery?
How will humans travel to deep space? Space?
13 tech products that bit the dust this year Technology?
The biggest airplane in the world Technology?
Police: Man admits killing ex-teacher, child Shocking?
Son finds surprise at his father’s grave Surprise?
Deadly suicide bombs rock Baghdad Explosions?
3 missing after plane drops off radar Aeronautics?
Small plane loses contact; 6 missing Aeronautics?
Loose bulls charging through Arizona neighborhood caught on video Shocking?
Mexican man accused of rape had 19 deportations, removals Shocking?
Mom, kids fall from ski lift Shocking
Baby found in box near trash bin Shocking
18 people stuck on California amusement ride Shocking

Image result for China built a giant rooster that looks like Trump

China built a giant rooster that looks like Trump Unusual?
Huge fish kill has scientists stumped Shocking?
Coal mine collapses, dozens trapped Shocking?
S. Korea: Kim Jong Un executed 340 Shocking?
Painting in U.S. Capitol depicts cops as pigs Shocking?
Texas officer trying to arrest suspect is shot byfellow cop Shocking?
No horse? No problem: Girl teaches pet cow to jump Shocking?

The above quatrain and keywords used to clarify those ABNORMAL / shocking news and yet another successful above 6.0 earthquake predictions should make sense to you. If so you “graduated” and built more cosmic consciousness with this last public article!

This mean you can take a chance on our New Year Super Deal and enjoy a taped Full Life reading! You chose! 

How to proceed;

First, make your offering to the cosmic code by ordering a one year membership for the Cosmic Code website, ($150) from date of purchase… Order now!

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Good luck to the participants and let us wish our world wide readers a wonderful 2017 New Year!

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Remember your own short personal forecast for January 2017 is at the bottom of this article

Join us and blessings to all our readers.

Dr. Turi

Check how those 2017 SHOCKING stars will affect you and those you care personally in this upcoming crazy cosmic dance? Knowing all about those celestial winds will allow you to be ready and prepare for the changes a cosmic God has imposed upon the world, America and all its children…

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